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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sunday In House Gists - Neigbourhood Crush

Everyone has/had one right?

Do you remember your neighbourhood crush?Did it eventually happen or you just moved on and now laugh about it when you remember or see them?

Mine never happened and now I laugh about it cos this person has nothing that even interests me now..I guess it is all part of growing up?

I remember looking into their house from our window every second just to catch a glimpse of him,My problem was compounded by the fact that i read too many love novels..LOL

Do you have a neighbourhood crush story?


  1. Looooooooool

    Neighbourhood crush πŸ€” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. Sdk, your bvs and awoof money are like 5and 6. Just because there is no reward for today's gist, comments are less than 40 since 2:pm. By this time yesterday,7:24pm, we already had up to 100 comments. If I were you, I would surprise them and give reward for today's gists and cancel yesterdy's own or share the money for both Saturday and Sunday gist winners. some of them will bite their fingers

    2. U are right dear, some pple only make comments all cuz of give away.

      Mc pinky

  2. My crush den was our landlords son....πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚it was only a never graduated.

    Mnwhile....havillah and nhn....kilode??? Wat r u pipo dragging?? Bestie...twinnie....havillah's new twinny is d pacifier she's bn sleeping with.

  3. Once had one on a fellow female,I think she knew coz each time I went in she wears skimpy shorts and transparent blouses with her boobs pointing at me,Mann it was hard to resist,thank God i finally packed.I was gay as fuck back then.

    1. anonymous to bahd14 January 2018 at 15:14

      Try telling that to Galore! She promised to stop sef, whosai. Just few days ago she told Selene she's sweet, I was like chai, poor selene! If galore catch you! Things will be numb and dripping. Hmmm.

  4. I had one when I was in ss3, whenever I saw him I would become breathless,he wasn't that hot and I still don't know why i was tripping,sometimes I would catch him staring at me we weren't in the same class tho,sometimes i would leave my class to his to borrow text books I didnt need just to see him,we never said hi till we left secondary school. I didn't even know his name till date

    1. Spoilt beans. At your age instead of face your book. You were fucking

  5. Nope,I only had classmate crush...
    But I never told anyone about it,in fact I pretended to hate him most among other guys in my class then. I never knew this same guy was dying for me too but he doesn't want to fall his hands as he always sees alot of guys begging for my attention. So he thought he stand no chance with me without knowing I was also dying to have him too. I was just using those other guys to pepper him then. Kikikik..kai,one of my teachers then was not helping matter he was always hailing meeee..he will appreciate my long hair,my height, nice figure etc... And all the guys will just be shouting master sir,is enough noooow...we're here to learn geography not about miss*** yes I was my school beauty Queen during days which made most handsome cutes guys wanna dieeeee just to grab my attention except for that my yeye crush that refused to notice me until after we left school.. He just called me up on phone one day like that to tell me he has always crushed on me but doesn't know how to come forward since alot of guys were already on my case. I laugh that day ehn...anyway when he called I've outgrown my feelings for him bcos better guys in my nursing SCH were already on my case took.kikikikik.. I just told him let's be best of friends which he turned down the request..I just kuku borne am sharp sharp..
    If you see this...T..oluse..its me
    Princess L.O. I still care about u.

    1. anonymous to bahd14 January 2018 at 15:17

      Lol! Beauty queen of eleyele community grammar, brown on brown khaki uniform, lol! Just kidding. I used to pinch the girl I had a crush on! Till she kissed me one night, I ran, lol!

    2. Na now you dey care about am lolz wen you don turn granny. Kikikiki. Go marry biko

    3. Unintelligent keep hyping your desperate self with your gbagauns. You want men here to contact you. Beauty without brains

  6. I had one few years ago, one evening I went and stood in front of her compound hoping she will come out. Infact that day I had decided I must speak to her and tell her my mind, I wore my best starched shirt πŸ‘• and a pair of sneakers πŸ‘Ÿ with nice Chinos trouser.

    That period was when the Boko haram matter was on the extreme so people were adviced to watch or report any suspicious movement around their area. My street is a long one so it was possible for someone living in the same street to still meet you and assume you are a stranger.

