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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative....



Stella nwanyioma greetings from South East Nigeria..

I need bvs to advise me because my husband of about 20 years has
abandoned me and my 7 children to marry another wife. I met my husband
in Enugu state during my visit to my aunty who is living with her
husband in enugu though we are not from there.. 

He was a regular visitor to my aunty because he's the friend to her hubby. He
started liking me and I was visiting him in his house too. One thing led
to another and we started having s3x and then i became pregnant with my
first child in the year 2000..

When I told him he said no problem and then visited our village to see
my parents. He did not pay my bride price then but the pregnancy made
me move into his house. He was living in a single room at cbn quarters
as a bachelor and i did not complain. I started a petty business with
the little money he gave me as a mechanic of tractors.. the type they
use for road construction.

My 1st baby came he was a boy and we were managing my business and he
was providing from his work. We did not leave our single room
apartment and thats where we had all our babies..he paid my bride
price some years later in 2008..

Fast forward to 2015 and my husband started complaining that I was
lazy and dirty and can't take care of the family or business. Stella I
was trying my best o. With 4 boys and 2 daughters i was trying my best
to take care of them all but the little money he was giving me was not
enough for anything as i and my children used up the money from my
petty business..

Then he started sleeping out most of the time and complaining that the
children were disturbing him with their noise.. But he did not agree
to rent another room and always saying that there was not enough money
then one day he told me that a lady was pregnant for him. Stella I died
and woke up, I thought the purpose of marriage is for companionship and
borning children what do men really want?????

It has not been easy since that time, he said he does not have money
but he rented a house for the other lady but was still coming home at
times.. Then i discovered that I was pregnant in 2015. My people were
complaining of how I looked and lost weight and we were always
settling issues between me and my husband. At point he wanted me to
pack and meet my parents if not for the pregnancy because he said that
the expenses was becoming too much for him..

My first son is through with his secondary school and wrote Waec last
year but he was always hustling by helping this pure water people to
supply to shops and my first daughter is with one of my junior sisters
in lagos.

My husband has not been supportive. My 3rd son is sick and he has not
been caring he has this stomach sickness that we have to travel to the
village at times to get native medicine because a mark was circled
around his stomach area where the pain is much..

Even in the village it is not easy because my mother and siblings see
me as a burden too. I come from a family of 3 boys and four girls and
I am the second daughter and all of us daughters are married but can
you believe that my own mother would refuse me to use her stove to
boil water for my last child and even sick son whenever we come back
home to get his medicine.

It is my senior sister that send money to me at times but she has her
own family problems. Even this last Christmas she sent 10000 to me but
my own husband can only give me five thousand naira..
I've been in the village with his people since september because my
own mother and even our last born that got married just this december
has been making it uncomfortable for me.. I am in the village for the
treatment of my son because he is always in a lot of pains when the
sickness starts..

When one of my relations saw me in december he didnt believe it was me
because i have lost so much weight and looking emaciated and all
that..but its just the stress and thinking.. I plan to have a talk
with my husband so that he can look for money and start up business
for me because I can't continue like this..i need bvs advise on how to
tackle the problem with him because i dont want him to say he wont
marry me again after seven children.

He's still living with the other lady with 2 kids and visiting our
home at times but now that I am in the village but it is my first son and his
junior brothers that are in the house and when I speak with them they
say my husband use to visit them at times and even sleep there.

Stella I can't be a single mother of 7 children at my age .
I just need bvs advise on how to get him to settle me in business or

'SHAKING MY seriously???????????????


  1. Opening legs asunder before marriage never ends well. Your senses of judgment and perception was beclouded by the sex, sex, sex and you couldn't think to even see this man's character. Never in your story did you tell us that you've repented of fornication; because that's what God calls it and it is a sin in his sight.
    First step is to repent and seek God.

