Stella Dimoko Chronicle Of Polygamous Brouhaha


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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Chronicle Of Polygamous Brouhaha

He Suspected his wife was Unfaithful and resorted to Polygamy and all hell broke loose.....

Amobi was an average man when he married Adaolisa, his beautiful, tall and literate wife. He was not well educated but He had a booming poultry business not far from his residential house. 

Adaolisa had four beautiful daughters and a son.

Often times, the couple engaged in a fight and many whispered that the cause of the fight was because of Adaolisa’s infidelity. He made it known to people that he was not sure if he was the true father of his children because of his wife’s promiscuity. Sometimes, when the fight ensued, Apunanwu the beautiful second daughter would destroy the poultry eggs to show support for her mother.

Amobi decided to convert his big poultry to a brothel. This was not a welcome development to his family and neighbors but he was adamant. A lot of girls lived in the brothel to earn their living.

As if that was not enough , he travelled to his village and got himself beautiful young Anwulika. When she was introduced to the family on her arrival, Adaolisa decided that she could not bear it any longer, she relocated to Abuja with her only son Azubuike.

Anwulika was always at war with her step daughters. She had five boys for her husband Amobi. When, Adaolisa left with her son to Abuja, Amobi was not paying much attention to the girls nor bothered about their welfare. The first daughter Binyelum decide to help out by joining the prostitutes at the brothel to hustle at a younger age. In order to raise money for their school fees and feeding.

Their father, Amobi turned a blind eye to her. To him,it was like mother, like daughter, that’s how your mother was cheating on me and only God knows what she is doing in Abuja now.

After some years, Adaolisa returned back to her matrimonial home and by then two of her daughters had finished secondary school and about to enter university. She assisted in her own way but Binyelum assured her that she’s capable of taking care of herself and her siblings since nobody cared about them. She continued her runs to fend for them since their expenses had increased. She became ill one day and was rushed to hospital. She was diagnose of chronic STD. She and her sister Apunanwu managed to graduate. 

Meanwhile, the Awulika’s son chiasoka refused to continue his education, all plea fell on deaf ears. He told his parents he wantd to be a mechanic. They were forced to enroll him in a nearby road mechanic shop. The second son did not complete his primary six before he became bus conductor.

Awulika was troubled by what her sons were turning out to be. She confided in her friend who took her to a native doctor to know why her children had refused to return to school but choose menial jobs to do. She was told that it was her husband’s first wife Adaolisa that was behind her doom. 

 The native doctor told her that her agony started when she boasted to Adaolisa that she had five boys. She never knew she had planted bitterness and hatred in the heart of Adaolisa who vowed that those boys will not amount to anything.

Awulika cried and asked if there will be a reversial on the spell cast on her sons but was told he can only stop it from continuing but there’s no remedy for the other two.

Apunanwu graduated It was time for her to get married to her heartthrob. On her traditional day, everything seemed well and she was happy and excited. She was given cup of palm wine to identify her husband.

As she headed out in search of her husband, she slumped. They thought it was a joke, rushed her to hospital, only to be certified dead on arrival.

Celebration turned to sorrow. It was a very sad day. After two days, Awulika was gisting with her friend on her accomplishments of killing Apunanwu. Not knowing that a neighbour that came to visit overheard their conversation.

The matter was reported to the right quarters and she was summoned. She could not deny because her friend that took her to the native doctor had confessed to their evil deed.

Awulika was sent packing and she was disgraced. They children were heart broken.


  1. Killings in polygamy is alarming so sad.

    1. Everyone plots for everyone else's doom. That thing is a horror. Very few get it right.

  2. hmmmmmm what a pity. I wonder why people's last resort is to look for babalawo, dibia for their finished work. Satan dont give free gifts but they wont hear.

    Na dem sabi

  3. Na wa so sagacious

  4. Killings in polygamy families is a normal thing..

  5. Couldn't read. Story,story...

  6. Na wa o. Say no to polygamy.

  7. That is what one get in polygamy


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