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Monday, December 04, 2017

The Right Dressing And Appearance For Work Place

Today we will talk about appearance.
Now here are some personal observations I think might be helpful to those of us currently employed or seeking employment.

1. It is advisable not to wear clothes that hug your whole body at once. Please save it for the parties and night-outs. This is isn't for ladies only, guys are also guilty. He tells you he's wearing a suit but you can see his eggplant in his trousers. We all should have our casual clothes sizes and official clothes sizes. If your really bulky in some places, you might wanna go a size up for corporate wears.

Ladies if you feel the need to wear form-fitting clothing, please pair it up with a loose clothing. E.g tight bottoms and loose shirt covering your bum, body-hugging blouse and a nice-fitting skirt or even a body-hugging dress and a not-so-fitted blazer. This will save you from sexual harassment (not saying it eliminates it because a good-looking person can't hide) and also coming across like you are trying to get unnecessary attention for the wrong things.

2. Talking about sizing... Please why do you guys like to wear undersized ties and trousers that are 'fearing' the ground? It can look very childish at times. Especially on a grown man. #JustSaying

3. The colours. It's okay to wear a brightly coloured item, to brighten up your day/mood. But be sure to blend them in properly. Your corporate wardrobe should have more of the black, darker shades or blues and greens, and the greys. Research showed that in a corporate environment, the employees dressed in darker hues give customers and clients are more 'serious minded' impression.

4. For ladies, makeup should be kept nice and simple. What I find interesting is how some of us carry hand fan lashes to work. Please if you must, keep the lash lengths moderate. Remember, if you go heavy on the eyes, go nude on the lips and vice versa. Smokey eyes and red lips combined on a work day? Yes, its okay if you're an MUA, fashion designer, entertainer etc; but not advisable in a corporate setting. Even the entertainers apply this rule when they're going for more serious events.

5. Please try as much as possible to keep hair off your face. If you have a hairstyle that touches your face for any reason, keep it off your shoulders - at the back. You can pack it up or wear it short.

6. False Nails- Not claws please (and that goes for guys too!) Apply moderation when filing and colouring.

7. Shoes. Do not wear heels that you aren't comfortable in. It's okay to go 6 inches but be sure you can pull it off comfortably. As for the guys, if you need to wear brightly coloured shoes please make sure it's allowed in your organisation first. And if it is, kindly follow the tips in (4) above.

8. Jewelry - I don't know if some of us feel awkward wearing the bulky wristwatches to work. But i think that a wristwatch you wear to the office shouldn't be as bulky and loose as the one you like to wear with (say) your denim.
Try not to over accessorise. You may have to choose between your earrings and your neck piece sometimes.

9. Talking about denims, they can be really cute when paired with blazers. But can they just be regular denims- not too loose not too tight? No jeggings or baggys please.

10. If you are covering your head (say for religious reasons), please ensure that your face is recognisable and visible. Don't cover your face as well.

Lastly, let me just say. I know some organisations have their dress codes outlined in the employee handbook, but I also know that some companies (especially SMEs) don't pay attention to things like these. And for newbies without a guide, these mistakes can be avoided.

Keep your career in mind. I have examples of people who got certain things done faster simply because of their appearance. You don't know who that customer is, what they can offer you or where that colleague sitting next to you will be tomorrow. Always remember that your appearance should be a reflection of what you are trying to promote about yourself. If it doesn't look like what you would want to be remembered as, please put it back in your wardrobe.

Do you have any appearance details you like to share? Have you had an experience where your appearance favoured you? Have you been caught off-guard looking a certain way that made you miss out on something important at work? Please share so we can all learn.

Thanks and have a great week.


  1. The male trousers that's fearing the ground is the one we call 'Chinos', innit?

    Chinos are classy for guys, the point is to make your socks show. But the guys should be careful to not make it look like teblik

  2. Bro go banks.

    Reminds of a lady in halliburton, omg, her minis were embarrassing.
    She normally trains new recruits, abi na weatherford or well dynamics their ladies are something else,married n single, Shebi their country manager give one belly she resign.

  3. There's actually no universal standard. The nature of your job description, office rules in DST regard, etc determine your dress code.

  4. Well written.The key to getting it right is "moderation". And always have this at the back of your mind.... " am I dressed the way I want to be addressed? ".

  5. Nice one. That fear ground trouser sounds so hilarious.

  6. Thanks for the tips. I realized how important dressing/appearance was during service year. It cannot be overemphasized.

  7. Cover shoes(no peeptoes ) are very important in business organization.


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