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Friday, January 05, 2018

Friday In House News

Friday things.....What are you doing this Friday?By the time you read this i will be window shopping with the Boyfriends...

Hmmmm XirtedP you got who the actress Nana is in that Unwelcome flat mate post ........I saw your post inside spontaneous post his morning...Did i write about it then in Encomium?

I go call you for Night X-pee


Dear Stella,
Trust your day went well.
Chatting with you today was great.
It's not easy selecting the items to giveaway. Hope this helps


The following items are up for sale at shikele money.
4x6 bed and mattress (1 year old vitafoam) N30,000
Vitafoam sofa which also unfolds as a bed 
N30,000 (free throw pillow with the sofa)
LG top loader washing machine (manual) N25000
1HP Chigo Air conditioner N40000
Also room relatively big self contained for 4months. (Lekki phase 1) N200000. Annual rent is N700000.


Wooden Shoe rack (can hold 20 - 24 pairs of shoes)
Shaggy centre rug barely used.
Clothes are divided into work/ casual clothes, gym clothes and traditional attires. Size 6 to 10. Bag and sneakers size 40

ehold items (iron, fan, tv stand, bedside light, some small kitchen items that makes life easier).

Small bookshelf and some novels.

Call 08091027944.




hi Stella, please i need help, i dont know what is wrong but i honesty dont want It in 2018 ,infact im scared now sef
Anytime someone promises me something ,and i know its a small thing to the person, something will just come up, and the person will not fulfil the promise Again. Example sometime last year someone asked me to send my account details on this blog  after sending, the person ghosted me  

Please this is not a begging post, this thing is really disturbing me,last year my elder brother promised me something to start a small business, the week he was to send it, he just stopped picking his calls later he just gave me one story  and that was the end. just today again I was among 5 others that won something on facebook, the man sent to all, minus me, i chat him up, he reads but doesn't reply .

Infact anytime Stella did a giveaway post it's either I don't have data that day, and will get to know later or my comments will enter voice mail or at times blogger conflict. recently I had this dream twice that dog bites my hand, I don't know if it has anything to do with it, please I need help  what could be wrong and what can I do. 

Your mind has convinced you that you are jinxed and that is exactly what is happening..



Hello Pretty Woman. Happy new year. May the new year bring us all good things. 
I am happy to be sharing this news with you. On the 25th of December, I saw my sister for the first time after 14 years of living apart. I hope the video uplifts someone who is hoping desperately for something for joy as well.
I have attached the video to this email, and the writing that accompanied it when I posted it on my Instagram page yesterday.

"I thought long and hard before posting this, because I am such a private nut-case, but I decide to share today to encourage anyone who knows the feeling of desperate need. Joy always comes in the morning.

25th December 2017, I set my eyes on my sister for the first time in 14 years. I will never be able to qualify the joy in my heart.  There will never be another Christmas like it. 

2017 was a great year for me all round , but I couldn't concentrate on my blessings, on my work, on my friendships, on even myself, because my heart was aching terribly. 

This ache, was a permanent throb of pain in my heart. A longing without cease. An angry god that had stopped accepting temporary sacrifices. Nothing could suffice any longer. I just wanted to see my sister.

There are no words to describe the struggle to stay afloat in this period. The feeling of lack amidst abundance, because I had the love of everyone around me, but Oyinkansola's hug that I needed like air was a million miles away and I couldn't do much about it. I found myself constantly fighting depression, losing interest in work, crying myself to sleep on many nights, and going quiet on loved ones because I just didn't have the strength to keep up. 

But in a corner of my heart, hope stayed alive. Like a tired candle, it's  flame was dim, yet undying. And days after seeing each other for the first time, It still feels so surreal. But if I have learnt one lesson from this, it's that joy always comes in the morning.

Why didnt you see your sister in 14years?Glad you both are reunited!!



Dearest Stella, I don't know where this fits. But please post anywhere.

Late last year I sent in a chronicle asking for help after sharing my childhood and growing up story. I was at my lowest when I sent it in. Sending that chronicle was the best decision I made last year cos it got me free. 

Thank you for sharing my story and not condemning me. 
Thank you for checking on me Stellz to know how I was doing despite how fully engaged you could be. I know you do ask people who called to get back to you. 
Thank you to everyone that reached out to me.

Thank you to all that called me, chatted me up, prayed with me, encouraged me. I was desperately in need of a little sunshine in form of words to keep me sane at that time.

