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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Wednesday In House News...

Good day everyone...........Is Thursday Dry or what? Are you doing the countdown to 2018 already?WOW!!!

I am just here Observing oh...........#Blogboo for 2018 loading like Kilode #dramaqueenmodedeactivated

In house News today is dry and na Management..Please manage it..LOL

The BV who designed this in house news logo,please contact me for your Christmas me with proof.


May your Joy never cease in Jesus name.Congrats to you both!



Good day House,

Anyone who has Samsung S7 edge for sale should please contact me. 
0808 463 6155.

Thank you.



I got a phone call from some guy talking at the top of his voice like he called to collect money I am owing and talking really loud about him sending me something about in house gists......what was that about?you are the winner of in house gists?you are not supposed to call me for any reason whatsoever.....Please whoever else wins should note is always best!!!!

You call and dont even ask if i have time to talk and you just say hello and continue talking?Please i dont need you to call me,revert to email and if you dont get a reply,rest it...ah ah!!!




Good day Stella, season greetings to you and yours. I would appreciate if you can help me post this in the In house news

 I'm in need of a new/ modern and clean 2 bedroom apartment in mangoro or cement area of lagos, I wouldn't also mind anywhere else that is close to ikeja ,for easy proximity to my place of work. I can be reached on 08063014609. Thank you.



My sister and I will be coming to London on vacation. We will be staying for one week in London .
We need a room we can rent  . Just one week rent inclusive of bills and internet .
Please if there’s any Bv in London . We will appreciate it .

You can’t scam us o so scammers please beware

Kindly contact us on 08026687263 or 08091993776

*What happened to a correct hotels in London?lots of 5 stars or apartment with stars...



Good day Sis Stella. I have been a follower of your blog for years. Thanks so much for putting smiles on faces. I am relocating and want to sell the following items.
Wardrobe #50000
Elepaq Generator #45000

Pls anyone interested contact me on 09051228071. Items are negotiable. 
Location: Iyana-iyesi Ota, not far from canaaland church (winner chapel





Hello SDK, 

This is a shortened version, do let me know how much you will like me to shorten it further:

Job brief:

We are a fast-growing perfume distribution company seeking a competitive and trustworthy Sales Executive to help build our business activities. The candidate will be responsible for discovering and pursuing new sales prospects and maintaining customer satisfaction 

Daily Duties

·       Conduct market research to identify selling possibilities and evaluate customer needs

·       Negotiate/close deals and handle complaints or objections

·       Actively seek out new sales opportunities through cold calling, networking and social media

Knowledge & Skills

·       Proven experience as a sales executive or relevant role

·       Thorough understanding of marketing and negotiating techniques

·       Fast learner and passion for sales

To Apply

·       Write a 500-word sales strategy document on, “Deepening offline and online sales for a mass market perfume product” and append to it your CV as one file/document in MS Word or PDF format.

·       Send application as an email titled: VIP Sales Executive Application to on or before January 4, 2018.

·       Only successful candidates will be contacted. Interview is conducted on a rolling basis. 





I'm in urgent need of a self-contain around Amuwo-Odofin and Festac. The whole agent and agreement issue is killing me, they are asking 100k for just that and my budget for the rent is 200-250k. I don't have money for the agents. I can be reached on 07061525625. Merry Christmas



  1. God knows where your spouse is, He knows were your promotion is, where your healing is, where your new house is. It may not have happened yet, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen. You always face the greatest struggle, the greatest opposition, the greatest discouragement right before the breakthrough, right before the healing, right before you meet the person of your dreams.

