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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...




''Sometimes you've got to do the wrong thing for the right reasons.''
That is a quote from one of my favourite TV stars&it was my guiding
principle when I did what I now need BVs to advise me on because what
I did is about to backfire on me and I ended up postponing the evil

I am just an orphan girl that's always depending on people's good will
to survive. Out of many of my siblings my uncle took a special liking
for me and I lived with his family even though he has three children.
I am hardworking and all that even at a tender my uncle was
always there for me. But he died in a road accident and things were
never the same again......

Though my uncle's wife is not the best of women but she trusted me
more than her children who can only be described as miscreants because
they don't even see eye to eye and she curses them and all that.
After my uncles burial she sold some of the properties and told me to
open an account for her and save the money so that her children will
not steal and squander it. Stella I've never seen so much money in my
life before o!

She gave me one million naira to save in the account..and was only
requesting for some little amount if there was anything she need money
for but she will give me the money to pay back......
But Stella I got admission to study in the university so I started to
make use of the money o. It was remaining 900k in the account and I
used some of the money to pay school fees feeding and accommodation
and do school runs from time to time. I have no time for boyfriends
and all that so I liked having my respect.

However a financial situation came up and my uncles wife needed the
money but I told her that I saved it in a fixed deposit account. She
was so mad and it was only family members that calmed her down because
she wanted to involve the police. I calculated when I'll graduate and
get a job to start back so out of panic I told her that the money will
be ready by April this year. I didnt think about the ASUU strike that
was delaying my graduation every year when I told her March this year.

The same children that she was not in peace with have reconciled with
her because of the money and are also interested in the money which
they call their father's money. They are even behaving very well to
their mother now and she is putting pressure on me to facilitate the
fixed deposit so that she can use the money ''for something

The problem now is that I just graduted in November and I don't know
whether I'll be will be going for service this January self.
Seeing her is reminding me everyday of the evil day I am postponing. I
just can't bring myself to tell her the truth that the money is no
more because she was helping me with food and all that when I was
still in school.

To make it worse her sons are eagerly waiting and making plans of what
to do with the money once the March I told them comes....
I don't know if I should just run away to somewhere or something. How
will I face the shame of betraying her trust? I am just confused
please madam stella and bvs am not a thief o and if possible I dont
know anything i will do or the type work I can do that will bring me
the money I need, I just need advise on how to solve the whole problem

If I tell them that I used the money to pay my fees in the university
will they believe me????

Stella use your red pen please and advise me or something. Please bv
no cusses am not a thief because I believe I used the money to achieve
something good which is my certificate it is just that the time is
short for me now, because of ASUU strikes and all that......even
though it was wrong for me to lie or even touch the money that was put
in my trust but cusses won't give me the 900k before March.......

*What use is the Education if you will loose trust and dignity?
There is no difference between you and a thief!
It is better you tell them that you spent 900k without a conscience than to go around lying.....*Hiss*


  1. I weak. Please just go and tell them the truth hard as it may be. You must however promise to pay back. I wish you well

    1. Na Wa o. So u just finished the poor woman's money just like that. 1,000,000!!!! U don't have conscience at all! You are wicked!

    2. Poster I am not sorry to say this... you are a thief! A very wicked one and God will so punish you ehn. You already cursed your certificate and it will never fetch you a job. Not even 400k... 900k!!! You be pure evil.

    3. 900k !!! You are very stupid and wicked, stop mentioning her kids it's their money they can do whatever. Haba this woman trusted you, you dint work in school, you don't look for a little business to do for all those years, something that would have been paying it back, even making hair in your hostels or selling provisions, you are a thief, this is how Evans started

    4. You even have guts to insult the owners of the money you stole yes your an ole thief barawo banza I know you’re type very greedy for something that does not belong to you I hope they call police for you in this buhari era

    5. Imagine 1 million naira for what even if you use 100k or 200k inside I can understand but 1m fiam for your mouth your greediness no get part deux

    6. You are a thief. A big thief. And a liar too. You used 900k to educate yourself? You didn't do other things with the money? I wish I could slap you. Start preparing yourself for kirikiri, cos na there you go use your certificate. Olodo, ole jatijati.