    1. Stella you have some mental cases among these your bvs.

    2. Ewo, your case isn't a small something o, 1 2 3 ...7 kids only you. You just kept on bornijg, even the two I have no gree me see road (I am grateful o) you really try, this is the reason why your hubby was feeling disgusted, but they are his kids na. Please talk to him about settling you, he leaving shouldn't be your problem o, giving you money to start something is paramount abi after 7kids what do you need his d for again, so sorry but please you have to start something and fast too even if it's fying akara

    3. Abeg abeg abeg... U that is giving advise sounds so stupid.... It's been 20 years, what in the world has sex before marriage got to do with anything.... Stop being dumb biko... The issue is that she is holding onto a marriage that should have died long time ago... If you or your spouse do not enhance or build each other, sorry marriage is not by force Ehn.... You walk the hell on.... Have you not heard that saying... I can do bad all by myself. You married a man.. For 20 years una no grow. Una still dey one room. Either you are cursed or he's cursed but either way two cursed people shouldn't be together. He's moved on, my dear, move the hell on.... You don't or never even had a Marriage, I m not even sure what you are holding onto. Man the fuck up.... Bicos E trutru be like say u lazy too. One room seven children. Are you freaking stupid. If I was the man, I will leave you too. Bicos sometimes men wen no get sense dey marry women wen get sense to uplift their stupidity. Eb like say una two just be stupid and stupider. My two cents. Move on. Both of you are bad for each other. I m female by the way.

    4. Them no go hear. Dem go dey fuck fuck up and down. Lolz

    5. Dear Poster, listen carefully, stop giving your sick child marks on his belly. I’m very sure you’re from Edo state or Esan. What your son have is Ulcer. Give him food early with no pepper. Go to chemist, and ask for ulcer drugs. I have marks all over my belly because of this till I travel out and it was ulcer. Please, get antibiotics for your son and let him eat his food on time. This is my 2cents regarding your challenge. I would also advise you distribute your children to relatives and stop complaining about your mother. Try and find something doing. Goodluck

    6. Carry your first son to omega fire ministries auchi! Stop going to a native doctor. The devil will not be happy when you are happy. He will solve one problem and create another

    7. Please walk away from that marriage FAST. Women in worse financial situations have managed to cope. It's not even as if he is training your kids in school.

      How can you leave your boys unsupervised in the city. What will become of them? Are you trying to breed touts and nuisances to the society?

      The deed of giving birth without control has been done and you have to get past that. Go and do family planning ooooo. You will give birth to the 8th child. I feel so pained reading this but all I can do is pray for you.

      Leave that man. I repeat, walk away from that situationship. So what if you have 7 kids. Ask for help to start a business. Invest in yourself.

      Get your first son to learn a skill. Which one is following pure water people. He needs a skill. Same with all your kids if you can't cope with training them.

      I have no advice about that man. Dump is all I have to say!

    8. I think this poster is not been completely truthful. There are some muddling of facts, I also think she writes quite well to be in this kind of shity mess with an unserious man called husband. I feel the poster just needs help, because she's in a bad place now, but her situation may not be as bad as she's making it sound. Sorry poster, may help come to you soon.

  2. When they talk about this birth control things, Nigerian women turn deaf ears. Improve the quality of your life and control birth, they won't listen. Y will u give birth to 7 children in a single room apartment for Christ sake. The husband himself (that may have been encouraging more children) will be the first to get irritated. You the wife will get so worn out.
    Stella, can u believe nothing less than half of married women in Nigeria (and I am trying to be modest with my statistics) rely solely on withdrawal or calender.
    Withdrawal especially. Women please let's take our lives into our hands and improve our quality of life.
    If u have maids and all sef, you will still feel it, how much more....

    1. My sis withdrawal sweet ooo but na the uneducated ones nai dey get Belle.

    2. What does withdrawal have to do with being educated or not. Ignoramus. Don't learn until you come here and rant about having 10kids. Go and sacrifice your future for sexual enjoyment.

  3. At your age and seven children, it takes only God to make your husband settle you.
    It's well w u.

    1. She too like prick. Before she go train finish she go don old. I admire one couple like that in my church. If you see dem eeeh, they have only two kids. A boy and a girl and they are just OK and comfortable. The woman looks young everyday becos the kids are well cared for and the woman have time for herself. Not training 7kids till u old and u CNT even give them quality education or food self.

    2. My dear anon.15:52, I beg to disagree with your point that she likes prick too much.

      From what I've seen and known, the people that fucks every day and night are the ones who doesn't get pregnant easily while the ones that get pregnant easily are the ones that fucks just once in a while.

