Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 208


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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Labour Room Drama 208

WOW;Are you ''Kidney'' me?

Good day Stella,

Thank you for always keeping me company, God bless you.

I decided to share my pregnancy journey with you and BV family.

I got married on the 17th of dec, 2016 and took in shortly after against our plan but God knows better and is the best planner.

My pregnancy was the smoothest journey ever, no vomiting, no spitting, no morning sickness and all. I was practically active all through the journey

My EDD was slated for the 24th October, 2017 but my cutie pie being as restless as her mom and in a hurry to grace this planet decided to come earlier, started feeling back ache on the 9th after I returned from work and just did my routine exercise and danced and felt a whole lot better so I continued with my normal life. On the 11th of October I went to work as usual and at about 9:00am I started felling mild pains but I continued with my days routine when I noticed it was continuous I started monitoring the timeing and noticed ‘‘twas coming every 5 mins so I started preparing my handover notes and clearing my desk, attended the meetings I had scheduled for the day, managed to eat and I hinted my boss that I may not come to work the next day if I go to the hospital after work and the labor was real cos I wasn’t feeling pains.

I left the office at about 6pm and headed to the hospital, gisted with my colleagues whom I was driving home with and got to the hospital at about 7:20pm, jokingly told the receptionist and nurse I met at the reception that I was there to give birth and they laughed at me that I didn’t know what I was saying cos if I was really in labor I won’t have mouth to talk so I told them to just check me cos I have been having contractions after every 5 mins, so they checked and lo and behold I was 8cm dilated.

 I updated my husband and my mom on what I was told and requested they bring my bag to the hospital.

My mom was faster to get my bags cos my husband was far from the hospital location, as soon as my mom came I was checked and I was already fully dilated, at this point the drug to induce labor was injected into the drip I was placed on and that was when the pain started for me, I walked to the delivery room and was asked to lie down on the delivery bed and also requested to push when I felt the urge to poo

I tried pushing but the doctors said I pushed like a lazy woman and I fired back that I wasn’t lazy and this was a first time so I need to be taught on a better technique to push if I wasn’t doing it right, after about 5 pushs and a tear my beautiful daughter made her grand entrance into the world at about 9:40pm and I walked out of delivery room to the ward at 10pm after necessary cleanup and stitches was done.

‘‘Twas indeed a supernatural birth just like I prayed and believed God for, unfortunately my husband missed all the drama and walked in just when I was walking out of the delivery room.

Find attached my baby’s picture for your eyes only.

*Beautiful baby indeed.This is the easiest labour room drama i ever read!...Lucky you.


  1. And ye shall deliver like the Hebrew women

    1. Congrats. Almost like how I give birth to my princess on 8 December 2017. Just had not so painfull labor because it was almost like my menstration pain. I didn't also labor for long. God was indeed on my side.

  2. Woah!! Interesting! you're a strong woman oo
    you were still at work till delivery day!!
    You really had a smooth journey.. congrats.. Trusting God for a testimony like yours too

  3. Wow she is really lucky. My own ooo lasted for 2days.congrats madam

  4. just wow. Lord Jesus let my delivery be the easiest ever. Amen

  5. Wow!!!! This is more than amazing.

  6. Wow🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  7. Very smooth something. God thank you. Congratulations my Sister

  8. Congrats Madame your baby is my birthday mate. Kisses to her

  9. Na wa ooo.... Seems they is something about that 17th December 2016 ooo, got married that day too and took in immediately even when I was not trying with all the withdrawal and pills. Am forever grateful sha

  10. Congrats
    This is how I will share my own too very soon

    1. Don't worry sweety pie, yours will be graceful.

      Cat walks outta post

  11. Wow
    Congrats dear
    I pray this for myself when the time comes...Amen.


  13. This was exactly my story, was already 7cm dilated before I got to the hospital with mild contractions.

  14. congratulations!
    i am next in line.

  15. Congratulations madam! This is the kind of labor I pray for.


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