Stella Dimoko Sunday In House Gist..- Remembering Our Lost Ones With Love...


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Sunday, December 03, 2017

Sunday In House Gist..- Remembering Our Lost Ones With Love...

It hurts when a family member or friend departs..........
We want to re-live this today...

I remember my elder brother with so much love...The Most shocking departure for me was losing him,he would have been 49 years this year.....

He left and took a part of our family with him.he was a mixture of everything good and somethings bad....
Kai,I miss my brother .....He had a childhood name he grew up with...BIGGIE

We used to run things at home together ..My brother used to Obtain that it gave me nightmares....I was a tomboy so all my clothes fit him..hehehehehe

I had a stone wash Jeans that nobody knew who owned it until he warned me to stop wearing it cos it fits him

If a piece of meat is missing,you know who...
If money is missing you know who...

If someone gets served you know who...LMAO

I have found closure but i still imagine how he would be if he was still here....

I laugh a lot when i see all these funny skits cos he was a master of laughter,the first sit down comedian i

I am sure he would be looking down and saying ''So this babe is still stubborn after all my warning say make she cool down say woman no dey get strong head''.

Do you have any fond memories of someone you lost?


  1. I remember today the father of my son. Your calmness, your passion to suceed, your promises to me and your unborn child. Continue to rest in peace, i see you everyday in your offspring. My heart goes on.

    1. Awww sorry for your loss miss Ess
      May God forgive all his transgressions πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

    2. @miss ess...may God rest his soul and never leave u both!

    3. Teary eyes!
      My elder brother broke every one of our hearts when he bowed to death via appendicitis operation.

      I still remembers when he scream "I shall not die but live to declare the faithful works of his father " yet death wouldn't let him.

      We all looked up to him academically,mentally,spiritually,emotionally and many more. He was a friend to everyone. It pains me more that i barely find a friend/confidance in him close to the period he died.

      Brother,how can you leave with so much wisdom? Sad! Each day, I think of whom you would ve been in Nigeria now.
      You discovered my talents earlier than I did, u encouraged me to do great things and i keep thinking of where I would have been now with your push.

      I wish you were here to see the great man I ve gotten married to, the family i ve raised, d dreams i ve built and i know you would have been so proud of my achievements now.

      Uptil date, we keep seeing you guiding us whenever the family faces challenges and you keep telling us that Heaven is real and d little things that can stop us from making heaven.

      Tears tears tears.

      I have never felt pains like loosing you. Tears again.

      You were set to leave for America and the shares I have today was from your farewell gift to all of us as you were about relocating to Abroad.

      Heavy heart. SDK, why?

      Can't say more... Our mum hasn't survived your loss and the depression she had since then has now results in Dementia.

      Sleep on bro! The only condolence we have is the fact that you have shown us all that you made it to heaven.

      Did I tell you, our brother,named his son after you? He acts so much like you.

      Your memories lives on...


    4. so sorry miss ess

      I miss my maternal grandmother so much....she was so sweet and was always excited to see her only grandson

      I miss my father alot because he was my all in all... My backbone and shield from so many things, but now I try to make him proud wherever he is

      I miss my cousin... She fell terribly sick and died in our house, I still remember how my sisters screamed immediately they woke up and found out she was not breathing

      Then lastly I miss my childhood friend Jacob... Who lost his life because he had sickle cell.. I still remember how I almost missed the last chance to see him when I came home from school for weekend and against all odds while leaving he called out to me from thier compound and I was late already but still went to see him and we had like a good 30 minutes chat and laugh and I left only to receive news few days later that he had passed on

      I miss 4 of you so much and hope you have found eternal peace wherever you all are... Continue to rest in perfect peace amen

    5. I miss my dad so much too. He was a peace loving man, that always puts his family. He wasn't rich but he made sure we never lacked anything. I can't believe you left without seeing my kids(ur grand kids). It's been 2yrs you left but it still seems like yesterday. I'll for ever miss you dad. We love you but God loves you most. Sleep on!*wipes tears*

    6. Miss Ese are you sure he could have married you or you be a baby mama, you see why is good to close your leg if your bride price has not been paid

    7. So sad losing your Loved one while pregnant. May God grant him eternal rest. Sorry for your loss Miss Ess.

    8. May God heal u. I remember my wonderful dad. I remember my best aunty, ur man draw u to ealy grave. May they continue to rest in peace. I pray we will not have a course to cry again in Jesus name.

    9. @La sweet 😭😒😒😒. God knows the best.

    10. be UNAM IKOT MKPO, i swear.

      @Miss Ess.. It is well.

      I remember my secondary school mate today, she died.. I still miss her till today.. Then, imagine how her family will feel till now

      I remember @Goldie Harvey today.. Imagine how her family and @Denrele are faring Now.

      I miss my @Great grand mother... I miss her so much, she was 100 years old when she died.. But I still miss her...