    3. Kai, as music as this is hilarious its serious biz. Maka, why will any Naija woman in this day and age be having seven (7) children. Abi, dey need more farmworkers ni? Bottom line, whether you like prick much or little, get birth control. Especially as a woman, your health and economic well-being must be directed and controlled with you in the driver's seat of your sex life. Gaskiya tafi kwobo.

    4. Stainless, where did you get your facts from?

  4. Where will I advise you start from,honestly I don't know.

  5. Oh well
    As you make your bed , you lie on it.
    This is a sad story and I really don't know where to start from.
    7Kids in one freaking room ???
    You just kept on producing them...even photocopier dey get where dem dey pause am.
    Madam, pray proverbs 5 .
    You and only you shall satisfy your husband.
    Then ask God to settle you.
    Stop looking into the hurseebandd for help.
    Pray this one line prayer "Father settle me".
    And desist from being angry or bitter at anyone.
    No one owes you nothing in the life. If anything, you should be the one helping your mum and not the other way round.
    Be strong.
    God has got you.
    God will never forsake you.
    There's a fourth man in the fire...he will come through for you

    1. She made herself a liability and she is blaming and expecting everyone to help her. Nonsense. No one owes you anything. Not even your husband.

    2. Nobi's mum, you are one cold hearted bitch, I pray you never find help when you need it. Witch!

  6. But why are poor people so fertile?

    1. Why indeed. Madam poster, it's only God in heaven that can help you.

      I'm just speechless

    2. Is not about poor!! Is the grace of God

    3. @Eka it is bcos majority of them are jobless and idel so the only energy they ve is at night. For the rich and average, most of them huzzle and come back home exhausted at night. Then women that love sex with a high libido are more fertile and careless. They open their leg and take in immediately. My theory though.

    4. preservatives in canned food, sweetners, enhanced growth for diary products.. etc in our modern food isnt healthy at all & has effect on our system & fertility, poor people dont have mch access too such expenses, they mostly settle for Akamu instead of cerelac or custard, Akara n bread instead of Harmburger, water instead of coke/fanta... etc, so their immune system is stronger after adapting. And being that theyre home most hours of the day, instead of work, thats extra hours to practice the only form of recreation they know & tale delight in, which is fuck fuck and more fuck.. it takes their mind off their deficient account balance! so u see... Hope i was helpful sha.


    5. They are more fertile than chickens its annoying in this Buhari time 7 kids really!

    6. Really Madam its hard to advice u, I pray God touches his mind o. But how on earth 7 kids. Let me not blame u. Its well.

    7. These comments are just crazy funny 😂

    8. Na lie, my mum had 8 of us and we were never poor. Went to good private schools, unity schools and federal unis. All graduates with some of us having a masters degree courtesy of my dear parents. We lived in a three bedroom flat and later moved to 7 bedroom duplex. No my mum isn't uneducated, she is a graduate who got married in her mid 20s so i don't believe it's poor people who are more fertile. My parents wanted a large family because we had few relatives. I pray help comes to her but the man is wicked o, abandoning his kids like that. Woman, wise up and forget that he goat, face ur kids and raise them well. May God help and grant you wisdom.

  7. Madam who gives birth to 7 children in this climate? No wonder your family are running away from you.
    Your hubby was complaining about children you come carry another belle join.
    Even if he didnt complain couldnt you plan your life? In 1 room you are breeding like a battery hen? Haba what type of life are you planning for your kids?
    You can barely feed yet you are popping babies....people shag but dont get pregnant.
    God forbid your hubby dies today what will you do with yourself??

  8. I thought mine was the worst case, 2 children in a 1bedroom, bathroom, lounge and a kitchen. No space for my children to is well.

    1. I guess you stay in Abuja it is well

  9. So angry, what did I read? You died and woke up, a philandering good for nothing infidel, is that one a husband? In your state of abject poverty you went on to have 7 kids! And you can't even take care of them that you had to send some to work and serve people. That's child abuse, madam! I can't advise you, cos you seem to have brought this upon yourself, you never heard of family planning? You should have tied your tubes after 2 cos of your economic situation, heck even the wealthy don't go on to have 7 kids! WTF! Your son that you take to be scarred in the village has symptoms of SICKLE CELL ANAEMIA! DO WELL TO CHECK HIS GENOTYPE!

