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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Nollywood Legends...

 These actors are among those who contributed to the growth of what we refer to today as Nollywood!

The person who compiled this list should not have included actors Adesua Etomi.
RIP Justus Esiri and Sam Loco Efe.
Who else should be included to this list?
I think Genevieve should be added to the list and Shan George taken out....What do you think?


  1. The person that compiled this was bored and had to do something, anything.

    Adesua who?
    And who's that boy up there too?
    Shan George is a nollywood legend and deserves to be up there.

    Genevieve is still their queen all day everyday.

    1. The jobless person that compiled this list should just add Banky W and Ikechukwu (Kiilz) to the list. Mschewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!

      What happened to the likes of Kenneth Okonkwo, Franca Brown, Ramsey Noah, Ameze Imariagbe, Sandra Achums.

      Tonto Dike deserves to enter that list before Adesua.

      Its like the person is suffering from SDK syndrome of hyping cockroach to bird status

    2. Putting @Adesua is an insult... The truth is @Ade can't act...I watch her movies...Yes she can CRY and KISS...that's all.

      Nonsense compilation.


    3. There's a question right under d pix na. So I guess adesuwa n d oda guy was deliberate.

    4. What is Adesuwa doing there?this list up there just be like insult to mama gee,justus esiri,Pete edoche,Sam logo efe,shan george.yeah genny should be there but not to take away shan george ooo.just cast Adesuwa away fiammmm

    5. I guess this person is an Adesuwa hater and just needs people to bash her. He/she now added they other guy to hide his motives.

  2. So where is Olu Jacob, Joke Silva, Ramsay Nouah, Richard Mofe Damejo, Kanayo O Kanayo, Nkem Owoh,Jim Iyke...?

    1. I taya for the list oo

  3. Compilation ndi weed!...
    Where are the likes of Bob Manuel..
    Kanayo o kanayo
    Zack Orji
    Franca brown
    Rita Nzelu
    Rita Dominic,OmoT and Genevieve?
    These are old legends that i grew up to watch!..
    I wonder why people are licking this Adesua's ass!..
    Is it cos she married Banky?...

    1. The thing tire me sef.. Adesuwa kwa? I like d girl but the over-hyping is getting too much.

    2. Chinyere Winifred.
      Liz Benson.

  4. What nonsense!Adesua is not a legend biko where is nkem owoh,Hans Anuku,Charles Okafor and the rest ?

  5. This list is incomplete without Kenneth okonkwo. That guy is the definition of the evolution of nollywood. From the days of Betrayal, outcast and living in bondage. Saw him in court last week, looking so young and fresh. Wonder how old he was when he started out.

  6. Hilda Dokubo, Richard mofe Damijo, Late Francis Agu.. These acted for the passion and not fame. Their works are didactic.

  7. Hilda Dokubo, Richard mofe Damijo, Late Francis Agu.. These acted for the passion and not fame. Their works are didactic.

  8. Adesua and d guy near Pete Edochie(forgotten his name now) should be yanked off puhleaseeee.
    Yep, Genevieve should be there, Rita Dominic, Kanayo O Kanayo, Kenneth Okonkwo, Eucharia Anunobi and several others..

  9. What happened to St Obi, Charles Okafor, Sandra Achums,Eucharia Anunobi, the names plenty.

  10. I feel kanayo o kanayo should be included, and Liz benson

  11. Instead of Genevieve, sussan Patrick, Sandra achumes and Victoria inyama should also be on d list

  12. Ofcourse Adesua is no where near that frame. Even the 3rd pic. what's that his name again? Ayinna

  13. Eyinna, patience ozokwor and Adesua should be excluded from this list. With due respect to patience, she wasn't in nollywood like way way back. Then people included should be Genevieve, Ramsey Noah, Kenneth okwonko (yes he acted the very first nollywood movie), RMD, Sandra achums, Susan Patrick, Jim iyke.

    1. Actually, she was. She was there from the beginning first as a food person then actress. She played good roles. It was when she played the role of a bad mother and wife in Old School that she became popular.