    11. My mother's death was so sudden that I cried about it every single day. Very wonderful mother that worked so hard but didn't get to enjoy the fruit of her labor ( crying writing this). Is so hard for me to get over it and I get depressed every time I remember her. Dear mother, I didn't get to tell you this before you died but I love you and miss you and my life has never be the same since she went to be with God. (Crying and very sad now). Just doesn't make any sense why she died when she did but I know that God knows better and i day Dear Lord, please come and give me Peace, closure and happiness over my Dear Mother death

    12. I remember today my baby my first born son. I loved you then and love you still. After carrying your for 8 months you were gone before we knew it and only God knew why. If our love alone would have saved you, you never would have died.

      I have achieved so much since then baby!! Loosing you has been my greatest inspiration, Daddy and I are working as a team we are stronger than ever and we are achieving what we never thought we could. We have set strong goals and only 1 more year to wait and we will have another baby. I don’t cry anymore baby not a single tear. Because you’ve made me stronger in more ways than I could tell. Sooon very soon!! But for now hard work and dedication. Xxx

  2. My mom....
    I was 8 years when she passed. I thought it will get better, but I miss her more whenever I pass any huge milestone, like during my wedding, and especially after the birth of my son.
    I can still remember how her 'printing' skirt used to swing when she walks.
    How she used to rest her arm on her head, when she is resting.
    Her smile, her gentle nature.
    Can't recollect her ever spanking me.
    Her laugh....
    We miss you mom.
    Especially Nenye, who was just 3 years when you passed, because she doesn't have any memory of you.
    Hmmmm. It's still hard.

    1. Mama is in a better place!
      God be with d rest of us...##teary eyes##

    2. @psychologist, I feel your pain
      They say with time it gets better but it doesn’t. I lost my mum@49 years. She did not even see any of her grandchildren. I remember asking God to heal her while she was sick. I still ask God why she took her away from us????
      Rest on Mummy #sobbing
      @Dembuk... Amen.

  3. Too much mehn!
    Can't even accept some are true, just feels like it's a dream.
    Is it the one that happened in May?
    Don't wanna go into memory lane.cos it hurts so bad.

    Sometimes, I keep asking God if I came to this world against his will!

    No! I won't cry, I refuse these tears rolling down.

    *Anonymous mood, Biko.

    1. My darling mother in law, forever in my heart, she was almost perfect the best anyone can ask for. She can dash person money enh. It's almost 3years now, at a point I was closer to her than my own mother. When I finish with my makeup and get dressed she will be the first to give complements "idi fine" was her anthem for anyone that looks good. She had a pure heart and could use her last money to feed anyone in need. Every day I try to be like her and I want to raise my son like she raised hers. Ahh mama I miss you so much, she died in Jan and by December she was back as my daughter

  4. My mum. I wish heaven had visiting hours. I miss everything about her. Never been this lonely. We gist laugh play and fight too. I miss toughing her eyes and asking her what I touch,she will say nose and we will laugh over it. There are days I long to be with her. She was the only thing I had. Have Lost everything now.(all alone now with no € to my name) She was my sanity,my strength in this tough world. Don't even know how to move on,dont even have the will again. I miss her terribly

    1. Cast ur burden unto him who cares!
      Nobody, i mean nobody can pull u out except ur maker....
      God gat u sis/bro

  5. My dad. If he had been alive, we wouldn't be poor. His death brought so much pain for my mum because she didn't have a male child, so all our lands, properties was taken over by wicked uncles. Up till now am still waiting for karma and God to deal with them but they are still prospering and enjoying their lives while we are here. It's well. I am still hopeful for a good job to save my mum and sisters from this pain. My mum is a very strong woman. I am glad you are my mum, you didn't leave us when the pressure of remarrying was too much for you. You chose us. Thank you.

    1. Awww! I pray you get a good job, same with ur siblings. ..God bless your mom, my grandma did the same, you know what? Her kids are doing good.

  6. Oh how can I forget my dad, I was his favourite, my loving dad,as he would fondly say "this my daughter, Nigeria no fit you" popsy..i still dey hustle for nija o haahahaha. He has been appearing in my dreams since he died, rescuing us when we are in trouble and sending us money..i told him to stop, prayed about it, it stopped but I saw him three days ago, promising to send money. I don't know why I keep having same dream for years.

    My elder brother.... we were cat and rat, always fighting even though he was far much older, he beat me shege, sometimes i'll form fainting so he'll leave me alone....boy, I was stubborn. lol. We were talking about him just yesterday, mum was emotional and wanted to start crying, I told her to let it all out and be free.

    I miss you guys....continue to RIP.

    1. ##sad mood##
      Please let mama be!
      Just try to do things that will make her happy and I pray God will help u in Jesus name

  7. I miss my best friend
    He left a couple of months ago and my life has not remained the same
    We quarrel and I be like I don't want to ever talk to you again and by evening I'm the one blowing up his phone with calls
    Whenever he had money,he need not tell me because I'll definitely get an alert
    He was loyal and honest to a fault
    Whenever I was stranded,he was there for me
    Whenever I was sad,he was there for me
    Even when I was happy,he was also there
    Too many memories to relish
    Looking back I Wish I had met or known you earlier
    I think about you everyday
    I miss you too much

  8. I have a memory of my late uncle, mum's younger brother
    I couldn't different the love i had for him and my dad
    Of course i was happier seeing him than anyone
    Then i was little, he was set to be ordained a Reverend father in the Catholic church, unfortunately someone wrote a petition against him few days to ordination and he was suspended till further notice

