Stella Dimoko Chronicle Of Polygamous Brouhaha...


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Friday, January 26, 2018

Chronicle Of Polygamous Brouhaha...

The story of a Polygamist by religion.

Ijendu was a devout orthodox man who attended church only when the occasion called for it. He never took it personally as an obligation to be fulfilled.

With time, he got hooked with Uzoaku and after two kids, he decided to seal it up in marriage. They started their journey as husband and wife with their two daughters. One day, the last daughter, chidinma fell sick, she was taken to so many hospitals but she did not get better. She later died.

Five months afterwards, the same strange illness struck Nnennna, the first daughter, the same signs of the ailment that killed chidinma and from what was going on they sensed that the girl might end up like her sister. They started running helter shelter to seek for solution. A friend introduced them to a particular church where they helped them and their daughter was healed. That was how ijendu and Uzoaku became members of the screaming church.

But no other child came after much trials. He told uzoaku that he needed more children. 

Meanwhile, Uzoaku was experiencing strange dreams all the time, she always woke up shouting that some masquerades and funny creatures were chasing her. She hardly enjoyed her sleep and was always scared of the night.

This incident continued, she was taken to hospitals and to her church yet no solutions. As the went by, she kept losing weight. The effect of what was happening to Uzoaku was having its toll on Ijendu, this made him to start drinking with friends to ease the stress.

One particular day, he told his friends to go that he will head home later. He was in deep thought and did not notice when Udoka joined him.

She asked him what he was thinking of and that brought him back from his wonderland.

'' I don’t know what is wrong with my wife but she hardly sleeps'' he narrated what uzoaku was going through every day to her. Udoka, promised to help him out. She assured him that his wife will get better in no time and told him zo meet at the exact location in two days...

 He was more concerned with Uzoaku getting better and promised to show up... True to her words, she brought something in a bottle to Ijendu, told him to mix some with warm water and give uzoaku to drink and use some to bath. That after some days they will notice changes. She claimed that uzoaku is being tormented by ancestral powers.

True to her words, uzoaku became well after administering the substance as instructed. Ijendu, was happy and this drew him closer to udoka. She told him that she had the power to heal people of their sickness no matter how long it had been. 

Before long udoka and ijendu became husband and wife and She gave birth to seven children – three girls and four boys.

She was a traditionist that healed people of ailment with roots and herbs. Also she has a small chi that she worshipped with her children. She kept getting richer while Ijendu and Uzoaku got poorer..

Ijendu continued to struggle until he met Anulika. She was a divorcee with two kids but very wealthy and georgous. He became interested in her especially her wealth. She gave him one condition for them to be together- to join her fraternity and then she would accept his offer of Marriage. Her reason was that all her family belonged to the fraternity and she could not marry an ordinary man.

He accepted, joined the fraternity and they became wife and man. It was always drama to watch the display of their religious differences.

When it was time to pay dues in the fraternity,Anulika told ijendu to make use of his first son in order to become rich. That was how Chinedu lost his life and his father became rich.After Chinedu followed the death of the second son.

Sensing that something was wrong,the second wife Udoka, fired her own Otumokpo but it landed on innocent Chidinma the only surviving daughter of Uzoaku the first wife. 

Chidinma became mad. 

 Meanwhile, the taking to renew covenant continued by donations of the Udoka’s children. Anulika did not have any child for him.

Although he had wealth but he was a depressed, confused and frustrated man. He did not have peace. He regretted having to use his children from Udoka to acquire wealth and marrying women from different religious backgrounds.

Polygamy comes with so much trouble and the hands of the clock cannot be turned....DO NOT TOW THAT PATH...


  1. Na wa. What a world.

    Abeg na only igbo people you dey see? no other tribes?

    See as they are all serving satan in different capacities.

    Na wa for them. The matter self tire me.

    Abeg make i mind my business jare

    1. Despite all these stories men will still be doing side chicks.vanity upon vanity.

  2. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Biko poster, what is the title of this movie?

  3. Hahaha yori princess u are funny...Abeg ask them if Na only ibo people them see.
    Kai but the story sweet o.poster u for tell us the name of d movie Na abi Na only u waka go watch am.

  4. This is super story.... All in a bid to send story, you're subjecting us to your movie script that nollywood directors rejected. Wehdone Sir/Ma.



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