God!! I got a Miracle. Thank you to a dear friend her name starts with "H" who contacted me after reading and followed me up on every step I took that got me to where I am now. Free, lifted, whole and peaceful. She's such a blessing. She led me through dealing with the numerous issues I have, she talked me into the hows, sent me  scriptures, and other ways from personal experience to keep the bitterness and hate away. 

Stella I visited a gynaecologist in a  recognised fertility hospital in the state where I reside. I did all sort of test a woman can do. All scans, HSG, swab, Urinalysis. I checked my hormones, blood, body full test. God I was scared for my life. 

Prior to doing the test, I literally turned to God and committed my health to him. I prayed, I fasted, I trusted, I affirmed his word and I did daily confessions. "H" was so supportive and she's a Testimony too. She's been through something similar to mine.  She agreed in faith with me and so many others who had me in prayers. 

My comprehensive test result was read to me on the 2nd, everything was clear, normal, and ok. I had to ask doctor if he's sure. I was already prepared to start saving up for the plenty drugs I would be asked to buy. But God didn't want me on that. He made me whole. Prior to when I went for my results deep down I knew God had already settled me. Oh how I prayed and trusted him. He's made me a Testimony. I'm in a better place now, full of joy and peace. Join me thank God for my life. 

The word of God truly works. It can change anything. 

Thank you Stella. I Love You.

Thank for you babe and thank God that person in port harocurt.







Happy New year Sdk,
There's another vacancy at my office for a company driver and Office Assistant for immediate employment. Knowledge of Lagos routes and other States very vital for the driving vacancy. 
Salary is between 45,000 to 50,000 basic while office Assistant is 30,000 monthly.
Location is Victoria Island Lagos.
Interested blog visitors should kindly send a short profile to 08022888841, Whatsapp only. 
God bless you as always.



My company, Rehoboth Recruiters is an outsourcing firm that recruits only within the hospitality sector and there is a job opening  for a Laundry Supervisor at Genesis Hotel.

Qualifications required; HND in any field 
Salary and other package very attractive. Applicants must have a background in hospitality industry, Minimum 2 years hotel laundry experience. Suitable candidates should send their CV to not later than January 10th 2018.

Location: Lagos

NB; company's website 



 Accomodation needed within ojota, oregun axis. A room self-contain, I wouldn't mind if someone offers to rent out a room within his/her apartment. 
My budget is 150k. Thanks a lot.
Contact: 09095615083




I want to start the year with giving, I want to subscribe the first two people to contact isaacbaba for data 1GB each

BY BV Pretty Asha

BV has paid Isaac baba so once you collect,please post in the comment section for us to know that it was given out..thank you.


A Business Form Press Company located in Ogun State needs a printing press operator (INTERN)
Applicants should not be more than 26 years.
Interested applicants should please call 07031326204.



Whenever I visit home,the first thing I do is to hold talks with my
parents and update them on my life journey. Being far away from each
other at times, we usually use the opportunity to exchange ideas on
anything bothering the family and how to improve on our welfare. Being
a young man,receiving counsel from my parents is usually the best gift
I would ever wish for...

When I am leaving home,my parents,especially my father, my father
would ask me to kneel down while he prays for me. He would suck my
thumbs,spit into my palms and then rub on my head and then bless me.
As long as I am honest and keep away from evil,God, my parent's
blessings,counsel and prayers have been my saving grace...

Some people are not in good terms with their parents and I wonder what
reasonable excuse they have to offer. Some people keep away from their
parents because they believe they know it all and have nothing else to
learn or gain from their old parents...

Some bear grudges against either of their parents and usually wish
evil or totally avoid the same person that helped in bringing him/her
into this world...and I always wonder why.
What offence is unforgivable,especially by your parents? If God can
forgive us of our daily sins when we pray to Him, why then do people
find it difficult to return the favour?

If your parents are still alive,be grateful to God because you have
something that money cannot buy. In Nigeria nay Africa, where we
believe that many things are spiritual,it takes the intervention of
your parents to ward of evil.

Your parents are God's representative here on earth and every of their
proclamation in your life must surely come to pass.
Whether poor or rich,never joke with your parent's blessing.
Their blessings will go a long way in helping you through life, just
as their curse works like magic.

BV Paul.O


BABA TIWA (Dad's addition)

Ore mi (My friend)

Ever since my daughter wrote you a letter sometime ago, you have been cold towards me.

