Stella Dimoko Actress Zainab Balogun Says She Is Yet To Find A Man To Date


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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Actress Zainab Balogun Says She Is Yet To Find A Man To Date

Nollywood actress, Zainab Balogun, relocated to Nigeria about six years ago from London, where she had spent most part of her life. But according to her, since she came to Nigeria, she has not found a man that interests her.

In an interview with punch, She disclosed that she was shocked at Lagos men and advised them to hold a meeting to talk about whatever was wrong with them. Balogun also used the opportunity to pass a message across to her future husband, saying, “I am not in a relationship, but when you find my future husband, tell him that I am here waiting for him. I don’t know what is wrong with Lagos boys and I think the men should hold a meeting and ask one another what the problem is.

Lagos is an interesting city when it comes to romance and I think we have our own unique language when it comes to love. However, since I got to Lagos about six years ago, I have not found anyone that has tickled my fancy. The few criteria I am looking for in a man are that he must be humorous, honest and transparent.

He does not have to be rich, but he has to be aspirational because I am a very driven person and I spend a lot of time working. I cannot date a lazy person, we have to match each other when it comes to working hard.

She explained that it took her about two years to adapt to the Lagos lifestyle, but was now proud to call herself a Lagosian.

The actress said, “I am a very aspirational and self-driven person, who is deeply rooted in family. I did not run away from home, I was born and raised in London, but I took the risk of moving back to Nigeria. I came back to Nigeria because I wanted to take on a new challenge. I have been in London all my life and felt that it was time to continue my career in Nigeria.

My parents did not want me to come to Nigeria, but it felt like the right time to come to Nigeria. I have been in Nigeria for six years and I am happy with my decision. Moving to Lagos was not that easy and it took me about three years to adjust to the lifestyle. My main problem with Lagos was the traffic situation because I decided that I was going to drive myself. I also had to learn about the culture, but I eventually adapted.


  1. Lovely. Good luck in finding him.

    1. for this lagos? e go hard ooh... b4 u see one good man u can think of dating eh, uve cancelled like 50 men, 50 good lookin men oh with jobs.... but their personality n lifestyle is sumshit else... then that good one sef uve found, he has hidden bad traits ud hv to compromise.. like very small dick or ED... or his siblings stay with him... wahala, i pity singles sha, the hunt no be small

    2. You forgot those with bad attitude. Some have everything you want asper money,good looks and good job. But their behaviour is wack. I am dealing with one right now and trying to see if I can manage his behaviour or dump him.
      I am 32years and time is not on my side. All my junior ones are married with kids.

  2. She can act for life! Such a beautiful good actress

  3. Proudly Anonymous20 January 2018 at 11:17

    Come let's make babies together.

  4. I guess she is looking for a truthful transparent man in Lagos that won't cheat. They are very far and in btw in this Lagos o. Especially on the island as they have money.
    Half are even married and lairs.
    That is how I met one recently that asked for my number. Called me that same night,and was diligent with calling,texting every minute. My exact spec. Sent flowers to my office,took me to lunch,dinner etc.
    On the 2nd date I asked uncle are you married,kids etc. As I had been wondering but didn't want to ask on 1st date. The guy was just too good. Rich,fine etc.
    He said he was married with kids,but he loves me and will take very good care of me,i shld just mention anything I want,he will even put me on a monthly allowance. I just weak.

    1. Hahahaha you should be happy he told you the truth...
      Some will hide their status from you!...

    2. Ehn.... you weak but you still follow na 🤣🤣 una no dey ever complete the gist *yimu*

  5. Just simply put, you came back to Nigeria to find Mr right because you weren't able to get one in UK. Yes! my sister inlaw's friend had to come back to Nigeria to search for Mr right, cos American guys weren't looking at her again. What am I typing sef? Zainab continue searching...

    1. Some people actually come back for career advancement. Escially in entertainment biz or media,not everything is husband.
      If she was still in UK there are many of her there,to get on tv or radio isn't beans. To penetrate the industry no be beans.
      In naija once they hear her phonetics they will hire her. She's more likely to break into acting/media industry here. That is why they all come back. All them Toolz,dolapo oni etc All came back also for such reasons.