    1. Or even appendicitis since it's a part of his stomach. Nawa

    2. How did you deduce sickle cell anaemia from painful stomach ache? The same question applies to @Choice. The issue seems more likely to be ulcer. The lack of proper nutrients is affecting him. Most people from our world don't know, but coeliac disease (wheat intolerance) is a big issue.

  10. Poster, what happened to family planning? Why did you have seven children in one room. I think you should forget about him cohabiting with another lady, focus on doing something productive to care for your children.

  11. And i am here disturbing my head when my daughter and the one inside are having like 9years gap, modupe temi Oluwa,i no even get advice for u

  12. Sorry to say but this woman are u they foolish ? Don't u know what family planning is ?
    U wan born full every where now ur he goat has left u...women will never learn pregnancy can't keep a man instead of u to take care of urself ur adding more children when u dont the money to fend for them ...poor man mentality carry ur cross

  13. let me get this straight; you got pregnant first time which was probably a mistake, then u moved in with him with no real business nor job and you gave birth to a total of 7 kids??? haba madam what was sweetting you in the one room apartment dat u born 7 times? i dont know ur level of education but u sound like a weak woman and ur hubby used that to injury ur life...but notwithstanding, he only injured ur life he hasnt ended it. Now u shuld try and open up a fast profit business like a bar or a road side canteen, source fund from your siblings....and start small, morning you cook white rice and stew for workers going to work, then eveing you fry yam, akara and potatoes for those coming home in the evening from work. from there u grow. dont ever depend on a man for your source of income...have some pride and stop the self pity....u can be a millionaire, sogbo mi bayen...goodluck...i no get funds i for like help u.

    1. Good advice.
      Poster follow this advice, hope your 7 children will not finish the food meant to be sold to customers sha.
      Your case is really worrisome!

    2. Poster please take this advice,this your chronicles left me speechless!!!
      That is how a woman that sells provision down our street just gave birth to twins,totaling her kids 7. And they live in one room oh,the passage of the one room is their shop!. People dey suffer sha!!!

  14. 7 children in this our obodo Nigeria, issokay

    1. Seven kids in one room like Seriously, madam you are the woman you should know your husband pocket,am sure you even know the kind of job he does, what happen to family planning,So you are comfortable in having 7kids in one room, Nne who is suffering and smilling chaii chaiiiiii I pray help come your way oo...

  15. Like seriously??? What where you thinking? Woman you need to focus on U, and find a way around this o. 7 kids and sharing them around like ice cream? Have you been to the hospital (general) to find out the cause of your son's stomach pain? why are you full of excuses and expecting someone else to come cater to a 'situationship' you got yourself into with all senses intact? am utterly gobsmacked

  16. My dear, help me ask oo, the thing tire me sef.

    Poster, I bin wan ask you why you go born many children like that, but the thing be sey, e don be e don be.

    Young girls/ladies make una try dey learn from the mistakes of older ones,abeg.

    1. This comment was supposed to be under Eka makeup studio's

  17. I was just telling my bro mins ago that having too much children is bad, especially when your husband dnt HV a good income coming in and even you the woman dnt have.
    Women learn to plan yourself and stop suffering for any man. Imagine him leaving you to stay with another woman and you are here crying wolf. If it is only 3kids now with a good business that you have, u will not bother about him at all.
    Madam tell your sister to lend you moni, start food business or fruit business that can sustain you and the kids and forget that your horseband.

  18. I don't even know what to write. You write very well because I read thru your chronicle and I saw little or no errors. Why did you not improve on yourself?
    Go out and look for something to do in the town even if it's cleaning. Go to schools,ask people living in neighbourhoods that look affluent. I don't know but look for anything and don't think that man will answer you. It's well with you.

    1. Yeah she wrote very well so thats why I think the story is cooked up, and not really someone's life. If she's in the village and in dire need as the writeup potrays I dont think she can afford to get on the internet to post such chronicle to Stella. All tales by moonlight!Hogwash!