  2. Wow you're not a good person at all.
    Someone who had no reason to trust you actually did yet you paid her back this way?
    Clearly you opened the account in your name reason you had access to it to do with another's persons money as you liked.
    Just know that if you end up running away without first facing this lady and telling her the truth, you won't amount to anything.
    No, I am not cursing you but what you've done is heartless. I was even expecting you to say that the lady kicked you out after your uncle's demise but she didn't do that instead she kept helping you out.
    When you knew you needed money for school why didn't you tell her? Instead of stealing.
    You're a thief with no conscience and there is no need to sugar coat it.
    If I were the woman I'd spring up a surprise attack on you to get my money back. Get my kids to box you in a corner till you cough out the money.
    I am sure you are lying about using the money for school, what kind of school did you attend that you needed 900k while someone was feeding and accommodating you.
    You are very wicked and it's sad because someone like you should be compassionate so that God can send you helpers.
    Tell that lady the truth, she deserves to know it and promise to pay her back to avoid God's anger.

    1. Sincerely I'm speechless. Why do some people behave more than the devil? This poster is evil and heartless, I'm very pained reading this chronicle.

    2. Thanks jare. One mustn't have this person as a friend.

  3. The children are really useless!,..
    So they are waiting to feast on one million naira?...
    What will that amount do for someone in this present Nigeria?...
    Poster,you better tell them the truth!..
    They won't kill you!...just promise to pay back!...
    Even if they call police for you,the money would not come out!...
    You better get a boyfriend that would help you out!...
    I'm sure you are no longer a virgin!....
    Stop fucking chewing gum boys,instead use what you have to get what you want!...
    Most girls are seeing themselves through school with the help of their boyfriends!...

    1. Queen ibiakwa with your advise. The poster is a thief....period!

    2. As in! See them gathering on top 1m Naira. They seem more useless than the poster sef

  4. She trusted you and you betrayed her trust. The money wasn’t made for your education, you should not have used it. Tell her the truth, apologies to her and face the consequences.

    1. See eh, go and get money back ooo, if it is to work with your body, do so, just return the money

    2. She and the children are so gullible. You can stop fixed deposit any day my friend.or they take you to bank to check if it is true something was fixed.unless this story is a new format. Idonbelieveyou

    3. Serious format I tell you

  5. Girl you just have to come "clean".
    The time you would have asked for this advice was when you were entering university before delving into that money. Then you could have fixed it and asked for small amounts from your auntie to supplement the food she was giving you. Even if you aren't a thief, you were greedy.

    come clean and tell them and plead for time to repay; whatever comes out of it, bear it.

    1. So young woman.. U spent a whole 900k just Bcos say na u go first go skul Abi? It is clear dat u didn't cut ur coat according to ur size thruout skul (o lo filandra 4skul with anoda person's hope).. Doing Lyk OBO!! U come dey ask for Wetin make u do for here, u ask us Wen u wan start ur spending spree? Abi I follow u spend for there?

      Even if u dey service already, u no fit see 9kobo contribute coz enu e ti fe (ur mouth don wide).. D whole 19800 wey govt dey pay us sef for a yr no reach 250k! You better go and confess to them so that they can chop u raw.. It's beta Dan running away miss greedy

  6. If you fixed this money, the yield would have seen you through school if you were frugal enough.

    1. True. If she had invested the money in treasury bill it would have yield much more returns/interest

  7. Stella is absolutely right. U cuddle have asked and she would have at least paid ur fees or contributed at the very least... But no u had to steal.
    Wehdon ma

    1. "cuddle have asked?"
      Chai see as you carry ya hand dey open ya tohtoh
      It seems what you did at school was to CUDDLE
      Or you were cuddling one d*ck with one hand while writing this
      Or ya breasts were being cuddled and sucked as you were typing
      You COULD have at least stopped the sucker of your breasts before typing; couldn't you?