    2. Bed and Roses the comment box is big enough drops yours and move. Don't come and start menstruating under my comment.

    3. Abroad guys like girls based in Nigeria, while Nigerian based guys like girls that live abroad ,that's why they come down to look for a husband .I married an abroad guy he didn't want any girl that lived abroad .

  6. Wrong caption.
    “She is yet to find a man that tickles her fancy”

    Men are everywhere, the right one that ticks her boxes (she didn't even list much) is who she is referring to.

  7. Soonest your husband will locate you.

  8. Ok aunty,we Yaff heard yu

  9. Wonuola
    Just calm down babe
    You will meet yours soon

  10. Replies
    1. Go back to ur village.. So many decent farmers in ur home town

      Mc pinky

  11. Me too, am searching. Cant find any that fits into my specs. Am a beauriful christian lady, homely,living in my own house with cars and fat bank account. But this thing called love" is so elusive. I shuttle between lagos, Abuja, US,Uk all to find love, whosaai!!! Fake guys.Lairs!!! Sometimes they keep me stranded at airports after using my own money to buy tickets. Hmmmmmmmm, wetin women no see? all in finding love.

    I know what this lovely lady is talking about. I live and work in lagos, yet cant find any good guy to date.

    The ones that are bold enough to talk with me are either married or runs guy-gold digger. Sweet tongue, empty pockets. I cant stand, before they come and drain me. How do i even kiss a brokeass? Hmmmmm , we cant flow.
    I give up!!!!

    1. Truth is you can't get that kind of man with your status...
      Those men you want don't like made women!...
      So I will advise you get one of those useless broke ass to get you pregnant so you can atleast have your own child before you enter menopause!!...

    2. Do you let people in on your financial capabilities? Do your family and friends know you own the house you live? Why do you have more than one car as a single babe? Its very unnecessary! Do you post lavish living in social media? Do you flaunt? Do you act to the guys like you wanna buy them? Richer babes than you have married. Ponder on these things.

      @Queen as a single babe if I want to buy a house I will. But i will rent it out and still retain my small flat. I will come across as comfortable and hustling, not 'made'. Use the proceeds to acquire more land in a remote are for the future. Don't pack into a 5 bedroom house as a bachelorette and expect guys not to be gold-diggers. You showed them where the money is!

    3. Why even use your own money to buy tickets? Haaau? If he doesn't have money for ticket, you don't have too. Every one should wait on the Lord to do it. Stranded ke? When and how?

    4. I don't think you should let these guys even know you have much money. Be very brief about yourself and what you do exactly asper your pay cheque. Don't let them know you own the property,don't invite them at first till you are sure of them. You can even lie it's for an aunt based abroad that just wants someone living there.
      When I was dating even though I cld acquire a better car. I drove a simple Honda civic. Guys also never knew my pay. Though I was living with my parents sha but earned well.
      But me I was always forming broke to my bf back then and always told him just my basic salary and not my allowances. Which was more.
      Never let a man know how much you are worth. Ask them for stuff,even when you can afford it. Let them feel needed like a man should be.

    5. Poster you need to tone down how much financial stability you show to the world if you want to find a man befitting your taste.

      Most men are scared of "Made women" and it's not because they hate your success but because they feel they won't have a hold on you if you don't need them financially.

      Henceforth start acting ordinary including to family, no lavish social media post, no Gucci & Prada shopping posts online.

      Even to your family and friends who already know you tone it down because they are the first set of people to talk about you to outsiders and the impression they give outsiders could either make a guy want to ask you out or land you on golddiggers hand or scare him away if they portray you as been rich madam.

      Drive only small regular cars, keep the Jeep at home. Don't offer to pay for flight tickets or anything for any man.
      Live like a hustler and no man will think of stealing off you when they don't know how much you are worth.

      Lastly let no one knows how much you are really worth.
      And you will meet someone who will want to be with you if they feel year you are within their level and not above.


