Stella Dimoko Chronicle Of Polygamous Brouhaha..


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Thursday, February 01, 2018

Chronicle Of Polygamous Brouhaha..

This is the Story of Stanley who dabbled into polygamy because of his twin sister.....

Stanley and Sabina are twins who lost their parents in a ghastly accident when they were nineteen. The love between them grew more because they were the only children of their parents. They stayed together while in campus and practically did everything together.

Upon their graduation, Stanley was fortunate to get a juicy job in good company with official car while Sabina got a meagre salary job that hardly sustained her but the twin brother assured her not to worry he would support her until she got a better offer. He rented a better apartment where both of them resides.

In the aspect of relationship, Sabina was always getting jilted. No matter how had she tried to make it work, it always ended in disappointment. Stanley met and fell in love with Augusta, they were deeply in love and it seemed it would end in marriage.

Sabina was not a fan of Augusta and made sure she got the message through her attitude anytime she paid them visits. She wanted her friend Francesca for her twin brother whom he cared less for.

She could not dissuade the brother from marrying Augusta. They got married and Sabina was still living with them. She made life a living hell for Augusta. At the slightest opportunity, she would abuse her but would pretend to like her whenever her brother was around. To make the situation worse, she could not conceive. All medical tests proved that nothing was wrong with both of them. After, waiting for five years, Sabina put her foot down that her brother should get a side chick to procreate instead of waiting in vain.

She arranged for young Lola to get pregnant for her brother. She encouraged him and reminded him that they were the only children of their late parents and needed to keep the family lineage. Meanwhile, she was not married yet. Stanley gave it a trial and met with Lola in a hostel which followed with other subsequent visits and three months later, she was told by her doctor that she was four weeks gone.

This news brought so much joy to Sabina and Stanley but they kept it as a secret from Augusta. But the torture from Sabina continued although she pretended whenever the brother was around which always made it difficult for Stanley to believe Augusta’s complaints.

Finally, the miracle bundle of joy arrived – little Fred was birthed. The naming took place in Lola’s parents’ house and they gave Stanley and his sister warnings to come and do the needful and pick his family. Infact , Lola on realizing she has gotten a gold mine via her son Fred started giving them attitude to come and wife her.

They had no choice than to marry her and move her to their duplex. Stanley was now surrounded by the three women he loved most in his life, two in one camp while one was alone. Augusta was always in pains because of the maltreatment, verbal and emotional abuse she always received from her sister in law and mate.

One day, Lola was in the bathroom and baby Fred was crying where he was laid in the sitting room. Augusta quickly picked him to pacify him but Sabina gave her the insults of her life and called her a barren woman, forgetting she, Sabina is not even married.

She cried her eyes out and went to bed in tears. In the morning, she left the house to her mother’s place. She really wanted to know what was wrong with her and stopped her from conceiving since doctors certified her fit to bear children. Her mother encouraged her and assured her she would bear her own children in due time. Continue to pray and trust God.

Lola, later delivered three more children – two boys and a girl. To her, Life was rosy and sweet. She could not ask for more. Also, she is her sister in law’s favorite wife and the apple of her husbands eyes.

Sabina, was getting older but no marriage, so she decided to get pregnant and have a child. She was delivered of a bouncing baby girl. The whole responsibility was on Stanley and Lola was no longer finding it funny. She felt the burden was too much on her husband....

With time she made it known to Sabina that she was a burden to her and her family, which really infuriated Sabina, she banned her from using her utensils and ordered her to move to the boys’ quarters. The annoying part was that her wonderful twin supported his wife. The right to cook whatever she likes or acts anyhow was revoked. She would only eat anything that was apportion to her by Lola.

Along the line, Augusta became pregnant and was not noticed by her rivals because of the neglect. Because of the attitude Lola gave to Sabina, there was a strain on their relationship. Lola, went out to make her hair one evening and on her way home, she was accosted by some guys who beat her up which was arranged by Sabina. They gave her indelible marks on her body and face. Lola, became a bit sober after the beating and also when she discovered Augusta had taken in.

Sabina was still bitter over the change of attitude of Lola towards her and her daughter. She was always devising means to get back to Lola. In the process, Augusta delivered a baby boy and a big naming was done for her baby Daniel. 

The birth of the baby drew her husband’s affection and love back to her. He tried to do everything within his power to redeem the broken relationship. Sabina decided to use the opportunity to decamp to her side in order to spite Lola.

Lola travelled to another state for an unavoidable visit, while Augusta and the Stanley travelled to Ghana. The Lola’s children were left with the domestic house help and Sabina in the boy’s quarter. The third boy fell ill, he complained of shortness of breath and cough which was severe, he was given normal first aid medication. They told him to relax and play less. After two days, he was not getting better, the house help called Aunty Sabina for help and she said ''I was instructed and ordered not to come into that building by your madam, so I cannot come and I don’t have money for hospital bills''. 

The house help took the boy to hospital and after two days, the boy died. She was forced to inform her madam but Sabina warned her not to ever mention the role she played. Stanley was called to return home.

News got to Lola and Stanley of what happened, how Sabina neglected the child and refused to assist when she was called on. This turned to a big fight between Lola and Sabina. As the fight was going on, Stanley pushed the sister away from his wife. She hit her head on the hard wall. The head was broken and blood was on the floor where she fainted.

Getting to the hospital, she was admitted in the ICU but died a week later. Police got involved and arrested Stanley and Lola for the death of Sabina.

Augusta was left to take care of the children. She could not stop crying. Who will help her to train the children left in her care.

NB: Separate your family from your siblings to avoid issues from rising.


  1. Someone needs a good slap.

    What a pity and she died. Sabina means sabinus. Sabi sabi people.

    Say no to polygamy. It has never gone down well with families. Forget the i love my step mum, children etc. there is always this struggle to accept cowives and co-children

  2. Lol Stanley was a big man... Sabrina death could be ruled as mistake.. Lol he couldnt be arrested just like that.. He is learned and he could tell d house to stick to one story... Lol nice narrative sha

  3. These men, pardon "boys" that allow their siblings or family to dictate whom they should marry, how do they function?

  4. come poster all these stories r dey real or fiction?if its d latter ur very good at it buh if its real then this one is really an eye opener kai......

  5. What is separate your siblings from your family?
    Like seriously?!
    Nawa o!

  6. This is what happens when a man doesn't know that he is a man and should head his home and not his relatives dictating the running shoes of his home.

    All this could have been avoided if he had gotten avoided apartment for his sister away from his home after he got married. Also allowing his sister to rule is house was his downfall.

    I pray men who read this blog will learn a thing or two from this posts.


  7. please where is the continuation of the story of the woman who her husband married another woman without her knowing

    I think she adopted a son or so. Please ppl. shod always complete their stories.

  8. This poster style of writing kills this series for me... sometimes sounds off or made up. It will be nice if it is actual people writing in

  9. Not too good for a man to be taking his family side all the time.

  10. Separate yourself from manipulators control freaks


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