  8. You are a betrayed your aunt's trust and stole a widow and fatherless childs money.
    What makes you think you ll get a job out of your deceptive means??
    4 years degree tuition doesnt cost 900k so begin confess wetin u use the money do

  9. This is what the average Nigerian graduate is like. Government na thief, government na thief, if they give you small budget to control, you siphon!

    Please tell them quickly what happened to the money. Get an elder they all respect and break the news.

    1. Exactly.. Then they'll be shouting youth this youth that but their as bad if not worse than the leaders.

      A widow that is tackling both greedy children and in-laws was catering for you and this is how you repay her?

  10. You stole that money! Prepare for whatever comes. Ahan! I don't understand some people!!

  11. Am sure you were doing slay queen in school abi, or how much is your school fees fr 4yrs dt made you spend 900k,or you bought all the textbooks in your school, and she was helping you with food, you go vomit everything you have swallowed now.

    1. Exactly, pepper them things. Now the result don land you're sending chronicles. You must come back and tell us how it panned out. Slay Queen

    2. Abi o. If she even use 100k do business she for don get plenty money by now. But to do shakara sweet u

    3. And she expected to make the money after graduating,awhole 900k abi.
      She definitely lived a luxurious life in school and didn't manage herself properly and now she's crying wolf.
      Living in school hostel, staying low key and even having a side business would have saved the day. Alas, you were slaying and had silly plans. Go and face the music, or simply run away and be hunted until you pay what you owe.

  12. Dear poster, you are very wicked and heartless. Thats all I can tell you.

  13. You're a very wicked person. If you were the one hustling to pay your school fee would you have spent that amount? You didn't even date nor ask anyone for money cos there was plenty of it in the'akant'.
    You should have thought of the effects(what she & or her children will think of you) before spending'lavishly'. You had better tell her the truth and hustle to pay back.

  14. My dear you are not wise at all. So you thought you'll finish school, go for service or were you going to jump that?, get a job immediately and pay your debt, how? Are you a magician to achieve all that with the present state of the country?.

    You know you don't need advice but money to pay that woman back, and how you are going to get it Is what I don't know.

    If this your format works, good for you, if it doesn't na you sabi. I hope it works IF YOU ARE GENUINE.

  15. OMG! You are very wicked poster. And to think the widow trusted you. I don't pray to have people like you
    in my life.

  16. Most times we cage our lives due to the fear of the unknown.

    Say the truth and be free. Yes she will get angry but behold she will not kill you

    You can start with one of her children who is close to you.

    Tell him/her what happened and that person will relate the truth to the mum

    But dear, you get mind o. You spent 900k from N1m that was given to you. How long will you work before you make this money to pay back.. May God help you sha

  17. You are extremely wicked and selfish, why are you using your stupid education to justify your wicked deed? You used a widows money to send yourself to school without any means of getting the money back. Which job will you even do that will fetch you 900k quickly? You think 900k is 9k? People like you are silent killers!!!!
    I feel like cursing you but I won’t. Why not look for your education money elsewhere instead of spending someone else’s money that was entrusted in you. You are in deep trouble.

  18. how will you spend the whole better tell them the

  19. what effrontery???? Hissss


  21. Poster,I quote from your writeup "IF I TELL THEM THAT I USED THE MONEY TO PAY MY FEES, WILL THEY BELIEVE ME”? This means that you spent that money not only on your education, but on other things. Why would you touch it in the first place, were you the one paying for your sch fees and text books? You said food items comes from your uncles wife, then what is that that came up that made you use money entrusted in your care for safety? Right now, you are even worse than the children. Over trust is very bad abeg.

  22. You have never seen so much money in your life before,at that you used someone else money. Someone that trusted you to her own Children????

    Going to school with it can never ever justify this act of yours my dear. If you are to be in her shoes, I trust you won't take it lightly.... She was nice to you and this is the pay back???..... OMG!!!!

  23. Poster,I quote from your writeup "IF I TELL THEM THAT I USED THE MONEY TO PAY MY FEES, WILL THEY BELIEVE ME”? This means that you spent that money not only on your education, but on other things. Why would you touch it in the first place, were you the one paying for your sch fees and text books? You said food items comes from your uncles wife, then what is that that came up that made you use money entrusted in your care for safety? Right now, you are even worse than the children. Over trust is very bad abeg.

