Stella Dimoko Spontaneous Thursday Morning Post...


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Thursday, January 04, 2018

Spontaneous Thursday Morning Post...

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Good Morning and happy Thursday to you.....If you are already at work,thumbs up eh...

............So my inbox was bombarded by those seeking the business capital giveaway......Everyone who mailed me will not even be considered....some of you are ashamed to ask in public but mock those who do..I cannot remember asking to be mailed because it puts me under pressure and when that happens i take the easy way out by probably please let us just do it the way it is comfortable for everyone.

Those of you whose business plans are bigger than the giveaway money,please forget about it because if you take less than what you need,you cannot build it into anything.....I still don't know how to go about selecting so i think if I do a post specially for this,asking again for those who are interested to pen down their business ideas and how much they need,I and anybody willing to help will reach out to them...

Those that travelled,how far?Funny how time flies and how people change when money touches their hands huh?Hahahahaha

The pregnant lady confused between buying baby things and paying for house rent has contacted me and her identity has been checked and confirmed and she will get the N50k gifted her by another female BV today unfailingly...I hope the Angel that gifted her is reading this?....Thank you.

What else?BV Droyalty,can you get set to over see to Saturday in house gists?This Saturday will be monetised and we need someone to count and you do it so

Those of una wey send in one or two Chronicles,I receive am,those of una wey need to send,abeg send.

Any faces of in house news?send!
Any business meme!send and stop to make am look like say i dey beg una for meme,if na free post you want,send,we must improve and stop begging this year.

Eka Joy that problem you have when flying is easy to take care of..stop closing your mouth during take off or landing...get busy and work your mouth into an exercise or chew like you have gum in your mouth but with open mouth so that air does not gather in your ears....well this works for me.
Your photos look so nice and you look so fly...Make i post am?LOL

Have a nice day everyone and remember to choose love,no matter how much you are provoked...

I know that I am a drama queen but please overlook my flaws..........and forgive me if i have stepped on your ''mighty toes''
Lets get the job done together!!!



  1. Is it small me that God decided to favour like this? Ah... God I thank you oh. Thank you for a Beautiful 2018. I'm grateful....

    Am I the only one that feels like throwing up after a cup of green tea? Pls what causes it and what can stop it?

    Please I need help cos I'm beginning to like the taste of Green tea but the after feeling isn't so nice..... help me

    1. Welcome back

    2. I missed so much. Let me catch up on posts cos I'm almost lost in this post. See y'all in IHN

    3. Thank you lovely Jesus for this wonderful morning.

      Good morning everyone.

      This year is my year of positive turnaround. What about you?

      Nice day to you all

    4. Sdk and my fellow beeveess help me thank Sharon Aminu. She gave a bag full of cloth to one of my family friend I gave her no to. Even though the girl is not a bv but she said Sharon was nice to her and even brought the cloth close to her house. Thanks Sharon may God bless you greatly for this acts of kindness to a total stranger.

    5. Angel pls locate me in my time Amen!

    6. You bless Sharon Aminu.

    7. Good morning every one.
      Same girl May be you should try adding a flavour like ginger or lemon to give you after test.the first time I did Lipton I threw up, have never tried it again in my life let alone green or red tea but I like Alliance coffee

    8. God bless and increase you Sharon dear.

  2. A famous writer was in his study room. He picked up his pen and started writing:

    **Last year, I had a surgery and my gallbladder was removed. I had to stay stuck to the bed due to this surgery for a long time.

    **The same year I reached the age of 60 years and had to give up my favourite job in the Publishing company in which I had spent 30 years of my life

    **The same year I experienced the sorrow of the death of my father.

    **And in the same year my son failed in his medical exams because he had a car accident. He had to stay in bed at hospital with the cast on for several days. The destruction of car was another loss.

    At the end he wrote: Alas! It was such bad year!!

    When the writer's wife entered the room, she found her husband looking sad lost in his thoughts. From behind his back she read what was written on the paper, left the room silently and came back with another paper which she placed on the side of her husband's writing.

    The husband found the following written on the paper:

    **Last year I finally got rid of my gall bladder due to which I had spent years in pain.

    **I turned 60 with sound health and got retired from my job. Now I can utilize my time to write something better with more focus and peace.

