Stella Dimoko Police Spokesman Goes On National TV To Describe Benue Gov. Ortom As A Drowning Man


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Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Police Spokesman Goes On National TV To Describe Benue Gov. Ortom As A Drowning Man

Public Relations Officer of the Nigeria Police Force, Jimoh Moshood, has described Samuel Ortom, governor of Benue state, as “a drowning man” on Channels Television

Moshood said this in response to Ortom's demand that Ibrahim Idris, inspector-general of police, should resign.

When he appeared before a senate committee on Friday, Idris had advised governors to suspend the anti-grazing law until ranches were put in place. He had said the law worsened the violence between farmers and herdsmen.

Responding, Ortom asked Idris to resign if he was overwhelmed. When he appeared on Channels Television on Tuesday, Moshood said the governor should first resign.

The police officer said his principal would not join issues with a “drowning man”. 

''It is a great disservice to the inspector-general of police and the entire Nigeria Police Force for the governor to call for his resignation, the governor should resign first. And that is why we feel you don’t join issues with a drowning man''.

Terver Akase, chief press secretary of the governor, who was also a guest on the programme, protested and demanded that Moshood should withdraw his statement.

Maupe Ogun, the presenter, eventually restored calm after the heated argument.


  1. The police force is all mouth and no action. Can they stop making this a personal issue and work at restoring peace to benue state. People are being killed and they are bothered about who is drowning or not.

  2. Yes! Ortom is more dan a failure sef. A governor dt uses d salaries of his workers to do a state burial just to gain public sympathy, is dt one not more dan a drowning man?

  3. If you are a Nigerian, living in Nigeria and you believe Nigerian police to protect you...raise your hand up, raise it higher, okay now start waving to any aeroplane you see cause your brain need resetting.

    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      If you see Nigerian policeman, run for ya life!

  4. Instead of him to accept that the police force has failed the people of Benue state he is talking rubbish.


  5. The police should do their job. Arrest he Fulani herdsmen,protect the people of Benue and other Nigerians from subsequent attack, that the governor is drowning is non of his business.

  6. This is so wrong. Why call a whole governor a No 1 citizen of a state a drowning person? Why use such derogatory word?
    Someone won't tell me that Buhari isn't aware of all this to call the IG and his PR to order.


  7. The arrogance of impunity in this government is just too disgusting.

  8. Buharis lackluster and nonchalant attitude is why someone like this can call a sitting governor a drowning man..Too much abuse of office.Buhari should start by stopping several people from giving statements on his behalf or it can only get worse..naija yi su wa bayi oo

  9. They are birds of the same feathers

  10. Wrong words. Orthom should leave APC and do his state well. Imagine the cowmen went to his village and destroyed things. Good for him. They came to change things, now things are changing them

  11. SDK correct your grammar abeg. It should be to describe and not to describes.


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