  19. Hmmmm, my own husband abandoned myself and four children , with an expired house rent of 450k and school fees for children. My landlord has been harassing me since 1st of January , no money for feeding or children's school fees, but I Look on to God for his mercies.
    Madame, take heart oh, for I don't know what to advice

  20. Madam, have you not heard about birth control or family planning so to say? It's only God that can settle you, the other woman as started borning her own children too, she is on number 2 now. The Lord is ur muscle oo

  21. Poster you're endangering the life of that boy by using local medicine to treat him. You should be specific on his sickness and get proper treatment from a govt hospital if you don't have enough money. As per ur husband I advice you ignore him and maybe start a housekeeping job in a company to help urself. Pray that ur daughter will not follow ur footsteps bcos you messed up ur life. Ur parents sent you to stay with ur Aunty and you were busy sneaking out to fu*K her hubby's friend a man I am sure is old enough to be ur father. I advice young girls in this blog to learn lessons from this kind of Chronicle, never marry without getting a job and make sure you finish school b4 getting married to avoid being so dependent and liability to any man. Men are pissed off when a woman is so dependent. I know the bible made it clear that a man should provide but you shouldn't fold ur hands waiting for ur hubby and making the children to suffer.

  22. Madam, I will advise you to take well respected members of his family and some from yours as well and go to his house, tell him peacefully that you haven't come to quarrel but to discuss the way forward.

    He should agree the amount he will bring monthly for the children's upkeep as well as set you up. Pray well before going and please give yourself brain and do birth control, 7 is okay na because I know if he comes around,you will still open leg.

    Don't blame your mother or your last born, you didn't arrange your life well or apply wisdom in your affairs and they are upset with you but it will get better. God be with you dear.

  23. I can't even mince words. You're not a wise woman!
    You were giving birth to children instead of arranging your lives. Both you and your husband don't have sense. I don't care how poor you are but 2-3 children would have been enough. By now you would be getting relief and support from them assisting you with your business. And even if the man wants to leave you won't feel it so much. Some of you send stories as if life has been unfair to you but you made poor choices that are affecting you.

    Just imagine the nonsense. You were giving birth for how many years before he even paid your bride price. It didnt occur to you to stop at one and plan and continue later.

    Now the man is showing you pepper you're here crying. You're not even thinking of the humiliation you're subjecting your kids to. I wont even blame your family for ignoring you. You be like person wey no even know wetin she want. Abeg helpers should locate her oooo

    1. lol@ you & ur husband dont have sense! They'd always say when u born plenty, one fit be governor or president.... very lame thinking.

    2. In this very competitive world? Okay. Maybe a GEJ with 'no shoes'that will enter as father Christmas with no strategy 🙄

  24. Then you're blaming your mum for now letting you use her stove... who trains children for them to come and be a burden to them? Namsense!

    Better take that man to the social welfare place her him be giving you upkeep for the children.

  25. @ poster you like sex too much because you concern now is for your horseband to keep marrying you and born no 8.Instead of thinking how to survive with your kids
    You are a liability to your family that's why they behave like that towards you and your Amuband is not helping matter by marrying another woman.

    May help fall on you

    1. Blog visitors are mouthed which one is Amuband

    2. Amuband!!!!!!!! Hian let me not faint here

    3. Lolzzz which one be amuband, una no go kee me ooo

  26. So angry, what did I read? You died and woke up, a philandering good for nothing infidel, is that one a husband? In your state of abject poverty you went on to have 7 kids! And you can't even take care of them that you had to send some to work and serve people. That's child abuse, madam! I can't advise you, cos you seem to have brought this upon yourself, you never heard of family planning? You should have tied your tubes after 2 cos of your economic situation, heck even the wealthy don't go on to have 7 kids! WTF! Your son that you take to be scarred in the village has symptoms of SICKLE CELL ANAEMIA! DO WELL TO CHECK HIS GENOTYPE!

  27. Single people imagine happy couples, while married couples imagine happy singles...God na your hand we dey o...

  28. That's the problem with illiteracy. Poor people will give birth to hundreds of kids and will be expecting family members to cater for them. Why on earth would you even live in a one room rented roof and give birth to 7 kids? So what exactly do you want people to advice you on?