    Village people tried to frustrate you by every means possible but you never gave up
    You traveled from country to another until you settled in united States, after much persuasion from family, you dropped your dreams and started afresh with life
    You started doing well after some years and became the envy of friends and enemies
    I can't say all but i regret you accepting that deal from your close friend which led to him poisoning you
    Gradually you started going down to the extent that no was able to save you
    I remember the day your fiancee and i went to pick you at the airport but she couldn't recognize you
    But that deep love i have for pushed me to look closer at the man on the wheel chair
    I nearly screamed but was already warned to behave myself because of the shock i will receive when i see you
    Then and there i prayed silently for God to change your case to either HIV, take away one eye or make you cripple provided you stay alive for us instead of the hell i saw you go through
    Where didn't we take you Uncle?
    Mumcy prayed, fasted , cried and spent her last cash to the extent of borrowing to see you made it

    But you only spent few weeks with us and thanked all of us wishing that in your next life you will still want us to be your family

    I remember the day you called Mumcy by her first name Maymay stop trying, I'm tired and with no strength so can't continue
    She started yelling at you saying you should stop talking nonsense yet you agreed and kept calm
    It didn't take up to 30mins you gave up
    I cried like the world was going to end
    I still remember how you use to shop for my sister and i even to extent of buying toiletries for us
    You made us never feel the absence of a brother
    Your presence alone changed things even before you start acting
    Who will be like a son to mum again
    Who wil make us forget everything just by hearing your voice
    What about the time my sis and i use to drag who will plait your tiny hair while you were sleeping
    Oooh dad cried so much cos he invested in you more than he could have done for his real son
    We really miss you uncle
    Sometimes i get angry at you for being too open minded and trusting anyone you see
    I believe you are happy where you are
    We really miss you and all of us will never forget you
    Continue to rest in peace dear

    1. This got me in tears, especially the part where you didn't recognize him on a wheel chair, take heart dear.

      I remembered on 24th December 2011, it was announced by fr. Thomas that Alexis was no more, I remembered how I cried like a baby even after mass, the new novices and fr Thomas was consoling me, it was very painful bcos I didn't know all the while we were together that you were sick and was in great pain, Alexis whenever I close my eyes I see you, I remember you asking me my wish for you, after telling you I pointed to the cemetery in the Novitiate saying you would be buried there when you become very old and die, I didn't know it was just few years from that day, I remember how you always disturb me to teach you pidgin English, my friends who saw you just once loved you,I can't write anymore, cos it all coming back like its yesterday, continue to rest in the lord's bosom till we meet to part no more, I miss you so so much Alexis.

    2. Quite touchy@ Queen Amy. He is in a better place now. #sad

  9. Sobs... My younger brother like my friend. Last month makes it a year he passed on. So sturborn, no nonsense fellow and can buy another person's fight if he sense cheating (i guess the killer takes this as his weak point because he was poissoned). 😒

  10. I remember my paternal grandparents
    They sure taught me morals
    My grandfather taught me how to read the Bible in Yoruba
    While my grandma never forgot to instill discipline,from frying garri to producing palm oil

    Miss you both so much and continue to rest in peace πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜…

  11. Oh my grandma...
    She died 3years ago. I don't know how I managed it, she was my best friend and everything. She did not go to school but she was very smart. When I was in primary five I started teaching her how to write the alphabets. She learned very fast. She even learnt how to write her name (Agnes) she memorized it and knows it wherever she sees it. She was very hardworking, she taught me how to manage things like money, food, water e.t.c her wisdom was extraordinary, i feel like she can solve any problem. I use to tell me friends when they have issues that my grandma can help. We quarrel a lot too, I hate washing plate and doing chores let fetching water from the well. I miss you grandma, I wish you were alive to meet my daughter. I wish I can call you on the phone to tell you my wins and losses. The most painful of it all was i was not around when you passed. I wish I had al these blessings when you were still alive so we can enjoy it together cos you deserve it. I love you grandma I think of you every day. Continue to Rest In Peace Nne. 😘😘😘😘😘

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. I miss my grandpa so much. Oh how he loved me. I was his 1st grandchild so he didn't let anyone mess with me. Those days when i go to aba for holidays this man will take me everywhere. Tuesday bible study I'll seat on his lap while bible study was going on. He bought me so many lovely gifts, let me play with his hair and walking stick. Up on till i got into uni he still saw me as his little grand baby. I got the greatest shock of my life when i heard he passed. I love you so much grand pa udeoso 😒. Continue to rest. God pls keep my grandmum to live till she's 100+.(She's just 78yrs now) and keep my parents, parents in love, my siblings,my husbands siblings and of course my darling hubby and kids. I don't wanna loose anyone i love again, i wouldn't bare it. Amen.

  14. miss my ex he was the best thing that happened to me. its been four years but have not moved on.miss u my best friend.