    1. God bless you for this....exactly what I need right now.

    Christians all over the world regard the Christmas period as the time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ of Nazareth,a descendant of David: a man after God's heart. As we all know,the Christmas period usually start from the very first day of December; with Christian families,public and private organizations overtaking themselves in decorating their houses and offices in preparation for the yuletide...
    Economically, business organizations offer mouth-watering deals even in the preceding months, in a bid to harvest as much money as possible from ''celebrants''. Jumia's Black Friday, GOtv Xmas Promo, MTN Yello Awuf and many other tags or business strategies adopted by business outfits readily come to mind.
    Furthermore, operators of public transport companies usually have a bumper harvest, as prices of transportation fares skyrocket few days to the actual date of 25th December. Moreover, in Nigeria, it is an unforgivable sin to complain of not being financially prepared for the Christmas...
    However, to the average salary earner, money is never enough for any celebration during the yuletide. This is because there is always that friend or relation deserving of a Christmas gift and one event or the other to attend in the village.
    Moreover,preparation for the yuletide is not usually economically easy for the average salary earner,as he must battle to get fair prices of items meant as gifts to those at home.
    Then after getting the items ready, the headache of transporting them to the village surfaces. God help him if he doesn't have a car of his own. Motor park touts are usually the lords of the Manor at this time. It is then that you would see and hear a respected civil servant pleading with a tout and being at his mercy.
    Arrival in the village coincides with spending money. Sometimes,gifts are matched with money. Then the visit to friends. As a young man who has been away, the trip to the village would translate to hanging out with friends; with the new arrival picking the tabs because those in the village are naturally not expected to be buoyant enough,whereas it is a well known fact that money grows on trees in the town...
    With spending by those from the city,small scale business owners engage in brisk businesses that would enable them make all the money in the world within days. Loans are obtained by traders for stocking of goods in larger quantities, because there is usually a temporary shift of business from the city to the village. Masquerades and dance troupes are usually at their best, for entertainment-for-money of the ''visitors'' from the city, and there are many spontaneous ways of spending money while in the village for the yuletide period.
    Morally,young girls equally use the yuletide period to extort as much money as possible from their parents or boyfriends. It is a common knowledge that amorous ladies prepare, in advance, a list as long as my arm; meant for their boyfriends. If the boy or man cannot ''live up to expectation,'' then there is always an alternative: that of accepting temporary relationship proposals from ''emergency'' boyfriends. The result is the teenage pregnancies and abortions witnessed in the following year.
    With the hardship complained by many in this 2017, I doubt if people will spend unnecessarily this yuletide. However, no matter the level of spending, we should remember the harsh realities of January...
    After all,though many people may not know this,this year's Christmas celebrations in Nazareth, Jesus' childhood hometown, according to Christian belief, was cancelled: to protest the US president's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
    Well,2017 is gradually winding up. As we prepare to face the new year,let's set our priorities right: work on ourselves and know that we can achieve anything through Christ our Lord.
    Paul Okah.

    1. I am your no 1 fan, I don't miss reading your articles. I pray I will be a good writer like you one day.

  3. Happy Christmas to you all..

    Please a very pertinent question...would really appreciate your various positive input..

    How much is a man suppose to be earning monthly before thinking of settling down with a wife and have kids??

    Please if you can give your opinions with a good reason to back it up;it would be really appreciated..
    No exaggeration please!!!!


    1. If you can earn steady income of #120k...then you are good to go.. You make sure you save your money, so as to prepare to marry your wife and then kids keep coming.... But this country, since there are no jobs.. You just have to make do with little money that you have, start a business that can get you at least 3k per day, with that you can start a family.

      Well, some men earn as little as 40k and they still get married and have kids.... You just need to have an understanding woman and also your wife must have something doing so you both manage your income very well....


    2. Continuation

      My dad taught me that, if you want to get your life going, then you don't have to look at your budget most times.. Because you might not really meet up with your target.....

      Just get a project started, then see how it goes it you are optimistic that the project will succeed

      So, I am saying that, just get that wedding going and have your kids with the little that you have.... Don't do owambe wedding.. Do the little with your money.. Don't do owambe naming ceremony, cut your cloth according to your size, then you are good to go


    3. There's no specific amount per se. It's just about the Individual. Some can make do with 50k a month while others can spend the same amount on drinks in the pub. Everyone and what works for her/him.

    4. Economy is hard please.. Not less than 200k especially in states like Lagos where there are plenty bills to pay.

    5. A steady source of income is paramount whether as an entrepreneur or a private ie public worker.

      If u hv to borrow to marry then u are in for gbege.

