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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative....

Oh Dear,oh dear!!!!



Stella this is a small world! ...I am a BV and have been for years.

I am happy that nemesis is finally catching up with my tormentor. Stella I am the acid victim of the poster of Monday's chronicle. I am sure its Precious **** because I've been stalking her. 

She hasnt seen anything yet because the curses I placed on her have not even started manifesting..if not for my office i would be dead but am blind in my right eye now and i am using glasses to hide the scar on my face. infact let me start from the beginning.

I met precious in 2007 when she visited my branch to open an account
with my bank. She's from Abia state. I was working with *** then and
we started talking after I got her info from her documents..

We stayed for many years though i did not see any future with her even
though she was doing so low jobs with her ssce certificate.I was
always busy with work and she had free access to my house. But i found
out she has anger problems and her poor education background was not
making easy for me as we were always reasoning from different levels.

She has trust issues. My female colleagues were no longer comfortable
with me as she was always picking quarrels with them and suspecting me
of dating them.. I started getting tired of the relationship but she wanted
to tie me down with pregnancy.

There is this lady i was in love with even before I met precious so i
decided to get married to her. I never promised marriage to precious
so i don't know why she should be angry with me..

Saturday 6 november 2010 will always be fresh in my mind as the day
she blinded me. I was watching movies when she came in angrily and
demanded to know who Evelyn is. I told her that she was my fiancee and
that she should stop distracting my movies. She started cussing me
and all.. She left angrily and i resumed my movie knowing
that she will calm down with time becos its not the 1st time she would
be angry over nothing..

I lost count of time and was still busy with the movie when she came
back and blocked my view.. I told her to get out of my way and she
started shouting again and i told her to get out. Her hand was behind
her back but i didnt notice anything. It was when i heard a splash on my face
and a burning sensation that i realized she poured acid on me.

I was just shouting and groping but the sound of the generator
prevented people from hearing me. It was when i crawled out of the
door that my neighbours heard me and rushed me to the hospital but by then
she has escaped.

It was not easy as i stayed in the hospital for 6 months. The police could not find her for many months so the case died since i didnt have money again to spend.

It was years later in 2014 that some of my friends contacted me about
her marriage on facebook. I investigated and made her husband my
friend on facebook. I started commenting on the pictures and exposing
her true personality and wicked actions until her husband blocked me..

Still i traced them to their house in Abia state.

She was shocked to see me. I wanted her to see that i am still alive
though disfigured. I contemplated arresting her but my friends told me
to let her be. The husband is a gentleman and i didn't see any reason
to involve him in the matter. We discussed man to man and he told her
to apologize to me but i know it was crocodile tears so i let her be. And
travelled back to lagos because i had already cursed her and i know
the God i serve will surely punish her. 

Human beings are really wicked at heart and sorrow will always be the portion of precious are forever cursed precious nothing you do will ever be fruitful,your marriage will continue crumbling and you will never hear the cry of a ***************

*I am sorry i had to blot out the last part...I also took out her last name....
Oga please the curses and leave God to take care of business...
God forgives everyone and if she is truly repentant and asked God fro forgiveness and God has indeed forgiven her,then you curse in vain and bind yourself to the same curse that you placed on her.....

Release her and move on.....


  1. Lord have mercy! It is well with you oga. Please kindly forgive her and let God be the overall judge.

    1. Precious you need the divine intervention of God for this man to forgive you.

      But bros you were cold hearted towards Precious before. Look at the way you just told her "she is my fiancee, stop distracting my movie". Haba nah! That was wicked and cold but precious is evil for pouring acid on you.

      Find a way to forgive her and move on.

    2. Chukwu nna! Oga pls just forgive precious and move on like Stella has adviced but Oga why date her when you already have a fiancee? Am not saying what she did is right o.

    3. I can't forgive such a person abeg

    4. You deserve what you got. Bastard! You wasted her years and got her pregnant, why not use protection? Why didn't you break things off early on? You must have been flirting for her not to be comfortable with you and you call it trust issues? You are wicked, you were double dating, proud and arrogant. She should not disturb your movie abi? Where you see eye watch movie again? Disgusting man, what if she had targeted your fiancee, men like you put women in danger. Imagine! She spilled a baby's blood because of you, may the curse for that and all your other curses fall on you too. How far your fiancee? I hope she married you? Fool!

    5. Thanks jare, Anonymous 16:26. Not that what Precious did was right, but for the man to be talking like he was blameless is wrong.