  15. My uncle and aunt that died this year, I had no personal relationship with them so I got over it as soon as I heard the news

  16. Stella I am glad you had this column today because on the 7th of this month will mark the 6th year since my loving mother passed. Everyday I think of her all the fond memories I had with her. I am the last born of 3 children, I was extremely close to her, I was shielded from knowing when she passed because of how I would react. She had to come to my dreams to let me know, I still didn't believe. My mom was the greatest mom on earth, very caring, loving, generous, kind etc! She loved her kids like kilode, even other people's children. She even took in some to live with us, when I was little, educated them and even sent food stuff and money back home( my dad also was a big factor too). My mother showed us her kids how to love and be kind to others. My dad misses her so much that he tells me all the time how the met in the early 60's, even when we as a family lost everything, my mom stood by my dad and helped. Today I take care of my loving dad, with little I have but I know I came to the right family because of the love and support. Sometimes when I read or see young people get mad at their parents, it makes me so upset, if only they knew what they have. To my mom Jane ohouomorie, I will forever love you and thank you for been my mother for 41 years( I am now 47)my you continue to rest in God's bosom. Your children Susan, Terry, linda and granddaughter sydny love you forever.

  17. 2 years ago I lost my fiance,when prepartion for our wedding was in full gear.......
    I still cry when I think about him..
    Most painful part was him dying in my arms....
    I prayed nd fasted for his healing all to no avail....
    I visited churches nd sowed seeds,Yet GOD took him from me.
    I remember him every seconds of the day cos he was a good man with a good heart..
    Cancer took him nd made my enemies laugh at me....
    Continue to Rest in peace LEE...
    You will always be in my heart..

    1. My dear, God will surely exalt you again beton human comprehension. My heart goes out to you.

  18. My mum πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ˜§πŸ˜§πŸ˜“πŸ˜­. This loneliness would've been like this especially at my present stage. I will always love you mummy. Continue to RIP mum.

  19. Stella, sometimes I feel you are mind reader. I was in church today n kept thinking of my Dad... So many whys. Sincerely I get angry when I see elderly men cos l always feel he is supposed to be here as well. He died in March this year, no sickness no nothing just like that without warning...I sat in church picturing his body n all that transpired that very morning...hmmm. I still refuse to accept he is gone...maybe I will someday but not today not now! I will always love you Dad.

  20. Oh Stella, posting this comment bring tears to my eyes again.
    He died this year January 2017. His death was really painful. He was referred to as oyinbo in our family coz he's a light skinned person with golden coloured eye.
    I could remember when I was in hospital and I needed blood he was called upon and before we know it he's already there doing all the tests before donating. Every tall, fair and slim guy I see on the street bring tears to my eyes.
    Anytime I'm missing him I go to his Instagram handle to see his pictures.
    I so much love him, he would have celebrated his 26th birthday on 25 of November. But his friends killed him they were jealous, the friends that he had known for decade. I miss u Martins, everyone in the family does. Most especially somsom she always promise to report the person that beats her to u. RIP martins

    1. Sorry dear. May his soul RIP

  21. is being 12yrs my lovely dad left me miss u so much has been so hard but I tnk God for his grace n mercies with his provisions....

  22. I lost my dad to poisoning and my mum to cardiac arrest, I miss them everyday especially my mum.. Momma you didn't stay to reap the fruit of your labour but I know you're up there smiling at us... We have been through hell and back but mom and dad we ain't giving up till we become that which you've always wished for us.. Continue to RIP

  23. First of all was my loving mum.. She died 2001 after my secondary school, then my sweet dad, died 2010 just a yr after my wedding.. .Then my first love, my childhood love Chidi, died 4 yrs ago. Tho I didn't end up with him, cos we left d state immediately after my secondary school, we lost contact. I really miss them much especially my mum..

  24. My friend and colleague, Vincent Chukwuka, its been 2 years now that lukaemia snatched you away from me, even after the transplant in india. i miss you so much, but still hiding under the pretence that you are far away in benin and me in lagos, and we dont talk anymore cos we stopped being friends. i remember how i met you by chance, and in one week, we became inseparable, such that even your girlfriend was always complaining then. sometimes i threw tantrums just to get your attention, not cos it was real, and even though you knew i was just doing it for attention, you always humoured me. i rem how you said if we were thirty and both unmarried, we should get well i'm 27 shortly, and single... theres so much that has happened in my life, and i hope to tell you someday. i miss you my friend. rest live in the hearts of those you love is not to die o...

    1. Late Vincent of pharmacy uniben? It is well dear, RIP

  25. My mum may ur beautiful soul comtinued to rest in peace. i have still not find closure till now.

  26. My mum, I think a part of me broke and I just black out when ever I don't want to feel things, im in a constant fear of how would I cope when I loss some so I just cut ppl off easily now.. she had the kindest of heart I donno how she does it, I wonder if she would still be so kind with this present day "world ".

  27. oh I miss my mum, she died 2005.Sometimes I feel if you were alive maybe I would have been married. Continue to rest in the bossom of thy lord Remi Alice. I also miss my elder brother who was shut by cult guys last year December.May God forgive you both and may you both continue to rest in peace. Alice and Sunday I miss you.

