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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Terrific Testimony Time

Let's thank the Lord Almighty for all He has done for us from January-December 2017....It is not by our power!

Let's thank Him for all His blessings upon us!
They sent us Recession thinking it would bury us,but it made us wiser and smarter.........

The trials came thinking it has fried us but we came out with lessons learned...

Oh God of awesome wonders!!!

This year has been awesome for me....too many Testimonies...Thank you Jesus for my family and friends and foes..thank you for keeping them!!!


  1. I return all Glory and thanks to God for making 2017 amazing. More positivity and triplet in 2018.

    1. All i want to say is thank you Lord for everything both the good and the bad.

      Thank you Jesus.

    2. Lord, I want to say thank you for all that 2017 brought my way. I'm hopeful that 2018 will bring me unimaginable blessings, the type that people will hear about and say 'how did you do it?'

    3. I thank God for his goodness , provision and protection all through 2017, 2018 is my year of greater testimonies too, looking forward to triplet too.

    4. I thank God for this year. After 7 years on a grade, my organization finally promoted me. Thank you Lord.

    5. God has been faithful to me and every member of my family. This year is far better than last year,and I know next year will be better than this year in Jesus Mighty Name .....AMEN

  2. I thank God for answering my prayer requests this year. I completed my master's degree programme, I moved to a better house, I found favour every time, my friend that had been TTC for years finally had a baby(I rejoiced greatly on that day). I also thank God for the prayers he hasn't answered yet, my marital settlement. I know he will answer me in 2018 and promote me in my career by giving me success!
    Thank you Jesus for everything and my family. May his name be glorified forever. Amen.


  3. This year 2017 is really my year, I got my indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK within 1year of getting to the UK because I ran from an abusive partner. I got a mouth watering job and met the love of my life, all within one year,thank you JESUS.

  4. I want to thank God Almighty for His grace over myself and my family. I thank God for seeing us through the good and the bad times I am very grateful I am alive.
    A lot happened to me this year i cried,I laughed, I lost loved ones in All I give thanks.
    A want to specially thank You Aunty Stella and the SDK blog family for making my 2017, I Pray that this coming year 2018 will be GREAT.
    Happy New Year FAM.

  5. I am Alive! My immediate family members are Alive and well. No greater testimony than that, no worries can defeat the fact that God has kept me. I am GRATEFUL, MORE THAN GRATEFUL. THANK YOU JESUS

  6. I am Alive! My immediate family members are Alive and well. No greater testimony than that, no worries can defeat the fact that God has kept me. I am GRATEFUL, MORE THAN GRATEFUL. THANK YOU JESUS

  7. Thank God for seeing me through this year, job searching was not easy. I thank God as I started my small business of hair making he has been faithful. I started a saloon after years in the university and am grateful to God for revelation.

  8. Thank you Lord for your Grace and mercy upon my family, friends and of course BV's. Sometimes things maybe so tough and And it may seem that there is no way out but God has always proved himself to be the king of kings, arugbo ojo, the everlasting father, alagbada ina, if I should keep typing this space no go reach.
    May we all enter 2018 together by God's Grace. Thanks Stella for this platform and may God be with you and your family. See you all in 2018.

  9. Thank you Jesus for my life and that of my loved ones,You did all well at no charge.

    Stella I sell recharge cards and will be most grateful if am giving the opportunity to sell here.Thanks

  10. Thanking God for good health, despite d gory pictures painted, I never experienced any crippling effect of diabetes, i feel good, man alive, I feel real good!

    Even my dad too is diabetic but he's very agile, according to him he can still give my brothers a run for their money, lol.

  11. What the Lord has done for me I cannot tell it all. Grateful heart.

  12. I am greatful for the 2017 I had,the lesson learnt and for leaving my old job.
    I am greatful for good health and for the safety of my family.

    I am greatful for the good friends I have and for the bad friends I haveπŸ˜‰

    Most of all I am greatful to be going into 2018 with everyone I love,it's been an amazing bitter/sweet year.


  13. I am grateful to God for life, protection, provision etc.
    I started the year on a very sad note but today I am ending it with laughter.

