Stella Dimoko A Cry For Help Over Open Flowing Sewage In Festac Town


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Friday, January 26, 2018

A Cry For Help Over Open Flowing Sewage In Festac Town

There sewage (shit) flowing around in Festac and this should catch the Attention of the Relevant Authorities before it turns into something else...

You know how we always wait for the worst to happen in Nigeria and then we Remember what should have been done?It should not be so!!!

This is Horrible!!!

This came in my Inbox....Please show someone who can pass this on to those who can rectify it

''Dear Stella,

 Please can you kindly use your medium, to bring to the attention of Lagos state government, and also in particular to the local government chairman of Amuwo Odofin -to urgently fix the flowing sewage water on 3rd Avenue road festac town? Please Festac Residents who are being exposed to unsanitary environment. 

This burst sewage of a thing has been left unattended to for years now. It situated just around the immigration/passport office. In fact neither the immigration office nor the local government has bothered to do anything about it.

This is a cry for help because it is disaster waiting to happen. The situation has gotten so bad that it flows down to the two lanes of major roads along the 3rd avenue. Not only does it smell highly of feaces and content of sewage, It splashes on cars, passers-by and people on the bikes. It is such a shame that such has been left un attended to, it has gotten to a sorry state which is only going to be worst if not fixed. No sanitary board or local government or even immigration to fix it. Please Stella, help me bring it to the attention of Lagos state and local governments.

I would be very pleased if you help me with this favour. Also Festac is in a dirty state as no environmental agencies cleaning since the last administration.

Tank you very much''



  1. No wonder Donald Trump called us "Shithole" country.

  2. Ambode is mourning his SA, so he wont look at this.

    Just a pity that Festac 77 has turned to something else.

    Na wa for Immigration offices there that cannot do anything because it has not entered their offices.

    Shame on all who allowed this to degenerate like this. Shame again.

    All bigger boys have left festac to Lekki. It is well with una

  3. Ewww everywhere will be smelling shit, i wonder how shop owners are coping around there.

  4. Thank you very much Stella. You are indeed wonderful. I appreciate you taking this seriously. It is not even the rainy season yet! Imagine when the rain starts? Thank you once again.You are such an darling with your effective blog.

  5. Ewwwwwwww,iyanma๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž

    I'm sure the authorities knew this, always waiting for the worse before acting ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  6. Something that can be done with N50,000 but these evil politicians will leave it till it gets to a stage where millions will be used.

  7. This is how another strange disease will start to spread then our govt will start running helter skelter looking for solution. Tackle this now pls

  8. All this local government chairman don't know what they are suppose to do at the right time

  9. Festac has lost its Glory. I lived there for a while but had to move out.

    The place has become very filthy. The residents are dumping waste into the drainage.

    The last time I went to 111 road, I had to cover my nose. The stench was bad.

  10. Thanks Aisha for bringing this to the public,so many things have gone wrong in Festac since Ayo left office,its a shame,every corner is now a mini/open market.Refuse dumb everywhere not excluding bad roads that can be repaired easily,its so sad.

    1. Hmmn. Not to mention how all sides of the roads in Festac have become automobile spots. That is, car for sale on every road of festac. Basically it is a very disorganized place. Smelly, dirty.It's such a shame that there is no effective government to curb the ongoing menace. Word has it the local government makes money off those constituting nuisance/illegalities.

  11. This is so bad. I pray the govt act fast before it degenerate into something else.


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