  24. If u truly used part or all d money in your 4-6years and extra educational journey and u now have a certificate u better throway d mindset of serving your father land in d name of nysc. U better go and get a better place where they will be paying u during ur service year.if u are ready u mustn't go and be teaching in any village. In fact u must WORK your posting. Gather and start sending the income to her so you can pay up sooner.
    Y didn't u part of d money to buy and resell items while in school? If u had done so this wouldn't have been d case.
    Go get a job and repay, that's the only way u can speed up things and redeem yourself rather than waiting for other people to dash u money.
    Na now u dey wake up?
    Sef u get mind to close eyes all those years wey u for dey replenish d account wiv side hustle. Here is d only reason I don't think u used the money for what u claim u used it for.

  25. poster nah wah for you oooo. upon the education and certificate, you cannot even spell 'curses'. money NOT well spent. how do you plan to pay 900k during service? even if you save every kobo of your allowe, that is just 240k, unless you wan do orosko join am. By the way you never talk wetin you do with a widow's 900k because I know i didn't spend up to half of that when I was in school. you never talk true.

  26. People get mind sha. Just confess and promise to pay back like BVs said. What happens from there is what I don't know...

  27. Miss Tiffania, others are graduating with a B.Sc but yours is a B.Tif (Bachelor of Thievery)...

    Armed robber...

  28. Stella please help me tell Linda Eze that this is New Year...if she finally succeed in sacking me from work she will employ me o. See me laughing out loud here reading her comment. Nne idi egwu

  29. If I get you correctly, you squandered 900k that doesn't belong to you on your "big girl" schooling, and to think that you expected to graduate and start work immediately to make back the money.... I just laugh.
    Just tell them the truth and face the consequences, you might even be arrested.

  30. Na wah oh!!!
    Poster you get mind oh!
    You better tell them the truth and look for ways to repay that money....hmmm

  31. I hate people like this poster..I'm very sure u were added to the reason the woman wasn't seeing eye to eye with her kids. You knew their relationship, and probably said lies about them to their mom to make things worse..Come clean, and pay that money.

  32. Wow..... there's no word to use to describe you. That cash can be likened to your aunt's life savings and you just blew it without thinking twice. How do you spend money that ain't yours? Money someone kept in your care. Which fees did you pay that you couldn't ask her for?.
    Thought she even drove you away when your uncle died but the lady allowed you stay and even trusted you more than the "miscreants" you call her children. Which job were you even expecting to get that would facilitate the return of the money? Did you even think before you acted? You didn't take 100k oh.... The full money. You were collecting her money and she was even giving you foodstuff for school.
    Babe, you're simply heartless.

  33. This woman could have easily turned on you when your uncle died. In fact that was what I concluded before I read further. What you owed her was to be truthful and not betray the trust but you did just the opposite. You no try at all and I don't see how you can redeem yourself. You didn't invest in fact if you had fixed the money it would have been a better investment. Don't run away you will only make it worse. Sha keep us posted if the children don't year you apart. You can involve someone she listens to say pastor (well because some of them some people respect more than God) or her siblings or parents.

  34. U had better go into high class runs with the politicians or military men that can pay very well or else, you are dead already, go nd keep the certificate somewhere o before it is burnt,

  35. Hian
    This chronicle weak me no be small



  37. I don't believe this story. You spent 900k in schooling? While schooling your aunt still assisted you in her little way. You were counting on getting a job immediately after NYSC to reimburse before she notices? Is it that easy to get job in Nigeria or a good job that will help you raise such amount in such little time? Without connection? Connection that couldn't even help you with school fees. You lack integrity. I don't believe your story sha.

  38. Only runs with big men can pay such amount in 3 months. But poster, u no try o.

  39. Never trust a Nigerian with money, never .

  40. You are a thief, a murderer because you can kill. I pray they treat you just like the thief that you are.
    Olojukokoro omolomo ofo.


  41. You are a thief, a murderer because you can kill. I pray they treat you just like the thief that you are.
    Olojukokoro omo ofo.