  28. My younger sister!! She died about a month and two weeks ago, leaving her new born baby of 1 month & 2 weeks, plus two of her little sons aged 2yrs & 4 yrs. Jesus this world is a wicked place!! I can never get over this tragedy that made me an only daughter!!! My mum nearly died!!! The baby is still crying for breast milk!! We don't sleep at night any more cause baby is always crying!! Pls pray for my family. We are so so so broken!! How do we live with this? how? God why us?? ***Tears***

    1. The Lord will see your family through accept my condolence.

    2. May God console ur family and be a mother to that little child.t is well

    3. May the good lord comfort your family, this is so painful .

    4. Chai, very very painful. The lord will strengthen your family. It is well.

    5. May the good Lord console ur family and give u the resources needed to raise the children

    6. It is well with your family. Very painful.

  29. My younger sister!! She died about a month and two weeks ago, leaving her new born baby of 1 month & 2 weeks, plus two of her little sons aged 2yrs & 4 yrs. Jesus this world is a wicked place!! I can never get over this tragedy that made me an only daughter!!! My mum nearly died!!! The baby is still crying for breast milk!! We don't sleep at night any more cause baby is always crying!! Pls pray for my family. We are so so so broken!! How do we live with this? how? God why us?? ***Tears***

  30. To live in the hearts of those you love is not to die....
    But the pain nd the tears won't just stop.....
    Oh death where is thy sting....
    Continue to Rest in peace Osaremen...

  31. mum words can not express how much I love you, life have not been same again, wen you were alive my family were 2geter since you left things fall apart no one cares for each other my siblings are like sheep without a shepherd, when ever i ave challenges in anything u are d only I call immediately you start praying and ur prayers does wonders, who else will I call mum again wish I could see and kiss you for d last time, ave you eaten how are you doing? I love you but God love you more rest in perfect peace.

  32. My husband....5 years and the world still feels strange. Wants to get closure but don’t know how to.

  33. My younger sister!! She died about a month and two weeks ago, leaving her new born baby of 1 month & 2 weeks, plus two of her little sons aged 2yrs & 4 yrs. Jesus this world is a wicked place!! I can never get over this tragedy that made me an only daughter!!! My mum nearly died!!! The baby is still crying for breast milk!! We don't sleep at night any more cause baby is always crying!! Pls pray for my family. We are so so so broken!! How do we live with this? how? God why us?? ***Tears***

  34. I miss my brother Ike who died in a plane crash 5 years ago. He was so peaceful and resourceful. They say the best ones are called by God first. Miss my uncle and remember him so much as he was very much a part of my childhood. My aunt who succumbed to cancer 6 years ago and Grandma who although uneducated was a force to be reckoned with. Life.... be grateful as tomorrow is promised to no one.

  35. Dr. Uchenna christain Ogbu(urchman) how can i forget you. 24th dec. Is your birthday. Continue to rest in peace.

    1. He was my best friend.till date I feel he just relocated to another place and I that I will still see him,i call him my dad's fore-runner, I didn't go his class mates induction because I don't want to use my reggae and spoil other people's blues.u will forever bIIin my Hrt UCHE!!

  36. Oooooh mummy!!!
    I miss u everyday, hour,minute and second DAT pass bye.
    I cry for u everyday.
    I remember somebody telling me on d day of ur lying in state in your office headquarters DAT I shouldn't weep too much cos I'll cry for u everyday, alas its true.
    I HV tried to be strong, BT 4 years stills looks and feels like yesterday.
    A day to my wedding, I wept terribly for u when daddy was trying to be difficult, midnight I cried again,wishing only if u were there everything would HV been fine.
    When miscarriage came calling, my greatest pain was DAT if u were alive u would HV been there to tell me not to go to d hospital to treat any damn malaria DAT it was my body trying to get used to d live growing inside.
    Though hubby is d best gift God has given to me,at times when when we HV couple's quarrel,I weep cos if u were around ull know d best advice to give to me.
    Few days ago and yesterday again I broke down again cos I read somewhere DAT eating too much pineapple causes miscarriage,I was scared and confused cos nobody I trust enough to ask except God.
    Death took u away from me.
    I don't know if I can ever recover from dis loss.
    Keep resting in d blossom of d Lord bestie till we meet to part no more.
    Love u forever girlfriend (I call her DAT cos she gave birth to me at a tender age of 15,we could pass as sisters cos of her youthful look.)

    Stella thank u for dis post.

    1. So you are still with this your hospital and drugs story. Hope you have sued the doctor and hospital like you said. Nonsense.
      Drugs or no drugs miscarriage will happen, you have phone use google

  37. I really do miss my dad, though I don't think about it always but whenever I do, I miss him allover again.
    I remember his discipline us, then buying us gifts after, telling us how honesty is a good virtue that we should never lie. Refusing us to carry water on our heads rather use d wheelbarrow so we don't become short(lol), bringing a Capenter to our primary skl to come and mend our seats cos our uniform always get thorn.

    Then to me personally, I was his last baby, hairy just like him, gives me iced tea once I'm back from skl, shortbread, bread and butter, complain milk were all eaten by us as early as nursery skl cos of dad.

    Always buying us gifts and taking us to Meco Ice cream when we do well in our report cards,...there's so much to say about u dad but I know u are in the blossom of the lord.

    I was still a kid when u died, barely 9 yrs old but I always hold your memory in my heart.