    **The same year my father, at the age of 95, without depending on anyone or without any critical condition met his Creator.

    **The same year, God blessed my son with a new life. My car was destroyed but my son stayed alive without getting any disability.

    At the end she wrote: Last year was an immense blessing of God and it passed well!!

    See!! The same incidents but different viewpoints.

    *Moral:* In our daily lives we must see that it's not happiness that makes us grateful but gratefulness that makes us happy.

    There is always, always, always something to be thankful for!!

    Your current position is somebody's future expectation.

    Your life now is somebody's prayer request.

    Don't let the devil point at you that somebody is doing better than you. It is a strategy for ingratitude.

    Anything you celebrate multiplies, anything you despise diminishes.

    Appreciation is the vehicle for acceleration.

    Gratitude is the lift to great altitude.

    To see what God will do, you must acknowledge what God has done.

    Stay grateful.
    Be grateful

    1. I choose to be grateful even in The midst of storm. Thanks for this piece 😘

    2. πŸ‘Œ. Baba GOD I'm always grateful for All you have done in my life.

    3. This post was specially for me. Father I'm grateful

  3. Mehn!the cold today is a mean lady wearing a red gown red lipstick and a red stiletto...So fierce!!!
    I wonder how people still bath with cold water in this weather.
    Good morning BVs

    1. Lolz... The cold ain't funny

    2. I've never and will never bath with hot water, no matter how cold😎,and I drink only drink with ice cubes 😎😎

    3. The kind of cold that makes nipples aggressively poke out!

    4. Nothing can make me bath with warm water, I still drink blocked water if I see.

    5. Anonymous 8:24πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ™†πŸ˜Ž

    6. I've never and will never bath with hot water, no matter how cold😎,and I drink only drink with ice cubes 😎😎

    7. @Emjay & LadyBug I raise Beyonce hands for you two... Say what! Cold water bath in this weather mbok! I can understand the cold drink ish not cold water bath.
      @Anon 08:24 :-D you get the gist! Especially for some of us that have...

  4. Good morning house. Wishing us all a beautiful and blessed day ahead.

    1. Wishing you all a fabulous morning
      Sdk is definitely a place to be.

  5. To those of you who think that they are the best mathematicians ever liveth , this one is for you.

    If one thousand grams make one kilogram
    1. How many grams make one Instagram?
    2. How many grams make one telegram?

    Shey you guys make the rest of us seem like mumu in class those days, oya display your talent here!!!
    Good Morning Good People Of This Blog.

    Your comment will be visible after approval

    1. Alloy tyre.. How u dey. Imagine, u bad like..

      Mc pinky

  6. God did not promise us an easy or a perfect life. In Isaiah 43 (2-3) He says, when thou passest through waters, I will be with thee, and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee, when though walkest through the fire, though shall not be burned, neither shall the flame kindle upon thee. Even Jesus Christ, Our Saviour, had his own share of life.

    Every man will at some stage pass through a tough time , no matter how privilege he is. However, the testimony of those who are with God, is that they finally overcome!

    If 2017 has not been so good, by God grace you have another year 2018. Things do get better.
    Good morning 😘😘😘😘

  7. Good morning Stellz and bvs. Today is another day. I pray that God bless the work of our hands today(the good ones o)...
    Have a blissful day everyone...