Dakun o.
Have you forgotten that wisdom is a fruit that can grow from even the most infant trees?

Have you forgotten that even bibeli mimo states that humans should learn from the ant; 
Considering the unique way they gather their food in the summer so as to survive through the harsh winter.

Have you forgotten that it was the words of a servant girl that made a general step down from the bus of pride which he had boarded while not knowing that the destination was destruction?

Well, bi mo se je ore re timo timo, mo gbodo wi otito oro fun e. Emi o ni pe malu ni brooda nitoripe mo fe je eran, mi o de ni pe dudu ni funfun nitori owo yepere tin be ni apo re.
(As I am your friend, I will tell you the truth. God knows I will not call the cow 'my brother because I want to eat meat and I will not call something black to be white because there is a ton of money residing in your pocket.

Ore mi, 
Why do you love cutting your own skin and then looking at the blood that flows to the ground?
Have you become a sadist that loves the gory sight of pain even though it is his?
Or are you just plainly ignorant of the harm that you are doing to your own body?

Abi you have forgotten that Ephesians 5:29 says, "For no man ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and carefully protects and cherishes it, as Christ does the church"

You have been injuring yourself as you injure your wife.

Psychologically, you are putting the muzzle of a gun and blowing your mind away.
For most times, your mind is never at rest even though you are out with the boys:
Always choosing to regale us with tales of how stubborn she is and the 'manly' methods you are taking to tame a shrew.
Forgetting that even though some of us laugh with you, we inwardly pity you because your six feet self-contain is beckoning to you.

Physically, you are killing yourself mate.
Everyday you come to work looking gaunt outwardly.
Eyes emaciated from the gross 'pepper' that madame is showing you since you have not figured out a better way to resolve your personal disputes.
Now you visit eateries around, stomach-wise and sex-wise,  seeking the only ingredient madame can give in surplus, Affection.

Remember that baami told us both to be omo Akin (strong men)?
Well, this is not a true representation of an omo akin.
For our biceps and triceps are meant to shield our women and not to beat them.
For our bodies were meant to die for them just as Christ literally died for the church and not to send them to early graves.

Dakun o,
Like my daughter said, your time for causing pain must come to an end.
Or our friendship must end at this point before I become corrupted like a tooth that is situated near a decaying one.

Before I forget,
Ki iyawo ati omo fun mi



I would like to be annonymous       
Stella please I am looking to travel to Canada I need a place to stay probably not free but somewhere I can stay & later move to the next level, I don't want expensive place so as I can be able to pay while working. Thanks

I can be reached through as I will be reading comments



  1. Welcome Friday IHN.
    Unto Barneys voice, lets sing it together.
    “I love you, you love me, we are best friends like friend should be, with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you, unto say you love me too”.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    School resuming Next Week…Lagos Traffic resuming next week…Village people coming back fully…
    Ngwa Bye

    1. Muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
      I love youuuuuuuuuuu.

    2. I love you, you love me, we are best friends like friend should be, with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you, won't you say you love me too”.

      Hello Ada.... Your yesterday comment nearly made me faint ooo... Of excitement and joy at first then shock when I got to the end lol... God will make it happen Amen,its a new dawn

    3. This is my take on the igbo bride price saga
      To d anonymous dt said we don't marry early, my hubby married me when I was 24 while he was 32
      On d bride price thing, chi exotic has broken it down already, during my own, myself n my family wrote d list even though there r things dt r very key which must be included, but u don't need to break a bank for them
      My family played a key role, so Nkiru's family is d problem please unless it is a law in their village. For an igbo marriage everything can be resolved over a bottle of Palm wine, dialogue will solve so many things and ppl should learn to come out straight, I used to be of her opinion before I experienced myself, traditional marriage rites is not d issue abeg
      On another note, igbo men brag about their traditional marriage, they know d culture and even on their own want to outdo each other, they add extra things to be d talk of town, so u dt u know u can't afford it, y would u envy them?
      So much misinformation on igbo bride price, am enugu by the way, my imo friend will be walking down d aisle soon, am going to put my ears down n find out if it's true, for now u guys should stop spreading false info
      Plus after my trado experience, I can now say dt, d yorubas spend their own money partying for d reception party while we igbos prefer d razz matters of my hubby bought this on my list...lemme stop here biko

    4. Boo, boo, boo, I sight you sweety.
      Isaac Bro...Amen dear. Keep waxing stronger, God is with you.

    5. Girl experiencing bad luck, go for deliverance. It is not normal
      And chronicle poster, anything river is connected to marine spirits. You need deliverance too..