  42. Which University do you Attend that you spent 900k, Nne My sister for this Reccession where will see money.. you are wicked shaaa chop 900k finish dat does not belong to you,begin look for the money loolz..

  43. Poster you are very wicked and selfish..... How could you do that to mouth that feed and trusted in you. You had better go and tell them the truth fast.

  44. In sister nkechi voice .. sexy daddy is here again ooooo

  45. This poster is a thief and greedy person,she is also one who has oloju kokoro when I was in school my dad paid my bills and was timely but I did side business which I didn't start with any sister has gold chains and pendants I wear them people ask and I tell them I can help them get,they pay and I go buy and keep my profit that's how I made money in school...this poster could have used even 50k or less to start up something that will see her through school and she will still repay without issues,I run a business now that foots my bills,I am presently wearing a hair of 80k and buy whatever I want but I didn't start this business with upto 50k two years ago....I feel like slapping this ungrateful poster for squandering the money of a widow that trusted her so much and she is here claiming she will get a job like say no be nigeria we dey....she is busy claiming "I don't have time for guys" I just hope say you be virgin idiot

  46. Wow, I am speechless. Poster may God forgive you.

  47. Poster I don't understand, you are an orphan. You live with them, you go to school, they fend for you, they didn't pay school fees and they didn't also ask you how you managed to pay your fees? It is not clear. 900k all in school fees? It is a private Uni? You be criminal oo.

  48. Poster this had better be a joke, so if the woman didn't give you the money to keep you won't go to school? Humans are wicked o, I know if u av a means of killing the woman so that she won't ask for her money , you would have, someone trusted you over her children and u paid her back this way, a young girl like you, and u said her husband was also nice to toughen he was alive, chai poster you are a dissapointment, just know that u are already cursed. Go and confess and ask for forgiveness, you must find a way of paying the money back. Don't even say that u ain't a thief, stealing means taking what doesn't belong to you and that is what you have done. U are a professional thief sef, and u spent all without feeling guilty, you have already sold ur heart to d devil, so u feel getting a job is automatic after sch that's y u think u will pay back right? Carry ur cross poster o,deziani is ur mentor.

  49. You're as much of a miscreant as the others. If something does not belong to you it does not belong to you. Some of you make it as though any means to get an education is worth it. Spend up ppl's money to join the long line of unemployed graduates who don't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. Better you had used 100k start small business, you would not be in this situation now. You are a liar and a thief! Talking about you were just an orphan girl and your uncle's wife is not the best woman. She is not the best woman, but trusted you so. You see how your own words painted the true soul that you are.

  50. Na wa o! Such foolishness and heartlessness! If you had to touch money entrusted to you, why couldn't you have simply started a little business that could have yielded some profit so you could put the money back and use the profit since you claim to be hardworking. Babe, you are in the kind of trouble that only God can miraculously save you! You stole from a widow? You had better find a way to get that money back'cos when that woman finds out and cries out to God.......

  51. Poster, your desire to be educated was not bad but the means you usedused in acquiring it is what is totally wrong. You have to look for an elderly person that will assist you plead with your aunt. Had it been you are already working, you would have used your salary to pay. Source for that money even if you can not raise all before march. Next. time, Don't give them the certificate because you won't get it back. Please. Don't try this again. Pray you receive help.

  52. I can't believe u r justifying ur action?
    Wat kind of person r u?
    At dis young age how can u have dis kind of heart.
    Do u know wat trust is?
    Are u their responsibility
    They accommodated u, fed u, clothed u & looked out for u.
    After ur uncle's demise, she was still kind enough to keep u in d house & still provide for u. She didn't even have money. She had
    to sell properties to raise DAT money. She disciplined herself not to spend it so she can probably be establish something w it, to keep generating income for her family.
    And this is d thank u she gets.
    Judge your self young lady, and tell ur self the truth.

  53. So disgusted at you! You're a THIEF!

  54. I am very sure,is not only her education she spent the money on. but used it to live expensively in school. and even buy some of her grades.

  55. poster you're very wicked.


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