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Friday, December 01, 2017

Trendy,Posh And Spiritually Meaningful Baby Names

Do you know any Spiritually meaning and posh,trendy baby names for couples pregnant and looking to name their babies?
Give Names and their meanings in Nigerian Languages with special emphasis on Igbo names....

''Hi Stella, my name is Vic and I have been hooked with your blog for about 5 years now. My wife and I are expecting a baby sometime February, and I was wondering if you could do a post on trendy, tush and spiritually meaningful baby names, as a matter of fact, won't mind if you put emphasis on Igbo names too.

 The native name cycle has highly evolved and one needs to careful not to settle for out of fashion names. In all, i feel this could be helpful to expectant couples, and prospective couples too. I know it will attract a reasonable participation over the weeks end considering the public holiday. 

Names are really important to destinies, think about Abraham, Sarah, Jacob and Jabez in the holy book. ..''


  1. Chinazaekpere......God answers prayers and they are called Naza or Chinaza.

  2. SDK isn’t Igbo how is she to know the meaning and spiritual meanings of Igbo names?

    1. This post came at the best time, just found one today and I am ready for a 3rd child
      Name is jezianachimka
      Meaning is: go and tell them my God is great
      Nickname: zizi and zianna for a girl and jeziana
      Benefit is that it's unisex
      Another is kanyechi

  3. Chialuka...
    Zikora na Ibu chi...

    Three of the names are my children's Igbo name

    1. Lemme perch here. Chimamanda(Amanda for short). Naetochukwu (Naeto c), chisimdi (simdi), chizitelu (chizzy). Chinemeze( nemeze), kamsiyochim (Kamsi),etc.

    2. I like Zikora. Queen you didn't interprete them for us.

    3. I Raked my brain for many months looking for names! Ewooo. I cldnt come up with anything, I decided to just transfer my name I refused to use wen I left my parents . The name fits the condition I got d child( Ogugua; Console) but in dis same blog I stumbled on a BEAUTIFUL most suitable name for my babe,Ifemyoruchukwu (ife..or ifey) . fits so well cos I really asked and prayed for it. My sis is an expert in name giving, try Solumtochukwu( somto or Tonto) Rapuluchukwu( Raluuu) and ChukwuMaluObi( malu or Chuma). I hope it helps

  4. Chukwunonso.....Ikechukwu....Nnamdi.....Ifechukwukwulu ga eme. ..Chukwudaalu....Kamsiyochukwu...Kosisochikwu....Chimuamanda....Kanyirarachukwuifeniine...Ositadimma (ka o si taa di mma)..Rapuluchukwu..Chioma....Chiamaka....Ngozichukwuka. .... Chukwukadibia. .... Nwamaka. ..Chizoba....Ogechukwukamma. ..etc

  5. Names like Mirra, Awesome, Nissi, Peculiar, etc are biblical and spiritual.

  6. Google can also be of help. I love good and meaningful native names.

  7. My mom is Artemis, her twin is demerter.

    1. 🀀🀀🀀

  8. I particularly love 'CHINETUGO'.

    When I get married and have my first baby girl, I will name her that.

  9. Mmesoma is an Igbo name for girls meaning God is all mighty.
    Lotanna remember God/father

    1. Get your facts right. Mmesoma means goodness

    2. Huh????????? How can Mmesoma mean what you wrote up there. Too many kilo people on this blog. Mmesoma means goodnes/kindness

  10. Aveg no put jacob....jacob no follow my brother used to bear jacob he had to beg my dad to change it cos we will always call him jacob d deciver.

  11. Girls names

    boys names


  12. ZikoranaChukwudimma can be shortened to Zikora let the people know that God is good.
    Chimamandam my God will not fail me.
    Kamsinyochukwu just as I asked God. There are so my names out there you can also prayerfully receive one for your baby.

  13. One of my muffins native name means Wisdom. Her English name is Aubriana - never to be shortened even While speaking cos the meaning gets lost.

    Another muffin's native name means beauty. So her other name is Zuri -
    Which isnt quite an English name but will suffice. They believe she was conceived while they were on a vacation to that African country.

    It also depends on the kind of man you're with. Some men aren't open to fancy names and would just go traditional. Some parents keep it spiritual by using biblical/quaranic names. But you can look for various ways to give children beautiful meaningful names. The internet has these names and meanings too. Whatever you do, give them names they would be happy to answer when they grow up. I know some people who have had to modify their names because as much as they meant good things, pronunciation na die!

  14. No I don't believe that name has anything to do with destiny.

  15. If it's a boy...Chinualumogu. Chinua for short. Meaning God should fight for me

    If it's a girl...Chimamanda. Amanda for short...meaning, my God won't fail.

    1. Waawu!!! This two names you mentioned are my kids names ✔✔✔

  16. Jaymin - Hebrew for Right hand of favour

  17. Chimelifa.........Melifa
    English names

  18. Chimbusonma (Busonma, Sonma, Nma)-my God is beautiful.

    Kamaranachimdi (Kamara, Chimdi)- let them know that my God is alive.