    While I was standing in front of her house, one agbero man living in her compound came out and asked me what or who I was waiting for.. I couldn't tell him cause he might also be drilling or having crush on the girl too.. 😁😁, so I told him I was waiting for someone. He insisted I must tell him the person or I leave the place, before you know it we started arguing and quarreling and all of a sudden we started fighting. Omo the guy tore my shirts to pieces and people came out and was watching us, including my crush. As the fight was going on, the guy ran inside his compound, came out with a broken bottle, you need to see me running like I was being chased by devil.... 😁😁😁, woman matter no go kill me.

    But the good thing is that the fight brought me closer to my crush. Story for another day.

    1. If thers's need for vote, u have mine.

    2. Hahaaahhahaahahahahah

    3. Lolz. Kikikikik

    4. Hahahahh the guy had to make sure you were not strapped with bombs.

    5. Uncle Skywhite stop hyping your gist in ghost mode. There is no voting today. With your gbagauns. How many 'shirts' did you wear?

    6. Skywhite why are you hyping your gist in ghost mode?

    7. Anon no vex about the gbagauns.. Na mistake. Mabinu.

  7. Kayode Adeojo,my all time crush in poly qtrs,KD.

  8. Oh yes! I am looking for Ademola Banjo, Michael Anna. They both lived in surulere. I crushed on this guts like no tomorrow. Suddenly, we moved. I wish I can just see them.

  9. Yes oo... na that girl teach me bad thing we dey live for army quarters ,Kai the girl na she make me like to dey "suck"

    We come see for 2015;Kai,the love come come back Sweet


  10. I crushed on a boy living in the next compound! I always peeped though the curtains whenever I hear his voice. But he was equally crushing on me and I didn't day I went downstairs to fetch water when it was raining only for me to discover that he equally came down to fetch water, we got talking and he asked me to be his gal. Oh my gosh! I felt like floating in the air, after that day we kept writing letter and passed it through our mutual friends.we actually kissed once but we didn't stay in that hood again because we packed into our own place and that was how the relationship ended because there was no way of communicating again, that was in the era of no phone!Tata I still miss you sha!!

  11. I had a crush on my friend/neighbour's uncle when I was in secondary school. He was just a few years older than me. And we were pretty close, dunno if he knew I had a crush on him though. Nothing came of it and I gained admission.

    Years later when I saw him again, I realised he had that ondo/ekiti accent, u know that imahun/imagine, seven/sehun kinda accent.

    Only realised this when I was done with the crushing.

    1. Hahaha haha imahun and sehun.

      I had a crush right in our compound then, but nothing came out of it. When I saw him on facebook recently I thank God I did Not have anything to do with him then it was just hi hi.

  12. Osas, my first crush!

    I remember you and your green tracksuit. You were damn too hot! Everyone in my family was on alert! Per chance your gate opened and you came out, my name was called to behold my crush.

    In my dreams, we had a family. I had named our cute kids. Everyday I saw you, butterflies flurried in my stomach.

    The first day you spoke to me, I won’t forget. I had to tell a mutual friend that I loved ( had a crush) on you. She “hooked” us up.

    You knew I loved you, that’s why you treated me the way you did!

    Years later, with the crush gone, you married with a kid. I am still single and reliving the memories.

    Anyway, time to wake up and stop daydreaming about my Italian boss.

  13. anonymous to bahd14 January 2018 at 15:26

    This is crazy but here goes!

    Blog neighborhood crushes:
    1. Stella, for long I had this strong desire to get down with her, married woman with kids n all. It passed, she pissed me off, lol!
    2. Precious Ibik, till date, there's just something sweet about her, even if its just friendship.
    3. Wanted to shag Ibukun so bad one period, but she got vulgar and kept saying how she likes it and such I'm like no way!
    4. I had a crush on Kidjo's lips, lol, till I got an,idea where they e been and are still 'being', lol! I repented, lasted 2 posts!
    5. Doppelganger! 😍 WCE!
    6. Last but not least, there's just something edible about petite n fair babes with large boobs... But her taste in men cured mine in her, lol!
    Hey, I've been drinking, so I may be joking or serious! πŸ˜‰

    1. The last one is Chikito
      Thank God you know you are not her class
      She can only play with u on the blog and dash u little change occasionally like he does to Chike.