    1. The way the poster writes doesn't seem like she's an illiterate so I'm surprised at her poor choices in life. 7kids and knowing the state of her husband she feels he'll really give her money to start a business. Which money does he even have to start with.

  29. The number of times you mention ‘ give this give me that’ ‘ do this for me do that for me’ shows the kind of person you are.
    You live in a room and still had the nerve to have 7 children. I’m sure if he didn’t leave you would have gotten more!
    You should thank your stars that you are in Nigeria because if you were in Yankee all these your children will be taken to social services, even your parents won’t dish out monies to you.
    The problem here is that you sit your ass down and blame everybody else apart from you! Blame your husband and even your mother for the problem you created yourself.
    If you had one or two children, wouldn’t that help you manage and give you more time to better yourself but no. You sat down in your one room like an termite queen popping them babies.
    Someone here might give you cash but that still wouldn’t solve this your problem. It’s a bit late now but make better decisions. It’s not a sin to leave within your means .

  30. I'm speechless. You born 1,2,3,4,5,6 and then 7 in one room? How do you manage? There's no way the apartment will be neat and tidy when there's no space for you people to sleep let alone arrange your things. How were you guys having sex self without one of your children witnessing it? To say I'm shocked is an understatement like WTF. Better stay back in the village and start farming, plant vegetables, any crop that can be harvested within three months, sell and use some of the profit for your immediate needs, save some with a trusted cooperative at least in a year you should have something tangible to use to open a shop, also look for ways to train your older children a trade, they can either learn sewing, shoe making after school, at least they can be working from home to ease the stress.

  31. Ladder ladder ladder,follow the ladder,follow the ladder to...where.? Father lord take control. Wisdom is missing,really missing from ur life.

  32. The deed has already been done! She can't throw her children away. I hope you've learnt your lesson? Madam, Forget that husband of yours and hustle. While you're at it, ensure you close your legs. To avoid stories that touch. Get a job or start a business no matter how little. I pray help locates you and your child.

  33. Hmmmm. This life!My daughter will be five soon, I do not wish to have more for now as her father is irresponsible. But people keep advising me to have more and focus on the kids (their reasons:so that my kids have the same father and I birth all my kids before conceiving becomes a challenge).
    Make person dey learn.Umu nwoke o

    1. Same problem I have. Twin girls but people keep saying try for a boy when I am struggling with 2 and their father is an asshole!

  34. What is done is done! Why are people abusing this poor woman. If you have nothing constructive to say then don't comment. Only a few people have made good practical suggestions on what she can do to help herself and get a regular income. I am not supporting her actions but she is probably emotionally, phycially and mentally drained. Have some compassion and suggest constructive things she can do. Stella how can a BV help her if we decide to send her money?

    1. That's why its called tough love my dear.

  35. Men like seriously you guys are mean. Awwww dear!!!!!Get Rich, build yourself all round and watch him come back.

  36. Nigerians and their poverty issues & very desperate life mentality.
    Why breed children when you or the man don't have money???
    Why marry him after the 1st child when he had refused to pay your bride price or to legally acknowledge you as his wife?

    Women like you are cursed because of breeding recklessly!!!
    You are there now suffering and also tragically brought too many innocent children into this world to come and suffer with you because of your foolishness.

    Please let Nigerian women and girls learn to close their legs and don't breed if your life is unstable or affected by poverty and tragic situations. You don't have any contract to bring children into this world. And of what purpose or good is it for your generations to enter this world in suffering and also die in suffering?

  37. Mam. I cried while reading this I can imagine how tough life is for you but pls be strong ehn just as someone suggested maybe you will find a place where you can sell food even if is roasted yam and stew or beans or both.
    I know of a woman who started that way and now she has a shop where she sells food and 6 people working under her now. How long do you want people to give you change? I don't want to say anything that will break you cos I know you are already broken 7 children in this time and age it's not easy
    May the good Lord help you and for your husband forget him he will know what he did to himself I pray it won't be too late.

    1. You cried? Why u lying?!!!

  38. Are u telling us to help u train ur children...if u get mind born 7 children u suppose get mind train them right

  39. 7 children in this Buharian time.madam pray and any BVs that can help her secure a job in Abuja can be of help.stop blaming her she needs our help.

