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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Chronicle Of Polygamous Brouhaha

Story of a polygamous man with only one Son...

Edikan was an only child and son of his parents. They made sure he attended good schools and enjoyed the basic things of life they could afford. Being an only child, he was encouraged to get married early at the age of twenty three.

He got married to Itorobong in an elaborate marriage. People gathered to wish them well and blessed them but the expectation of pregnancy was not forth coming. Days turned to years and their patience were already running out.

Both of them agreed to get another wife that will give them children considering the fact that he is an only child. That was how, Akaninyene was married into the family. Unfortunately, after three years of trying, she was not able to produce the needed son.

Tongues began to wag that probably, Edikan is the cause of the childlessness in his marriage, since the two wives could not give him children. His parents were worried sick and concerned that he has not been able to get a son. They assured him that they will assist him to look for a very fruitful and fertile girl for a wife. They apportioned the blame on their enemies.

That was how, Mbuotidem was searched for with caution and proper investigation to be sure she would bear children. She joined her mates in their husband’s house. To the expectations of everyone, she became pregnant and gave birth to a bouncing healthy boy.

It was a day of joy and celebration. Everybody rejoiced with them and the boy was named Aniebietabasi. Indeed, who’s like God? They were happy that God have answered their prayers.

Aniebietabasi, the only son of Edikan from the third wife _ Mbuotidem was loved and cared for by the family members. He grew up a good guy and got married to Mfonbong. She was very active and hardworking. She was also loved by all. She delivered seven children but none of them lived more than six months. 

They always died mysteriously.

What could be the problem? Now, that God have answered them by giving him plenty children through his daughter in law- Mfonobong, were the questions Edikan the father of Aniebitabasi could not find answers to.

Mfonobong, later gave birth to triplets but died after delivery. Aniebitabasi, the husband could not be consoled, likewise his parents and step mothers. They found solace in the fact that the children were alive. But it was barely seven months, when one of the triplets died in a strange manner. 

Aniebietabasi, cried and called upon God to intervene in his predicament, that he was tired of burying his loved ones. He never knew his problems were not far from him.

After three years, Akaninyene the second wife of his father, Edikan, became sick and was taken to so many hospitals yet she was not improving. People suggested taking her to a white garment church for healing. While in the church, the Alagba looked at her and told her to confess her sins.

With tears and pleas for forgiveness, she confessed that she was the one that killed the seven children that Mfonobong gave birth to,she also killed Mfonobong- her step daughter in law and one of the triplets that died.

Her inability to give birth to children made her to be envious of her mate – Mbuotidem the mother of Aniebietabasi. She said she was not happy to be barren which was as a result of the abortion she did when she was in her teens. 

Why should Mbuotidem have a child and even grand children while she had none? She pleaded for forgiveness from her step son Aniebietabasi and everyone before giving up the ghost.

But the harm had already been done. The dead cannot be resurrected. 

*na wah oooooo


  1. The wickedness in men na wa. Edikan, edidiong, edi edi all of them. May God help them all.

    The thing is much in them witches and wizards.

  2. What a sad story..the heart of man is desperately wicked. But come to think of people still name their kids these kind names that will make one bite tongue while trying to pronounce them.

    1. πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

    2. I don't bother pronouncing any of the names.

      *Larry was here*

    3. I bet you will not bite your tongue when pronouncing Oluwatimilehin for e.g

      Tribalistic bigots

    4. People from all over the world name the kids according to their tradition and essence attached to the names.. Get known and the whole world will learn to pronounce your name!!

    5. oh yes, the primary consideration when naming a child is definitely people's ability to pronounce the name..yep, top priority...

      That's sarcasm, in case you didn't notice

  3. I pray my step mum confesses 1 day about the barrenness she has put on our neck that even prayers have not be able to remove...

    1. There is nothing prayers cannot do so don't say prayers cannot break the chains holding you down.
      A broken and contrite heart the Lord cannot resist. His ears is not deaf neither His hands so short that He cannot save us but it is our sins that causes a hindrance.
      Live right and keep your ways straight and pure before God and watch things turn around.

  4. You see the jealousy I was talking about on the King Sunny Ade post? No evil eyes shall see me in Jesus mighty name, Amen

  5. Things are really happening

  6. Stella am preparing my fathers story. It is still happening oo. So no ending.

  7. Y y y!
    The traumatic experience she caused d entire family
    After using your own to roast corn you won't now let the tear rubber package function in peace too?

    1. The problem with witches, they're always victims

  8. If only people will understand that there is no way 2 women will share a husband and be at peace with each other,it is just impossible.


  9. See wickedness ohhh, some people are very mean

  10. Funny how 2nd wives are always more brutal. Did she even stop to think of how the 1st wife was feeling in all that happened?

  11. My father's story...he got married after having me out of wedlock ...2 kids have died in 3 years both did not live up to a year ... we have prayer and prayed but we trust God that in his time things will work out


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