  14. This shows how petty you are! Its embarrassing!

    1. Madame Adesua, welcome ma🙏🙏🙏

  15. Kenneth okonkwor.aunty Ngozi ,nkem owo(osuofia), Blessing ( Nkiru)Emeka Ike, Genny,omosexy ,

    Those actors of 1993_1999.They made nollywold foundation.

  16. Joke Silver and Olu Jacob. Adesuwa is still a learner oooo...

  17. Shan George taken out? hmm.. Shan George, Sandra achums, Lillian Bach, Regina asikia/williams, Ann njamenze/arinze, ibinabo feberesima all inspired Genevieve, ini and Rita Dominic them.

  18. Blossom chukwujekwu and Adesuwa are off.

  19. Did I read u well Genevieve brought in y Shan George taken out, no na Shan is older than Genny na, patience is even new, I expected to c RMD,Liz Benson, Victoria Iyamu, Regina Askia, etc na new faces plenty here.

  20. The two wedding party actors should be out

  21. No na Stella Shan George suppose dey there even Lillian Bach.
    Where is RMD? this list is incomplete

  22. Omo sexy
    Kenneth Okonkwo (Andy of living in bondage
    Peter Bunor
    Rita Dominic
    Saint obi
    Supossed to be in the lists.

  23. Haba! Which kind of list is this??? Where is kanayo O kanayo and Kenneth Okonkwo

  24. whats Adesuwa and Eyinnaya doing there??? Comot them. I love them o. But you gatz respect the Elders.

  25. Which Genevieve?? Na when she start? I don’t think Shan George should be added in the first place sef. There are notable names that they excluded, those ones should be added instead of adesua, Shan George and that fine actor in the wedding party

  26. Adesua etomi and enyinna nwigwe don't belong to that list... And Shan George has paid her dues, she might be a strong actress, but she's good and has been in the industry for long...

  27. The person who made this list must be high on kunu. Where are the zack amata, Kenneth okonkwo, ndidi obi, even late obi madubuogwu, Liz benson, hilda dokubo, ojo arowasafe(fadeyi oloro), the ajileyes( or are they not part of nollywood?).
    They are too numerous to mention: Sandra achums please somebody help me with more names I'm tired to type. When did adesua and Yul start acting? They did not put Gloria Anozie of glamour girls, Barbara Odoh. Haba!!!

    1. Victoria inyama, JT Tom west, gentle Jack, Tony voltron, Alex Lopez , Barbara sokey, Stella Damascus, Regina askia.

  28. Adesua Etomi, shld be removed from this list.

    They should add

    Omotola, genevieve, Rita Dominic, Rita Edochie. Olu Jacobs, All those old actors sha.

  29. bob manuel.
    kanayo o kanayo
    zack orji
    clem ohaneze.
    ameachi munagor
    rita edochie
    chinwe owoh.
    eucharia anunobi
    ramsey noah.

  30. Incomplete:

    Zachy Orji
    Nkem Owoh
    Ramsay Nouah
    Liz Benson (Married now to a minister)
    Justus Esiri
    Adokiye Sekibo ? Hope I got her name?

  31. Hian. This looks like an insult, what impetus?
    Adesua and Eyinna cannot be in the same category with Linc and Yul Edochie sef talkless of Charles Okafor, then Pete. Haba.

    My box: 1
    Legends of Nollywood from 1992;
    1Enebeli Enebuwa
    2Ngozi Nwosu
    3Kenneth Okonkwo
    4Sam Loco Efe
    5Justus Esiri
    6Susan Okafor
    7David Ihesie
    8Kanayo O. Kanayo
    9Nkem Owoh

    My box: 2
    1Patience Ozokwor
    2Nnenna Nwabueze-Okonta
    3Zach Orji
    4Olu Jacobs
    5Richard Mofe -Damijo
    6Liz Benson
    7Charles Okafor
    8St.Obi Nwafor
    9Sandra Achums

    My box: 3
    1Dolly Unachukwu
    2Regina Askia
    3Tony Umez
    4Emeka Ike
    5Genevieve Nnaji
    6Rita Dominic
    7Ramsey Noah
    8Jim Iyke
    9Empress Njamah..