    6. sometimes you don’t have to say a thing for them to know these gold diggers are clever, they do their checks dot thier i’s then come to leech in the name of seeking love.

      I would have been married in this life a few times but as God isn’t man I always catch them and frustrate every plan they have intended marriage and end the relationship. I rather go into the convent than to end up with a gold digger. God forbid

  12. You can easily be rated by the car you drive, mind you, and your appearance. I have a corporate job which demand you are tush.

    I have never taken a man to my house. Reason, i have not even met that kind of guy that trips me to be worth taking to my house. If your house is not free, count me out.
    Even when i was in a rented apartment paid for by my org. The location gave me out. When they ask where i stay. I dont readily reveal who i am or my earnings, why will i do that?
    Yes those who know where i work dont even know my position. And i cant invite to my office for fear of gossip.
    They hardly approach sef. Maybe thinking am married. Ofcourse i carry myself with dignity. I no send. Why will i deprive myself with the good things of life just because am single?
    If i tell u am flying into the State for a short visit and you promised to pick me up at the Airport and you failed after telling me you cant wait to see me ofcourse i will never contact you again nor pick your calls till am back in Nig.period.

    There are lots of comfortable ladies who are single and searching. Flaunting -NO. But check out my rides.
    Am waiting to see that guy that will sweep me off my feet to flaunt my house and the rest of the cars.
    Yes, am searching for that guy. He too must be made.

    1. You aren’t alone no need to explain yourself. I can totally understand! I recently got a new car Mercedes and everyone but my family kept saying to me i’ll Chase my husband away. Bottom line is I did not need to explain anything to anyone those that will understand will, those that wouldn’t, no matter how much you explain they are not in your shoes so will never get it.

      If any man isn’t comfortable with anyone’s sucess they should run along.

    2. Go Baby Girl! Only weak men get intimidated by a Lady's success.So i shouldn't live my life all because i am searching for husband huh?? Nah👎

  13. Blah blah blah .... are you better than all those gorgeous ladies getting married all over Lagos every Saturday. There are excellent men in Lagos, get off your high horse and be real.

  14. All of you be posting nonsense there, even those that enter keke from Lekki to Ikorodu be saying I use a jeep and travel abroad for weekend. If you live a fake life you can only beget fake guys and fake people around you. SM has turned people's orientation upside down, I have friends like you people looking for made men, has a big house and cars but live their entire live in debt, borrow pose and sleeping with rich narried men up and down. 'Kontinu God is washing you'.

  15. Zainab Balogun is so full of shit, it is pathetic to see how you play to the media and indirectly rubbish a good man. Claiming to be single and shit, what happened to Dikko Nwachukwu of Jetwest, widower and amazing father of two you are supposed to be getting married to soon?

    You can’t be proclaiming love privately and spinning the media like the man has no feelings. Didn’t you sit behind his mother at her birthday and all. And such a welcoming family to you too? Girl have several seats, the almost 20 year gap doesn’t mean he deserves your strategic media spin and lies like he doesn’t exist. We understand wanting to be private, but stop granting shitty interviews like these. If it wasn’t for death, you don’t even come close to Funmi in anyway. Dikko can sure do better than a media lies spinning slay princess. Nonsense. Hardworking man with great zeal and work ethic.

    Stop granting these shitty nonsense interviews. If you want to sell a movie please sell, we will come and watch. Stop rubbishing the one you are with in the name of media spin.

  16. Absolutely agree with you. This girl is a wannabe. Ms. I'm too sexy for myself. Lagos men should have a conference because of you. What a joke. Funmi was an amazing mother to those boys. you...???? I feel sorry for them sha. Dikko can do better. Why is he being bedazzled by this woman. Not all that glitters is gold. Remember there's fools gold too. Find a real woman that will love you and the boys and would not claim " I'm goal driven and very busy...bla bla bla" we are all goal driven and hard working. Dikko,o boy shine ya eyes ooo. This wan wey you wan carry e be like say you wan buy market ooo. Check the records, history does not lie. Women like her. Big O trouble O


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