  14. I am grateful to God for life, my family, parents, siblings and neighbours. God has been especially so good to me. This year started on a good note but before Feb I had d worst news of my life. Hubby was locked up abroad. My world stood Still, I cried like kilode but picked up my sword in prayer. 5 months after hubby was released and deported back alive and healthy. Thank God for savings, he started something here and its been God all the way. God lifted him again. Thank God for it all.

  15. MY HEART IS FULL. i thank God that am ending the year in praises for i have been battling with issues relating to my reproductive health for about 4 years on but this 2017 is the first in 4 years that i will not be ending the year in despair and depression. Thank you Jesus.

  16. I put this up in SP. Lemme share here.

    2017 was lit for me.
    So many blessings; breaking yokes and boundaries, thanks to Jesus.
    I visited 4 nations this year; met great and important people; dined and got fine treatment like the Queen that God says I am...
    Me that would dream horrid dreams of missing my flight, boarding the plane but it would never take off, or plain frustrated that I never get to the airport.
    But God turned it all around for me.
    Who says there is no God? Who says prayers don't work?

    My advice to someone who needs it.
    It may sound like a cliche, but trust God and pray always.
    Do not give up on your dreams!
    Pray like your life depends on it, but while doing so, also get moving - take action!
    Prophecies/Dreams won't just fulfill themselves.
    Position yourself right and watch God work.

    I must also say, please surround yourself with men and women of vision and purpose.
    Do away with mediocrity, distractions and visionless people;
    They won't help you.
    Embrace Wisdom as your sister like the Bible says.
    Be patient, long suffering and persevere.
    You will make it.

    Oh! Let me drop this too;
    The Bible says, "write the vision, make it plain..."
    O boy, it works!
    I wrote stuff up in a book in 2016 that I forgot all about till God directed me to it and I went perusing, only to see what I wrote.
    I tell you that out of the 7 things I wrote to achieve in 2017, I achieved 5!
    I know the remaining 2 and other goals for 2018, I will achieve, so help me GodπŸ€“
    I can see/smell it already.
    Thank You Jesus for where I am and where I'll be next year. You are amaze-balls!πŸ’‹❤️

    1. Lord only you understand how much challenges this year, 2017 brought my way. But so that the devil will have nothing to glory about, I would rather say THANK YOU, LORD than dwell on regrets.

    2. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!!
      I am amazed at where God has taken you this year.

    3. Amen and thank you ZeenaπŸ’‹
      You don't know the half of it.
      God surprised me this year and He says this is only just the beginning.
      He liberated me, my dear.
      And I'm believing the same for my siblings.
      If I write my story, you'll be shocked but I give God all the glory.
      Soar I will next year!

  17. I thank God for his grace and mercy over me and my household. Only him can do that. 2018 will be best year for us all in. Amen

  18. Thank you Lord for 2017. I started the year on a very sad note but today I am ending it with so much joy in my heart.

    My special thanks to Stella and Angel Goodness for being a source of blessing to me. You two will never see shame, God will continue to uplift you in all that you do.

  19. Thank you Jesus for keeping me and my household from 1ist of January till today 31ist of December. Its not of him that's willieth nor runeth ,its God who shows mercy. Thank you Abba Father for your mercies over me and my entire household. Be thou glorified ancient of days now and forever more,Amen.

  20. Way Maker, Miracle Worker, Promise Keeper. That is who you are.

    Thank you heavenly Father for your mercies, Grace and protection all through 2017.

    I can't thank God enough for ensuring that i stand tall despite all the challenges faced.

    Positivity all the way in 2018 πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

  21. I am grateful to God for 2017, I have a job but been applying for a beter job for the past 9years with nothing to show for it, but this year I was called to write two employment tests.I passed one of them and I didn't hear anything after the interview. Not long ago, I received a mail for medical preemployment tests which I have done already and I'm eagerly awaiting my offer letter. I'm thanking God in advance because I know this story is going to end in praise. It's one of the biggest multinationals and it's my dream job. God please let it come to pass in 2018.