    6. You parked your Bentley and decided to take a ride in a taxi!!

      You were gbenshing her & you got served. Your curses cannot hold her cos God has redeemed us from the plague of sin.

      Go and take several seats

    7. You parked your Bentley and decided to take a ride in a taxi!!

      Who wanted to tie you down with pregnancy? Are u dat gullible to think we are daft?
      You were gbenshing her without protection & you got served. How do you think babies are made ?
      Your curses cannot hold her cos God has redeemed us from the plague of sin.

      Go and take several seats

    8. Poster, will you shut the fuck up? ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ You knew she was not well educated yet you were sleeping with her? You knew you would marry Evelyn yet you were sleeping with Precious? You even had the penis to give 2 of them belle at once. She didn't pour enough acid on you thst is why you are using the remaining eye to read sdk. You fucked up. You also got what you deserve. God doesn't answer curses from a guilty mouth. Two of you will carry the cross together cos your hand is not clean. You wanted to be chopping her for free and expected to break her heart and escape. Lol


    9. So, poster,, when people or your parents ask what happened to your eye, what do you tell them? That you were fucking a babe for years and gave belle then dumped her? Or do you lie and make yourself look like an innocent victim? I suspect that your life is also stagnant. It's proper nemesis

  2. You were fucking one and planning marriage with another... you see as e take end abi? Now you have turned one eye Sunday. In your next life you will respect yourself and properly end it with one before you jump into another. You are as foolish as the Precious herself.
    Ehen... did your fiancee still agree to marry you? I need the full gist.

    1. Imagine..... Ur level of literacy values is so worthless

      Mc pinky

    2. No excuse on earth justify her pouring of acid on a young man.

    3. AnonAnon 15:11 is very funny. Which one is one eye Sunday? Anyways poster, sorry for the loss of an eye. I still believe in miracles. Precious, please work on your anger problem.

    4. Same thing I thought @anon15:11.

      Always define your boundaries in a relationship.
      I know all relationships mustn't end in marriage but please, try and let each one of you know your stands.

      Boldly telling her she's your fiancรฉe when you know she puts her all in you isn't nice. At least you should have talked her character out with her and tell her the relationship isn't gonna last, even break up with her.

      Though that doesn't justify precious actions at all.

      Oga, forgive nd move on.

      But I truly want to know if she(your fiancรฉe) actually married you in the end Sha. Her reaction?

    5. Adeniji Bisi e pain You? Ani you are also a fuckaholic like the poster? Idiaaaat!!!

    6. Hahahahahaha.. I read about one one eyed notorious sunday in ss2 or3 intensive English In my secondary school, he was a notorious criminal in calabar.
      @poster,your curse will not even hurt a fly let alone human being. Why didn't you tell her upfront you won't marry her? Why did you tell her to abort her baby while you were planing to marry another pregnant Lady? You see you could have resolved issues with her amicably and encouraged her to have her baby even though you know you won't marry her but as a smart guy that you is now,you called her bluffed thinking she can't do see your life outside? You're not better than precious that's why your curses will never work on her. Both of you are both guilty of the sins of murder. Yes,you murder the innocent baby in her womb. What if God decide to curse you too for abandoning your pregnant girlfriend and encouraging to indulged in abortion? This will serve as a great lesson to those guys that called themselves players. You better becareful whom you play because if you play the wrong gal, you might be playing your last match on earth. You better carry yourself and your yeye curse outta here fast fast...

    7. For the 1st time I agree with Intelligentsia Princess. If she had lost her life through the abortion or because barren you would have moved on without any remorse or care. You deserved what you got, getting disfigured. She wasn't good enough for you and you kept leading her for two years. Knew you had someone you would marry and still kept quiet, impregnated her, even started planning wedding and kept quiet. You curse holds no weight, cos you are evil too. Now you know the meaning of "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned "

    8. I read about one eyed sunday too in secondary school. This life sef. Kai. Poster you sabi .

  3. You just condemned yourself.
    Whatever is happening to precious is as a result of the trauma you put her through not any "curse you placed on her".
    1.How can you get two ladies pregnant without marriage; paying any of the bride prices?
    2. Did you not see her "anger issues" and "poor educational background" when you inserted your penis into her v and filled it up?
    3. If you loved her like you claimed, why did you not send her to further her studies?
    4. You had a viable relationship with another lady when you knowingly, not under any compulsion began dating her.