    6. If u want to wait to earn a certain amount of money before getting married, it would be very difficult. Just pray to get a lady that believe in you. Then the two of u can start saving and know how to manage ur income.

    7. My darling its relative. All depends on lifestyle and partner choices. I always tell people: Do what works for you and go with your faith. Some people like me with big eye are insatiable. Lol

    8. I second a steady income. If you earn 500k a month and for the next 6 months Nada,I tell you a person with 50k steady income can be termed better than you. There's no hard and fast rule about your subject matter. It all depends on the standard of living in the state where you reside, your spending and saving abilities and the wife to bebe. Does she earn too? How much? How extravagant is she? Omo so many questions.

    9. @Anonymous Orubebe;Twin Squared,Miss Juliet,Ms SSS,Justyswt and Chiki-Chiki Fire;God bless you all!!

      I really appreciate your respective view/Response and time taken to write it out..

      Noted and Taken!! #Oshey


  4. Santa. I waited and you didn't show up. I still prayed for you tho. God's gat you big time.
    In order news I paid 12500 from Lagos to Owerri. I am really really sad!

    1. It's just horrible, someone I know paid 15k from Lagos to East.

    2. It's not by force to travel or is it??? Except you have a really serious reason for traveling you should neither complain nor be sad about paying that money.

      I just successfully talked my parents out of traveling today by telling them not to even bother calling that they need cash all because they spent almost all their money traveling.

    3. So you still didn't change your name?? You know I've been on this blog, long before you arrived right...

    4. Why she go change her name......why?

  5. Hahahahah perfume employer. I like your 'smartness' you want to use different people's ideas to build your business. Loll
    That's how one said I should do internal/external communications proposal and refused to respond to mail or call.
    When your smartness overtakes you...
    I don't wait for karma. I am karma itself.

    1. I forgot to add, after sending a sweet proposal under very tight deadlines, putting everything on hold oganamadam lock up. I remember sitting on the floor when chair could not contain me again.
      Refused to pick up call and texts.
      When you suddenly run mad or you're travelling and you're the only one to lose all your teeth in an accident when none even loses a hair, you won't remember what you've done.

      You think you can use all my ideas like that? When I did not come to sift sand.

      Like I said, I don't wait for Karma, I am my Karma itself.

  6. IHN don land.....Baba God please pick up my call by 2018(Good Job ooo)

  7. Stella I hope you're feeling better, this harmattan eh. I wonder what it's like in villages

  8. new status
    new job
    new name
    new location

    infact year #2018 is my year of everything new

  9. Hello ihn,queen and boss where are thy,kidjo hope your market is selling

  10. Very dry thursday here. Compliments of the season to SDK family.

  11. hahhaha Stella may be the person win the jist na. It is not easy for the person to call. Do you know how much he paid to call and the guy refused to calm down hahahahaha. Na wa Nija ko easy rara.

    The person asking for people to write about offline and on line strategy? I dont think it will be fair to ask someone to start writing about that? why dont you call them for interview first and see how it goes. Everything na strategy for una.

    Anyway nothing concern me. I wish the person luck.

    Good afternoon everyone. Good to be back again. My boy will be fine. Monitoring situations from the office. It is well. God got everyone of us.

    Hope you all had a wonderful celebration. Mine was just too much. Cant believe it ended well for us all.

    Enjoy jare

    1. Welcome back. Compliments of the season.

    2. @God's pet, from ur heart to God's ear. This coming 2018, will not pass u bye. U shall surely testify.

    3. Is it not the proper, decent thing to do?

      You select your top 3 or top 5 applicants.

      Ask them to present their ideas to you.

      Instead you want 4000 applicants to send their ideas to you.

      Parfum du Cunny
      Eau du Crafty
      Oud du UseOtherPeoplesBrain

      Please how much is Euphoria and Angel ou Demon o jare? Need to 'stock up'.

