Stella Dimoko Chronicle Of Polygamous Brouhaha


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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Chronicle Of Polygamous Brouhaha

Story of a bad child from a polygamous home.

Jibril was a business man. He got married to Aisha his beautiful wife and they were blessed with three girls and two boys. One day, they quarrelled and this led to a serious fight and Aisha decided to move out of her matrimonial home to her father’s house.

Two months after she left without reconciliation, Jibril got married to Amina. 

When she moved in with them, the children were not happy that she had replaced their mother. There was nothing she did that pleased them especially the last son – Maimuna.

At nine years old, Maimuna was a mischievous child that knew how to hide his antics. One day, he climbed his father’s bed and pissed on it, just to spite the step mother – Amina.

Nobody knew who wet the bed and they let it slide. But he was still plotting what to do to send her out since his mother was no longer with their father.

Amina prepared food for the whole family and served the husband food on the table, Maimuna carefully watched to make sure no one was watching. He poured dead insects in the food and quickly called the father to come for his food. On opening the plates, he saw dead insects and exclaimed which made his wife to run to him.

''You want to poison me so you can take my wealth?'' That was what Jibril told her and did not give her room to explain. He ordered her to pack her things and leave. She packed when he refused to listen to her explanations. Then, Maimuna told the father to bring back their mother. After some persuasions and pleadings, Aisha returned back to her husband’s house.

Few years later, another fight ensued between them and she left her matrimonial home again. Jibril set out to marry another wife number three Laraba. She did not conceive. Jibril went on to marry Fatimah who delivered two girls.

Maimuna continued his mischievous act of troubling the step mothers by stealing their food, money and clothes. Sometimes, after washing their clothes, he would pour red oil on them. He was always careful not to be caught.

When Ibrahim, his brother turned fifteen years he absconded from home without any information of where he was going to. The father, Jibril searched for him and could not find him till date.

Maimuna , instigated his father against his step mother and daughter and told him that he should send them packing but the father refused. He blatantly told the father and everybody that he is the only son now who will inherit the lion’s share of the properties. He told them that anyone including the sisters that wants to share in the inheritance will regret it.

Jibril passed on early, living six children and three wives behind excluding Aisha who left him before he died. Aisha and Maimuna were always in touch and he fed her with information of what was going on in the family. She always encouraged him to do evil.

One night, Maimuna, strangled his step mother Fatimah and her two daughters to death. Nobody, knew what happened, it was a termed a case of sleeping and not waking up.

His mother also encouraged him to threaten his blood sisters so they will not have share in the six hundred cows and properties. Aisha did not live with them but she was able to manipulate and use her son Maimuna against her husband and others. She always told the son,'' I am a jealous wife that cannot share my husband with any woman.''


  1. Maimuna is a female's name. I find it hard to believe these things happen not saying it's a fake story sha.

    1. Thank you for also noticing that Maimuna is a female mame

    2. I thought I was the only one who noticed Maimuna is a female name.

  2. Hmmm. Only in Nigeria will 3 people die overnight and it will be termed' sleeping and not waking'. Autopsy no dey abi. Nawa

    1. Nigerians are not really in tune with autopsy yet. Maybe in a few years time.

    2. The problem is we have very few pathologists, who is going to do the autopsies when everybody want to become surgeons, gynaecologists, and physicians.

  3. Hmm, your own son.
    But Stella, most of this chronicles always end half way, why?

  4. Interesting.. Waiting for the concluding part.

  5. How is Aisha wicked.she is very kind to have let them die peacefully.ndi side chickens ,is it everywhere them call them they will carry their scatter scatter legs and expanded yansh and come?

  6. It's none of my business, your chronicle will not stop me from being a polygamist.. insha Allah I am capable as required by the Quran

  7. I wonder who gets to play the role of Maimuna.
    Nice name too.Sounds catchy enough for a title.

  8. Sorry bt this ur tori get many things nt addin up.maimuna is a she.

  9. No conclusion?

  10. #Try not to constantly review things in the past that you didn't like. It will elevate your stress levels and do you no good*

  11. This story is Fake or very well covered up, but whoever made it up should've researched, "Maimuna" is a female Name, not even unisex.😒

  12. This series has nothing that one can learn from, apart from the first few ones.
    The recent 'stories' sounds so fake and so judgemental.

  13. What if the name was female so that you don't decode? Must get use his real name?


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