    July 9th, 2000 was really a bleak day for us but thank God for the kind of mother u gave us.

    Adieu papa...till we meet to part no more.

  38. I remember Isaac Aderogba with so much pain, you were father and best friend rolled up in one. Larger than life and unforgettable. Ti amo per sempre papa. Your Angel Fay

  39. Few years ago i lost my Dad the day I collected my admission letter to get into the university. If God had given me the option to chose between keeping u alive and I losing my admission on that day, I would have chosen you to be alive and give up on my admission. Beginning of Last year I lost my man same month I lost my sweet Dad and we were preparing to get married ending of Last year. Two month after his death, I lost my secondary school bestfriend after a brief illness too. This my same bestie was always consoling me then when I just lost my man, given me hope that another good man will come into my life and she can't wait to dance so much during my wedding. At a time it felt as though my life had ended too. Kai last year was hell for me. I still find my self crying whenever something reminds me of the 3 of them. The pain is still in my heart and I miss them everyday.

  40. I can tell by your eyes That you’ve probably been crying forever.. and the stars in the sky don’t mean nothing to you They’re a mirror.. I don’t wanna talk about it How you broke my heart But if I stay here just a little bit longer If I stay here won’t you listen To my heart... Whoa... my heart... if I stand all alone
    Will the shadow
    Hide the colors of my heart ?
    Blue for the tears
    Black for the night fears..
    The stars in the sky
    Don’t mean nothing to you
    They’re a mirror ..
    I don’t wanna talk about it
    How you broke my heart ...
    But if I stay here just a little bit longer
    If I stay here won’t you listen
    To my heart...
    Whoa... my heart

    Sleep on daddy.. it’s been 10 years you left but I still cry, I still look around when I’m alone and ask you why you left, it’s a pain that can never go away. Your sons are misbehaving 😭they’ve never been the same , they’ve changed from those sweet boys you used to know daddy, please pray for them, intercede on their behalf, they misses you, they love you, they still cry 😭sleep on my first loveπŸ’”

  41. Ooh how i miss my mom, she was everything to us. September 2nd 1998 still hurt like yesterday, mom i forgot to tell you, God gave me you in the person of my daughter (your daughter) on September 2nd 2008, ten years after you left the wicked world. I miss my son i miscarried last year June. Death you came calling again and took my step mom from us last month, i miss you guys but my joy is knowing that you guys made heaven, my heart is so heavy right now and i pray my dad comes out of this pain cos i see him cry always.

  42. Today would have been my niece's husband birthday, died at such a young age. Keep resting in the Lord's bosom

  43. I miss my dad. Miss making breakfast at mine and driving down to give him some most Saturday morning. Miss calling him when my hubby annoys me. Miss him the most when my previous employer showed me pepper cos I resigned after 5 years of hard work and loyalty. Miss how he brings the calmness out of every situation. Attimes, I break down when I remember I can hug him any more or hold him or call him or give him a birthday treat. I miss u so much Dad. Only you truly understood my person. Only you.

  44. My eyes are swollen from crying... I can’t even share my little experience from what I have read here.

    So sorry everyone.
    May your loved ones keep resting... Please do not despair, they are looking down on you all from heaven.
    These stories got to me.
    I will not take my folk’s missed calls for granted ever again.
    I’m so so sorry. May the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

  45. I think about my dad and i've got nothing but fond memories of him. he wasn't the perfect dad but he was the best for us. he was initially very strict while we were growing up but he later relented and he ended up being friends with us all. i can still remember you fondly call me "my son my son" because i was the last child.
    we had so many plans for the future.. you never believed you would die cos you always assured me you would carry my kids in your arms... but it was not to be... even though you had other grand kids,you were really intent on carrying mine.
    i broke down when i saw you on the gurney being wheeled into the geriatrics ward of the University Of Benin Teaching Hospital cos i could barely recognize you. in less than 5 days of your ailment you had changed drastically.
    usually,i don't show much emotions but i couldn't help it... i cried and it broke my heart that you couldn't even recognize me because the stroke had affected you seriously. when you were admitted to the hospital,you were always asking for me but when i came down to Benin,you couldn't recognize me till my mom told you who i was and you burst into tears and we cried and i held your hand and told you that we would go home together. i never knew you would succumb to the cold hands of death the next day... i appreciate the fact that i was with you before you passed.. i tried discussing politics with you which i knew you loved but you couldn't even respond.
    Death where is thy sting and grave where is your victory?
    death,shame on you... cos you took an angel away from us.
    i think about you everyday and i sometimes end up crying.
    you left when there was nothing but now i'm living a better life and i wished you stayed a bit longer so you could really enjoy me and be proud of me but i know you're truly in heaven watching down on my siblings and i... it's been 2 years since you passed on.. wednesday(december 6th) would have been your birthday but i'll do something to make sure your legacy lives on... my child must bear your name.
    God knows i truly love you from the depth of my bowels and i can do anything just to have another moment with you.
    now i know the pain Luther Vandross felt when he sang "Dance With My Father".
    i love you forever sir.
    i'll hold on to all the special memories we had.
    tears are in my eyes as i type this but i swear,i won't cry.