    1. Amen.
      Please beevees patronize me.this is a season on harmattan,protect your skin you hear?

    Finally,the holidays are over and people are gradually returning to their places of work or business. The fear of being sacked/laid off is real, except if na your papa get the company....
    My village people have been asking me: ''bros,how far now?'' since on Tuesday. Well,I interpret their ''how far now?'' to mean ''what are you still doing in the village?'' In my little village, where darkness is NEPA's perennial Christmas gift and power supply was last restored in November, if you stay more than a week after the yuletide,people will start crossing the street on sighting you...
    Anyway,I learnt that it's 12k to get to my base. Then if I add my luggage and the food items my family members have been contributing,as if they are in haste to chase me away from the village, then I am sure I'll spend more than 15k to get to base.
    In any case, a lady wants me to buy her ''something from the village''. Advise me on what to buy for her.Will Four for #50 orange be OK?
    Well,on a second thought,I think I'll join a family travelling to my base. That way,I'll save the 10k transport fare. The only snag is that their attitude is suggesting that I may inconvenience them. They have not been specific about their travelling arrangement and may help only because we're neighbours...
    One of my New Year resolutions is to be proactive,so I can put up with the attitude. I can't spend 10k plus on transport when I can get a free ride,lol!
    I heard that many travellers are selling their phones at bus parks: to complete their ticket fares. Someone claimed to have bought a ''good'' phone for #1,000. The reason for the motor park sales being that the ''big boys'' don't want the villagers to ridicule them if they beg from friends. Hence,sell at the park and enter motor sharpaly!
    E be like say I go even take style visit a motor park sef. I fit just start to harass passengers:
    ''Bros with big head,I wan buy your phone.''
    ''No,not you the one with tiny much?''
    ''Artificial sister,how much be this Android?''
    ''Your mama na thief,how I go pay #5,000 for iphone 7,I de craze? E beta make I carryam smoke SK na...''
    ''Aunty with iru Fanta and ukwu Coke,how much you fit sell your own?''
    Thanks to idleness,I spent the whole of yesterday with my Albino friend. We talked about many things under the sun and visited jobless people like us...
    We discussed the dressing,character,background: in fact the entire being of whomever we sighted. We were the only perfect duo: others had one fault or the other.
    Then this my Albino friend decided that I should accompany him to see his girlfriend. The girlfiend turned out to be a girl who just finished writing her WAEC and waiting to take JAMB. The elder sister is the community prostitute: five children from different fathers and still Kezayaring her wares...
    Wetin pain me pass na the unabashed sexual discussion between the community borehole and my friend. She had not had sex since December and was getting ready to go and give it to the boyfriend who was complaining that she was not washing her downbelow very well...
    Later on,he waited for me to recover from my shock and, under the cover of darkness,whisk me to a bar with another friend and a girl he claimed to be his fiancee. After ordering for drinks and peppersoup,he decided to be the most romantic man after Banky W by ordering the girl to give him her right hand. Then he stood up and gave her a ring he must have bought from a Mallam for not more than #1,000.
    Na that time I look the girls eczema face wella and begin form marriage advisor. I relayed to her all the pieces of advice I've been reading from hypocrites on this blog,while she was smiling sheepishly and taking in all the nonsense. She go hear in nine months time,good luck to them...

    1. Lol @Paul Okah You're a certified comedian.

  9. Good morning stella nwayioma 😘😘
    Good morning bvns😘😘😘

  10. Another day of work I have to get somewhere 1st this morning.good morning to you all buggy how is you?
    Why condemn people and still go bug SDK with mail smh!

    1. I dey o,Bee to the 10 😎😎

      Na today Stella dey receive those mails,there's no need saying it again 😎,it has become stale 😎😎😎

    2. Lols
      They feel too big to beg in public..

    3. Bee to the 10 😘😘

    4. Stella you like sieving my comments 😎😎😎

  11. Replies
    1. Lady bug hahahaha I go just dey Dodge your tantrums

  12. Stella. Thank u for your helps. God bless ur efforts and lead you into choosing the sincere and genuine in all your giveaways.
    I need the business giveaway too.
    Will send wen it's time.

    Morning bvs.
    Do have a blessed day

  13. Ekaaro o, Inakwana, Ndewo, good morning everyone.. y'all av a terrific Thursday!

  14. anonymous to bahd4 January 2018 at 08:08

    Yes! Post Eka looking like an eskimo, lol, all padded up for cold weather tins.

    Eka, no open leg for that guy o! Make hin do the right thing biko, then we're on track! I promise to attend your wedding, and bring along either a really nice gift or cash equivalent.

    1. Is it your leg?😎😎😎

      Inside this weather,man pickin no go shana 😎😎😎

    2. Eka don't worry Mr A will propose. Just come and appease the gods on sdk blog.

    3. anonymous to bahd4 January 2018 at 09:01

      Let the shanaing be legal! Make Eka no send chronicle because I go yab am pieces. Buggy no give evil advice this year o, only legsl sex please, enough fornication & adultery and homosexuality, enough! Even Linda Eze sef go repent, kilode. Odi the messed up girl repented, so has Ibukun, soon Kidjo will follow suit, Amin!

