Stella Dimoko Actor Richard Mofe Damijo's Selah Post...


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Thursday, February 01, 2018

Actor Richard Mofe Damijo's Selah Post...

He may have asked the question directed at himself but this is really for everyone reading this now  irrespective of whatever situation you are in...
Would they look down on you if you were better off?Would they still worship you if you were someone on the streets?

RMD Writes....

“If I wasn’t the six foot and some more, successful, famous, somewhat good-looking RMD, will you still love me?

If not for the level of fame I have achieved and the success tied to my brand will you still scream my name?

If I was a middle-aged, gray bearded, emaciated applicant hoping to be your driver, will you give me a second look?

If I was a half literate Warri boy who said ‘Nyam’ instead of Yam, “Shorsh” instead of Church and “I chock” instead of “I was shocked”, will you not mock and laugh at my speech?

If I as RMD, fell on hard times, lost my fame and fortune, became helpless and hopeless, will you show any sympathy?

I ask, not because I do not know the answers but so that he that has ears will hear and hopefully learn a thing or maybe, two. In your desire to be loved and accepted, it is important to ask ourselves how much of the love and admiration thrown at you are genuine.

Know that many do not love you, they love the idea of you. It is the same people who sing your praises when you’re up, that tear you apart when you stumble, and stomp on you when you fall.

Don’t let the number of followers you have, the likes and comments on your pictures or the hype fool you, one wrong move and the vultures will swoop down to feast.

This is why I appreciate the love but stay super selective when it comes to letting people in. I keep my circle small, in fact, very small. I keep my private life, private and thank God for the grace to also keep my public life private.

Don’t put yourself out there and start crying foul when it blows up in your face and hey, STOP trying to sit with the cool kids, YOU•ARE•THE•COOL•KID!!!! Know this and elevate above the clique mentality. #RMDSaysSo #ElevateWithRMD.”

Richard Mofe Damijo

*Would you still love me if i was not Stella the blognalist?Would you still love me if i didnt have to give or borrow?Would you still lick my ass if i was a 'nobody'?Hmmmmm!!!!
Selah post indeed!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Would you still love me if I didn’t give you everything you want
      Would you still love me if I could not continue to fund your mothers party life style
      Would you still love me if I stopped paying your brothers school fees in America
      Would you still love me if the cars and houses and shopping trips to Milan and Dubai were no longer on the table
      Would you still love me if you lost your job with the bank because SA asked you to start bringing in customers as my account was no longer sufficient
      Would you still love me if those must attend birthday parties you like me to throw for you become too expensive

      I know the answer so I will continue to make sure I do everything I can to make sure your love for me does not fade away but as each day passes JUST KNOW THIS I realise I resent you more and more and more

  2. Most friends are fair weather friends.

  3. Life is vain!...
    Nobody want to be associated with a failure!...
    That's the fact abeg...
    Me I wouldn't!!...
    RMD that is talking,is he still friends with most of his old friends that are not relevant?,..
    Does he still mingle with those his friends from way back?,,.
    Someone would just wake up one morning,smoke weed and start talking nonsense!...

    1. Queen let me help u for your own

      If you ain't controversial here * knacking pigeon* will people know you here *lol*


    2. Hahahahahaha...
      I'm just keeping it real and being my self...
      Or you want me to be a hypocrite?...
      Abeggi oohh

    3. Yeah you keep it real but sometimes you can be so so annoying.

    4. Queen eeheee... Lol. You always hit d nail on d're just real.i don't know y some people just like to be on your say it as it is and don't edit

  4. It's so true, how pple love you because of what they benefit from you, Love should be unconditional

  5. Food for 💭 indeed.. Don't be deceived by what goes on around you, remember 🦁 will always be 🦁 no matter what

    Mc pinky

  6. No one admires a failure;neither does anyone want to be associated with it..

    Everyone loves a successful person!!


    1. Some 'failures' can be mean,I have tried in the past to help a lot of them but they end up messing up,not everyone is after successful people, some people are made to lift others up.

  7. Poverty is an orphan but success has many family members. No success, No friends. It's in human nature.

  8. Soooooo true.
    Some people are not loyal to you. They are loyal to their need of you. Once their needs change, so does their loyalty.
    More reason these celebrities do not acknowledge peoples messages.

  9. Life is never fair to anyone. So many ups and downs.

    If you are a success, you will have great grandmothers and fathers but if you are a failure, orphan will be better than failure.

    It is not everyone i relate to and not everyone relate to me too.

    So that is how life is. Unfair

  10. Deep and dope counsel, RMD. I am amazingly elevated. Cheers.

  11. Like attracts like.. If I'm loving towards all and treat all with respect in spite of what they are, my heart will genuinely be drawn to those who are like- minded. For reasons unseen we will just click. As time passes by , it then becomes obvious why. I love to be very kind and good to those who it seems to that I am " better" than ..this is bcos of the love of Christ who is shed abroad in my heart by the Holy Spirit.. That's the very basis of Christ love.

  12. Hmmmmm life is a circle, No body knows tomorow...

  13. He should go and sit down. Who told him he is rich or good looking? What has 6ft tall got to do with respecting someone? He is gasping for relevance air on his way out. Illusions of grandeur is his disease.

    1. Shut up! What do you know? Every Nigerian knows RMD, who knows you? He owns a nice property in Ikoyi, that's success already. Disgruntled element!..

    2. RMD shutup. What has renting in Ikoyi got to do with anything. Everyone in Nigeria knows the billionaire kidnapper what has knowing someone got to do with the price of beans. Please take several seats. Always seeking for relevance.


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