    1. Awwww... Godspeed to that offer letter. Congratulations babes.

  22. Bless be GOD 2017 was all abt GOD Almighty. Hos faithfullness covered my family, loved ones and I. I want to specially thank GOD for two of my married friends who were ttcing but GOD changed their status. I know 2018 will be way better. Amen

  23. I just want to say baba ooooo,
    E she eeeeee,
    I just want to say baba ooooo..e she

    I am greatful to God for my life and family as a whole.
    I thank God for providing for my needs and showing me mercy.

  24. I thank God for life and good health.
    Early part of this year, I was suicidal, if not for my son and God I would have been long gone. Thanks to God for sending Stella Dimoko Korkus my way. May God always send you a messiah when you need one Stella.
    I'm happier today, my mindset is changed. I'm set to grab 2018 by the horns and breakthrough for me and and son. So help God.

  25. I thank God for his faithfulness. My home is blessed,my extended family members are doing great. It has been an amazing year. God be praised.

  26. Been alive with my family is enough reason to thank God, Father Lord I thank you for all you have done for me and my family this year 2017 and I pray for a better 2018

  27. Thankful for live ...thankful my daughter is alive and healthy.. Thankful my step mother evil scheme over me my pregnancy my daughter my marital destiny my Glory is over....and now she is exposed And her wickedness is overturning in her life her son life and his children's life
    2018...return match

  28. Am thankful to God for my life,my family nd frnds.2017 has been an awesome 4ever grateful to God,bsc achieved,good health,no loss got a job.i pray for Best in 2018 ND to be more closer to God.... So help me God.

  29. Thank God for my life,husband,children and family.thanking God for making me enter 2018 with favour and grace. His Grace has kept me alive.I love you Jesus,I will serve you are worthy to be praised. Fellow Bvs pls hold on to God,pray without ceasing in 2018.He will direct your path and make your life glorious.

  30. I saw it all this year,(pain, suffer, death, confusion, etc) but my bible made me to understand that even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.

  31. 2017 was the hardest year for me since I was born. I cried,sorrowed, was depressed,frustrated, diagnosed with fibriod,actively started trying to conceive, was jobless,broke e.t.c. the year did not even start well for us as our shop was burgled,had a lot of debts to pay as a result(still in some)but there was never a day we went to bed hungry. God just always made a way for my family,so many days I would just cry out of frustration. An M.Sc holder with nothing to show,I applied for so many jobs some I'm almost ashamed to mention but none pulled through. So I started learning fashion designing and I'm loving it. Bottom line is God was always there for me,I may not be where I want to be,but I am alive and well and so there is hope. In one of my down moments after crying myself to sleep, God ministered to me and he told me to WAIT PATIENTLY. I'm waiting lord. 2018 will be litttt. God is ever faithful.
    To God I say a very big thank you,imela, ESE Jesu,nagode. You have been all to me,I couldn't have survived this without you.
    Thanks to you Stella,I became very active this year cos I found some sort of consolation here. Keep the good work going.
    Today I'm grateful for life,love,family,friends and for you all.

  32. Ending 2017 with a bang! It’s God all the way, met the love of my life this year, got engaged and I got married. As if that’s not enough God blessed me with the fruit of the womb.
    My job has been great! Raised wages this year!
    God this can only be you and I say thank you Jesus.
    My immediate family in good health and all thriving in their endeavors.....

  33. I bless the name of the Lord for His faithfulness upon my family. I thank Him for my marriage, my unborn child, my parent and siblings, my in laws. I also thank Him foe my married friends that He will bless in 2018. May His name alone be praised IJN amen

  34. Jehovah lord I thank you for my life, husband and only you God that deserve my praise,is it my own family wickedness or my in law witchcraft but you made me and my children survived it. I know 2018 is my year of manifestation of blessings. Thank you Jesus.

  35. Hmmmm, for the gift of life alone, thank you GOD. Everything good must surely come.

  36. Isaiah saw the lord and he declared I am a man of uncleanliness, lord I've been unclean and of sinful nature, yet you showed me mercy, you sustained me and most importantly you blessed my family and I with good health, breakthroughs and another addition to the Family in 2017. May my 2018 will be better, Amen

  37. This date last year, we were afraid! We were apprehensive because my hubby's 6-year contract/job officially came to an end that day.
    With only a side hustle, we were not sure how things would pan out.