    You are not a nice person at all and you don't have self control -that is what to work on. Submit your soul to Christ and let him save you from this depraved life you are living thinking that you are wise.
    Like a fluttering sparrow or a darting swallow, an undeserved curse does not come to rest. Prov. 26:2

    For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned." Matthew 12:37
    17Do not gloat when your enemy falls;

    when they stumble, do not let your heart rejoice,

    18or the Lord will see and disapprove

    and turn his wrath away from them. Proverbs 24:17.

    If you are a good man, why rejoice that another person is suffering. Tell yourself the truth!

    1. Thank you so much anon... U poured out my mind.. But mind you, we need not judge any

      Mc pinky

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. @MCpinky

      1 Corinthians 5:12 12 What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside? 13 God will judge those outside. “Expel the wicked person from among you.”[d]

      He talked about "the God I serve"; didn't he?

  4. Chai, some people really have guts. Throwing acid at someone? How wicked can you be. Bros sometimes you have to take matters into your hands, is not every time that we should leave it to God. Please report her and let them arrest her. Make sure she pays. Some people don't deserve forgiveness. If I were you I would have sent people to beat her and pour acid on her. Wicked lady. I'm sorry bros for what you went through but why date her if u knew you wouldn't marry her. You can never tell what people can do so you should be careful in the way you deal with them. If you had faced the lady you claimed to love you would not have entertained Precious and she wouldn't have had access to pour acid on you. As you now know hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. If you want to forgive it's up to you but from your writeup it's clear you still carry resentment in you. Find a way to pay her back in her own coin and then sit back and laugh. Be smart. Create the karma she deserves.

    1. Lol. He should fast forward the Karma. An eye for an eye...

      Bros forgive and be free

  5. Na wa. Oga you too are part of the problem. Why would you date her for years without the intention of marrying her. Both of you had sin before God.

    Sorry about your eye and also she left a,mark which you find difficult to forgive. I pray Holy Ghost touch you so that you can be free from the burden too because both of you have placed curses on each other.

    You both need Jesus for healings, cleaning and forgiveness.

    May God Almighty forgive both Amen

  6. Just wow. Precious you have to give this man back his face. I don't know how you will do it but get it done. You're evil abeg๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ 

  7. OMG
    This curses are too much,pls find a place in your heart to let go,thank God you are alive today.
    Let God be the judge, she is suffering already.
    Free yourself and free her pls... ....

    1. Abi? She is suffering already. That one is enough.

  8. Ghen ghen
    This chronicle no be here ooo
    U people should start coding small small

    It's a Pitt u lost your sight Oga, pls forgive and move on.

    What about that your fiancee? Did she stay or leave?

  9. "You stayed with her for many years though you did not see a future with her " LMAO
    I Know it's not all relationships that end in marriage, but not all women want to be used and dumped

    Precious was wrong to have doused you with acid, but man I come here to tell you that you are a user!

    You did not define the relationship
    You continued to lead her on, slept with her and made it look like the both of you had a thing

    Why didn't you end the relationship on a clean slate before thinking of getting married to someone else?

    Were you expecting her to just sit around and watch you easily get married to someone else knowing fully well that she was still inlove with you and haven given you many years of her life?

    You were still with her and then went ahead to engage another lady
    You thought you could play a fast one on her.

    OGA you did not do well.

    1. Fact, truth. He isn't a saint in this issue at all. That's why they both need to forgive each other and move on.

    2. He did not do well at all. You used her for years knowing she wasn't up to your standard and intelligence? May God have mercy on you. As for the lady,I think karma is dealing with you already, apologize from your heart to this man cos you have really wronged him.

    3. poster be spilling rubbish.. Biko Whc curse? U are deceiving urself.. U saw no future in the relationship, but her tohtoh sweet you fuck! Oh! I forgot, twas her low educational level dat made you think you can cheat and go Scot free.. Afterall, she's dumb bah? Men!!!! U even went ahead wif marriage with someone else without considering somebody else's feelings?? You are the evil one here and see what ur selfishness Brought you.. U fink say u smart pass her coz u work in a bank Abi? U don't know it is not everybody u mess with!!! I'm sure you will be lecturing ur sons on how to be a good man that's if you have tho! And I am sure that other lady left you.. #You see your life outside now alaye Stalker ๐Ÿšถ ๐Ÿšถ ๐Ÿšถ ๐Ÿšถ

      Precious, your temperament is above me.. You are wicked!!! Hian!!! U need to repent for good.. Ha!!!

