Stella Dimoko Nigerian Woman In The Diaspora Allegedly Thrown Down A 3 Storey Building For Saying NO To Her Landlord


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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Nigerian Woman In The Diaspora Allegedly Thrown Down A 3 Storey Building For Saying NO To Her Landlord


A Nigerian lady from Delta state has accused her landlord (also said to be a Nigerian) of throwing her from a 3-STOREY building in Florence, Italy because she refused to sleep with him.

According to Precious (victim) on that faithful day, when she returned from work her landlord, Mr Daniel came to her room and demand for sex with her which she refused, while in attempt to rape her he realised that she had her phone on record. This reportedly provoked Daniel in beating her and then threw her from a THREE story building.

She survived by God's grace but currently in hospital in Florence Italy, with injuries on her spinal cord, legs and her waist which she landed with. Daniel has been arrested and the case in court.

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  1. Replies
    1. fateful day....not faithful please

    2. Maybe the guys feels 'why take this to others outside'. What job does she do? Why am I even asking, what do Nigerians do in Italy??

    3. The guy should be thrown from 10 story building too. Nonsense.

    4. Anon 13.47 you well so ????
      I won't be surprised if someone will also blame the lady. Maybe she was rude to him. She should have said No not in a rude manner,pet him. Not "tempting" him into throwing her down a building.
      Since that is our culture in Nigeria.
      Some will still come out to call her ashawo. But even if she is,she still has right to say Yes or no.
      So anon that is Italy. He will be persecuted no matter her profession.

    5. She refused to pay her rent because the guy dey knack am sometimes.
      Ashawo no be work....I repeat.. Ashawo no be work.

  2. Na wa. May God help her. But wetin the man dey look for in this lady?

    1. You are very stupid.

    2. You're an insensitive fool!!!disgusting thing!

    3. How can you say that about your fellow woman?

    4. Yori yori u must be out of ur mutherfucking mind,gosh I hate ur kind of person,are u well in the head? OMG U are so dense,so all u could make out of dis story is hw the lady looks, women like you are the type that hate and say distasteful things about their fellow women,u disgusting piece of shit,oh i can bet u are competing with a female gorrila in terms of beauty,i don't blame u ugly women always have the most to say, numbskull

  3. This lady is very strong. May God heal her.

  4. Thank God for her life! Now this is how criminals behave once they notice u have them on camera. They try to silence u at all cost.

  5. I knew it was Italy..

  6. ThankGod she Survival ooo what a wicked man, he marry perish in jail.


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