  2. Shout out to my darling Cinta, happy birthday boobae.
    Xp mama, obochian.

    1. Re: What could be wrong:

      My suggestion: could it be that your hands have shed innocent blood (e.g abortions); Proverbs 6:10-16?
      God hates such hands (note "hands" not the person), and that stalls their works.
      Simple confession and repentance is the way out.
      Please for those that have convulsions once abortions are mentioned, please offer your own piece of advice.

    2. IHN came with a bang!!! Enough job vacancies. May God bless all the people seeking jobs this new year. This is my year of supernatural breakthrough on every area of my life.

    3. Abortion minister, I see u! Hahahahaa, chei.

  3. Every one of us can look back over our life and see times where God made a way when we didn’t see a way, put us at the right place at the right time, got that promotion, turned the problem around or protected us. You haven’t seen anything yet. What God has in store in 2018 is going to be bigger, better and more rewarding than anything you’ve seen in the past.

  4. I have a testimony...
    Chukwu agozi go mu,people wey no sabi me before are claiming they ma know me...
    Ha ma na anyi adie emezi ife Ghana-must-go,trailer ka anyi ji ebu di money...
    Anyi na agba likalika ka Alika...
    Anyi achoro ima na agwo no na akirika...
    Chukwu nna gozie gi,ude gi ga ana ede from Africa to America...
    Like bobo,you go de shakiti...
    Ife uwa di ka uzu ubi: apiti...
    Nwoke bu onye mere ike ya o na,so nwannem gba nkiti...
    Ife nwoke na afu tufu o buru oga...
    From morning till night,madu na adoga...
    Biko onye n'ejuro ego o na ta Burger?

  5. Seasons greetings from MICHAAKA Foods!

    Thank you stella for your support ,May God enlarge your coast and increase your greatness.

    Thank you dear BVs for your patronage ,may you always have cause to celebrate and may you never lack what to celebrate with.

    2018 is blessed,πŸ‘‰Enjoy your life!!! Dearies

    Happy Weekend!!!!

  6. In house news is here, Stella your blog have been a blessing to me, my ex broke up with me after introduction, everything wasn't going on fine. I met my Prince Charming in one of the 2017 single and mingle edition, I got married last December . My husband is loving and caring, he spoils me silly. God turned my sadness to joy through your blog. People made jest of me but at the end God picked my call through your blog. Stella God bless you so much.

    1. Awwww!!! Congrats 😀 to you

    2. Thank God for u , send Stella pictures for her eyes only

    3. Congrats. May u continue to enjoy peace in ur home and may ur marriage be fruitful IJN.

    4. Yimu
      Same lie in sp.
      Do u know why u can never ever be as big as lib,is because u can only come up with little scams how to hoodwink your bvs with lies to keep dem coming back.U know say if dey discover do truth,na only u and your runs girl ladybug go dey comment for your blog

  7. First Friday of the year it has all been Gods grace


  8. Happy birthday to my boobae @cinta CEO house of Cintas😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 love u loads girl....

    BTW, I'm currently thinking of how to shred the fats i accumulated over the holidayπŸ˜₯if I hear anybody say food doesn't make one fat😑

    1. We are in this togetherπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, na toilet I dey since.
      Cinta we love you darlingπŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹.

    2. Eaty,Eaty !!!! Happy new year 😊

    3. Att:XP
      Please you made mention of preserving your cocoyam.pls tell me how cos I have some that was brought from home that I don't want it to spoil

  9. Ihn Don land, my lovely Bvs am trying to get pregnant, my last menstrual period started 25th December and I don't know how to calculate ovulation. Google isn't helping too. I have 28-29 days cycle. Someone should please enlighten me.

    1. Ovulation starts from day 14 after the day your period starts. Yours should begin from the 7th of this month,that's day 14.The sperm tho can last 5 days inside you, so even tho you do the do before the 7th,it can be swimming inside until your d day reach. Ovulation proper is about 2 days like 7th & 8th but you can still be fertile for 10 days counting from the 7th. It depends on body system tho. Observe your body ovulation signs monthly that should help you better. I don try.