  46. I miss my late husband. Still feels like yesterday. I don't have the strength to type. All I pray for now is the strength to live for these children.

  47. Tears would not let me read all the comments but I pray for comfort and strength from Almighty God to all who had lost loved ones. It is well.

  48. I Miss my Dad "Baba Femi" as he was fondly called.16 good years yet words fail me. I see you in everything I do, everywhere, every experience. We can't seem to get enough of you, for us you're not just a memory but a way of life. Thank you for showing us what true love is all about, at one point at a young age I started praying to marry a man just like my dad. Guess what I didn't even get someone like my Dad, you gave me someone better. We will never forget you.
    You are our Sunshine

  49. O my mom,she was strong n the pillar of our home,yet so humble . She made us belief our dad was the financial head of the house. One's we say mama we need school fees she will say go n ask your dad. She never made it look like she was the one paying. Mama never wanted to see others in need. She was loved by the entire community . She will pamper me like no one else. Her advice was always the best. That faithful day,you said is just stomach pains. It took you away in just 3 days. I cried n cried n wrote my exams while you were lying cold at the morgue . After you were burried ,your baby became sick. I miss you n was sick till I graduate from school. I was so skinny. If tears cud bring you back,i will have cried u an ocean . I love you,you will remain in my hrt forver.Continue to RIP.

  50. Dr Uche,till date I take it that you relocated to a different country. I called u my dad's fore-runner because u were born on 2while my dad's birthday is 25th, Dec.u always made sure am happy, u inspired me, u were my best friend but death snatched u away at an early age! If only tears could bring u back.! I didn't go for ur mates induction all because I don't want to spoil their blues with my reggae,U will continue to live deep inside my HEART! am yet to believe you are gone soo soon even after a Year,9 months,1week and 2days!! I still love U!!!

  51. Lord all these comments break my heart in pieces. God will give you all the fortitude to bear the losses.

  52. Nothing actually prepares you for the lose of a loved one and u can't say u understand unless u have felt the pain.its already a year and every memory of you makes it make painful.
    You had ur flaws but we felt the love u had for us even if u never said,you made sacrifices for us and we were ur pride.You were my superman and that day when I heard u were struggling for ur life I hoped u would fight as u always did.
    I miss u terribly and I wish u were here to marry off ur daughters,people who never really liked or knew how much u sacrifices have now taken ur place at that table.
    Continue to RIP dad.I know u are watching over us.

  53. I rest on dad, it's been 9years. I still Misses you,

  54. Miss my younger sister who died in 1994 due to jaundice, still miss her cos she was everything a sister should be, also my son's classmate at FSTC yaba, who died November 2017 at just 12yrs due to minor stomach ache, he was rushed to the hospital but died before they got there, can't believe he's gone oh what a world. Tears rolls.

  55. Alternative Facts3 December 2017 at 18:57

    I remember my great friend, Edirin Ibehre! Its been 18 years but it still hurts. You were a true friend in a cold world. Your sense of humour was crazy.I remember Oyovwike Najevwe, Israel, Ruks and Osayi Omoigui. I miss you guys dearly. To live in the hearts of those you love is not to die. Never to be forgotten. Continue to rest in peace.

  56. This comment has been removed by the author.

  57. May my dad soul continue to Rest in peace

  58. My dad!It has been 15 years,8 months you left us but our consolation is in God who has never left us.Words fail me Stella,but I thank God for everything, He knows best.It is well.

  59. Oh Stella you just elicit so much emotions in me tonight.
    Before now I'd never blink an eyelid to the news of anyone's death till I got affected.
    My dad was a peaceful and loving person. Fun to be with. I could tell him anything. He could never bear to see us lack anything and always feels terrible when he doesn't have at that point to give us. He was my best friend. He was loved by all or so we thought till he fell sick...
    At a point I was praying for death to take him away cos I couldn't bear seeing him go through that level of pain. Now I feel guilty for that.
    I hear people say they see the ghost of their loved ones and I wish I could see him to....
    I've never gotten over his death. Though he'd never like me to feel this way.
    It will be 4 years on the 10th of December. I don't want to cry on that day. Thankfully it's a Sunday so I'll use it to thank, praise and worship God for how far He has brought us despite the loss and other tribulations. People thought we'd all be dead by now, they didn't know we are seeds and God has got our back.

  60. Its been 7 yrs my dad passed.I miss my dad so much,He taught us to always say the truth no matter who it hurts.
    My dad was a man of honour and integrity ,so handsome yet very humble.Nwokeoma,Ezesinachi,I miss you so much and may you continue to RIP.

  61. I kept skipping this post since for obvious reasons, now I opened it out of boredom and the tears would not stop flowing. I can't even share mine. May the souls of the departed keep resting in perfect peace.

  62. It's been 5yrs he left us.when he was going to give my hand out in marriage.we still live in that tragedy.i still weep.wish you are here for me to love you more than I ever did.sometimes I feel u re coming back.i miss your dance steps.death deprived me of a father's dance and blessings.i love and miss you.

  63. I miss my mum, dad,my three elder brothers, my eldest sister and my two brothers in law. My niece totally broke me. I just can't get over her. Sometimes I ask where my inner strength comes from but I guess it's God. I can't bring you back but I will never forget the fun we had. RIPP to all of you.