    Voila! God came through for us.

    Fastfoward today, we have excelled beyond our expectations, we were able to conceive and bring a 6-bed duplex to carcass level in 6 months.

    Our kids excelled, our siblings excelled.

    Chukwu oma nara ekele. Ihe I mere di nma.

    Nara Ekele ohhhhhhh.

    Thank God for His mercies as I pray for a personal major breakthrough in 2018.

    1. Congrats Ma'am, from your lips straight to God's ears in Jesus Name! Amen!

    2. More blessings in 2018, Zeena.

  38. I want to return all praises to God for answering my prayers despite my unfaithfulness.. God is just awesome..I'm grateful for healing, for protection, for provisions & for saving me from making the wrong choices in my relationship. Thank you SDK for posting my chronicle & BVs for speaking sense into my head. Thank you Jesus

  39. God has been so faithful this year even when I am not faithful,I just want to give him all the glory for my marriag and job. I pray for total healing,change of location, fruit of the womb and financial upgrade in 2018.

  40. 2017 has been an awesome year. The lord had done so much for my family and I. I am a proof of his love ,grace and mercies. I might not have all I I want,but He has given me all I need.
    January my son had a surgery and God kept him,he has been in and out of the hospital. God stepped in an perfected his healing.
    My daughter has also been in and 9ut of the hospital God stepped in again.
    I left my place of work to be able to take care of the kids. Jehovah jireh stepped in agΓ in always providing, even before the need arises.
    I enjoy perfect peace and unspeakable joy in my home.
    Awesome God only you can do wat no man can do.
    Thank you,thank you thank you Jesus.

  41. Early in the year I was at a police station to report a crime, when it was attacked by some disgruntled community boys. The sound of gun has never been louder, that one hour plus felt like a whole year. By God's grace the policemen at hand were able to repel them till reinforcements came.
    Somehow God preserved me, my hubby, months old baby and my nanny, even our car that was parked outside was spared.
    I give glory to the mighty Protector.

  42. I'm so thankful to God for his mercies upon my life this year. I completed my masters degree with a good result and an award, got a job, bought a land and got engaged to my love on 26th of December. Thank you Ome ife ukwu. I pray for an outstanding 2018.

  43. I thank God for life most of all. It's been one crazy year for me and my folks but God is never late. Eagerly looking forward to the new year.

  44. God reigns supreme in the affairs of men. I love testimonies like kilode. Please let's keep them coming.

  45. God I thank you for this year 2017, I got a job even after trying over and over again, we bought a land, even though it is not in a developed area, started my PhD. My marriage clocked 1 year. I thank God because I know 2018 will be filled with Gods mercy for and my family. My husband will further his education, he will be paid his salary by his boss for over one year, I will get pregnant and conceive safely. Amenn. Mercy E.

  46. 2017 is a year that showed me both joy and sadness. Was at the point of death but God restored me.Conceived after 10yrs of waiting but miscarried. In all I thank God for life knowing 2018 is my year of fulfilment.

  47. All I have to say is thank you lord
    Anu larigba,i can't count my blessings πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

  48. I give God glory for this year 2017, he is indeed gracious. He made way for my family when everything was tough.plenty testimonies he has given me, my siblings conceived same year(after years of delay),the gave birth safely, I got a good job where I didn't apply, we changed our car and we changed accommodation when our account was Zero.. it can only be you Lord,without you Lord I am nothing. Thank you Jesus. I know more testimonies await me in the year 2018.

  49. I say tank u God for keeping me alive after what I went through when I gave birth...I gave birth tru CS in Dec last year n left January after 3days I culdnot eat nor drink or take my drugs.I threw up anything they gave me.I was vomiting every second..I culdnot toilet..I was on drip for lik 3weks witout eating anything..I cry when I see mothers eating Ind baby cried for almost a month without sucking breast..I did so many tests to see what was wrong wit me but they didn't see family tot I was gonna die when I culd nolonger walk.peep who came to visit dia family cried for me.I can't say all I went through but I tank d Good Lord that am alive today to write diS..bcos som peep didn't go tru half of wat I went tru but dey are gone.. I am alive today wit my baby,I give God d glory for saving d life of me n my baby..I will forver greatful (crying)

  50. Everything on my list this year God did.

    My new job was the first. I prayed about it and even my muffins started praying about it during morning devotion. And God did it. A position many were calling from abuja for, my boss had 750 CVs for my position as of when he hired me. But he hand-picked me based on referral. I flopped at the interview sef, i heard i didnt sell myself enough. I was sleeping at home on a weekend when i got the call to come in the next Monday. And i picked my letter. I just smiled and looked up to the heavens. Who i sabi for Abuja? If not God.