    2. πŸ‘‰OVULATION PERIOD:Forget any other heavy grammars... ......
      This is time of getting pregnant fast without stress,this is two weeks after your period or two weeks before the next period.
      Here's a simple way to calculate your ovulation period(unsafe period)
      πŸ‘‰1. From the first day you see the blood of your period.
      πŸ‘‰2. Pick up a calendar and count 15days including the first day of the blood stain.
      πŸ‘‰3. Mark the 15th day with a pen(circle it).
      πŸ‘‰4. Mark 3 days before the 15th day
      πŸ‘‰5. Mark 3 days after the 15th day
      πŸ‘‰6. You will notice you have 7 days marked.
      These 7 days are your ovulation/fertile days also known as unsafe period.
      Meaning if you have sex on any of these days then you have 98% chances of being
      πŸ‘‰7.Do these every month and try and abide by these rules
      For example:
      πŸ‘‰1. If your period is today 11th July, 2017,
      πŸ‘‰2. 15 days after the first day of the blood
      stain will be on 25th of this July too(2weeks after) counting from 11th.
      πŸ‘‰3. 15th day is on the 25th July 2017.
      πŸ‘‰4. 3days before the 15th day which is 22,23,24.
      πŸ‘‰5. 3days after 25th July 2017 which is 26,27,28.
      πŸ‘‰6.22th - 28th July(7days) is when you are
      ovulating and it's your fertile period.

      *******Don't forget that these 7days is to remind you that Sperm stays in the female body for up-to 7 days(a week), any sexual contact in between ovulation period will form something that has ears, eyes etc


    3. extended office from Computer village... Dr Martins Ob/Gyne specialist. Weldone!!

    4. Martins o, I hereby name you GURU. You know it all.
      Ride on guy...Love you pieces.

    5. Hehehehhe Martins my love.i feel like cloning a younger sister and forcing both of you to marry because she will be the happiest person on earth.just Negodu

    6. Start counting frm the 10th day beginning frm the day ur menstruation startd.Thatw14th day is the peak and so ur free period is frm 19th day of that month

    7. Martin's πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ Dr Aboy Ob&gnea


    8. You can also download a period calculator app from play store.

    9. MartinsπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

    10. That is not my handwriting ooo!! Kikikikiki...

      @Atheist,Lucile,Dietician,Olami4eva,Happy New Year to you all!!!!


    11. @Choice and Emjay;well done oo!! #wink

      Make i go find food chop..


  10. Happy new year bvs just came back from the village now. Stella my mama said make I thank you well well for your gift.

  11. Full Friday ihn. Blessed up.

  12. BV Pretty Asha thanks for the data. God bless

  13. Good afternoon lovelies
    No traffic yet
    Only God knows why January is always dry

  14. Please who can help me with tips on how to land a better job. Because believe me I have tried. I keep seeing all these 20k jobs. How can I feed with such amount after removing transport fare? Thanks everyone.

  15. 200k for 4months self contain? Is that what i read?

    1. Lol. I think she/he said it's 7OOk/annum. 4months left is almost equivalent to 1/3 of the entire sum.

  16. Lol! Kai! I really need this ''4x6 bed and mattress (1 year old vitafoam) N30,000'' o! Stella and any well-meaning BV,I no need the Lekki Phase 1 own: make una buy am for me in Abuja...

    1. You are a man, why are u behaving like this. All the time u spend on this blog writing epistles and begging for things use it to do something more productive that will fetch you money please.

  17. The way you think determines the way you feel, and the way you feel influences the way you act.How you act determines your LIFE

    Thanks BV pretty ashamed for the patronage, as you have decided to use my brand to assist others, so also will God use others in higher places to assist you amen.... Congratulations to the first two persons who got the data,my phone has been ringing since, and I just wish I could give to you all but all I can say is better luck next time... Thanks

    Happy birthday to BV cinta.... My big woman friend....more life and wins to you dear, You are someone with a good heart,keep being you, have fun ooo

  18. To the poster up there who thinks she is jinxed with ill-luck, I suggest you study the word of God more(if you are a Christian) to discover God's thoughts concerning you.

    Also, decree and declare those scriptures to yourself. Remember "you've got to love yourself first before others can do same.

    Good afternoon blogfam!

    1. There is no such thing as being jinxed, human beings are unpredictable and sometimes when a beggar shows alot of desperation ,it scares a helper away, they run.