      Both of you.. Seek forgiveness coz that's Wat that matters now, life is vanity Afterall.. Na ur heaven matters!

    4. Thank you for being truthful.

    5. Gbam! Chi, thanks for this truth. This should serve as a lesson to all users. Sorry for your eye, move on and embrace God.

  10. Jesus is Lord ! wow this one is really deep. but men, men when will you stop taking advantage of women. Men I tire for una matter.

    Poster sorry for the scar and hurt but why did you have sex with her when you knew you would not marry her? Even if you were tempted to have sex couldn't you use a condom to protect yourself? You wanted to eat your cake and still have it? Did you even consider her emotions when you were leading her on?
    You were not sincere from the onset, you never told her you had another lady you sincerely sorry but you brought this upon yourself.

    The acid bath was wrong, very wrong She shouldn't have done that but everybody isn't the same. Don't take people for granted.

    Poster please forgive her and make peace with God. Forget about this curses,leave judgement for God because even you are so full of blame.

    May no evil come near us in Jesus name, Amen

    1. Thank you. You just saved me from typing an epistle. You had no intention of marrying her, but you got her pregnant and made her abort it, risked her life on abortion table, what if its not ur curse that has left her childless, what if its d abortion.
      You are not totally without blame sir, she wanted to outsmart her, but she showed u that she shouldnt be messed with. All the same, forgive her and move on, thank God you did not die from d acid burns.

  11. "The God I serve?"
    Which god? Did the almighty God instruct you in his words to impregnate two women without marriage?
    To fornicate up and down and promise marriage and fail?
    You did not tell us that you began serving this "god" after the acid pouring; did you?

  12. Oga, you were in love with someone else before you met her and you were sleeping with her in your house? You are evil too. You claim to be educated but your English isn’t much better than her’s. Rubbish stalker

  13. Sdk, Is that easy yo??!! Why did she have to go that extreme in d first place cos I wouldnt call that love. This Oga poster get him own too for body. You stayed for many years bla bla bla bhet didnt see any future with her...thinking it will be that easy for her. Just hear yaself.
    Well, we are all wired seperately even though she went extremely extreme. Both of you should try and sort yourselves out if not, na una sabi. I just hope this can pass a message out there to all ye men that toys with a babes feeling for as long then dump for another.

    1. Don't mind the stupid man!,
      This should serve as a lesson to all those stupid guys that get all these small small girls pregnant and dump them!...

    2. See them..ladies..always looking for way to justify their wrong actions and trying to make it feel right..

    3. Lmaoooo, the babe brain was not up to standard but the totoh was up to standard?? ROTFLMAO
      Mr Sunday thank God na only eye she commot. This kind babe fit give you tribal marks for preek. Those strong Ibadan tribal marks that are like wetin dem dey use fetch water for face.

  14. Poster you did not handle the break up with her well. You looked down on her and cheated on her as well so please take some of the blame too. Ladies let’s learn to control our anger and actions regardless off how we have feel.

  15. Precious why nah ,please oga forgive and forget

  16. When you were gbenshing her raw you didn't know the consequences?...
    You got her pregnant and abandoned her what do you expect?...
    Poster,you are not smart at all!...
    Even if you didn't want to marry her,there is a way you should have discharged her...

    You think it's your curses that is doing Precious?...
    She is from the marine world and has married a spiritual husband!..
    Her problem is her ogbanje friends and her spiritual husband not some stupid curses from you!...
    Precious,go and settle your ogbanje friends and your spiritual husband so you can be free to live a normal life!...

    Curses my foot!...

    1. Lol. Ezenwanyi. But does that spiritual husband stuff work?

    2. Oh Queen and boss, you have killed me with laughter @ she is from the marine world. Chai.

    3. Yes Ugegbe!..
      It's so real...
      Very very real!...

      Hahahahaha at Lady stainless

  17. You are still cursing, She was only good to sleep with without condom abi, were you expecting a yam to come out of a sex relationship? wc one is trap you with pregnancy. Look at this one. Hope you still married your educated girl friend? I have no pity for you....

  18. Wow. This world is really a small place indeed.
    But oga y u go dey fuck two ladies knowing fully well u won't marry dem????? Some guys are just terrible!!! But in BTW, plz forgive her and move on, let God be d judge. But why will another person disfigure any human becos of love???