  14. Lemme check the meaning of a crush abi na crucher...

  15. I can relate with this crush story.

    In the next compound while growing up, there was this tall, dark and handsome guy I had a crush on . I was fourteen years old, still in secondary school and this guy was in his early twenties and was in the university.
    The irony of this whole crush thing is that I was still running away from big guys. My only male friends were my school mates, if a bigger guy follows me and says hello to me on the street, I will increase my steps and from there start jogging, then from Jogging I will start running.
    So I did not understand why I was crushing on this guy. He looked like a younger version of Ghanaian Actor John Dumelo and he was a guitarist in his church.
    He would bring home the guitar, start playing it in front of their house and his younger ones plus other children in the neighbourhood would gather singing and dancing.
    I would go there too and stand at a corner with other young adults and 'watch' him. Looking at him playing the guitar, I would be lost in my world playing out our imaginary relationship. I would see myself cuddling him, he would peck me, give me gifts, take me to the cinema, play the guitar and sing a love song for me all in my head.
    He did not seem to notice how I looked at him intensely with smiles anytime I came around.

    Then one fateful day, we met one on one.

    There is this small footpath at the back of their house. It was usually quiet. I was coming back home from an errand, he too was going out and we met on this quiet path. He gave me this sweet smile when he saw me coming.
    I should have been happy, I should have smiled back and probably should have sealed it with a big tight hug. For where? Liver no gree me. I was scared he would rape me. I turned and ran back into the street..


    Shame wanted to kill me after that incident and I avoided him like a plague. I could not go close to their house again and I also avoided that particular footpath till we left that neighborhood.

    That is my neighbourhood crush story.

    1. Hahahahaha @ turned back and ran away
      You ran from your crush Hehehe.
      I did not have any crush.

  16. Ebele was my crush in pry school den... Now am not sure where. Crushing came from so young.. She qaa fooine and her bro was in my class. We go do flames taya and I was always happy cos the two both of us names they land on lovers. Oh boy I have grown oh, now na hustle get me.

  17. I used to crush on this guy in my street then. He was every girl's favourite then. Until he got a girl pregnant the yeye crush just died a natural death.

  18. Ok, so I crushed heavily on this kid back then.
    His parents had a shop not too far from Ma's and when he'd come back from school, I'd see him play with his siblings or friends.
    We became friends later but he didn't notice anything.
    One time I was playing with other kids and I ran into a small bush.
    Got out and felt strange only to look at my foot and see a deep cut. I could see the white flesh beneath.
    My friends took me home; If they took me to Ma at the shop, na die be that.
    I go first chop beating for playing, before she'd even answer me.
    And I was scared that she'd put pepper in it.
    One elderly neighbor treated the cut and I began to scream so loud, not because it was painful but because of the scary wound and white flesh beneath, and also the fear of the beating I'd receive when Ma came home.
    But when this my crush strolled in to check on me, omo, I lock up.
    Everyone was surprised at the sudden change but they didn't know I didn't want to fall my hand in front of my crush.

    When I was 10, I went to live with my dad and I lived with him for years and forgot about this crush.
    I returned later as an teenager and one day jammed this my old crush. I was surprised and dismayed all at once at how my stomach caved in at the sight of him.
    E be like say motor jam me.
    What I didn't know was that he liked me too.
    Another time, we saw and he said hi. I'm like what's that your name again?
    He said "Abiola."
    I'm like, "right."
    We struck up a conversation and I had this poker face on.
    Person no go know say I be wan pass out.
    He said he'd like to visit me and I'm like no wahala.
    He kept to his word and from that day, he began to visit constantly.
    Dude too was shy and I was like correct, no be only me mumu dey do.
    One day like that, he came. I can't remember the occasion but he came with stuff in a nylon bag(I didn't know at first because I was attending to customers).
    Dude was behaving funny and I didn't understand why. He said he couldn't stay for long but that he brought something for me.
    I'm like really, what?
    He wouldn't say and then told me to open after he left.
    He kissed me so sweetly on the cheek(if I was white, I for turn red aswear) and left.
    I shock for like 10seconds then snapped back to reality. (Too many romantic novels no good o.)
    Na so I open the nylon bag and saw the most beautiful bag and pair of shoes;
    How he knew my size, I still don't know. I shock again for another 15 seconds till a customer snapped me out of my reverie.
    Got home and showed my sisters. They were like, wait, this guy gave you these expensive things?
    Dude asked his mom to send them from the abroad.
    Foolish me now said I will return the gift as the good girl that I is.
    If you see the kain eye my sisters take look me ehn.
    One said, "what kind of ode is this?"
    Then they both chorused, "make I see how you wan take return am."
    Then they began to argue over who'd use the bag first.
    I'm like, "hello? it's mine."
    The other said, "thought you said you didn't want it? Ehn, let me use them for you but you no dey return am sha."
    I took it back from them immediately and went to keep it;
    My sister sha helped me launch the bag last last.
    When I saw le crush, i thanked him and said he shouldn't have.
    He was like, it's nothing and he'd do more.
    Later he wanted to leave and asked me for a kiss. I was shy but he took the initiative.
    I'm like wow, first kiss. Let me experience all them butterfly, swooning feeling and shit them novels describe.
    Omo, as this guy tongue enter my mouth, I felt like they used sandpaper to scrub my lips and tongue.
    Dude wanted more but I eased out of the kiss mehn.
    Who wan die? Abeg, I had had enough.
    Na so the crush disappear sharpally.
    He'd come around often later but I wasn't interested no more and dude was paranoid and possessive.
    I had to move again and that's how everything ended.