    Biko the list is long, it was 20 years after or thereabout in 2014 that Adesua and Eyinna dem cropped up.
    See their baby group:
    1Meg Otanwa
    2Ivie Okunsaye-Egbo
    3Nancy Isime
    4Eyinnaya Igwe
    5Blossom Chukwujekwu
    6Adesua Etomi-Wellington
    7Peggy Ovire
    8Tope Todela
    9Kenneth Okolie

    There is what is known as I AM NOT YA MATE!
    If I hear!

    1. What is Peggy Ovire doing there? She is one of the worst actresses in Nollywood.

      I love Nancy, she fine. Then I love Linda Osifo...she is forever gorgeous. Saw her in a movie and stared and stared.

      Who is Meg Otanwa? *Ironnoher*

      You see this dude Kunle Remi...he is handsome for days. If it was then I was still in the world, I will put him on my to do list but now...I have retired from the things of the world.

      Nollywood men are popping though.


    2. Adesuwa is just 30/100 in her acting jare. She has never been outstanding in any of her movies I've seen from knocking on heavens door to wedding party. She's just lucky people acting with her do so well that we don't notice her flaws

  32. Kenneth okonkwo nko?? Wetin adesua n ayin dey do dere?? I love ayinn she.. .even emeka ike aught to be in dat list don't care about his failed marriage no one is we for dis list sha

  33. Justus Esiri,Sam Loco Efe, Bukky Ajayi, Kunle Bamtafa, Enebele Elebuwa, Olu and Joke Jacob, Alex Yusuf, Pete Edochie, Omotola Ekeinde, Genevieve Nnaji, Rita Dominic, Emeka Okafor, Nkem Owoh, Kate Henshaw ,Richard Mofe Damijo, Ramsey Noah, Kenneth Okonkwo,, Bob Emmanuel udokwu ,Ngozi Ezeonu, Liz Benson, Ngozi Nwosu, Kanayo o Kanayo,Eucheria Anunobi etc....
    Behind the scenes...
    Amaka Igwe, Chidi Chekere, Emem Isong, Kenneth Nebue, Opa Williams

  34. Well the person asked"who doesnt belong?" So Adesua was obviously put there cos she doesnt belong. Pete Edochie should be there also.

    1. I am surprised a lot of you know all these actors way back then and some of you pretend to be in your early 20's Mehn this just gave you guys away...lots of gwegs on this blog calling another people gwegs...

  35. Amata brothers, Kenneth Okonkwo, RMD, KOK, Paul Obazele, Ngozi Nwosu, Liz Benson, Kunle Bamtefa?...
    No 3&5 no follow, the rest are OK.

  36. Dis list no join @ all. Where is Charles okafor, Rita nzeribe, Gene, ngozi nwosu, ble ble?

  37. Truly juju is real !! I couldn't open the juju post it kept crashing I had to flee from the post pleading blood of Jesus. Ekwensu!! Rapumaka

  38. What of Alex Lopez and Susan Patrick? wonder where they are now

  39. Make unaa calm down ooo, the pictures were compiled for the beer "Legend" to stir controversy i guess. About who's a Legend or not. It has been trending for days now.

  40. Kenneth Okonkwo,Zack Orji,Ngozi Orji,Francis Duru,Ejike Asiegbu,Ngozi Nwaneto, Rita Nzelu, Camellia Mgberekpe, Stephen Anaejemba,Angela Philips, Victoria Iyama,Sandra Achums,Susan Patrick, Eucharia Anunobi,St Obi,Chiege Alisigwe, Ramsey Nouah,Nkiru Silvanus,Genny Nnaji,etc

  41. Adesuwa that can't act to save her life, name her juju dey make una dey over hype her period! Where is Clems Ohameze, Nkiru Sylvania, Salome Okeke, Stephanie Linus etc

  42. how about Norbert and Gloria Young,liz Benson and Charles Okafor?


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