    Secondly, i am very touchy. Little things irritate me. And my friends know. When things arent going as planned i freak out and get upset, cos i hate disruption, insult, disorganization, dumb questions, slow people. So i started praying about it. But something happened last week and my friend called me panicking. It was her traditional wedding dress and it wasnt ready three days to her wedding. She had to leave that evening, infact she stopped to pick it on her way to the airport when she met the drama. So she called me panicking. I gave her a solution and told her to leave her dressmaker to me that i will ensure she wears that dress. She should cheer up and travel. When she arrived her destination she called and asked me: what happened? You were so calm as if you weren't tensed up and its very unlike you. I was looking for who to help me panic. I told her nothing and laughed. But i knew God had changed something in me when i didnt notice. And i thanked Him.

    In fact on friday, someone insulted me. In shock i asked her: excuse me what did you say? She repeated it again. Everyone went quiet cos normal me would have reminded her of how she started in lagos, washed her dry and hung her. I burst out laughing and walked away. They were in shock. I'm infact still very upset with this person, but i didnt give her a reaction till now sef. She's been calling and I'm not picking. That's a miracle!

    Thirdly, something happened last week 😁 it was on my bucket list for the year, but i thought the year was over. But God gave me wisdom to create funds for it. And i got it.

    Fourth, was my trip to the US. I did side biz within one month and got back my ticket money. Without too much talk. They were even rushing to buy the things. I was shocked.

    1. Which means your job was not on merit but connection and you talking like what i dont know

    2. Anon 20.44 and so what? Her life, her job, her connection.

    3. Whatever... get your own connections 😝😝😝😝 if its so easy *tongue click*

  51. 2017 was a trying period for me... I was knocked out severally. I cried,smiled,laughed.... It was a roller coaster year for me BUt God saw me through.....
    I am still standing firm to the glory of God.
    My family is intact.... everyone connected to me is Hale and hearty.....

    My hallelujah belongs to God...
    I bless you Alpha and omega!!!!

    Gbanigbani ti n gbani lowo isoro, ajanaku ti n mi gbo jigijigi, abububu ti a le bu tan....

    Olowogbogboro Himself, to you alone I adore....
    My soul glorifies your name Jehovah Ebenezer...

    I appreciate God for SDK and every member of this great blog.... You all are awesomely special and God's grace will forever speak on y'all behalf.
    *Faithful bv*

  52. Finally my brethren.... sisters in the house.... has the year ended again? No bros in sight? They are laughing at you behind your back? Blaming everything you are as the reason why you're unmarried? Nne....chill!!

    Just work hard, make money, travel, chase your dreams, slay, package and chill. Coool down. Where is the one who said she cant buy car because she wants to marry? Hope you have sense in 2018? Yes oh. There are people who were on the floor and marriage picked them up. Good luck to them. Your pacakge and story is different. Sometimes God needs you to reach a certain level because the very guy is beyond that level and is praying not to come far down. Focus first! Men of today admire focused women. Dont be chasing them as if you dont have anything else going for you.

    1. By the time God will do, you will start laughing even before the marriage starts. Because you will pity the people who thought they had your life manual in their hands. Husbands dey oh. Plenty sef..just chill.

    2. By the time God will do it, you will start laughing even before the marriage starts. Because you will pity the people who thought they had your life manual in their hands. Husbands dey oh. Plenty sef.....just chill. Don't be going anywhere for anyone to instill fear in you.

  53. I'm thanking God almighty for everything thing he's done for my family and I. It can only be God and all praises and adoration to him alone


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