  19. i married my crush. 😁😁😁 but im going to always deny I ever knew he existed .

  20. I was crushing on one guy in my waec lesson, I was really naive then I always prayed that the seat he was in wasnt taken so I could sit close to him even though I hated back seat I became a back bdncher because of okezie. I still remember his perfume scent very classy and unique.

  21. Evi Dimoko my childhood crush. Geez!

  22. Me enh?? I was a "serial crusher" if there is any word like dat, thanks to the many Mills and Booms, Harlequin etc dat I used to digest in those days. . It first started with my childhood friend Osino back then at an estate in Ogba, anytime I see him pass or he comes to our shop I used to turn mumu... It got so bad that my crazy friend Gloria had to tell him to stop womanizing because any time he passes with a new girl dat it breaks my heart.Lol cray girl, I no know who send am message? Then there was this guy too Osama.. Cray mofo I don't even know what I saw in him, maybe his bad boy persona?? Those were the two dat stood out.. Sebi these ones were semi ajebo like moi back then?? I also crushed on many of my male class mates in sch, awon correct pakos!! I attended a public sec sch so u can imagine..There was one like dat I saw recently and I was wondering da fuck was wrong with me in my teenage years?? Dude be looking like something I no know.. the crush on this one was so strong dat when I found out dat he was equally crushing on my friend and classmate Grace, I almost hated her, but I used to console myself dat sebi I have plenty handsome guys in my estate dat were better off than Patrick! Chai!! my hormones then sha?? I also had both old and young guys crushing on me cos of my stature, my chest region na die! My hips nko?? Ko se ko! I looked older than my age. The worst of all these crush and counter crushing is dat them no born me, born my papa well make I act on any of them cos my momma go bury me alive! Reason is because she raised me in her husband's house as she had me quite early and she was overprotective of me.. If she as much as sees me smile at boy?? Chai!! I still have cane marks on my body till date.

    1. You 'mommma raised you in her husband's house'???
      Er, where was she supposed to raise you under bridge?? Abeg is like the hope of a prize is keeping some of you confused.

    2. Likely Momma's husband is not her father is what I picked

  23. Hmmmn. My neighbourhood/Childhood crush, we moved to that neighbourhood in 2007, he was a boarder while I was a day student. He had come home for holidays. I saw him riding a bicycle down the street that evening and I felt something I've never felt before. I stylishly asked my friend about him and she told me his name. I tried for this guy to notice me but he either didnt notice me or pretended not to. I even befriended one of my classmates that was dating his bestie but for where.

    Then one day, he sent a love letter through his younger brother, I knew I was going to accept even before he asked but I still did shakara sha. Lol. I accepted him in 2009 I think and we dated on and off till the relationship faded due to circumstances beyond our control. We still talk from time to time and he never fails to tell me he MUST marry me when the time is right. Truth be told I cant marry him sha, His mum and sisters hate me with a passion, they claim Igalas are witches. LOL. I dont have strenght for MIL drama ooo

  24. Chai! I had a lot of crushes in my teenage years but the one I liked so much was my brother's classmate/friend. Whenever he came to the house,i ll treat him so nice,feed him, set up Playstation and watch him for hours. He was so cute and didnt even send me,i melted every time I saw him. I even told my best friends at school that he was my boyfriend and i'd tell stories of how he held my hand,looked into my eyes,our 1st kiss etc. I suspect they knew I lied but till date no one has said anything,i don't even know where my crush is sef.

