Stella Dimoko Late Robbery Kingpin Don Waney's Deputy Reveals More About Their Operations.


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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Late Robbery Kingpin Don Waney's Deputy Reveals More About Their Operations.

One of the deputies of a militant and kidnap victim, Don Waney, who was killed alongside five others by security agencies on January 7, has been captured by the police in Abuja.

Desmond Okotubo, described by the police as a senior member of Waney’s gang, made startling revelations about his boss. He also explained how they prepared for the massacre in Omoku, Rivers State, in which the gang killed 22 residents returning from church.

Saturday PUNCH learnt that he was trailed to and captured in Mpape, Abuja, where he had fled to when he escaped the shoot-out between members of the gang and security agencies, which resulted in the death of his boss in Enugu State.

Okotubo was paraded before journalists in Abuja by the Force Public Relations Officer, Mr. Jimoh Moshood, on Thursday. He said that following the Omoku massacre led by Waney, the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, set up a Special Police Joint Investigation Team, comprising the IGP-Intelligence Response Team, the Force Criminal Intelligence and Investigation Department, Force Department of Operations and the Rivers State Police Command to bring the perpetrators to Justice.

He said,“The IRT attached to the joint team engaged some of the suspects in their hideouts in Awara Forest boundary between Imo and Rivers states. The shoot-out lasted several hours, resulting in the death of six of the suspects, while the others escaped with bullet wounds.

“Working on intelligence, the IRT identified Okotubo and trailed him to Mpape in Abuja, where he was arrested after serious resistance on Tuesday.”He was said to have rented a new apartment in the area.The police said 32 year-old Okotubo, a native of Egbenma, in Ogba Egbema Ndoni Local Government Area of Rivers State, confessed to being one of the masterminds of the massacre.

He gave details of how they planned the operation in Awara Town, Imo State, before they carried out the act. Even though he did not reveal the motive behind the killings, he said their leader (Waney) gathered them for a briefing on the night of January31, 2017.

He said,“The mission was to attack and kill any resident of Omoku town in sight. There were 30 of us and out of that, more than 20 carried one AK47 rifle each, but I did not carry any gun. We crossed the river from Awara to Omoku Forest and proceeded to Omoku town. As soon as we got there, we opened fire on those celebrating the New Year on the streets.

”Moshood said investigation was being intensified to arrest other members of the gang who were still at large.

“The suspect will be arraigned as soon as the investigation on his part of the case is complete,” Moshood said.



  1. Proudly Anonymous13 January 2018 at 15:44

    Don Waney was just an unfortunate pawn in deadly political game.

    He over reached himself and was dealt with by his sponsors at a time they felt they can dispense of his 'services'.
    How come he is now being labelled as an armed robber?

    1. what are u saying? do u know his daily schedule and activities? once ure declared a killer, any other atrocoties & labelled crime is considered misdemeabor... if u can kill at will, na armed robbery or kidnapping be something?

  2. Just imagine their height of wickedness n evil.....Smh

  3. Things are really happening in najia.
    Wicked souls every corner of the world

    God protect your own.

  4. Na wa o, human lives & chicken, no much difference again, all in the name of money... people will sell their soul & conscience to make money, greed & envy, lack of contentment driving the human mind to animalistic mode, yet we claim to be the higher specie on earth.
    why kill unarmed innocent church goers? on the 31st night, damn!! that night that even sinners attend church to crossover to new yr, imagine someone that hasnt gone to church for 364days, then attended on the 365th day and get slaughtered by these monsters, chai... Monsters that were pushed out of anus and not Virgina, chai

  5. Just want to know about the motive that Don Wamey had to carry out the massacre.
    Why? Because of what? Wetin happen? Wetin the people of Omoku do am?

    1. try and locate his wife, she might be able to give u answers, if he shared it with her b4 bed time

    2. Proudly Anonymous13 January 2018 at 23:51

      The thing about his wife is that she may be among those BVs roasting Stephanie Coker's husband for being a criminal.

  6. I need the motive ooo

  7. What was the motive of that massacre? Lord protect us

    1. it was a message to the people of Omoku

    2. What is/was the message. Where they leaking his secrets or hideouts? Or relationship gone sour. So many questions begging for answers.

  8. I still didn't get the REASON for the killing

  9. Can you imagine???Beasts in human form.

  10. Who sent you people, they will never say who 😠😠😠

  11. Why do you have to kill innocent people, why???


    Don Wani and group have initially being granted amnesty by Wike. He is well known to disrupt the oil business and day-to-day activities in Omoku with kidnappings, killing and all that. So he was feared by all including the Chiefs.

    After the amnesty, he stopped for sometime and later continued. The people of Omoku got tired. They formed a vigilante with the popular Aba Bakassi boys. On 27th Nov. 2017, the Bakassi boys joined by the police had long hours of shoot out with the Don Wani's. They managed to over power the Don Wani's, killing some and most importantly displacing Don Wani from the village and his mansion, where he always brags to be king.

    The Don Wani's fled to the village in Imo and with vengeance in mind, they shot the people of Omoku at the new year's eve.

    Reporting NTA channel 24 and 27. LOL

    N:B This is what I think but might not be the real reason.

  13. Politicians do this.
    They were paid to go kill.
    Me, i no carry gun wan escape murder charge. Lie, lie.

  14. #The time is always right, to do what is right*

  15. Wickedness of the highest order

  16. why do i have a feeling this new culprit caught in abuja will be used for a smear campaign against Nyesom Wike soon?


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