Stella Dimoko Actress Joselyn Dumas Talks Men With Bad Breath And Body Smell...


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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Actress Joselyn Dumas Talks Men With Bad Breath And Body Smell...

Ghanaian actress and television personality, Joselyn Dumas, said regardless of a man’s looks and wealth, she will never settle with a man who has bad breath and body odour.

According to her, considering how sensitive her smell is, there is no way she can date a guy who has bad breath.

Joselyn who was speaking on her show on GhOne TV "Keeping it real", said: “No matter how good looking or handsome the guy is, whether he drives the most expensive car or lives in a huge mansion, it is a complete turn off for me to date such a guy”.

Joselyn who was on the show with her friends, AJ Sarpong and Ana Rodriguez also indicated that it will be very difficult for her to date guys with bad body odour indicating that it is simply a put-off.

On the part of the guests, AJ Sarpong cannot date an unintelligent guy while, Ana Rodriguez hates guys who put on WHITE SOCKS.


  1. It isn't a gender thing. A good majority of people - men and women, have mouth odour.Some might not be too pronounced, but it's there. Funny enough,most of these so-called slay queens are in that group. Chikito sounds like a woman with mouth odour.

    1. If you also have mouth odour + body odour, or either of the two, men will also run away from you and not marry you.

      See her mouth. Mtcheeeeew

  2. Bad breath and body odour got remedy na, it isnt HIV... he might have other amazing qualities that'd block ur nostril with love.
    Just as i told my neighbour last week, shes 32yrs & single, with a long list of criteria her idle man should check..
    Taller than her.
    Good job.
    Surname that rhymes with hers.
    Average size dick, she hates big.
    No hair on chest.
    Christ embassy member.
    Age 35-40.
    AA, cus shes AS.
    Not a social media addict... & many more ridiculous terms n conditions, i say i can see why ure still single.. keep selecting channels, no matter the one u drop remote to watch, it'd still air rubbish from time to time.

  3. White socks got me.hahhahahaa they b looking like Village headmaster

  4. I thought she is married, how come she wan "settle" again?

  5. Bad breath... huge turn off
    I am and my friends are presently dealing with one in my class... he is such an intelligent and handsome guy but when he talks... chai.. What oozes out of his mouth is terrible... we decided to get mouth inhaler or something😥. I know its for bad breath... he truly appreciates it but then it keeps coming back... I feel bad for him... we all love the guy..

  6. Ana Rodriguez hasn't seen her true love. When she finally finds her love,she go forget whether the man wears White socks or not. Mtcheew, let be there deceving herself.

    I agree with Joselyn Dumas and AJ Sarpong.

  7. #Whenever you feel weak. Remember the things that made you strong. Whenever you start to doubt yourself. Remember those who believe in you*

  8. Bad breath and smell is always a turn off. I can't either

    I am still here imagining what she meant by white socks and how the white socks looked like when she saw the Basketball ball guy, Azzzin white Socks

  9. what is wrong with white socks? She needs to tell us more or was it white turned brown?

  10. My ex stank fine girl that did not know how to make use of roll on Jocelyn should better shut up women smell more than men

  11. Lol guys don’t wear white socks except at the gym

  12. Body odour and bad breath are a major turn off for anybody that knows basic hygiene, but white socks? I won't ever understand why that is a turnoff, well people are different,she must have had a horrible experience with a white socks wearer lol

  13. Cutemista here...

    if you are reading this and you have bad breath, do the following:

    1. Buy tung brush (use google to search it).

    2. Buy yourself CB12 (you might need to order it into the country)

    3. After brushing your teeth, use the tung brush to scrape your tongue properly every morning and night

    4. Then gaggle/swish/rinse your tongue,mouth and throatwith the cb12 mouth wash.

    5. Repeat this morning & night.

    IF you do the above, your mouth odour will go. If it persist, then go see a doctor as the odour might be coming from your stomach instead.
    Thank me later.

    1. If its the stomach, ...... Maybe stomach-wash will do?


    2. Most bad breathe is from the guts..

  14. Stella I had this ex that had mouth odour o (suck away get oga) . Jeez, me wey I fit enter 'Guiness book of records' for the longest kiss come hate to dey kiss. When he comes close to me like this, I go don dey think about my life,my future and my village pEppleby. The sad thing is that this guy likes kissing.
    One day, he mistakenly started one fight that had to meaning. Me wey I dey look for opportunity to break up with him, just seize the opportunity immediately. Now I'm at peace with myself o.
    N.b I tried to tell him o. During conversations I bring up random topics related to it. When I sleep over some days we go out, I ll brush my teeth even around 3am.

    Who ever he ends up with, good luck to her

  15. Oh my goodness! How I hate bad breath. I have one currently on my case, d hair that comes out of his nose Smell!and d idiot likes kissing. I pity who will marry that guy.

  16. Oh my goodness! How I hate bad breath. I have one currently on my case, d hair that comes out of his nose Smell!and d idiot likes kissing. I pity who will marry that guy.

    1. So why are you still with him despite the bad breath?sugar dick?hard thrusts?

  17. @kim Nana i got a solution for you friend. its lime and baking soda, tell him to mix lime and baking soda and add to his toothpaste two times daily, thank me later.


  18. Bad Breath And Body Smell, 10 inches of "nama" that last 30 minutes at the least, yes, no?

  19. Instead of criticism, why not help the person become better.
    Married my hubby with body odour but helped him with proper hygiene, now he is better off, looking too clean.
    Joselyn should not come and be feeling like one angel, no one is perfect. If someone around you has such issues, assist not condemn.
    Thats what friends are for.

    1. That you married a dustbin does not mean another person ll do same biko.

    2. That wasn't nice of u, don't call a human being dust bin


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