  15. See big business owners begging for business capital oriegwu
    Justyswt the lazy housewife also come out as usual. It's only she nd Thelma that came out among her group, others have borrowed sense. All the lazy corpers that came out to beg, when I was serving, I savwd money and after service year I started business with my savings. I was serving in Osun and my ppa was a secondary school. I made myself useful by doing other things asides my allowance. I did not wait for anyone to give me business capital.

  16. Am asking my father, the Lord Almighty to baptize you with amazing testimonies this year In Jesus mighty name, amen.

  17. Beautiful SP..
    SDK God bless you for throwing the business give away open once again. I missed it yesterday.
    I would love to be considered for that business give away ooh. I want to starts buying weavons and attachment at whole sale price from trade fair in Lagos and sell it to my fellow students in jos here. Money dey that business gaskia. I pray am chosen too this time around. Am tired of running nights shift to support my studies but with that business I can relax and read my books at night.
    #Life of a hustling student #
    God bless SDK and bvs..
    Its gonna be a blessed year for us all...
    Princess loves you all..

  18. Good morning beautiful people, hope you all slept well? Am still in the village, harmattan is too much here ooo .I need the business giveaway ooo .

    God Bless Everyone.

  19. A great morning to everyone.blessing,mercy,favour ND grace fall on u all.

    Wia is my dude... Kelvin edo πŸ‘§

    Mc pinky

  20. Beautiful Thursday Morning. The Harmattan is very sweet. I pray it continues so that all those yeye mosquitoes will not bite anyone. Who else is enjoying the harmattan. I am really enjoying it. Bathing with cold water makes it more sweeter.

    I had to go and read IHN again, na wa. So many people asking for N100k and some have bigger things to buy than the 100k. It is well. Lets still be looking at what they can do before we go shook mouth and hands into it.

    Today is gonna be good. I have claimed today to be good for all of us, this time the devil will not win in our cases again Amen.

    Chai, came to the office to do one or two things, now i don spoil something. Make i go look who go help me fix it. It is well.

    Trying to do some personal stuff and now it has hooked. Chai.

    All those looking for help, may God Almighty locate helpers to you all Amen.

    Come 2019 lets vote Baba out. The suffering of the masses is just too much. Imagine married men and women begging for just common N100k that I used to settle the guy taking care of my boy who stays with me so that he can walk again from the yeye car accident nwa boy boy caused for his oga. God is good.

    See you all. Love you all and just remember that 2018 is a year of increase for all of us and if you believed just say Amen. Because God has got bigger plans for everyone of us.

    See you. Will be drinking my tea soon.

    1. My dear 100k will go a long way in this economy now..
      How is ur boy???

  21. Cold morning...

  22. Good morning everyone... Have a fufilled day y'all ..
    I cutehajia omo mummy wish to be known and addressed as Eleha omo mummy..

  23. Goodmorning sdkville. Hope we all had a nice night? Am so loving this weather.
    Pls,anybody has an idea if Lasuth or Lagos HSC will be recruiting this year? Tnx
    Have a nice day,y'all. Lady bug,mark me present for sp register o.

    1. Lasuth is always recruiting codedly. Go and drop your credentials in the admin office. You'd be contacted when they need people.
      All the best.

  24. let me mark an early register today. its gonna be a busy day for me. God bless my going out and my coming in, i wish you guys the same.

  25. #Ilovereadingyourhashtag#Stellsoflife#Godblessyourealgoodmaami#Goodmorningeveryone#

  26. Top of the morning bv's ,
    Issa good news
    I just had the first bleeping of the year
    Mind blowing
    I wish am not working today .
    It was 2 hours of paradise
    We both got to cloud 9
    Multiple orgasm
    Cum cummer cummest .
    I feel good ,so good

