Stella Dimoko Iyabo Obasanjo Responds To Her Old Letter Gone Viral,Says Her Dad Obasanjo Is One Of The Most Brilliant Leaders To Emerge In Modern Africa


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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Iyabo Obasanjo Responds To Her Old Letter Gone Viral,Says Her Dad Obasanjo Is One Of The Most Brilliant Leaders To Emerge In Modern Africa

Former Nigerian senator, Iyabo Obasanjo, on Saturday lambasted her detractors who are currently recirculating her 2013 letter to her father.

Ms. Obasanjo’s letter was redistributed over the weekend allegedly by some supporters of the current administration, barely a few days after her father, former President Olusegun Obasanjo circulated a “special statement” about President Muhammadu Buhari, and his administration.

In a statement she personally sent to PREMIUM TIMES Saturday night, Ms. Obasanjo said the Buhari administration should focus on the content of her father’s letter and heed his counsel.

Ms. Obasanjo described her father as “one of the most brilliant leaders to ever emerge in modern Africa”.

She accused the government of sponsoring the recirculation of her scathing letter to her father, saying those who should “benefit from the advise and admonishment of one of the most brilliant leaders to ever emerge in modern Africa have resorted to a cheap tactic that further reiterates the message that they found abhorrent enough to start looking for unconnected issues to put together to make their point.

She urged the president to yield to calls on him to step aside in 2019. The wise should listen wherever help and advice comes from. Those who re-published the old letter should have spent time to respond to the content of the said statement which called for President Buhari to retire in 2019,” Ms. Obasanjo said, adding that Mr. Buhari’s failing health condition should dissuade him from running in 2019.

I agree with the open letter and I hope Africa will emerge from its current dwindling fortunes and become a leading nation in the world,” Ms. Obasanjo said. It is tiring to continue to be part of Nigerian conversation when there’s no positive impact to it. I really do not want to be part of it, as I’ve found over and over again that speech and words are wasted on people who have no understanding of responsibility on us as black people on this planet.


  1. If one is to look at the achievements of the president's Nigeria has had from the inception of democracy, obasanjo is still by far the best president/economic leader Nigeria has ever had.

    You can argue it with your ancestors if you disagree 😎😎😎


    1. I agree with you. Sad as it may be but definitely true. His daughter wrote the letter during GEJ's tenure, after collecting money from GEJ and probably with the promise of an appointment. Obasanjo is the best president we have had.

  2. It's clear that Buhari is a desperate bigot. Had he not ruled, we would all be saying that he would have been the best.
    Buhari is is nothing but a miserable and ignorant failure. If he has any tiny bit of love for Nigeria, he would simply leave the stage and go home and enjoy his loot. I curse the day he was sworn-in as Nigeria president. He will die a sorrowful death if he refuse to leave.

  3. Don't mind them, always trying to shift focus from themselves.
    I implore us all to get our PVC and come out enmasse to vote. It's all in out hands. Come 2019 this govt needs to be kicked out.
    We can't continue to complain on social media and be suffering in a corner of our room.

    1. I don't understand Nigerians, I disliked Obasanjo terribly but time has shown he's the best president we have ever had. Was he corrupt as the president? Definitely but how much can people actually trace to him? Obasanjo is someone that will direct you to steal money but once you are caught you are out. This is why OBJ and FFK are still at loggerheads till today. Now look at Buhari that hates corruption and doesn't support corruption yet this Babachir saga has revealed some hard truths. GEJ said corruption is not the most important problem facing Nigeria, I castigated him at the time but I have to agree with him. I'm not saying corruption is good but I think a strong leadership is more important. On one hand we had OBJ, corrupt but a leader that is not afraid to rule. Nigerians don't know half of what OBJ did, he made difficult decisions for the country and I thank him for it. No cabal could put him under their thumb. Then GEJ, a leader with a good heart and good intentions but you need more than that to be a good leader. GEJ was not in control. Then of course Buhari with his kwaraption fight that has yielded nothing and brought an hardship that had never been witnessed before nor do we pray will be witnessed again. People have sold their children to eat, let's commend the police on their effort but know that for every parent caught selling their children about 100 would have got away with the crime. Buhari had shown himself to be clueless, controlled by the cabal and with no good intention for Nigerians.
      What riles to no end is that Buhari despite years 16 years of aspiring to be president had no solid plan for when he eventually gets there evidenced by what he did 2015/2016. Before sickness took over in 2017
      So I say again corruption is not Nigeria's most important problem, a clueless leader is.

    2. God bless you for this write.exactly what I've been thinking


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