Stella Dimoko Woman Hurls Adultery Accusations At Pastor In Church As He Preaches....


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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Woman Hurls Adultery Accusations At Pastor In Church As He Preaches....

Video has captured the awkward moment a woman stood up in the middle of a church service and accused the married pastor of sleeping with her daughter.

On Sunday at Word Fellowship Baptist Church in Prentiss, Mississippi, a woman stood up in the pews and made allegations that Pastor Billy Walker had been carrying on an affair with her daughter for three years.

According to the woman, the pastor had called the police on the daughter after she confronted him about him having another woman on the side.

‘After all this time you’re going to press charges against her,’ the woman, wearing blue top and floral skirt yells.

‘And it took her to catch you with another woman of the church for her to finally get mad.’

Meanwhile shocked parishioners sit motionless as the mother yells at Pastor Walker to leave her child alone.

‘I’m a mother, that’s my child. No mother in this church would do what I’m doing for my baby,’ the woman continues.

‘Three years you’ve been messing with her. And I know about it.’

According to the person who uploaded the clip, Pastor Walker’s wife, Vivian, was sitting in the pews while the incident occurred. has reached out to the church for a request for comment.


  1. Epic! Jeeeeez! Wish people will openly start to disgracing all these yeye end time pastors that are all over d place laik this.

    1. Stupid mother, your daughter was having an affair with a married pastor for 3 solid years and you were aware, you didn't shout for 3years because you were collecting your tithe, now that the pastor now got a side chick you now raised alarm because tithe will stop,side chick don block source of your income. The pastor go get long dick o, see as fingers and nose long like mad. Moreover, the wife go still stay "to shame the devil".

    2. Very Epic ohhh, without reading the write up, I knew this incident had to be in Yankee.

      The man should leave that church and seek salvation before he leads children of God astray

    3. Stella the girl in the picture is just a church member who filmed the incident, not the woman's daughter. The woman is as guilty as the daughter and pastor, for knowing and keeping quiet for 3yrs,until her daughter got another rival. Pastor threatened to arrest her daughter 'cos the girl was frustrating him because of another side chick he got. Meanwhile, the pastor finished the sermon that day, the church authorities sent him off thereafter.

    4. For 3years the pastor has been dating your daughter to your knowledge and you are just speaking up now?

      Madam shut up and sit down.

  2. I have seen something like this in Nigeria. During my youth service in Port-Harcourt, in 2007/2008, it happened during crossover service in a church(name withheld). They invited NCCF to visit that day so I went with the church bus.

    It was epic. The man (one of the pastors or elders not the main pastor) was taking opening prayers then a woman in the church started screaming at him that he has been trying to sleep with her for months. That he has has locked her in a room in the church once when he was trying to rape her. She kept screaming that he was a useless man and the man kept his eyes shut and kept praying. Stupid church people kept on praying with him. The woman was just going round and round him whilst he kept his eyes shut and kept praying. Until church security came to remove the woman.

    The annoying part was that they kept on as if it was a normal day. No one addressed the matter, no one said anything. Carrying on as if all was normal. I couldn't pray anymore and just kept looking. This was before social media so no one really recorded and stuff.

  3. I couldn't refrain from commenting. Very well written!


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