  27. Gudmorning lovelies,issa happy day for me,please permit me to write an epistle dis morning, so on the Santa post,i put it up that anybody willing to help me should please do with my daughter's schl fee and unintentionally add the name of her schl to it which automatically disqualifies my comment cos it serves as an advert,so i learnt,(I publicly apologise for that once again),unknowingly to me,bf it was removed,an angel has copied my number there but i kept disturbing Stella with lots of mail to please re-enable it,after some minutes, i received a message from an anonymous asking for the total amount which i told her and i was asked if it won't be late by first week in Jan,which i answered no,to my surprise in d early hours of today #42,000 was credited to my account from this anonymous, my child's fee and an extra added,i sincerely don't know how to appreciate u ma but almighty God knows how to compensate you and your generations,you will never lack by His grace,olowogbogboro will always bless u in all your endeavors, i am so grateful ma and to you Stella God plans for you and your generations is beyond any human being, you shall live long to enjoy every bit of your goodness, thanks for also tolerating my excesses

    1. Good am happy for you pls don't disappear. Keep making SDK a family blog and one day you will be a blessing to another person.

    2. God bless your Angel. such an amazing testimony

    3. Good for you,it's now time for you to make an informed decision because if you pay for this term,where is the next term coming from?

      And again you are heavily pregnant,I just hope you set your priority right 😎😎😎

      God bless the Angel.

    4. Congrats to you and yes do not disappear
      I agree with buggy how do yo get the next school fees? I pray help locate you so you can locate others.

    5. @Buggie,thanks for d concern and advise,God bless u for that,for the record,i am heavily pregnant and was working as well but early morning sickness couldn't make me cope,will get back on my feet soon,i am not lazy and it is not in my gene to beg but certain conditions will put one to it at times.

    6. *not* heavily,keypad be typing namsense

  28. Good morning everyone. Hope y'all slept well?

    For the business capital giveaway, I humbly nominate these persons
    1-Isaacsoonbaba- He already has an existing business and seems to have a good head on his shoulders, Let's help him grow.

    Ayodele Daniel the cyber cafe guy and The blessed one(shoemaker) should also be considered. They have good business plans.

    Let me also use this opportunity to explain myself, Early last year a bv paid for me along side two other bvs sponsored by Stella to attend a three months intensive course on fashion designing(for beginners), We finished the course in March but couldn't continue with the intermediate classes mostly because of funds and the fact that I had to go back to school. Along the line, Stella offered to get three of us sewing machines and she did that through Efe.
    I went back to school in March, settled down and enrolled with a tailor close to my house. The training here is not as intensive as the one in the fashion school and the fact that i have to attend classes most times. I am learning fast and can even make clothes but i am not good enough to go commercial YET. I will be rounding up by April/May and I MUST come back to do the little i can here. Those that always mention me among those that got business capital and didnt come back to report, hope you have heard? I did NOT get any business start up capital from Stella. I got a domestic sewing machine( not industrial like someone mentioned) from Stella and it is helping me greatly. Stella I love you, May God bless and prosper you beyond your expectations. My success story can never be complete without SDK and I must give back. So help me God

    1. I chose not to say anything but will definitly come back to give. I am still learning.

  29. Can someone please tell GT bank they should stop deducting my money without reason...

    1. So you even get money? Leave the capital empowerment post naaa

    2. Lemme answer your Mumu self. Did you see me ask for capital empowerment or the harmattan has affected your brain that you can't reason well again.. Biko , mbok, ejo, brother Abi Aunty, e fun ra yin lopolo...

  30. Morning to y'all.

    Exercise things here.

  31. Stella, God bless your darling heart.
    Thanks got the various ways you help here. May you never lack help in life.

    I am interested in d giveaway too o. When its time, I will do d needful.
    Make I no shame miss my blessing o.
    Morning everyone.
    Have a blessed day.

  32. Something happened in my area that I'll like to read bvs inputs on it please, cause as it is now opinions are divided.
    A man in my area got married & in less than a month the wife left him, took everything they had & fled with her lover. He was so devastated & heartbroken that his friends thought of getting him remarried before he does something drastic with his life. They approached the church (I'm not going to mentionthe name though) & inform the pastor & elders what was going on & begged them to remarry him in the church but the church refused & told them that as long as the 'wife' is alive, they can't remarry him. They said that he & the 'wife' have already taken an oath of "for better for worse" , this is her worse so he should cope with it & wait for her return. They can only remarry him when she dies.
    But the question here is;
    .Is the church right by not remarrying him? Remember he didn't send her away but she ran.
    .What are the worse in a marriage that one has to endure?
    Quoting the "for better for worse" phrase.
    Please share your thoughts.

