Stella Dimoko Rat In Nigeria Theory Explained By Bishop Sunday Onuoha


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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Rat In Nigeria Theory Explained By Bishop Sunday Onuoha

Do you know how a rat trap can be applied to what is going on n Nigeria today?Please read this must read!

Bishop Sunday Onuoha of Nigeria Inter-Faith Action Association has said there is a rat trap in the country, which can make it descend into chaos. He spoke at the Commonwealth Businesswomen, CBW, Nigeria Prayer Summit, organised by the Chairman/CEO, Mrs Afoma Adigwe, in Lagos, Bishop Onuoha made an allegory:

''The night a man brought his new bride home, a rat ate her toes till she bled. The next morning, the badly shaken husband bought a rat trap and set it in their bedroom. When the rat came that night, it couldn’t feast on the bride. At dawn, the rat went to the cock and narrated the trap trouble, urging the cock to help in finding a solution. The cock said “It is a rat trap. So what is a cock’s business?”

The rat went to the goat for help. But the goat said “I am too big for a rat trap to trouble.” The rat then went to the cow, who laughed heartily and told the rat to go elsewhere for help. That night was cold. So the snake decided to look for a warm place to sleep and ended up in the new couple’s bedroom. In the course of the night, it slithered around and its tail got caught in the rat trap. The injured snake rolled around in pains and bit the bride, who died before her husband could get her to the hospital.

When the house became full with friends and family members, who were keeping the new widower company, the cock was killed for food. Later, the goat was also killed. For the funeral , the cow was killed. There is a rat trap in Nigeria,” Bishop Onuoha concluded.
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  1. I don’t understand how this story is related to Nigeria situation at the moment!
    Pastor better go and learn story writing from Oga Abati!

    Just Krix!

    1. Intelligence grant to Krix o lord, and let ur spirit of understanding come upon him.

  2. hmmmmmmm really rat trap. Nigeria is in trouble

  3. Interesting allegory but very scary

  4. So a trap that was set for a criminal ended up killing an innocent woman and the people who refused to remove the trap were also affected yet the criminal is still roaming the streets?

    1. Gbam! In essence it's saying that soon enough everyone will be caught up

    2. In this story it seems the rat is wiser than the hunter(person setting the trap). So who will catch the rat??

    3. If you dwell too much on the details of the story, you will miss its essence. The essence is, if we refuse to do the right thing about a bad situation because we think we're not directly affected, sooner or later, we will be affected, one way or another.

    4. Anon 10:08 I can agree with you to a small extent, in the story above, the people that refused to help the rat didn't do anything bad. Infact I applaud them for not assisting the criminal(rat) in removing the trap set for him.. In spite of their good works, nemesis still catch up with them.

      The message in the story is not well interpreted.

    5. @anon 10:08 you have a point too buh you can also you can look at the analogy from another angle which is no entirely far from your vantage point.

  5. The demise of a nation starts within its homes. Gaskiya


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