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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

English Time - Word Usage In Sentences

Time To Learn Some English Words And Master Them!

Yesterday someone corrected me that i should have used ''Sport'' instead of ''Spot'' that I used concerning a hairstyle...

So i should have said he was ''Sported'' with a pink hairdo instead of ''Spotted'?..Are you Kidding me?

Many people always mix up most English words because they sound alike but are spelt differently....

Examples are 

Being -I am being careful.
Been - I have been there!




Bait -Please do not bait me to agree
Bath -I am having my bath.


Beat..I will Beat you.
Bit - I will be with you in a bit

Which other words do people mix up?

Let's use them in a sentence as we differentiate them....


  1. Am
    I am.
    I am 5inches tall not
    Am 5inches tall.

    1. This is not what Stella mean

    2. Yeah you are right
      She meant words spelt differently but sound the same.
      Working and blogging is not good.

  2. It- it is time.
    Heat- the heat is intense.
    Hit- she was hit on her face.
    Eat- I want to eat now

    Park- going to the park for a walk.
    Park- where did you park your car?
    Pack- can I have a pack of condom?

    1. Dear Stella, being and been are not pronounced the same way, pronunciation of words are based on the way they are transcribed and being and been are not transcribed the same way a perfect example is ...
      Sweet and suite (hotel suite)

  3. Stella.. I disagree with u on “bath and bait” having same sound... I wasn’t convinced so I had to use dictionary to listen to both words... let me know if u can prove me wrong sha...

    1. They are not even the same in anyway ... bath is pronounced with the "th" sound using you tongue and upper teeth and "bath" has the "a" sound while "bait" has the "ai" sound and just "t" sound at the end

  4. Bait and Bath have two different pronunciations. Bathe (with the "e") is more like Bait, in word Bath the "a" is sounded as /a/ as in apple.
    A lot of Nigerianstuff make this mistake.
    Bath= to wash one's self
    Bathe= to immerse one'side self in water like a bathtub.

    1. Thank you oo anon. I thought I was the only who disagreed in my mind.

  5. Bait and Bath have two different pronunciations. Bathe (with the "e") is more like Bait, in word Bath the "a" is sounded as /a/ as in apple.
    A lot of Nigerianstuff make this mistake.
    Bath= to wash one's self
    Bathe= to immerse one'side self in water like a bathtub.

  6. febuhari- a vote for buhari
    February - second month of a year.

  7. Your - How is your brother?
    You are - So you are going there.

    1. Hmmm. oga I don't understand your second example

  8. Being and been don't sound alike.

    1. I think they do eka, just that "being" sounds a little stressed than "been"

  9. I mix up "there" and "their" quite often so I mentally correct myself before putting it out... was just telling my friend today that English is haarrrrd πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  10. Fame..and his fame grew (popularity
    Firm...she has a firm butt.(solid)

    Fact....this a fact (truth)
    Fart..she farts all the time (emit from the anus)

    Faith...he's a man of faith (hope in God)
    Fate.. that is he's fate (destined to happen)

    Cause..she caused it (reason for something to happen)
    Course..she took a wrong course (direction)

    1. You know pronunciations well before you dish out corrections dear. Fame and Firm sound alike? Even Fate and Faith? Sdk blog American wonder

    2. Sorry Becky fame and firm don't sound alike. Ahan.. Even fact and fart? Are you serious right now?!!

    3. Chile...these are common mistake I've noticed from my fellow country people. How many people do you think know the actual pronunciation of words? So.. I'm serious.

  11. Has,have and had comes before been not being..
    e.g. I have been sad since yesterday not I have being sad since yesterday
    She has been lonely .

    Being doesn't need have,has or had.
    Its being soon long we hang out.

    There is used to describe position or location
    I dropped it over there
    While their is used for possession
    I gave them their portion

    I hope I've convince someone and not confused them...

    1. "Its being soon long we hang out."

      Oh my word!!

    2. Hide your face.

  12. I will know my FATE by
    I have FAITH in God

    SITE: He is the new site manager
    SIGHT: He has poor eye sight
    CITE: Cite a suitable example(case)

    )PAIL: Pls get me a pail of water
    PALE; He looks pale

    1. Sorry but the first example are not pronounced the same way... anything with "th" at the end is pronounced with the tip of your tongue and your upper teeth... now try it
      This just brings back a lot of memory about Lang 109🀣

  13. This and these.
    This is a book
    How is your mother doing these day's

  14. Let's talk about people that write;

    Is me Funke instead of It's me Funke.
    Am coming instead of I'm coming.

    Ur coming instead of You are coming.
    One of my friend instead of one of my friends.

    I don't take people that make any of the above blunders serious.

  15. I see that some of you are going to google to copy...we are looking at their use in a written text yeah?

    forget the pronounciation please....

    Someone still sent a mail this morning saying...

    Thanks for been real'''

    1. In that case. My example πŸ‘†πŸ»Is correct

  16. Sight- you have a very poor eyesight
    Site- over there is the dumping site
    Cite- cite an example

    Might- do it with all your might
    Mite- that's my widow's mite

    Hey-Hey, how are you?
    Hay-Make hay.

  17. here: I am here for you, always
    hear: I can't hear you

    where: Where are you going to?
    were: We were at our neighbour's
    wear: I'll love to wear a pink dress for my shower

  18. Seat and Sit

    As in...

    I am seated at my desk (CORRECT)
    I am sitted at my desk (WRONG)

  19. That been and being ia a major problem to me.

  20. What about taught and thought that many Nigerians confuse.
    Taught - past tense of teach. The teacher taught me how to read.

    Thought - past tense of think. I thought about you yesterday.

  21. please some of the words you people are pointing out is killing me slowly... ogini n'ekwoli ifenu???? Obara Emmanuel

  22. I have seen a lot of people writing shook instead of shock on this blog. Been is a past participle of the 'verb be' usually used with have, had, has while being is the present participle of the 'verb be' used with am, was are, were.

  23. Quiet: Silent
    Quite: adverb with two different meanings depending on the subject.

    I have seen a lot of people writing "quite" instead of "quiet".
    1.I have remained "quiet" for a long time.

    2.He has left this place for "quite" some time now.
    That is the proper way of spelling the two words.

  24. This error arises whem someone misses exercises in lexical structure during English Lessons in their formative years.

    Remedy? BACK TO THE BASIS. Simple!
    Read the right books repeatedly and do the exercises thereof at the end, and you are good to go.

    can you shut up for once;(quantity,order)
    those ones are ripe;(adjective,specific)
    one's belief may differ;(pronoun,personal)
    one is okay for today;(numeric,certain).

    It is not easy but going at it with the right books will make an impressionable change.

  25. “Spot” and “sport” when it comes to hairstyles are different, madam Korkus.
    Spotted with a hairstyle OR sported a new hairstyle.

    Ware - items
    Wear - to wear
    Wear - to fade due to prolonged use.


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