Stella Dimoko Inspector General Of Police Idris Apologises Over Benue Killings...


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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Inspector General Of Police Idris Apologises Over Benue Killings...

The Inspector General of Police (IGP) Ibrahim Idris, on Wednesday apologized to people of Benue State for referring to the recent Fulani herdsmen attack that led to loss of several lives as communal clash.

Idris explained that he was apologizing for the misconception of the statement, noting that all he was trying to do was to convey a message that all Nigerians should be able to live together in peace.

The police boss spoke while addressing a town hall meeting at the new banquet hall of the Government House in Makurdi, the state capital.

According to Idris, “I apologize (to the Benue people) for the misconception of the statement I made at a press conference in Abuja. I was only trying to convey a message that Nigerians should live together in peace. As policemen, we try to avoid divisive statements.”

Several speakers at the meeting had earlier berated the police boss for describing the herdsmen attacks on Benue communities as a mere communal clashes.

Among those who spoke include, Chief Edward Ujege representing the three Socio cultural groups, Terrence Kwaghnongu representing the youths and Mrs. Rebecca Apedzan representing the women.
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  1. Good for him to apologize,but it's a senseless remark...considering the fact that fulani herdsmen attacks on many parts of Nigeria are leaving dead bodies in their wake!

  2. Am not even bothered about what the police boss said.

    My question is,, what steps or strategic methods is been put in place to ward-off this issue?

    Can relocating the IGP to the state solve the problem?

    If such repeat itself in other state, will the IGP be relocated to such state again?

    These people called herdsmen, are they terrorist or Nnamdi Kanu?

    Mc pinky

    1. It's quite pathetic how they deployed military tanks to kill those unarmed Igbo protesters but have refused to curb the real fulani terrorists.
      Though I'm not Igbo or in support of Biafra, but truth be told, Buhari has not been fair to the Igbos. The favoritism shown to the fulani is worrisome. May Allah save us from this evil.

  3. This is the time for operation "cattle dance". Nigerians are waiting Mr president

    1. When ur president is fulani,ur IGP, Chief of Army staff, minister of interior,minister for Abuja, air force Chief and all security chiefs are all fulani. How do u expect them to stop their brothers from ethnic cleansing?
      Sad thing is there are some bloggers that refuse to call evil evil. God will punish all of them.


  5. Medicine after death. All this eye service because your Oga wants to come back in 2019 abi? After he comes back it will be business as usual for the herdsmen and you guys will turn your face the other way abi? We are no fools. It's obvious you UBS know what you are doing and what your hidden agendas are. A particular breeders from a particular tribe will just be going round killing and maiming unchecked and their leader has the guts to come out openly to justify the killings and he is walking around free? Only in Nigeria and Africa can this happen. May God help us.

  6. Serves him right, one should always think before speaking.

  7. Lame excuse. The truth is that this Govt is filled with people that do not know how to deliver public statements. They sound like a bunch of jokers. I can't wait for 2019!

  8. Oga airhead IGP,its no surprise why the Nigerian police has the ignoble title of bring the most corrupt in the world.I'd add clueless,insensitive, utterly callous, vapid,crass,inept,power drunk,trigger happy,senseless, brainless and shallow minded, for good measure. In your daft reasoning,it's not okay to make 'divisive' comments, but its okay to tell barefaced lies and propagate fallacies. You and your fellow blood drunk terrorists in uniforms,plus your employers and patrons in the seat of power will all pay.the same blood of the Innocent ones being shed by your callous ilk,will forever haunt you and your are simply despicable!


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