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Monday, December 11, 2017

Wordless Monday Morning Post


  1. APC: Bukola Saraki doesn't speak for the party
    Me: *Snickers*

  2. It's a deal Sir! Can't wait to do just that.

  3. 2019, Nigerians will come knocking for what was promised. You will see. Bunch of thieving politicians

  4. No....I'm not interested, well it's not about party (we have rogues in all parties) but individual, I need a competent person.

  5. this present government is nothing but a big scam, have graduated from school for more than 4years now, no job. Npower refuse to select me, same with immigration and the police recruitment. God is watching you people in 3D

  6. Can't wait for 2019 to vote you people out already.

  7. APC and their contract and all of your signatures should go somewhere else... Maybe a different country

  8. We will vote you guys out!! 2019 is around the corner, the economy is bad making business not favourable at all people don't even have enough to feed

  9. I cant even name one single thing this government has done except increase suicide rate and poverty rate in this country.
    Worst administration so far. Even during IBB / Abachas time people did not suffer this way.
    What is the point of anti-corruption when people are hungry and jobless.

    1. Shut up!
      You are simply lazy.
      Dont people build houses and buy cars daily??

      The govt has empowered 500 thousand people through The Npower Scheme.
      Nwanne, pack well.

    2. Nwanyi mbaise you call 30 thousand naira a month for graduates empowerment? 😓😓

    3. Asanwayin or whatever you are called. Foolish is your middle name.
      See your poor mentality working wonders in your daft comment. Who should shut up.
      Iv worked in various sectors in this country doing very well but my heart still goes out to the masses.
      Comment with brain pls and next time don't tell someone obviously not on your level to shut up.

  10. Well, they've tried their possible best in those areas and still trying. If there is no better candidate in 2017 (and I'm sure there Isn't) ,we'll gladly vote for you guys to continue.

    One thing is for sure, we will never vote for PDP again to come and continue their destruction from where they stopped. Nah nah nah

  11. I wish PDP or in fact any other political party can play their cards well, unseating the APC would have been one of the easiest tasks they ever engaged in. Their abysmal performance is just phenomenal. Rubbish party full of lies and deceit.

  12. Kikiki noted! Waiting for 2019 like....

  13. 2019 should come already.
    Because I can't wait to vote you people out!

  14. Start with elimination of your senate and house of assembly and your country improves.
    Stop your copy copy of other people form of democracy.
    All your political parties are the same, looters waiting in line.

  15. When a lot of state workers can't even feed?oga it should not have been you that said this,kwarans are dying everyday from suffering and hunger,they keep payin little percents and not full salaries for well over a year,a lot of people has died o!


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