  40. Sexy daddy format . Buauaahahaahaaha

    1. you say my mind cos she right so well for an illiterate dumb lazy woman with 7 kids

  41. #If you have time to whine and complain about something, then you have the time to do something about it*

  42. I feel so sorry for this woman.I don't know that people still birth up to seven kids this days.

  43. Please take your son to a government hospital. Its just a small correction. Am so sorry about your case, but don't quarrel with your husband so that he won't run away .

  44. Please take your son to a government hospital. Its just a small correction. Am so sorry about your case, but don't quarrel with your husband so that he won't run away .

  45. Most of you are busy attacking poster, what of the husband that left his responsibility and went for another woman? Are those kids not his? If you ask me, the man is the major problem here,not the woman. After 7 children, he went on to have two more. How are we sure that he will end at 9. I pity for this woman but it is well.
    Poster, if you are the one that wrote this your chronicle, that means you are educated, better still, look for a job instead of waiting for the horseband to settle you.

  46. What do you really want poster?

  47. God will send your helpers to locate u in Jesus name strong ok

  48. From your write up u seem educated as there was very minimal error. Now, the deed has been done, u never had a husband. Pick urself up start from getting a job even in canteen or go round ur neighbourhood and ask to do laundry for those cbn staff. You can even do cleaning for them, when u do this for a while gather some money and start pure water or mama put. This is my candid advice. Having said that, women shld realise that they are the owners of THEIR body, what stopped u from family planning? How do u expect a man to be comfortable in such a state? U made urself useless before him, and I believe ur family tried to warn u but u did not listen now u are blaming ur mum and sister, did they put u in that position? Nigeria in the last 25 years, who will open their eyes and birth 7 kids in this hardship? I pray u learn from this because of ur innocent kids. Na wa

  49. Naah, something not right here. I seriously believe this is a ‘format chronicle’. Why? Because the poster writes soo well: she didn’t miss hers tenses or write in shorthand.
    This person is very very educated to have lived in one room and breed like a pig 🐖!
    And she didn’t even get a teaching job or isn’t planning to do anything apart from form a pity party 🎉?
    Stella, I dare say this a begi begi scam chronicle
    English too perfect

  50. I edited this chronicle and almost didnt use it cos of the very very bad English so please stop saying its a format...if i post the original one eh,you people laugh or cry.....

  51. Dear poster, the deed has already been done and people have said much

    Now, time to leave the past in the past and look ahead

    1. That husband of yours is now EX!!! Is it the man that lived with you in one room with 7 children that will bring money to settle you? Think!!!

    2. That ill child of yours needs medical attention. It could just be ulcer or chrons' disease. Stop taking that che to a herbalist pls. Before they put a demon in him with all those markings #shivers

    3. You need to grow a spine and stop the self pity!!! You are a grown woman who hasade 7 kids and should be responsible for them. You are a mother now, nobody owes you anything, instead you are obligated to take care of your Childress cos they did not ask to be born.

    4. Even if it is 5k. Find it and use it for a food related business. That's the only business that is sure to succeed, that's if you are willing to put in the work. If you're not ashamed to beg for a road side place and squat, to do whats necessary. Fry yam, sell pepper soup, rice whatever.

    Finally, that marriage is dead. Forget about it. In fact, that wasn't a marriage as God intended so please remove bitterness and face your children.

    Your church ahould be able to help you to start something. Most importantly, DO NOT BE BITTER so God can bless this business of yours and bless your children too. Do not be bitter. Leave that man alone. It is only God that can settle you.

    I seldom comment though this blog is keeping me sane but i will mail Stella about you

  52. Oh you think educated women and women who write in good sentences do not make poor choices?
    You go shock. Welcome to Nigeria.
    You have no idea what women have done and still do just to have a man.
    You'd be surprised that people like these mock single ladies the most.
    You'd be shocked how much talent and manpower of women have wasted because of man.
    Don't you see some anonymous commenters saying they are in similar situations?
    ANd they are saying it with good English! These things happen.

    What can I say? Poster please look to God for validation, not man. It's too late to regret and blame. Think of a career or business. Be resolved to train those kids. And may God be with you.

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