  12. I want to rant.
    Imagine me a managing student borrowing money I was saving to start up a side business to someone since October and he
    hasn't paid me back. He said I was going to get my money back in a week now it's almost three months and he keeps giving me excuses, not picking my calls, today he's sick tomorrow his mother's sick next tomorrow he had issues with the police. I'm just fed up. It's people like this that make one lose faith in humans. I hope he pays me by the end of today if not he won't find it funny.

  13. Anon 14:06 you got it jare. All na strategy? imagine look at what they wanted. You cant use people's smartness for yours ooo. kolework rara. How much will be the pay self?

    1. E no go pass 20k.
      I bet with my life.
      Na this people wey go set interview like JAMB and GMAT dey pay NYSC allowance as salary. Trust me.

  14. Ihn has landed! 2018 loading #PrayYourWay

  15. In the other news, George Weah is now the new Liberian President: just as BVs wished earlier today. Congrats to him...

  16. Allow me rant here.

    I woke up this morning thinking of Gods many blessings,I'm grateful for them all,among the many blessings,is the grace to be a vessel unto honour,my spiritual life has really grown and that is the mist important to me........while I was meditating my nieces and nephews (8 of them)filed into my room to greet,usually I ask 'how was ur night,did u all sleep well' oya give me a peck before our prayer.....but this morning as we were jisting I just started crying, I really long for a family of my own,I love children and I like a lot of them around me,i wish my own biological children are among them.

    I don't have a car and I went through a lot of stress going to pick them from different locations in Lagos,carrying their traveling bags hustling for bus et all, the whole wahala was just so we spend Christmas together .....after praying I told one of them to close the prayer she's 10yrs and she said God bless aunty ***,give her plenty money to take us to cinema,grant her heart desire,give her a good husband and children,and we all echoed amen.

    My last serious relationship was 4yrs ago when I was 31,ive been in two other relationships that din't just work,one dint like the fact that I go to church too much the other wanted to change religion.I'm yet to meet the one that appreciates a godly lady,I don't want a man that's not godly, I don't want a man I'll be dragging to church,if 1chase a thousand 2will chase 10thousand,that's what the bible says,iron sharpens iron......

    My God just consider me this 2018,look at how faithful I've been serving you in sanctuary keeper unit,leaving home 5am every Saturday,traveling from Lagos -Ota to clean ur Ive been faithful in the choir unit,going for rehearsal every monday,and waiting for choir prayer squad every 3rd service praying for the growth and well being of all choir members,I've been faithful in my tithing and offerings ,I've been faithful in praying for kingdom advancement,I've been faithful in soul winning...

    I put smiles on a few peoples face this season, but ordinary biro or handkerchief I din't get from anyone,perhaps if I had a serious relationship I would have gifts to unwrap....

    Remember,Remember lord remember all my labour of love and bless me with a good,godly, peaceful man....

    Rant Over,thanks for reading.

    1. It'll surely end in praise. Do not give up.

    2. @ God's pet, from your mouth to God's ears. I pray that God will answer your prayer with alacrity. All will be well.

    3. Don’t make me cry please.
      God will answer you. 2018 is your year. He can’t forget your Labour of love!
      Sending you plenty hugs♥️♥️

    4. Ooooooh dis really got me.@God's pet go mark it,2018 is your year,cry no more.u are even a winner like me.hold on sis it is ur New Dawn.

    5. It's okay, sis. Your new dawn has come. God is not a slave master. He rewards all who serve him. Were you at Shiloh? Did you hear the testimony of the woman who got married in her late forties after waiting so long? One thing I'm sure of, God never forgets His own. Im a living witness. Indeed, Matthew 6:33 works wonders! Watch out for your covenant marriage & child birth in 2O18. I look forward to your testimony in Shiloh 2O18.

      Wipe your tears!

    6. God will answer you my sister. But i will give you one advice: the bros doesnt have to be as 'jim-jim' as you when he comes oooh. If he is born again and loves God and is trying and you are hotter, my sister you can help him stand stronger You're a proverbs 31 woman, be wise.
      I have seen people marry hot christian bros, youth pastor etc and tommorow they are divorced. I have seen some marry new converts who are standing now even stronger than their wives. Its only God who sees the heart and knows tommorow ask Him to lead you. If the man is trying spiritually and he needs your help to stand, and he checks all other boxes, fire on.