  19. Anon with jinxed mind, i dont think you are jinxed. Something is not right but all you need to do is do a midnight prayer and pray against any blockage of your blessings. They are using your head to play kokoma. I remembered one lady in my church, what you wrote is what happened to her. Someone was using her image to collect things from person and those things dont get to her at all. This world is wicked and please try and do the midnight prayer. If you can be strong, do 7 days midnight prayer and you will see what will happen. It is well with you.

    Today is just a good day. I told God i need a good call and I just got it. So I am very happy. I know God is just too good for me.

    Those selling their things because of relocation, may patronage fall on you all.

    The lady that saw her sister after 14 years, congrats. May God continue to keep you all close Amen.

    Those with selling memes i pray for patronage for you all Amen.

    Like I said 2018 is our year of increase, so God will increase everyone of us on all sides Amen.

    Think of running to go home. Just tired staying around.

    1. Yes. This year will be spectacular, by His grace. Amen

  20. Like they say.. Your parents is your path way to heaven! May God bless them All for us

  21. Hi, hi my people.

    Thank God for the poster that got United with the sister.

    The lady that God have heal, may ur healing be permanent.

  22. This is to confirm that i have gotten the 50k alert. Thanks immensely for the part you played in this ma'am Stella.
    As for my Angel, whoever/wherever you are I pray heaven locate and grant all your heart desires, you know us not but yet you lifted part of our burden and made our load light and for this God will lift all of your burden. Our God who sees in secret will reward you in secret. Thanks to you our darling Angel for making us fly without wings. Gracias ma'am.


  23. Thank you Stella n bv Pretty. I got d data. I really appreciate God bless you.

  24. Happy new year to everyone here. Much love😍😍😍

  25. Thank God for that reunion with your sister. As for the lady that always miss out in blessing especially after the dream of dogs biting your hands. Use the word of God and pray, declare good things into your hands and trust God for His deliverance. Don't put your mind there.

  26. First friday of the year. Im grateful Lord!

  27. So, concerning Mama Tee series of this morning.

    Sometime last year a neighbour on my street gave me something(lemme be discrete), we weren't close but we did greet(an elderly woman).

    As she was giving me, one of her daughters that were present was just laughing coded.

    I took the thing, got home but my mind didn't accept it so I disposed it(inside my house oh).

    From the following day till date she doesn't respond to my greetings or even look my way. Me too jejely mind my business now.

    I'm not even used to eating other people's food. It can irritate me.
    Mind you, I never asked for it oh. I'm a person that if I see you, I greet you go my way and that's it.

  28. Stella please let there be second hand sales post tommorow

  29. Oh XP you too know the ladies involved in the unwelcome flat mate lol
    The lady with big chest initials is M.A *winks*

  30. Pls people, which is the best way of submitting applications seeking for job

    A. CV and documents attached together
    B. CV is only (unless stated that documents attached in the ad)

    Thanks in anticipation for your response..

  31. Good afternoon everyone
    That suicide poster,thank GOD for you .
    I'm very hungry,lemme look for food first,I dey come

  32. Bv who thinks something is wrong with her or jinxed... I say it is not your portion, it's just your mindset playing with you just as SDK said, those things not coming only means God is setting you up for something bigger to make your testimony sweeter and unbelievable...i pray it's MTN you use..let me gift you data in my own way to prove to you that nothing will stop you from getting a giveaway or promise... It's a new dawn me and please if you are not the BV don't try contacting me, I remembered the stunt that was pulled when I mentioned some Bv to contact me on that new year day giveaway... Am done πŸ˜‚

    1. What of the data giveaway you started announcing since nov. 2017, it has entered voicemail. kwakwakwakwa scammer and begger

  33. Ok. So yesterday I went through old posts and saw Timaya's relaxation with a lady and someone commented that it can't be his baby mama bcos she's doesn't have such thick legs. Habba nah, Barbara has thick legs and fresh skin from her pics I've seen. And I think that's her with him there.

    Lemme read.

  34. Paul Paulo, I sight u oh!!!

    May u not be another sexy daddy in our midst because ehn, nka I ne me ehn, onwe otu ose me mu (pardon my igbo)

    1. @Eka, I doubt. Though they have something in common (long epistle + ekele ekele) but this cannot be sexy daddy.

      Paul is articulate and a wordsmith.

    2. Na sit down look I dey for he matter.

      Choice read well na before you reply.

  35. Ehen, lest I forget, I've been having this dream about the world ending since late last year and just 2days ago. It's so scary and like it's happening for real.

