Stella Dimoko Did You Know #Nigeria Part 1


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Monday, February 19, 2018

Did You Know #Nigeria Part 1

You Will Be Shocked To Find Out That You Do Not Know 99% Of These:

-. The River Niger Bridge at Onitsha was constructed between 1964 and 1965 by Dumez- a French construction company and cost £5 million.

- Patience Jonathan is one of Nigeria’s most-educated First Ladies, with an NCE, a B.Ed, and a PhD from University of Port-Harcourt.

-. The highest peak in Nigeria is located in Taraba and is called Chappal Waddi which means “The Mountain of Death”.

-. There are 196 countries in the world and at least one Igbo person from Nigeria lives in every one of them.

-. The Pidgin word ‘Sabi’ came from ‘Saber’, Portuguese and Spanish for ‘to know’. Both country’s ships traded slaves from the Bight of Benin.

-. Katsina College (now Barewa College in Zaria) has produced 5 Nigerian Presidents/Heads of State since it was founded in 1921 in Katsina.

-. Ojukwu taught Murtala Mohammed and Ben Adekunle at Regular Officers Special Training School, Ghana. Both ‘fought’ their teacher during the civil war

-. At Nigeria’s independence in 1960, there were 41 Secondary Schools in the North and 842 Secondary Schools in the South.

-. In 1983, Senator Arthur Nzeribe spent $16.5 million to win a Senatorial seat in Orlu (in Imo State).

-. In 1973, the Federal Government of Nigeria considered officially changing the name of “Lagos” to “Eko”. Regarding “Lagos” as a colonial name.

-. The geographical area now referred to as Nigeria was once referred to as ‘Soudan’ and ‘Nigiritia’.

-. Offences punishable by death sentence after the 1966 coup included embezzlement, rape and homosexuality.

-. MKO Abiola was named Kashimawo (Let us wait and see) by his parents. He was his father’s twenty-third child, but the first to survive infancy.

-. Jaja Wachucku was the first person to refer to Lagos as a “no-man’s land” in 1947, provoking a national controversy.

-. Jollof rice, chicken breast, serve of ice cream, tea, coffee or Bournvita, with full cream milk and sugar: Meal Cost = 50Kobo- Unilag in the late 1970s

-. At the point death in 1989, Sam Okwaraji was a PhD candidate and qualified lawyer with an LL.M in International Law (University of Rome)

-. When British Bank of West Africa (now First Bank) opened a branch in Kano in 1929, Alhassan Dantata (Dangote’s Grandfather) opened an account depositing 20 camel-loads of silver coins.

-. Jaja Wachuku is reputed to have owned the biggest one-man library in West Africa. Balewa sometimes referred to him as “Most Bookish Minister

-. The colonization of Nigeria took more than 40 years to achieve and the territories were integrated by the use of force.

-. Yoruba is spoken as a ritual language the Santeria cult in Carribean and South-Central America.

-. Slavery existed in the Nigerian territory before the 15th century and was abolished in the 19th century- 1807 by the British.

-. At least 55 women were killed in South-East Nigeria, in 1929 when the women forced the Umuahia warrant chiefs to submit to their rule.

-. The coinage ‘Supreme Court’ was first used in 1863 by the colonial administration through the enactment of the Supreme Court Ordinance No. II.

-. MKO Abiola died suddenly on July 7, 1998, exactly one month after General Sani Abacha died mysteriously on June 8, 1998.

-. Agbani Darego was the only one to wear a maillot as opposed to a bikini during the Miss Universe contest in 2001.


  1. Nigirita sounds more sweet oo

    hello there i am from Nigirita ! and you ? oh .. i am from soudan. lol

    1. Patience Jonathan doesn't have a doctorate but has a PHD. Mumu talk.

      Please let's have her PHD thesis topic

  2. ...good to know.
    Thanks Stella

  3. Interesting, the one about how much a meal cost in Unilag back then, makes me feel like weeping because it reminds one that there was a good time. ��

    1. How many people could afford it then with their probably 50kobo pocket money

  4. Interesting revelations. We learn everyday.. .

  5. I am certain that an Igbo man will be in north korea.
    I wished the Portuguese colonized us and not the British.
    That 50k note was bae in those days. I remember buy TUC biscuit with it.

  6. I remember buying TUC biscuit with the 50kobo note

  7. And someone will comma give inspirational talk of how dangote started life with nothing. Mtschew!

    1. I use to think he started from the scratch too but on a second thought, you can actually come from a rich background and still be poor. It all depends on how money change hands, maintenance and management. So I still give him kudos. He invested well

    2. Exactly @rich background and still be poor.

    3. No one ever said he started from the ground. People actually say thieving politicians made him rich without knowing he already came from a wealthy family and leveraged on it

  8. Good to know. Please keep them coming maybe it will help know Nigeria's history better. Thanks

  9. Wow!!! Igbos I Hail Thee!!

    1. For what exactly, inability to live in you land and grow it but blaming others for your problems???

  10. Very enlightening! Thanks Stella.

  11. Dantata is not Dangote’s father. Sanusi Dantata is his grandfather. He is the Son of Maria Dantata.

    1. In Hausa language there is nothing like tata or gote, Kano is kinda come, live, marry, give out and become one of us. So many are claiming Kano indigene but are not.

    2. Go bck and read please. The write up said Alhassan Dantata, Dangote’s grandfather, they didnt say his father.

    3. Alhassan Dantata is the greatgrandfather of Dangote. He had sons, one of whom was sanusi dantata who is the father of maria sanusi dantata who in turn is the mother of dangote. So that mks him his great grand father.

    4. I can only laugh in Swahili about that part of Mama Peace being one of the most educated 1st ladies. Even she self no go agree with you.
      Just like the PhD the dashed Mugabe's wife


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