  19. All these bankers sef...... See as u take collect her contact details, then disvirgin her, keep her as side piece, na wa o. Just forget d matter sha, cos ur hand nor clean,hence u can't seek equity.
    PS. forget all those curses o, dem nor dey work again (according to igodie-d god's r high), all she is facing now r consequences of her anger issues and probably low self-esteem.

  20. Dear poster please forgive her and let her bear what Karma is already dealing her. I beg to disagree with some comments I am reading here today. He was dating her but not all relationships lead to marriage and people should learn to move on, as no body is born tied to another. He said they barely saw eye to eye on issues, she had major trust issues always attacking his female colleagues whom he worked with, she had anger issues and people expect him to have married her. My dear courtship is a period of trying to study a person ur in a relationship with, if it does not pan out well should she have poured acid on him? I maintain Precious is a devil with ogologo odun. Please forgive her she does not deserve ur hate.

    1. Then there is a way to go about it and did you read the part he said he was inlove with evelyn befor meeting precious? I guess precious was his own karma na longer throat kill erm.

  21. Please sir forgive her so both of you can move on and not be in one place

  22. Poster, I do not condone bodily harm but mehn you were wicked to her
    You used her, and dumped her
    She wanted to tie you down with pregnancy? really? how? didnt you sleep with her
    I really want to feel pity for you but after reading how you took advantage of her and dumped her, its hard to drum up pity.
    You walked her out of your house with pregnancy, you think its every woman that sits and swallows shit
    Forgive her and move on please, you had a hand in it too.

  23. Hmmmmm. Oga na wa for you oo. You didn't see a future with her but she was in your house, and you were still seeing her and sleeping with her. Nothing justifies her act of pouring you acid o but your own actions too leaves a lot to be desired.
    You had someone you wanted to marry but you still didn't let go of Precious, Men and their Ojukokoro ways.
    Forgive her oo, Precious you sef forgive all those that have hurt you and change for the better.

  24. Eya, oga sorry oooo, but why did you lead her on for years,knowing fully well you had no plans for her. Pouring acid was all shades of wrong,but oga you are not blameless. Make una two forgive each other. Precious you are evil,i hope ur anger won't lead u to fall. You should av nacked pigeon on his head instead or request for holy oil.

  25. Poster I feel Ur pain. Precious did wrong for pouring acid on u. But I will advise you to revise the curse u place on her because it will never affect her because U first offended her. Poster Ur very wicked too . What where u thinking when u pregnanted her and dumbed to marry another.

  26. Poster I feel Ur pain. Precious did wrong for pouring acid on u. But I will advise you to revise the curse u place on her because it will never affect her because U first offended her. Poster Ur very wicked too . What where u thinking when u pregnanted her and dumbed to marry another.

  27. You never promised marriage to Precious but you led her on,you knew she had anger issues and still led her on,our God is a merciful God,if precious genuinely repents all her sins will be wiped out and you will still live with unforgiveness,it's not easy but find a place in your heart to forgive and let her be free from your curses,as you can see she has suffered a little,as for you Precious,you need Jesus.

  28. If you taking sides. Then u are wrong...two adults decided to have good time rwgardless of the out come...if it went sour..why choose to pour acid ?what if the said lady met dangote's son...would she not go ahead to marry dangote's son even if she was in a relationship? She should have acted in a mature way...pouring acid is wrong.i keep saying it,if we are to pour acid for every act such as this,trust me..most male n female bvs here would have their faces burnt. ..she ia lucky to be free.if not,kiriki your place of abode.

    1. Don't mind Stella, taking side on acid attack.. This sucked me right now.

  29. Dis oga is very wicked!!!
    You were dating her but saw no future with her.. What a shameful dirty statement.
    U dint know she had anger issues bah?? And when u "eventually noticed" u were still enjoying the pussy...anger no reach pussy..
    You allowed her do ur house chores, made her perform wifely roles. But u never saw a future with her...

    Her educational background was an iss... But wasn't an issue for your penis!!!

    D truth is precious was a naive little virgin girl who placed d whole of her life on u... You made her into a woman and you became her air..

    The anger issues u "suddenly" noticed, i am very sure was caused by you.. You must hv been emotionally and verbally abusing her since u saw her as been inferior to u n u bin with her shud b considered a gift... #foolishman

    Then it turned to obsession on her part cos she cudnt control her emotions again..

