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Monday, February 05, 2018

End Time Brother In Law


The Lagos State Government has taken an orphan, Basirat, into protective custody after she was allegedly abused by her teacher, then her sister’s husband. 

According to Punchng, Basirat had been put in the care of her sister who lived in the Ajah area of Lagos State, after her parents died in 2014 when she was barely 15.

She was enrolled in a private school in Ikota, where a teacher, Folorunsho Joseph, 34, allegedly drugged and deflowered her. Her sister’s husband, 37-year-old Mukaila Bello, allegedly took advantage of the incident and defiled her repeatedly until she became pregnant.

Bello, an indigene of Kwara State, has four children and works with a charity organisation on Victoria Island, Lagos State. After forcing Basirat to have an abortion in a chemist’s, Bello was alleged to have continued to have s3x with her until she became pregnant the second time. .

He allegedly took her to a hospital in the Orile area of the state where another abortion was carried out. The victim reportedly informed her grandparent, who relocated her to the Ijebu Ode, Ogun State to live with some in-laws.

Bello allegedly visited and defiled her at the new place, which resulted in a third pregnancy. He was said to have made her to have an abortion for the third time. The victim’s family members subsequently petitioned the Lagos State Office of the Public Defender.

Basirat was taken to the Mirabel Centre, Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja, where medical tests were carried out on her. The test results reportedly confirmed that she was defiled.

The daughter of the man with whom Basirat lived in Ijebu Ode, Kaosara, said Bello was known to her family as Basirat’s boyfriend. .

Officials of the OPD were said to have reported the case at the Area J Police Command, Elemoro, and the suspect was arrested. The teacher who first raped her in 2014 and one of those who conducted the abortions have also been arrested.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, SP Chike Oti, also confirmed the incident, adding that the suspects had been arraigned in court on Friday.


  1. Why didnt She Shout, anyways at 15 i already knew What i was doing then... If i dont want i Shout 😯😯 and run.. Sikiz

    1. Your are lucky. I was once in her situation. I was not enjoying the sex but could not fight nor flee. Until I found help. And that help is my husband today.

    2. Read properly please, an Orphan is at the mercy of their custodian and if the custodian turns out to be a predator....

    3. @Anonymous 17:45
      Here's a truly disturbing case that all humans should scream against, yet u talk like a fool. Perhaps u prefer those other cases of false rape claims right? That's the type u want to support abi? Taxify taxi type abi? Shame on u!

  2. Lady T/ am worth more than a thousand dollars5 February 2018 at 17:06

    Why? What has happened to our humanity?
    Why must it be her? And why make her have abortion, to say the Bello is wicked and inhuman is an understatement. Kai!

  3. What an idiot!

    This little girl is now intoxicating more than ur wife?

    He goat.

  4. The persons who carried out the abortion must also be arrested.

  5. Princess Scheherazade5 February 2018 at 17:32

    Oh my goodness!!!

    I can't even explain how pained I feel, reading this story! Why are some human beings so evil?
    They better not let the He goat get away with this sacrilege oh. Three times!!! For crying out loud!

  6. What did he see in the Lil girl? Men eh, I just feel sorry for the poor girl

  7. The ordeal that some people pass through in life. I pray that it's well in her life onwards.

  8. Oh Jesus! Why are some men devilish? This evil and delivish Bello should be taught a terrible lesson that will make his manhood useless forever.And that Demonic rapist that called himself a teacher should be jailed. Evil men.

  9. Shameless man without self-control.
    I just felt for the girl

    Wicked He Dog

  10. How can you ask why she did not shout? How about asking why the man is a pig and why the wife is still with him. Why is she still with a man who is capable of sleeping with a 15 year old? How is the family just now doing something about it?

  11. Shame on her grandparents for shifting her around.

  12. Wickedness of the highest order

  13. Animals, may you lots perish in hell.

  14. These beasts with human faces who prey on the young and vulnerable girls/babies need to be castrated, locked up in cages forever or decimated. It's only then society will gain some sanity. QED@atm


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