    Kaimarachi (Kaima, Mara)- let us know God.

    Chimereze or Chimeremeze(Chime, Eze, Mereze)- God made me king

    Chimerenma or Chimeremnma (Merenma, Nma)- God made beautiful, God made me beautiful.

    Chimsimdi(Simdi)- my God said I should live.

    Chibuoyim (Chiboy, Oyim)- The Lord is my friend.

    Chikaima (Kaima)- it is the Almighty that we know.

    Chikamso (Chika, Kamso)- I will follow God.

    Olanna (father's jewel or treasure), Olaedo (gold), Olachi (God's jewel or treasure), Olanma ( beautiful jewel).

    I love this Yoruba name Okikijesu (mirror of God?).
    My hand dey pain me.
    Mandy how is the translation?

    1. Awwh my baby's nameπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  19. I would have said Chimamanda(my God will not fail me) but that name is now an asoebi name. I used to love the name but now, most of the little babies and kids I know bear that name.

  20. Chimuanya(my God is awake/alive)..... Maya

  21. How I love NAtive names. I name my kids based on surroundings of their birth and it must glorify God.
    Akachukwu ( The hand of God)

    Chimdindu ( My God is Alive)

    Chimbudike (My God is Powerful)

    Kobimdilichukwu ( let my heart be with God)

    Esomchukwu ( Am with God)

  22. Some Igbo names I know and like with their short forms or nicky and meanings:
    Chiemetam-Emmy,chichi,emetam,ntam(my God has done me well/releived me)
    Ebubechukwu/chidiebube/chukwuebube-Ebube,bubu,EB,BB(God's grace)
    Sochikaima/kaimarachukwu-Kaima,Kaka,Kay(only God I know.Let us know God.Like saying you depend on God alone)
    Kamsiyochukwu- Kamsi, Kaka(what I prayed for/asked from God)
    Ifesinachi- Ife,Ify,Sinachi or Sinach(what/it's from God)
    Chidera-Dera,Dere,Dede,Didi(what God has written)
    Chizaram/chukwuzaram- chiza, Zara,Zee-baby (God answered/heard me)
    Onyinyechukwu-Onyi, Onyinye(God's gift)
    Isioma-Isy,Oma,(Lucky one/Good luck/Favoured one)
    Munachimso-Muna,Chimso,Munich(I am not alone,i am followed/guided by God)
    Chidubem-(God continues helping/assisting me)

    Most Bible names are beautiful, if not Nigerians have damaged some with pronunciation, accent and setereotype(thanks to nollywood and househelp/mgbeke/old people names) Here are the names I like for boys and Girls:
    Lois, Phoebe(pronounced Fi-Bi) Deborah, Rachael,Esther,Grace,Joel,Daniel,Samuel.zoey.

  23. Oga let me give you English names

    Titus - Tai Tai
    Beatrice - Bia ti
    Pius - Pa yor
    Elizabeth - Eliza
    Perpetual - Pepper Nwa
    ThankGod - Tan ngo

  24. Igbo names

    Chikanyima - Kanyima
    Chisonma - Sonma
    Ifesinachi - Ifesi
    Ngbeke - Ngbiii
    Chidumebi - Dumebi or dum dum
    Chizitara - Zitara
    Somkenechukwu - Somke
    Nkemakonam - Nkem
    Chizelumonwunwa - Zelum
    Ekwutos - Ekwu
    Kenechukwu - KC
    Chimaobi - Mobison

    I have been calling people Amanda for many years thinking it's an English name. It was just last month or two that I know it is the short form of Chimamanda. Kai!!!! Ife nke a ifekwa.

  25. Chidubem- God is with me
    Stella Maris

  26. My three sons Hebrew names
    Adiel:Ornament of God
    Asher:Happy,blessed and fortunate
    Axel:Divine reward.
    I am trusting God for a girl in 2019 and I will name her Anna:Gods grace.
    But of its a boy I will name him Akim:God will establish or Arnan:Joyful.I am also A and my husband is also A.We are called the A house.

  27. Zinachimdi for short is Zina.... Meaning show the world that my God liveth. That's my name but am a girl but can also goes for a boy's name and is a very rare name.

  28. Zinachimdi for short Zina meaning show the world that my God liveth...... That's my name but am a girl but can goes for a boy's name too.

  29. I am not Igbo but my cousin's kids bear Kamsichukwu and Chikaima and I think the names are very dope, the short forms don't sound like Igbo.

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  31. This couldn't have come at a better time. Been thinking of a name for my little bun who we are expecting next year. Hopefully one of these names would suffice. Chikito you are right about traditional names. My hubby had insisted that none of his children will bear English names. Just igbo names.

    Meaning:- God got my back why should I worry.

    Just Krix!


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