    I hv uncles and brothers that wont let a lady they don't see a future with near them... So obviously, u just a USER!!!! U dint toy with her heart for 3 months hv sex twice den ignore... U kept her for years.. Had access to sex.. She cleans ur home.. Washes ur clothes.. Am sure she even takes care of some petty petty bills...

    And the "am a gift to women" man that u are expected her not to question u or feel jealous... #youmustbemad

    There is no curse working on precious.. Forget it.. If u like do monkey style on Mount Everest,, its nothing!!!
    Everything happening to Precious is a result of how you treated her and her not having a forgiving spirit... If only she can let go, see a therapist , love herself, make good frnds, and open her heart when love comes knocking, she will see she isnt a lesbian and will enjoy sex with a man..

    How's ur current life poster?? If u were doing okay (successful, married,kids etc) u wont need a reason to start stalking her... Your story shows u also stagnant.. You need Jesus!!!

    If possible, meet with precious, u guys should talk about everything... Apologise to one another...and move on... Who knows, u might even start something new from there

    1. Are you minding the poster. Lol, stop deceiving yourself that she is under your curse. Your curse can't do that girl anything. After you disvirgined the young girl and got her pregnant,you broke her heart and you still expected her to abort the pregnancy. What if she had died in the process? Poster that acid suppose kill you self.

    2. 17:43, the acid has chopped one eye already. This poster makes me remember one movie I watched like thag. Is it the foolish six or six brothers? One of the men lost his eye in order to join a gang. He was decieved to lose his left eye as a ritual to be a member..... He didn't even know the rest of the men have their two eyes intact. All these comments are funny walahi. Poster, this ur chronicles has made precious a good girl in the eye of the Bv...and your post will always be a point of contact and prayer for all useless men or S&M men that wants to chop and run. I trust the BVs, they will give you full dose..

  30. poster is a nice man..for that girl to be alive n even walking freely. if not..if it were to be some other person..they dont mind sending her to grave or prison.

  31. I don't know why y'all are begging him to destroyed her life with what you put her through emotionally, with your write-up , i am sure you must have humiliated and talked down on her on that day for her to resort to the acid bath..

    Who are you to curse her , what moral justification do you even have to curse her..mmtccww ,you are not even holy yourself, atleast this will teach others around you a lesson , do not play on people's emotion for your own gain/pleasure ( male/female)..

    Atleast if you had stayed true to your fiance (the one you supposedly love) nothing like this would have happened .
    It's the price you pay for your philandering ways, accept it, ask God to cleanse your soul and free urself from the burden of hating her..

    They say KARMA comes back to bite you in the a*s , but yours came early..i pray you find the peace that you need.

    OLA.....stella post o

  32. Precious you have mind o!. Oga poster you no try at all. You are lucky but you might not be this lucky next time.

  33. Hmmmmmm.....Please forgive and let God judge her. No matter what, Precious you are a very wicked soul! You must surely reap what you sow.

  34. No one has the right to harm another person physically because a situation or arrangement does not suit him/ her.
    Those in support of violence in any relationship or trying to justify it are seriously demented as there is always the option of walking away!
    I know you are hurt mister, I would be too but it takes more courage to forgive than to keep a grudge.
    Wish you well

  35. @poster, what curse? Will you keep kwayet. Stop being delusional. Precious is the artichect of her misfortune not your worthless curses. "He who comes to equity, must come with clean hands". Your hands were soiled. My friend will always say, "what you won't eat, don't sniff ". You my dear poster, wronged her. Irrespective of her "inadequacies" you lead her on. I'm certain you cheered her on directly or indirectly. You're heartless oga! You broke the news of your fiancรฉe to her and continued watching your movie. You're wicked! You deserve what you got. Radarada! Instead of feeling entitled oga, apologize to her and vice versa though the damage is irreversible as you no get money for cosmetic surgery. I hope men like you learn that you can't chop and clean mouth with every girl. There are girls and there are GIRLS. To Precious, acknowledge your problem and seek professional help. Ask the Holy Spirit to empower you. You did the poster wrong by bathing him with acid. You've maimed him for life. Make peace with the poster and your "husband" and every other person you might' have wronged. It's well with all of you.

  36. The way I see this story the guy is not innocent either and had it coming. The fact that he got a physical scar doesn't make him better than precious. No one knows hat he made her pass through. I'm not justifying her actions though.
    Lets say Precious is his karma and what precious is going through now is her karma. I'm sure with the scar, he has stopped his philandering ways and is sticking to one woman that's if any is looking at him.
    They both had it coming. All I can say is forgive and move on.