      A bros was telling me the other day that he was a baby christian and everyone adviced his wife against marrying him cos she was hotter in the Lord. But as soon as they got married, it dawned on him that this journey is impossible without God and to avoid his old association completely, he immersed himself in church activities. If he's not in the office he's in church doing anything he can lay his hands on sweeping, printing Sunday school manual, ushering, welfare, evangelism, anything . Now his wife is reporting to pastor that her husband doesn't have her time, everyday church this and that. That he has to slow down and ask God for wisdom to balance up. That he just feels like giving God his all for all the time he wasted taking the things of God likely.

      And thats the same person they were saying will lead his wife to hell. Abeg just take am easy. One of my beautiful church aunty did and is 48 now waiting for jim-jim fire brand bros. No one was spiritual enough for her in her prime. I dey beg you oh.... *kneels down*

    7. In any case, i should be a able to find you a jim-jim bros. I'm not sure how wealthy though. Make i return lagos first.

    8. Chai!!!!!!
      See tears all over my face because of this comment @ God's pet.It is well Darling. You are testifying soon.God has heard your prayers.Get ready soon.I say Soon 2018 is your year of surprised miracle..😘

    9. @Gods pet d race is not over God is never late, he will grant u d desires of ur heart Amen

    10. @Chiki, your second paragraph is the story of my pastor. He was a new convert, his wife was already over a decade in the Lord. Initially, she didnt accept the 'bro' because she felt he was just a baby in the Lord. She kept fighting the thought of marrying him for months after he proposed. But a year after they met, they got married cos God showed her signs that he's the one. Today, he's the pastor of my church and they've been married for 19years. He shared this during one of our marriage counselling sessions.
      @Poster, while praying pls be sensitive to what God is saying and He'll do it.

      Your rant is touching. God will surely come through for you.

    11. @choice hmm! I have numerous testimonies and opposites. i Be proper church pikin. The things my eyes have seen??? Abeg, even the bible says the children of the world are wiser than the children of God. We need sense oh in this world of ours. No be everything prayer go arrange. Sometimes, put 2 and 2 together and ask God for favour.

  17. Compliment of the season blogfam!!!!

    Ihn rocks!
    Sdkers rocks more!!!
    And SDK rocks the most!!!!.....
    God bless us all....
    *Faithful bv*

  18. Good day everyone,counting down to 2018 God will keep us all alive

  19. It's another day to be grateful to God. Remember, Life is a gift, no matter how simple.

  20. 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

  21. I have being trying today to get a blog id but i am having difficulties,martins pls can u help me out

    1. Hello @Anon 14:26..

      To get a blog ID;CLICK HERE and follow the procedure gradually

      Or use this link below:


  22. This job advert na wah, are you planning on using people's intelligence

    1. Their own strategy pass the strategy wey dem dey ask for sef.
      All na strategy. Ikwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwa ikwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwa ikwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwa

  23. IHN is here... Great afternoon.... God is just starting with me.... Being optimistic

  24. ''How much is a man suppose to be earning monthly before thinking of settling down with a wife and have kids??''
    Well, from fifty thousand and above should be ideal. No amount is too small or too big though. As long as you have a steady source of income that can reasonably take care of your needs and those of your wife,then you are good to go. A woman may manage #20k or #30k for the family upkeep per month, while another woman will frown at #50k or even #100k. So,it depends on how you can manage the amount you earn.
    Then...the kids! Children are heritage from God. Marry within your class or someone who equally has a steady source of income; so that she can contribute/augment your #50k+ to take care of the kids, because the arrival of kids may mean your #50k plus not being enough to take of the kids.

    1. @Oga Paul Nwoke ike;Thanks for your input on this..


  25. So something happened today.

    Left my house for the post office with empty purse. Thought I had money inside. I forgot I only had cash in another bag of mine.

    So I got to the post office na, to pay bike man, wahala. See the bike guy already looking at me one kain as I opened one empty segment after the other.

