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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Chronicle Of Polygamous Brouhaha

Story of Mohammed with two wives from northern state.

Mohammed was twenty two years while Habibah was thirteen years old when Musa connected them together for marriage about eighteen years ago.

Habibah gave birth to six children – three girls and three boys. Meanwhile Mohammed had an elder brother with two children but along the line, he died after a brief illness.

Mohammed’s father advised him to marry Ladi to continue his brother’s lineage because they are just two sons of their father. He gave in to their father’s plea.

He accepted Ladi and told her to live in peace with the wife Habibah. Ladi brought in her two children – a boy (Mustafa), girl (Zainab) to live with their uncle and now father.

Ladi became pregnant within six months and delivered twins- Hassan and Hassana. But there was never a moment of peace in that house, there was always one issue or the other that will leads to fight.

Eventually, Mohammed called them together to resolve the issue that causes fighting and quarrels in the house. He advised Habibah to show Ladi and her children more love and understanding.

When he could not condone the strife among them, he divorced Habibah who left with her five children while the last daughter told her she want to be with her father.

Ladi continued to take care of the children and the husband. But one night, armed robbers invaded their house and shot both Ladi and Mohammed dead.

The children were now orphaned and no help from anywhere. They could not complete their education.

Zainab and her kid sister were married off as third wives while Mustafa joined a bad gang in order to survive.

Many insinuated that the robbers were sent by Habibah to kill her husband Mohammed and Ladi for sending her out of her home.


  1. Replies
    1. Papa God say marry one wife, una say collect extra holes to f*ck. No be the result be dis?

  2. God forgive me, I also suspect Habibah to be behind the death of the two... Polygamous is a no no.

  3. Hate polygamous with passion.

    Habibah is no 1 suspect.

  4. I don't even see the need for plenty wives. Majority of the stories on this post has to do with the family pressurizing the man and finally he gave in to the pressure. This one wasn't even looking for a son... Which family lineage are they continuing when the late brother already had a boy and a girl. See as family members do constitute nuisance in the society too.

  5. Na waooo May their souls rest in peace...

  6. Why would the man send his main wife out!!! Did the brother's wife expect to his enjoy another woman's husband in peace. I feel Habiba felt cheated and is behind the deaths. Men will never learn....some women can't share

  7. Can men take this polygamy if women were the ones having multiple husbands?

  8. Habibah could be innocent oooo,we can never tell

  9. Habitat might be innocent. But truly am against polygamy.


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