  37. Good for you post. Why were you dating her when you already had someone else to marry? This is what fit most of you guys

  38. Oga, I'm gonna be blunt to you and wouldn't mince words.
    What u did to her was wicked. You took undo advantage of her.
    After taking her virginity, continuously sleeping w her for years, while she was doubling up as your domestic staff, as well as playing other wify roles to you, u suddenly realised after many years DAT she has anger issues and is an illiterate.
    To top it all, you got yourself a chick DAT matches your pedigree and went ahead to plan a wedding, without deeming it fit to end your relationship w her or settling her.
    Rather she found out and when she confronted you, you boldly told her to her face d new lady is your fiancรฉe? Dearing her in quote to do her worst. No remorse or apology, and u continued 'watching your movies'?
    What inhumanity to a human. What wickedness.

    NB: I in no way support her action against you and totally condemn it. That was evil and wicked of her as well.
    But he DAT comes to equity, must come with clean heart.

    To you all, watch your actions, mind d way you treat people. It could boomerang.
    Especially, this man/woman relationships. There are evils dat can be averted, der are circumstances and situations dat can be totally avoided.

  39. To be truthful, a man that will marry you, you will know, I feel Precious knew that he was playing with her heart that was why they were having constant quarrels,there is no justification for what she did, babes ones u no dey understand the guy way, leave the relationship! pls,if u want marriage and you are seeing unseriouness better face your front like the advice my married friend gave me,he said until u are headed for the altar save your heart that break by guarding your heart,give small attention, hoard the rest, so that if he decides to go u no go too feel am,this is a norm for guys in Abuja some of their conscience don die.This happened to two ladies I know 2 and 5 years of dating, they both left it to God,the one of 5years found out on facebook. Don't smell the food if you won't eat it! pls forgive I know it is difficult.

  40. It's not easy to forgive when you have a constant reminder on your face but forgive her and move on. Karma is a bitch they say

  41. Poured acid? No one reserves such right and it boggles my mind that she was not arrested and made to pay for her crime simply because you did not have money to follow up. If she were, you would find closure and this is why jungle justice reigns in Nigeria.

    If I were in your shoe i wouldn't bother going legal, at least not in Nigeria, but I would make sure she pays in tenth. More than tit for tat.

  42. hmn.....
    Poster, you are not entirely a victim. To be sincere, you have a major fault in the whole of this though it does not warrant the extreme of an acid bath.

    I will tell you.
    1. You knew precious has anger issues and you couldn't deal, you should have ended it with her instantly rather than lead her on.

    2. You knew her educational background was quite low and nothing compared to yours, thus could make her feel very complexed and insecure seeing other "educated female colleagues" around you but you entertained it without bothering about her feelings or esteem issues.

    3. You continued with her until you got her pregnant, yet you said you didn't promise her marriage. Dude c'mon! C'mon!
    You put up with her "excesses", used her, got her pregnant, put her through emotional torture and then dumped her.
    Guy! Which way????
    What if she had died while aborting???

    You see? You see the level of pain?

    Your anger issues is scary and deep rooted.
    You need to work on yourself via anger management/therapy.
    Going forward, your choice of lesbianism is another demonic evil dwelling in you.
    You need to cleanse yourself via the blood of Jesus and the word of God
    And just incase you missed this as it concerns your husband now: You should ask yourself what you truly really want with your life.

    Do you really love your husband now and willing to quit lesbianism to make your marriage work or are you just jealous that your actions have pushed a good man you have/had to another woman hence wanting him back out of selfishness than true love?

    What you need right now is counselling, prayers, and a clean bill of your mental, physical, emotional state and mind.
    You also need to define your sexual preference.

    Once you get yourself sorted, every other thing can fall into place...starting from going to both your family and husband's family to seek their forgiveness for the lies and all you did.

  43. First of all poster you took her virginity den got her pregnant den you had d nerve to tell her to her face dat you were going to marry anoda pesin u are heartless wat do you think would happen dat you would go free wat Precious did was wrong she would have left you for Karma but she decided to be Karma your curse didn't affect precious at all so stop wasting your time she came from a broken home she gave u her heart and trusted you yet you broke it she is affected emotionally dat wat is happening to her not your curse.forgive Precious becos u were wrong too forgiveness will set you free who knows one day you will be able to do face surgery.