    1. My thoughts.
      Remarrying immediately won't remedy the situation. It might even worsen it.
      His wife of less than a month betrayed him and he is advised to remarry? Trust issues will tear them apart or lead the supposed new wife to frustration. Remarrying immediately isn't the solution at all.

    2. Thanks Bloggie for your input, you're the real MVBM.

  33. Poverty in the land,lol! The giveaway na wa! Just like the Santa Post,BVs suddenly resurrected,lol! It is well!

  34. Na wa o, E go better.. This year, I am going to Love me!!( big smiles). This year is all about Me...

  35. Same girl you can use honey for your green tea if you cant drink it like that.

    Sorry ooo. You will be fine. Stop throwing up.

  36. Good morning bvs .....have a blessed day

  37. Good morning bvs .....have a blessed day

  38. I'm making a surprise delivery to Sango ota, please when is the best time and day to go to avoid traffic.

    I'll be coming from Ogba.

    Please help.

    1. Go and ask giditraffic 😎😎

    2. Because lots of people are still out of Lagos, the roads are free for now. Went to Sango Otta on Tuesday we didn't spend up to 1 hour to get there from Ojodu Berger left home to 11am before 12 we were there.

    3. From 11am
      Buggy πŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    4. Bee 10 and Anon 9:14 Thank you,God bless.

  39. A new day, a new month, a new year for my bro. Happy birthday darling.
    Yesterday, I dressed for warmth only to regret it when I got to the office cos all I had planned were cancelled. Thank goodness for the green tea I carried though. I have no idea if it is what's keeping my immune system up and preventing cough from overwhelming me. Almost everyone is coughing around me but I keep my throat "wet" cos the dry feeling is what triggers cough for me. I refuse to be dehydrated this period.
    One thing I'd like us to do for one another is gifting people lip balms or gloss this period. If you use matte lipstick that has absolutely no oil, try a little balm first to keep your lips smooth. I'm working outside today and don't care what the temperature reads, I'm wearing what I want πŸ˜’πŸ˜. I LOVE THIS WEATHER!!!
    Really too early to start a birthday countdown but I love birthdays! I'm counting in my head. Have a wonderful day y'all

  40. SP Baby πŸ’ƒ

    Hello Yummies, this cold no be here.

    Meanwhile, who is experiencing this black out. No light since yesterday 😟😟😟. We can't start 2018 like this nauu Haba!

    Iya Boyfriends aka Mrs Korkyy, how is uuuu.

    I wish we all could be less judgemental on this Blog so people can be true to themselves. Imagine going through the back door to make a request😞😞😞.

    XP, carry villa goodies come back ohh. Palmwine and other orisirisi.

    Chike Teflon, Nna where you dey? Amam na Christmas eju be ji afoπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

    Pepperoni, no need to ask. You had a blast.

    Bia TGW, who gave you leave of absence from this BlogπŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

    Chi Exotic, Christmas is over. Ngwa lota osiso make we start this years hustle.

    Sandy Yo! Another MIA person, y'll better show up with goodies ohhh. I dey quick vex.

    Atheist, hmmmm all that your Sex position talk in yesterday's chronicles. You is a bad boy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Bia Beloved, the Christmas euphoria is over. Resume your duty post with immediate alacrity

    Greatlady, how are you sweetie.😊😊

    Buggie go easy on them this year ohhhπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    King without a Kingdom aka King Eze. I hope you finally ate Beans on Christmas Day 😊😊

    Have a Blessed Everyone

    Lipstickalley signing out ✌ ✌ ✌

    1. I dey try πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜Ž

  41. Happy new year to you all... Starting the new year as a medico:). Went to price books yesterday, the prices are not even smiling. Please medicos what is the best book for Anat and phys.

  42. Thank you God for the gift of life.
    Have a blessed day beautiful people

  43. Stella pls don't open any post for them to beg for the business capital. That yesterday own is ok. It came as a surprise to them that is why you did not see 500+ comments. This one that you just said, one person will go and open like 10 blog ids and compose different stories with them in readiness to apply for the capital. Then you see 500+ comments on that day except you disable comments after 200. But still, that 200 may belong to only 30 people. Pls let any one that want to pick, go and pick from yesterday in house news.