    Luckily I had one 'forgotten' N100 in the bag I was carrying so I used that to pay. Dem for strip me naked today.

    So getting to the front desk na. I explained what I came to collect. The woman was igbo so we played around with the little igbo I could speak.

    She finally found my stuff which happened to have been there since November without anyone contacting me. Then I filled all fillables and when she handed my package to me, she asked for payment.

    At first, I thought it was just tip she was asking for and I had to start explaining to her how I left all of my cash at home or I would have gladly dropped something. That was when she now told me that it was the normal way from the govt for people to pay N200 per package collected. Hian! Lori nko elo???

    That was when the igbo alaroro girl in me sprung up. And I was like 'what'!! How's that possible. Package I paid for, come pay delivery to my doorstep join. I started speaking a little bit louder now saying how this was an injustice. How the govt is trying to steal from small girl like me. That the world must hear this. One lady that also came to collect package was now telling me how its normal that she paid N200 per package for the 20 packages she collected one time. I told her it's cos people like her have accepted it as normal that the govt think they have the right to do that.

    Just as I was ending my rant and was about to ask if they use pos (so I can pay then hurry up to preach the gospel to the world), she suddenly did a u turn and told me 'oya carry your package dey go' with a smile. Come see as I humble smile back come dey tell am 'thank you oh'. She sha told me not to forget her next time I'm there (will definitely not).

    Now I'm wondering why the sudden change of attitude. Could it really be that they've just been doing that to task people claiming it's from the govt (cos other workers and customers there agreed initially when she told me it was from govt) and not necessarily from the govt. Cos if it is, will she now pay the N200 for me??

  26. hahahaha God's pet see what you wrote down. Dont just behave like the pharisees? See the way you praise yourself for the work you are doing in God's house. It is not he that runneth but the Lord that showeth Mercy. God's mercy will locate you soon Amen.

    Keep doing what you are doing and let God do the rest. Na wa

  27. Thanking my santa that blessed me with 10k. May God meet u at your point of need. Lydia

  28. Martins marry me na..we wil safe any amount will be ok.Before nko,blog abati!!!! *crush* Paul okay!!

  29. wishing my self and my children a safe journey back home.

  30. Yayyyyy! Thanks Stella for the advert. God bless us all.

  31. I just have this strong feeling that 2018 is so gonna be my year.

    Quick rant

    My ex decided to send me an annoying messsge this morning, claiming I cheated on him while we were together and that he expected much more from me blah blah. I was confused for a while because I couldn't think of a reason for his outburst.just then His village people decided to help put me out of my misery and I received another message referring me to my whatsapp status.
    A friend and I played the truth or dare game last night and he dared me to put up his full name on my status clearly stating that I love him.
    That was what the idiot saw that made him result to name calling.

    I so insulted him, his generations and ancestors that he had to start pleading.

    Imagine someone I was managing

    Good riddance.....

  32. The job advert poster is just taking advantage of the unemployment situation in Nigeria. Na wah!

    1. This one is small na.

      When you here salary na there you go purge.

  33. Martin aboy, it doesn't matter how much you earn but what matters is financial wisdom and planning this is where upbringing matters, secondly the kind of woman you marry. If you doubt me, ask yourself how keke drivers are married and sending children to school, while young men earning 200k monthly shy away from marriage. if you have learnt to live within your means please don't go after a woman who lives above that.
    On a larger scale I feel if a couple are both graduates, the income realized between them should amount to 200k, it could be more or less depending on your educational background which highly influences your tastes and SES. While parenting, avoid keeping up with the joneses..

  34. Martin aboy, it doesn't matter how much you earn but what matters is financial wisdom and planning this is where upbringing matters, secondly the kind of woman you marry. If you doubt me, ask yourself how keke drivers are married and sending children to school, while young men earning 200k monthly shy away from marriage. if you have learnt to live within your means please don't go after a woman who lives above that.
    On a larger scale I feel if a couple are both graduates, the income realized between them should amount to 200k, it could be more or less depending on your educational background which highly influences your tastes and SES. While parenting, avoid keeping up with the joneses..


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