    I had such dream last at my teen years.

    Could it be that the end is nearer than we expect or what does it mean.

    Happy new year people.

    1. I have been having that dream too. It is so scary.. God please have mercy.

  36. good afternoon everyone how y'all doing?

  37. Isaacababa you promised to give out data since last year, we have not heard from you

  38. Movies to watch this weekend-The Foreigner,Lady Bird,Beyond Skyline,Three Billboards outside Ebbing Missouri and this old movie Lion King.Have a good weekend.

    1. I'm on a roll, I'll check some out, I watched going in style and captain America today. Thanks

  39. Hahaha
    Stella Kork...i hear you loud and clear. You did write in Encomium but another Mag published it. Good a thing Poster is doing well with her 3 year old daughter she had in the 'obodo oyibo' but Nana's son she had in secondary school is 26 years too. Sooo. The 2 larrrrggeee ladies are mothers now, though Nana finallu changed small, methinks she had double spirit back then.
    If you want the full interview i forward it.
    Your 'i go call you na voicemail na'. kikiki. You dey quick forget after downloading from your DH, you sleep off and me sef dey doze off. Tonight is first vigil to fortify families for 2018. Make i call you later.

    Emjay...obota! uruese! this call thing eeh, same thing with you. Your call na 30 seconds, i will call you back..chakom. Hope you're doing good. I got correct evbee you go chew?

    Poster are you Paul Okah? if yes big big thumbs up. Touching article. Parents' love and blessings is sprcial. The prayers over the phone feels like heaven, Popsie's voice 'kedu? ana emekwa? umuakaa?
    Please reconcile if you have issues, the Church Reverends and Pastors do it well. Family is everything.

    Enjoying Lagos traffic. Going free, returning gridlock. oriegwu!

  40. The BV looking for accommodation in Canada, Canada has 10 provinces and 3 territories so are you saying you don't mind any location as long as it is in Canada?

  41. Engage in midnight prayers for 7 days. Get scriptures from the Bible.Confess your sins to God. Trust God that your life will turn around. The devil is trying to steal what belongs to you. You are not jinxed but there is something stopping your blessings from reaching you.
    You will testify in Jesus' name.

  42. on mama tee's post Christmas day,i was skeptical about giving my neighbor food, our house is six flats ,but I was uncomfortable eating my Christmas food alone with my family, so I dish some and give to the bachelor ,and one sis in my house I was glad I did that, cos they appreciated it, and I can bet they both ate it, infact since that day, they started greeting me well and playing with my kids, I was thinking they are too big for the food, but the way they received it made me glad

  43. Nice weekend you all!

    Where is lady bug today?

    Same girl hope you are cool girl...😚😚

  44. @Eka Joy,lol! I still wonder about this Sexy Daddy of a guy and just what he did that led to BVs linking him with me... Well,I am a writer and can write whatever comes to my mind: that's all.

    1. We are still waiting for sexy daddy robust apology and reply

    2. @Paul Okah. Ignore the idiot "I too Sabi" woman.

  45. That Bv that his father spits in his hands and sucks hin tumbs (haba!) do you bathe afterwards? Inyama!

  46. uickly quickly Lucille Coconut I'm close home.

    This is the best time to dry your foodstuff like sliced plaintain, banana, ukwa, sliced okazi and utazi,onugbu leaf,Ogbono, egusi, many stuff jare.

    attend to the growing sprouts and lentils,cut off dead ends
    DO NOT PEEL SKIN(it has colon cleanser),cut into small pieces wash cocoyam till water is clean, boil for an hour plus till done and tender. *Pls till it is done*

    Peel skin and dry out under harmattan. I use a trough to spread and cover it with sievecloth for making akamu. If you dont have sievecloth and trough just spread with that bag for purewater or a tray,at night first from 6pm when breeze is gone before 3am when breeze returns take it out, this keeps dust from sticking to the gummy cooked cocoyam.

    After 2 days of on and off breeze or more when it is completely dry, blend into dry powder and store in airtight plastic cups like the ones for chinchin. Keep up your shelf or store in your deep frost freezer.

    Your family go chop oha and onugbu anytime of the year.
    Just sprinkle or mix with water then pour into beefstock, add condiments and soup don done.

    LOVELY are correct(in Aki and Pawpaw voice). Some bvs dey para say na fake news. they just dey abuse person for posts.
    shildren full here.

    *pardon typo errors*

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