Stella Dimoko BBNaija Season 3 - Tobi And Cee C Drama.


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Monday, February 12, 2018

BBNaija Season 3 - Tobi And Cee C Drama.

What is up and wrong with 'Yoruba demon' Tobi?Seems he 'fell' in love with Cee C?..Or is it all part of the double wahala package?LOL

Well i saw I watched him begging for a kiss and I noted that his kinikan was up and shifted to the side....Hissss!

Can someone explain to me if Big brother means that the paired people in the house will win the N45million and car?I am not understanding please!


  1. Do they beg people for a kiss?? I thought these things just happen. John Thomas nor wan stay for house. E wan stroll for Cee Cee vayjayjay.

    1. So you people are trying to tell me, that Tobi begged cee c for a kiss!? I need to see this cee c of a girl her juju strong gan! Thank God I slept early, so after cee c have told ebuka that there is no attraction between them, and that tobi is a "naughty kid" Tobi still took his mumu mouth to beg for kiss!? Chai! Person wey do this boi spoil him totally! Jixooooos!!!

    2. Its a GAME pple. The most mentioned names r , TOBICECE, TEDDYA BAMBM, MIRACLE NINI... IF 5 PAIRS SHD B UP FOR EVICTION WITJ THIS 3, TRUST ME THE 3 MIGHT B SAVED COS THEY R D DRAMA WE R WATCHING.., maybe Tobi was sent to d HSE to redeem the DEMONDS. Tobi Yoruba Angel....

  2. She be looking like Chukky here, but that body? *smackslips* oh so Lolu was crying bcos Dj exclusive gave him a shout out based on him being an OAP in Beat Fm? And the housemates were saying u don blow? Or what did I miss?

    Dude! It's part of ur profile! And Exclusive is not that of a big deal boy! Chai! U fall hand 😡

    Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

  3. Nope Stella. The pairing is for a while
    After like two or three evictions he will unpair them and they will compete individually for the prize

  4. Tobi is just crazy,cee c is so manipulative

  5. Tobi is one expired prick. I'm so ashamed for him.

  6. Rubbish pair.
    They need to come home and I am sure Cynthia won't care about him once they are out of the house.

  7. Stop calling Yoruba men demons it's demeaning. Oni kaluku abi ri e lara.

    1. Yemi7up. U pple r DEMONS in capital letter. U hook a girl hold her until her prime is over and go marry another. Yoruba men knows how to LOVE and show LOVE.

    2. And you anon 13.39 that was tagging along with an unserious dude, where was you brain???
      You were enjoying the care and probably opening leg without thinking. Mtcheeew

    3. Anon 13.39 dem force you to open pxxsy for them. Why not close that your smelly pxxsy and go for your angles the likes of Evans and Bishop.
      Dem tie your destiny for ngbati men.

  8. Ceecee with her four corner face.

  9. Tobi no behave like yoruba demon atall I felt embarrassed on his behalf When he was begging for the kiss

  10. That guy is an embarrassment to his friends and family. The girl is irritating and I can't wait to see both of them out and off the screen.

    And made 'Yoruba demon'. We disown him

  11. The pairing is for a while, nobody's destiny is tied together

    As for Tobi, I give up on him
    He is an aba made yoruba demon
    All his 6packs is from begging Ceec
    I feel like slapping him from my screen
    Team MINA until Tobi comes back to his senses

    1. I am very disappointed with Tobi
      He asked for a kiss and Cee-C asked him what has he done to deserve a kiss
      Just imagine the rubbish
      I prefer Mina in the house to Ceebi right now
      Very manipulate arrogant bitch

  12. Tobi should stop harassing the poor girl now. She doesnt want no be by force!

    Chikito's fan

  13. Khloe wins head of house oh. I'm so happy.

    For me, it was anyone but Bambam. I can't dig her at all. I've tried, it's not working. I believe she's d 'fakest' housemate.

  14. Now that Tobi isn't a HoH again we can now evict that girl called CeeCee and her manwoman called Tobi followed by Ifu and and anto

  15. These two have locked their strategy kpakam, why are y'all complaining??? Abi iz it not entertainment yu want???

    I don't understand how Cece can be a lawyer though?
    She's inarticulate, most times incoherent, as fascination as drying paint and has the 'rich' vocabulary of an average Nigerian 8 year old.
    Law as in LAW or is it an acronym for another course or a club title?? Just askin' for a former neighbour.

    Anyways my own issue is Big Brother's VOICE.

    And this is not me comparing or anything because for me, last season is over.

    This is a new season and I don't like this voice.
    This voice is lacking in EVERYTHING.
    Power, Authority, Depth, Richness, Crispness,Creativity, etc.

    Even the dis embodied sci-fi'ish voice it is desperately trying to imitate, ko work ra ra.

    Do you guys know how important Big Brother's Voice is in the show???
    Haaaaa This is a buttscratching disappointment.

    The voice is as weak as Tobi was as Head of House.

    Does this Big Brother have a script he's working with? If there IS a script, there is a MAJOR CHALLENGE.

    And don't even get me started on the personalities gracing the house this year. What happened? These were the best of the best that were auditioned? Or the best that were selected??? :-( Gads!!!

    Can't wait for lunch jare!

    Minister of Enjoyment and Social Jollity

  16. Tobi came for Love not 45mil I dnt believe this yeye beg beg kiss kiss boy lolzz...


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