Stella Dimoko Fulani Herdsmen Appeal To Federal Govt. For Compensation To Members Affected In Crisis


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Monday, January 15, 2018

Fulani Herdsmen Appeal To Federal Govt. For Compensation To Members Affected In Crisis

What!!!....Are you kidding me????Compensation?

The Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) has appealed to the Federal Government to pay compensation to herdsmen affected by all forms of crisis in the country.

The National Secretary of MACBAN, Alhaji Baba Ngelzarma, made the appeal while briefing newsmen in Abuja on Sunday on the position of the association to the crisis between farmers and herdsmen across the country. He said that no fewer than 1,000 of its members including women and children have been killed and 20,000 cattle rustled between June 2017 and January 2018 during crises in various states.

The National Secretary called for the setting up of a Federal Judicial Commission of Inquiry to access the killings in order to unravel the truth and offenders. We have a document of members that were affected by the pastoralists in the North-East but what we discovered is that none of them were captured in the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) programme because they are not sedentary. Let the government compensate. That will help calm the situation very well.

Ngelzarma said the association welcomed the current resolve by the Federal Government to address the lingering crises, adding that dialogue was the solution to the tackling the menace. We dissociate ourselves from any other group or individual that is out to foment trouble in the country. We demand for immediate disarmament of all illegally armed militias across the country in the interest of peace, security and stability.


  1. Replies
    1. *incomplete...
      I wish a tough person like Obj or Fayose handle this people the right way. Buhari is unnecessarily unjust when it comes to these guys

    2. Foolish people why not go to sambisa and get a land to rear your cattle.
      The president is unjust @same girl. I weep for my country

  2. And watch them get it.

    Because in this country,what cows want,cows get

    1. Na so i shock when I heard it too o!

      Armed robbers, kidnappers and boko boys sef should be compensated na

  3. Like seriously? Smh for this our country. Now I know PMB is really behind these herdsmen. Imagine the guts.

  4. Uhmmm..
    Lips sealed.

    Shey dey even commensurate with them first ni before issuing a proposal??
    It iz well o

  5. Stella why are you surprised? Of course the FG will defiantly compensate them seriously. They've being compensating them all this while now. Even the fight that broke out BTW Fulani herdsmen and farmer in zuru town in Kebbi state where the herdsmen killed the villagers in December and burnt their houses and farm land, the state govt still compensated the herdsmen heavily for their lost and left the villagers stranded. So hapu okwu, bubu will settle them wella.

  6. It's sad how some clueless cowards will be pretending to be unbiased but refuse to call out the evil Buhari has brought to Nigeria. His son got into an accident and they become prayer warriors for Yusef but are mute when Buhari rains death on other people's children.
    Shame on you if u can't call out evil in clear terms. Unarmed Igbos were killed and u were happy.
    Btw, when was the last time Aisha fried akara?

  7. You know their Patron and member is head of state, so why wont they ask for compensation.
    Or you don't know Buhari is a cattle breeder ?

  8. Otorororo na enweghi nne na nna gbapiasichakwa unu onu! Imagine the guts! I don't blame them, PMB ña their grand patron so anything goes. Would they have dared this shit in OBJ's regime? I curse the day Usman Dan Fodiyo stepped his Fulani feet into this country! See them! Cousins ekwensu. Mscheww!

    1. Isi cousin ekwensu? Ndi a bu ekwensu na onwe ya!

    2. Lol but nne isi mu kwuo gini? This administration is really messed up.

  9. I won't be surprised if they get compensated and the affected villages may end up getting nothing and may even be jailed for defending their lands against this terrorists herdsmen


  10. I'm not God. I haven't experienced all of Him. But there's a level at which Buhari will show so much headiness and doggedness that God will have to strike. A man that has turned this country upside down in the name of change.
    A man that prior to the last election said he would only run for a term as he is old to even think of a second term.
    A man that cried wolf about his financial in capabilities yet his son could afford two bikes that can feed a generation.
    A man that was bent on cutting off the pangs of corruption, but his administration has witness one of the highest corruption records in our history and he does absolutely nothing about it because they are his men.
    A man that values cows more than human lives.
    I see Nigeria as Israel in the Bible. God loves us so much and wants the best for us. Maybe He allowed Buhari so we can grow up as a nation. That doesn't make Buhari God's perfect choice for us. We grow in pain.
    Now his time is up, his life preserved and he wants to think of coming back again?
    God is long-suffering but He loves judgement.
    Whoever that knows Buhari, tell him to pack his bags and family out of that rock come 2019 because the Rock of Ages' counsel must stand and no man, even Buhari can prevail against him.

    This may sound insensitive but with what happened to the 'prominent one's' first sons between last year and this year, that might just be a warning and not a coincidence.


    1. Lady T/ am worth more than a thousand dollars15 January 2018 at 11:42

      @ Lucy, very well said.

      God is on the throne and no, He is not t asleep. Cos He doesn't in the first place...let it be known the sound of His voice alone divides the cedars of Lebanon. Let he that has ears, hear...

  11. Seriously is this for real or are they joking, MBAnu , what a country

  12. Slim gal, u said my mind.
    I wish OBJ was still in power, we wouldn't be having all these issues. He faces every situation fire for fire.
    If he were in power, Book Haram oo, Fulani herdsmen oo, IPOB oo, MEND, etc must have been nipped in the bud with alacrity.

  13. When the President is also a cattle breeder, what do you expect?

    God have already anointed a man to replace this slow, unjust, shenanigans called Fulani Herdsmen to penetrating these evil, massacres & genocide over a "cow". 

    Legislation for Cow in Nigeria is now on same pedestal with manslaughter which is "Life Imprisonment". So cow should now be compensated, what about my fishermen? 

    Sai Baba has been saying jargon since time immemorial. Nigerians you power is in your VOTE and PVC come 2019.

    Government full of lies! #SHITHOLELEADERSHIP‎


  14. Young? Good morning Stella...


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