Stella Dimoko Actress Mercy Johnson Reveals Her Hubby Is Her Destiny


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Monday, February 19, 2018

Actress Mercy Johnson Reveals Her Hubby Is Her Destiny

Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson-Okojie in this short Interview,opens up on her career, marriage, and other sundry issues. 

Excerpts from the interview....

You have distinguished yourself as an actress, what would you say is responsible for your achievements?

Honestly, the grace of God has been my pillar of strength. I don’t have anyone to thank for my achievements, but my creator for paving ways for my success. He is helping me to live a sustainable life and giving me reasons to appreciate His mercies upon my life always.

Also, I must appreciate God for connecting me to a man that complimented and transformed me into a better person. He has a different perspective to life, which has affected my life positively, and I owe a gratitude to my husband for his love and affections.

What do you think makes you stand out?

It is persistency, hard work and passion for my job.

Are there any experiences you had as a child that made you cry as an adult?

I’m just a regular girl next door, nothing special. Though, growing up was tough, it made me a better person. It made me strive to succeed, it taught me hard work, perseverance and also educated me to understand that my purpose on earth is to serve humanity, which was one of the strongest lessons I learned in life.

You have played countless roles such as maid, gangster and lover to mention a few, how does your husband react to your movies?

My husband doesn’t watch my movies. But I think he has heard about the clown I am in movies (laughter). Nevertheless, I adore him for being my backbone and supporter of my career. Though, for the past eight years of our relationship, I haven’t featured in romantic roles. This is because he doesn’t like it and I can’t do it for all the money in the world.

How would you describe your husband?

He is a very humble man, friendly and calm. When I’m doing the crazy things, he looks at me and shakes his head. In fact, he is a gentleman, he is not dramatic at all and he always tells me he doesn’t understand from where I get all my dramas.

He is a very humble man, friendly and calm. When I’m doing the crazy things, he looks at me and shakes his head. In fact, he is a gentleman, he is not dramatic at all and he always tells me he doesn’t understand from where I get all my dramas. Sometimes, he asks me ‘you don’t get tired?’ You know, I play too much. Nevertheless, my husband is the definition of God’s plans for me on earth; he gives me peace, love and happiness. In fact, he is my destiny.

Every marriage has its challenges, how do you settle disputes?

When I offend my husband, I jump on his body and he laughs. I may also write a message and paste it on my daughter, Purity’s back (laughter). Honestly, the man is tired of my pranks (laughter).

How do you create a work-life balance?

I operate on a scale of preference regarding my service to God, family and job. My family has to be comfortable before discussing my job. I must appreciate my husband, Prince Odianosen Okojie, for giving me his consent when my appointment as SSA to governor came, knowing fully well the sacrifices and adaptations he will have to put up with.

How do you relax?

I play Ludo game or swim with my husband. Also, I relax with my kids, playing and discussing school activities with them.

How has it been working as Senior Special Assistant on Entertainment, Arts and Culture to Kogi State governor?

Like I always say, the honorable doesn’t count but the impact you can make in the lives of people. When I received the appointment, I was enchanted for the honour. So far, it has been fun working with Governor Yahaya Bello. Nevertheless, I have been executing my duties in the entertainment, arts and culture sector, to give Kogi State a new face, just as our leader has instructed.

What is your advice to Nigeria women?

They should embrace God to make everything beautiful in their lives. Also, live a positive life; no matter what life throws at them, they must put God first for solution.
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  1. this Kogi job she got, do the man pays? Afterall i heard the man has not paid civil servants for some months.

    Congrats Mercy enjoy as far your husband supports you that is all that matters

  2. Mtcheew!!•
    He is your destiny and you were a movie star before you met him.
    Mercy keep hyping this your hubby oh,Na here we dey

    1. I think i am Mercy's number ome fan but all i see from this interview is "my huband". Please Mercy take it slow

    2. Those wifey(s) that their husband is beating may not like this interview ooh 不不不不不.
      Babe is enjoying her marriage, you all should let her blow her trumpet louder. It's none of business, besides she didn't ask you to be in a bad marriage.
      Ride on Mercy J.

    3. Welcome Mercy J.

  3. Another woman's hubby, divorceee, well done,pls feed him well,useless Edo man,feeding off a woman

  4. This one will not rest now. Always talking 'my husband' every time. Its getting irritating

    1. That's what people inlove do. Pls be happy for her

  5. I am so happy for mercy Johnson.

  6. Keep enjoying ur marriage dear

  7. Mercy j as much as I love you, you hype your husband too much, take it cool babe.

  8. My husband my husband, its alright but women should stop making a man the centre of their happiness and everything to avoid ... I wish you more happiness with your husband. But let me ask, all these ladies that married divorcees and at any little thing they say "God this God that" dont they know that God said that if you must divorce, you must remain unmarried because if you remarry, you are committing adultery. What do an adulterous woman has to do with God? na question I ask oooo.

    1. Adultery is a foegiveable sin like the other sins u commit , it’s only different from d one u if a divorcee marries, it’s forgivable

    2. Pls let's not always look out for bad things to happen in other people's lives. Just imagine someone saying bads things abt that thing that gives you so much joy and happiness, won't you call that person an enemy? Won't you direct all your die die prayers to such a person? Imagine Mercy's praying against her enemies and it happens that you are that enemy. Pls be happy for her

    3. Shut up aunty gwe gwe gwee Chidimma.
      Wait till you get married.
      Your opinion is not needed here.

    4. Jealous typs u guys should go and hug any nearby transformer for all we mercy okojie fan cares, she's happy with her hubby God has done alot in Mrs okojie family ��, mercy ride done show dem more we love and cherish u bby, keep slaying with ur hubby and children, jealous typs should jump into the nearest gutter fuck haters. Thnk God for ya life Mrs okojie u met a responsible cute wealthy man, a loving man not like some female actresses we have seen that there husbands has turned dem into a punching bags,meeting Mr okojie z really a huge blessing to u mrs okojie, slay dem off we are solidly behind u fuck bashers, dey more the keep saying shit the more u keep slaying tell us more about ur hubby we are interested in listening. Love u Mr/mrs okojie God bless okojie family more no weapon formed against dem shall prosper, God never live there side. Ijn amen

    5. Keep slaying mrs okojie the haters should go grab transformer like copy

  9. Why won't he be ur destiny when u stole him from the wife. All husbands who ran away from their original wives return back in Jesus name. Amen.
    Daddie,pls come back to me,leave that strange woman. I really need to have sex,its been years now,inugo?

  10. Mercy J okojie you are the best.

  11. I enjoy everything about you, your marriage, your carrier and your life. Am happy for you

    1. Mercy leave this post alone now, you are anonymous commenting and praising your self. Nakwa echeki! Tonto Dike did all these praising of husband to pepper them, at the end what happened?

  12. I like that part where she said he gives me peace. That for me is very important.

  13. Why dem come dash Mercy this fake skin colour na?
    Btw, I love her gown, it's beautiful.

  14. It's like Mercy had no life before she met her husband like seriously wtf! The hype is getting so irritating like chill abeg

  15. All I see is her gown. I'm basic like that.

  16. Replies
    1. Why can't you just thank God for her life she's been given a peaceful home,she knows how to build her home! Ask God for a better half a man that will cherish and adore you no matter what that is what she has been blessed with.


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