  44. Where is that lady that said she will pour out her emotions. In d comment section of yesterday chronicle.
    Madam I came Cox of your comment.
    Biko come and pour

  45. I'm sorry but what if he had died as a result of the acid attack? will her actions still be justified?

    why are the ladies not screaming domestic violence here? even me as a lady, I am disgusted by the reactions of some here.

    what did the guy do to deserve such inhumane action?

    you are asking him why he cheated on her, why couldn't she let go and move on, but no she had to disfigure him.

    my dear,even if she forgives u, u will suffer because you have done evil. karma is here to start with you.

  46. All I typed wiped off. Oga please bear your cross. Not condoning Precious's action in fact nobody should get to the level of thinking acid bath talk more of carrying it out. You were wrong to have strung her on. If tables were turned, what would you have felt? You saw no future with her but did you outrightly tell her so? If it's in God's plan for her to have a child, she will have to her fill. Better get down on your knees and pray to God to deliver you from this bitterness. Forgive her for your peace of mind.

  47. I don't know why I find this chronicle funny.

  48. Is not against the banking ethics to pick customers details from their forms and proceed to call them?

    I know u must be regretting the day u made that first contact, not like it was your first. Kikikiiki

    I'm not in any way justifying what Precious did, but poster, u were heartless. Have u ever stayed with a pregnant woman b4? Even if its 1 month pregnancy, even if u have, u won't understand the feeling. So I'm just imagining how Precious must have felt when u told her to abort her baby, on top that u were engaged to another who was also pregnant for u.

    U bankers are mostly wayward, even the married ones amongst u. Just forgive and move on cos your curses won't do Nada to her.

    I'm sure u must have broken some girls' hearts and they were praying for karma to catch up with u.

    In your next life, u will avoid banking work, getting hot pants for every beautiful lady, and stop leading people on..

    U were lucky she didn't send hired assassins after u, by now, u for no know your way to SDK blog to spew jargon.

    Kpele for your ninja one eye.

    How far your educated fiancee and her baby?


  49. Oga sorry o but you made mistakes too by sticking to her when you know she's having anger issues.
    With your level of education what were you doing with ssce yanmirin girl?
    God give you healing o

  50. Poster, abeg manage the one eye wey remain. You hear? You don see say no be everybody fit chop clean mouth and run.
    Some women na to put your photo inside lacasera bottle fill am with madman piss and blood of fresh corpse con fling am enter Eko Atlantic.
    All those people wey dey naked themselves for middle of traffic begin scratch armpit like baboon, you tink say na normal ting?

    Both of you please move on biko.

    Madam Karashika, I fear you pass devil aswear.

  51. I totalling condemn what this person did to the acid victim.

    However, please note that not every one who has 1 head, 2 legs and 2 hands is normal. The line between madness and sanity is actuality very very very thin.

    If you are in a recent to chop ponyor, please let the the other party(ies) be aware. Don't drop hints of a wedding that you know will never hold like meat before a dog. Trust me not all are lucky to tell the story.

  52. Poster you are wicked. Your curse will not work on her, so gerrara here for real mehn!!!

    But Precious you went too far for pouring him acid.

    You all are Loco.

  53. Poster. I have no sympathy for you. None!
    You broke up with her in the most cruel manner. Emotional wounds are just as painful and leave scars that may not be obvious but can take as long to heal. Hurt people hurt people poster.

    When will men wake up and realise that women's hearts are very tender and should be protected? But NO. You exposed her heart and body to danger even death. Now you understand the saying... Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned...

    You brought this upon yourself. Carry your cross and follow Jesus. You go dey alright at last.

  54. Men are always the cause of their were in love with another b4 u met Precious n still went ahead to have a relatnship with her and definitely others who we may not know....stay one place ooooo and let your woman's prayer work for you,you say NO....the way married men chase girls now is so scary you will wonder if there's a special mandate to flirt once u are married...MEN continue ooooo!!!later you will be looking for what's not missing.

  55. brosabeg abeg just calm down. d reason i never start to dey curse u na because dem pour u acid so just relax. YOU NEVER PROMISED HER MARRIAGE ABI BUT YOU WERE DATING SOMEONE ELSE WHILE DATING HER. DID YOU NOT HIDE THAT GIRL? abi was it shared knowledge that you were dating someone else you planned to marry? her edication was not good but you were gbenshing her like that. men will just be talking nonsense.she should not be angry my ass. BUT PRECIOUS WAS WRONG TO POUR THAT ACID.


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