    1. I concur @Anonymous 8:58

  44. Sharon God bless you plenty. May your wish for this 2018 come to pass Amen. We will all follow you sing halleluyah.

    Some people be looking for trouble.

    Dada Toyosi congrats again. More blessings to you.

    May God bless others too; I can see people with BP because of school fees and other things, it is well. Our children will complete their education whether the devil likes it or not Amen.

    God provides for all. Philippians. 4:19 Is our Portion in Jesus name Amen

  45. grant us our hearts desire this year

  46. Morning beautiful people, God bless that santa that gave 42k, God bless you too Stella for your kindness..

  47. *blinking*
    Goodmorning lovelies.This harmattan is a "talking weather" .feels like I'm in Rayfield - Jos mehnnn.On the road heading back to Eko with my girls, got 2 hotchics in my cartrunk. hahaha.Transporters wan use high t-fare hold them down for villa but chics enter back of motor,they must resume their work na.DH will return with the rest by weekend,duty calls first; my phones are buzzing already.Thank God I travelled with some Full Corporate Orders for review,some reach 75 pages sef.I hate Fire Brigade Approach. aarrgghh!

    This ΓΌgΓΊrΓΉ should continue blowing till i land Eko,boil and dry out my basket of cocoyam biko as the thing wan turn to gold,I go ahead ahead.Onugbu soup must dey done.kikiki

    Stella Kork...please for easy recall for late comers to posts like me,can you number the 4 new series;
    Emergency room
    Mama Nnukwu
    Mama Tee
    Iya Ibeji

    And what is the line "are you kidneying me?" I see that and dont gerrit. Links or referrals anyone? would appreciate.

    King XOXO welcome back from "xmas in Washington DC",wait or is it New Jerset? I see you clear like water, i know the code after reading the fanikayode post latenight.You eeh, you appeared with a 'bang' hahaha You forgot the 'dadang'.kikiki. Biko na villa i dey come from with plenty bunches of unripe plantain and bananas. if i laugh too loud dem fit go quick ripe.
    Also welcome back to all bvs too. A happy new year. Our early mormor comments on Jan 1st got mistakenly deleted. oriegwu!

    Road is free. Stranded passengers allover.
    God take control of 2018.
    God take charge of steering.

    Ngwanu bye.

    1. Hashtag not harshtag @XP Loved your gist!

  48. Jostified mom, something made the woman to run; so we have to look at the cause of why the woman ran away after one month of marriage. The story of running with lover looks somehow. Or the woman dont love the man and has made plans with somehow.

    It is too hasty for the church to marry the man again, what will people say about it. I am sure the church is trying to protect its image. Since it adultery, they might want to consider again but it is too early for the man to get married.

    Let him process all that happened to him and then get plan B. If he marries, he will use what the first wife did to him and do wicked things to the second wife. It is well with them

    1. Thanks Yoriyori Princess for your input.

  49. Morning lovely people,wish you all a blessed and wonderful day.

  50. Happy New Year Everybody
    How market?
    All of you have turned to business owners. Where was I? It seems like I closed my eyes for a minute only to wake up to CEOs of business. This is wonderful. By the way, some of you doing business and lacking funds should look into partnership. Have a silent partner . There are people who would like to own a business but it is too busy to nurture it but then again, some of you are very very greedy. You will probably dupe your silent partner of the proceeds of the business and even try to have the person killed. Its best you look into loans from microfinance banks but some of you may use the loan to buy a car out of your poverty mentality and the need to pepper your village people. I would have also suggested you form a cooperative society where you help one another but greed is still a thing. I have run out of suggestion.

    But I would like to run a tech company. I am tired of women been limited to gender assigned business like fashion designing, cake baking and e.t.c.

    Dear sexy girls , you can run a sexy car wash company though where you will blast loud music wear short short and twerk for your customers.

    I had an amazing 2017. Meet me on IHN for the next post .

    Xp...tell my babies I love them a lot . I am so glad you are doing well. I loved you 2016, 2017 and I still love you 2018.



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