  64. I miss my mum...she was strict initially but became my confidant subsequently...
    Its 3 yrs but it's like yesterday...
    On her death bed...she sang .lift him up higher. ...I love you mum....we are more than conquerors mum.
    Even when the devil has brought the storm of life to me....I stared the devil in the face...and said calmly.. I AM THE STORM.. I have a God who never fails.. I am a conqueror..and you were mum

  65. I miss my late elder brother. He was such a kind person. But the cold hands of death snatched u away from us.

    Your daughter is all grown up now and about to enter university. She is just ur carbon copy.

    Mum, still miss u. She cries every time.

    Continue to R.I.P.

  66. Its a terrible feeling, my eyes dried up as i stared meaninglessly. I opened my mouth but not a sound came out. It was the worst experience and feeling ever. Sleep on Dad, abeg lemme take a walk 🚢 🚢 🚢

  67. Hmm...miss my mom,my best friend,my love.She passed away when I was just 9 years old and my father left never to be seen till date.I remember not crying because I was in shock and praying that it's a has been good thanks to her sister who is taking care of us but in miss you ever day,i hope you are proud of me ,i hope you are happy.contiune to rest.

  68. Late to the post. Been a hectic dancing day, had to rest a little and then I overslept.
    Will read the post tomorrow at leisure hour, don't wanna cry this night.

    RIP to all the lost LOVED ONES. God will see everyone through with enough Gratitude.

    Most excruciating for me was waking up beside my twin brother, he was dead cold. His heart stopped working at night, he was coughing and I offered him water, he drank and lay back but he didn't wake up the morning after. He was hard bodied like a stone. We were 7 years old. Me and my Aunt,we called many lines and had many people around in minutes.

    Our parents were away in France, our Nanny had resumed that fateful day and forgotten something, she resumed for work, peeped in and said she was going back to the train station she'll be back in a jiffy. She took some penny from our Aunt in next room and left, by the time she returned, the Home and Health Services were allover. My bro was being taken away, all I can remember was him being wheeled away and our Mum screaming too much, and collapsing in the evening. They came back that evening after they got the bad news.

    It was tough. The only photographic flash memory I have is our Wind Instruments we blew all the time, dressing up for school infront of our favourite 2 mirrors, running to join the school bus and singing in church. I can't remember anything again.
    We relocated to another country thereafter to keep me from the trauma and Dad did hustle for a new job. Luckily, he got it.
    The problem is that any day I play and laugh and run around in my dream with him, I wake up sick the next day. Clerics have tried over the years with prayers but it's still not easy for me. DH is helping too because I don't sleep alone if he's around or not, no matter what, it gets scary when I SEE my bro in the dream.
    Death. Aaaaarrrrgggghhh. You dealt us a bad blow.
    RIP Sweet Bro.
    I'm trying for us, doing things right right?

    And to all my cousins who succumbed to the Sickle Cell Scourge.
    It is Well.
    We can't question God.

  69. I miss my sister Nikkey, I wish I prayed more for you. You were healthy. Did not think a CS would take you away.we all miss you. Your baby is 1 and a lovely lil gal she is. One thing I now realise is how wicked the world is.. no one cares! Love your God and family ..end of! It is well.

  70. My roomie,chife I miss you to bits ...dunno where to start from,tho it's been 14long years ....feels like yesterday and ofcz my bro,I think about you many things remind me of u...glad to know u in a better place tho... I wish we didn't have to die tho., pple shld live forever ...miss my pop too atimes gona b 10yrs next year...the time to love is short , appreciate one another good to all and sundry

  71. Holy Sonnets: Death, be not proud BY JOHN DONNE Death, be not proud, though some have called
    Mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so;
    For those whom thou think'st thou dost
    Die not, poor Death, nor yet canst thou kill me.
    From rest and sleep, which but thy pictures
    Much pleasure; then from thee much more
    must flow,
    And soonest our best men with thee do go, Rest of their bones, and soul's delivery.
    Thou art slave to fate, chance, kings, and
    desperate men,
    And dost with poison, war, and sickness
    And poppy or charms can make us sleep as well
    And better than thy stroke; why swell'st thou
    One short sleep past, we wake eternally
    And death shall be no more; Death, thou shalt

  72. Still can't believe you are gone. I miss my 20 year old cousin who left us in shock. I pray God forgives all your shortcomings and grant you eternal rest. We will always love you

  73. Hmmmmmm!!!!!. Stella, thank you so much for this post. It's been sixteen years you left Paapa. My wonderful father, everybody taught i will die when you left although i remember every time. you loved your siblings and your children so much that you sacrifice a lot for us. Paapa, i miss you like kilode. A lot of things would have been in order if you were here. love and missed you so much paapa.

    May the Lord comfort us all and give us to strength to carry on. May we not experience such pains again in Jesus name. Amen

  74. Death......... May God continue console and strengthen us as we mourn the loss of our loved ones. Ifeanyi nwanne mu continue to rest in peace. After skipping this post to avoid crying but boredom no gree me. I still wonder why we fight knowing tomorrow you might not see the person.


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