Stella Dimoko Ghana Records 80% Increase In HIV In 2017


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Monday, January 15, 2018

Ghana Records 80% Increase In HIV In 2017

The 2017 Ghana AIDS Commission report on HIV/AIDS infection shows an 80% increases in new cases. The report also indicates that the Volta Region and Brong Ahafo Region topped the chart of HIV/AIDS prevalence.

The findings were revealed at the Commission’s two-day annual strategic planning meeting. The Ghana AIDS Commission is, therefore, asking Ghanaians to be extra careful in order not to contract the deadly disease.

Director-General of the Commission, Ambassador Dr Amokowa Blay Adu-Gyamfi made a passionate appeal to Ghanaians to voluntarily test for the virus. She asked persons living with the virus to stick to the approved anti-retroviral drugs because there was no herbal cure for the disease yet. She said the activities of the gay community – the key population – are to blame for the sharp increase in HIV infection.

A large proportion of the new HIV/AIDS cases were pregnant women, the report also revealed.

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  1. Evidence of one corner.

    Pregnant women, hmmm, meaning married men are the most infected.

    So painful when you get infected on ur matrimonial bed.
    Cheating n it's consequences.

  2. anonymous to bahd15 January 2018 at 08:39

    Congrats! Another achievement scored over Nigeria! Ghanaians must be proud! We are humble in defeat, enjoy!

  3. Replies
    1. Wayward is an understatement, buy them Banku and Tilapia fish, chick wey u no expect go just open yarsh ,they love Mates( bus/ trotro conductors) taxi drivers and handy men basically. God forbid Ghana is too annoying wen it comes to sex

    2. You have the audacity to call Ghanaians wayward!! Have you forgotten where you are from?! The same Nigeria that was listed as having the most unfaithful women/people in the world!! The same Nigeria were female Libyan deportees have returned with babies, whom their fathers remain unknown. Go and read their stories! The only thing they know about the men were their first names! All one needs to do is read the Anonymous posts on this blog to know just how useless you lot are!! Stupidity at its highest level!!
      It won't surprise me that these HIV cases are Nigerians disguising under Ghanaian names. That's all you peopl do. You move to our beautiful country and try and blend in by adopting names like Kofi, Kwaku and co. That horrendous accent is always a give away though!! They catch prostitute.. she's Nigerian. They catch armed robber...he's Nigerian!!
      If there was way to get Nigeria kicked off the map of Africa, I would gladly champion that cause!

    3. Too much bitterness in you. Make naija matter no go give you stroke. Pele dear, I wish you quickest recovery.

    4. Too much bitterness in you. Make naija matter no go give you stroke. Pele dear, I wish you quickest recovery.

  4. This is what happens when people endorse ONE CORNER things πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜„
    But this is really bad oo, I hope our nigerian people over there will be carefully not to bring it home.


  5. My dad, his 2nd and 3rd wife are HIV positive. Only my mum escaped it because she checked out since '94. These HIV positive people will even be gaining weight on top of the HIV. Meanwhile my mum is hypertensive and diabetic. She's the one losing weight. She spends 25k A month on her medication. Meanwhile pupsy and his wives get their medication for free in the hospital. My point is that HIV is no longer a death sentence. Won ma wa alright lol.

  6. I think HIV awareness has slowed down generally. Most patients are not on drugs, those that are ( most of them) sometimes miss their doses or do not take them at the right/appropriate time, thereby creating drug resistance and new strains of HIV, among other factors listed in the article.

    I am no expert, but from what I've read the Virus is a complex one that needs a lot of dedication to tackle, both to those that are affected and the scientists working on a cure.
    Hope a breakthrough comes soon enough.


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