  25. Mine was my neighbor.Seeious hot crush o.i can't eat if I don't hear his voice.Last last I outgrew jare n his just like a regular guy to me

  26. My crush was my family friend. He knew i liked him so he always used to use my head.

    Our families always used to joke that we would get married since our parents were so close.
    I was in love with him for years, despite other small crushes here and there I still crushed on him. im sure he knew. We attended the same school although we were in different sets. He was very popular in school but i wasn't. I used to talk to him as per family friend but inside ill be dying.

    I will never forget one break time IN Jss2 I used a half fifty naira to try and buy lunch and the woman unfolded it and caught me i saw her showing her madam, instead of me to run i was standing there like a mumu. This woman now announced to everyone that Im wicked and embarrassed me. I wanted the floor to open for me because he was there. He later came to ask my why i did it, and i said i didn't know he just said 'you knew'! it pained me ehnn. Luckily no one in my class was there.

    One summer holiday in jss3 we went to his house for a party and he tried to make moves, he took me upstairs to their top balcony, by this time it was evening. We talked for a long time i knew what he wanted. He was using style to touch my chain I new he wanted to do more but didn't have the liver me too i was just forming gisting. When we were going home he told me he would come and visit me at home the next day. I was soooo happy I couldn't believe it since my house was far from his. The next morning sharp sharp i woke up and started tidying the house. he called me around 9 to say hes not coming. i wanted to cry. As a sharp girl I just said thank God, he asked me why and i said i didn't want to spoil our friendship. He said its a lie that I wanted him to come, i just locked up sha.

    Over the years Little things were always happening like, when we were in our twenties he came over to our house for a house party, he was already tipsy. i was going up the stairs and he slapped my ass. I was so shocked and excited.

    by 2013 we lived in the same neighbourhood. We both came back to Naija for his Dads bday. after the party us and a few friends stole some of the leftover champagne went to his room and gisted and drank till morning. I felL asleep woke up at 2am to him making moves. I knew he was drunk so i declined and went to his sisters room. The next mornign he did like nothing happened. in my mind i was like 'you don enter. i must get you before i go back' I showed up that evening with some sexy lingerie under my dress. We started watching a movie the next thing his hands were on my ass. I could not believe it. in my mind I was just like is his hand really there or am i imagining? thats how much i had been crushing on him. We kissed but didn't do much because there were no condoms. I told myself i couldn't dull.

    Few days later we went shopping together and at the till i codedly added condoms i was praying he wouldn't see. when it was time to scan it the woman started scanning the code it would work, she told me to wait for the manager he just turned and saw it. i was just like my God let the ground open!!!! I sha paid and we didn't talk about it.

    That evening I went to his house ready for action and we finally did it. It turns out he bought condoms too. The most random part is that we went back to being friends like nothing happened. I asked him 'dont u think its weird it hasn't changed anything?' He said 'I knew it was gonna happen it was just a matter of time'! That guy used my head sha.

    We are still friends tho xx

  27. My crush story is quite sad. All the crushes i had were in secondary school. They were actually the ones to always stare at me like always and i noticed it or people told me. At first i was annoyed but later i started liking it and started staring at them too whenever we met. The sad thing is that they never talked to me or even made an attempt to do so and they later went on to have other girlfriends. Till today i don't know if they really liked me or something but they were always staring at me. I hated all of them all the boys who stared at me back in high school and never talked to me. One thing is that people used to call me ugly at school maybe that's why those boys were scared of approaching me they may have been scared of their friends making fun of them for going out with the ugly girl at school. My low self esteem is below 0 and i've never had a boyfriend. It's not that boys don't ask me out it's just that they feel like since i'm ugly i'll be quick to accept their offer, they don't really like me. Every angle of my life is a sad story. I hope one day i'll find joy in this world before i die or take my own life.


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