Stella Dimoko In House News Thursday


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Thursday, February 15, 2018

In House News Thursday

So many Beautiful faces...
So many stories that touch....
It's all about Thursday in house news...


Live in the present as tomorrow is uncertain.
Love, it's the only way to kill hate.
Laugh, nothing sounds better than the sound of laughter



You may be flawed but perfect for someone, when you see yourself in others, it is impossible to hurt anyone else .. Love is too weak a word for what I feel for you, one life is too small a time to express how madly I am soooo in Love with you! I may forget to tell you I Love you, it is the mistake of my head not my heart. Bv Tade


Happy Birthday Oluwafifehanmi

"True love brings happiness, joy from within.Its like music in your ears, only you can hear it, only you can feel it and only you can swing to it's rhythm"-Oluwafifehanmi(God has shown me love).
It doesn't matter if you got it wrong at first, never stop believing it exists.
Am throwing it all back to two weeks ago

Happy Birthday darling baby girl.



Good day Mrs Korkus,
Please make my son and I face of IHN with this love quote. THANKS
Son you are a gift from heaven
you’re mine, even though unplanned..
But I couldn’t love you any more
than any Son on earth.

You have made me a better person;
A Mother, Father, Cook, a Nurse, a comforter, a teacher. You are the Salvation
I love you forever My Moon in this Dark Life.

Madam your pikin no send you at all,hes in a conversation somewhere else..LMAO



There seems to be a misconception and I would like to correct it....

Someone insinuated in the comment section that I am doing BBNaija posts because I want Bloglord to do commentary like she did last time and because she wasnt doing that i was hating on her and stuff ''ARE YOU KIDNEY ME?''...That's not true and i dont wanna dwell on this.....

The comment has been noted and noticed,now biko move on darling..




Good day My darling SDK
A big thank you to you and Bvs for your support so far, I'm really grateful
I was taken from 300 likes to almost 800 in less than two days
Thank you all so much, God bless
Please I need need more likes as the contest will be ending soon and I'm still behind, please Bvs kindly help me like and tag a friend or two, please help me
I hope and pray I win the photo contest with y'all support
God bless SDK and BVs, Thank you all so much
Below is the link to like the picture



Hello everyone

I've been staying with my married cousin sister for like a year now. Anytime we have issues she's always saying she will throw my things out, I don't have anywhere sibling in Nigeria and My parents r aged in d village. well I really didn't know she will do it cos they were all small issues.

But then on Monday normal small thing o, to change pure water to cold one from d seller, just for me to enter and change clothe she change am for me. Small thing she have call all her siblings in d village to say she's throwing me out. I still didn't talk, cooked for her she didn't eat, said she's not eating.

Early this january I lost my relationship of almost a year and she knows about how hurt I still am. I opened up to her about how I found out he was married and all, it's clearly a very bad experience for me and she knows.

So that Monday night she called someone from d village again and

Was telling the person about how she's giving me till Wednesday to leave her house and all, what she said that really got to me way saying 'that guy she was dating and was doing yanga bcus of and was feeling fly of cause he has a car and house , bcus he is rich and all, can u believe the man is married, can u believe this idiot girl even cot him cheating plenty times,they r not together again o ' like all d secrets I told her a day before she was telling d person.... She was saying it intentionally for me to hear in other to spit me. Tellingnthw person I'm a flirt and follow men.

That's when I shouted and started crying and was packing my loads...lke what did I even do to deserve this treatment sef. I left around 10pm that night crying. . I slept with a frnd that night. She then picked her phone and called my parents that I have left her house to a guy house that night o. The type of heavy lies this woman heaped o my head, God! I dunno if I'll ever forgive her. That I follow men, etc. P. S she dosnt cook atall in d house, she said she's not the cooking type, so therefore ordinary boiling of water for her to baf nah me dey doam. If I'm not at home both she, her husband and children wunt eat until I come even if she's home from morning till night.

I served her for a year plus, cooked, took care of the house, took care of her children. But recently I got a job cos I didn't work throughout lastyr, tending to her needs, taking her kids to school, picking them, cooking and all. Starting again this January depression wanted to kill me, I couldn't go out and work like my mates I was just locked up at home. I was tired. So just this January I looked for something to do, so I've not really bn able to do the full works, so she told me she wanto get a house help. And that I can go. Bt I didn't know she will do like this. Haba! It's so sad

My whole family knows alllllllll my secrets, u know all the secrets u tell a mum? Cos I call her small mum, and then bcus we have issues u call everyone one after d other and tell them allllll MG secrets plus jara. And then she added to everything. Well...

My service is in June, I'm with a frnd at mpape in Abuja and its far from Karu where I work. My brothers sent me money to look for someone to stay with before service and pay the person. So Im looking for a roommate,asin anyone who has a room alrdy and I can just stay with and pay for the four months.

Anyone living around karu/nyanyan/maraba/orozo/jikwe in Abuja that I can stay with, iwill even pay for the 4months I will be staying before service. Because it wunt be easy renting a new house now, buying new stuffs and then moving for service again.

Please any good bv that knows anyone that can help me, I will stay and pay. I don't wanto loose my work, she said I must not come back to her house to beg for anything ever, so I wanto prove o her that I can live on my own and make it, going back to d village isn't an option.

Staying with a family member is the wrongest thing ever, she will throw ur things out and heap lies on your head ontop.

Mpape to Karu is far and it won't pay me considering the transport so I begged my frnd to let me stay for a while so I can look for room. She has not called me till now to find out where I am. Instead she's calling every family member including my mum to tell her she will kill me if she see me.

plenty of my loads r in her place, I even left with a slippers, I packed just few clothes while I was leaving and crying, it's just trash things I packed. I had to go buy new pants and trouser to wear just yesterday. I dunno if to go get a police man to follow me when going to pack my stuffs since she said she will kill me, I know it might mean beating sheygeh out of me. P. S she made me arrange my loads alrdy that evening ND locked her wardrobe so I cant put it back.

Thanks Stella

Pls guys help me .

Here's my number pls post it 07050749852......

 I'm glad cos my immediate family are the only one seeing things my own way.

Na wah..what kind of relative is that?



Hi Stellar Stellastic Stella

I don come again, abeg epp my ministry. I have these pairs of UK and US shoes for sale. Some have been used x2 some never used i want to sell.
They are all 3k each. Steve Madden, NEXT, New look and Pour le Vic.
They are UK9, EU 42 and EU43, US11 sizes.
I also have handbags for sale at 2k each.
I have an instagram accout @enebeda where i have posted more pics there.
Pick up is from Abuja.
God bless you please.
I can be reached on 081 48698279

Madam please sell them one thousand naira each..


Skywhite Drycleaners Lagos

Skywhite Drycleaners, your One-stop shop for all your laundry and Drycleaning jobs. Our prices are affordable and we also have monthly packages/plans suitable for different set of people. Visit or call us today if you are in Lagos. 08025653564



Good day Stella, pls post this for me in your platform I need a way out of this ordeal. I am battling seriously with depression as a result of frustration. Everything in my life is so stagnant, as a man at 32, nothing is working out, no job, no home or achievement. 

Each time I lye down or relax a voice keep telling me what are you living for? everyone has abandon you even your own family, why not end it all and have rest, you can't go beyond this level and worse of it is that anyone I ask for help always have a story to tell me. I have pray and fast even became celibate for over two years now but I am yet to see turn around.

 When will God show up for me? The thought of suicide keep coming to my mind that lately each time I sleep I become afraid if I will wake up the next morning. Sometimes I loss consciousness while thinking about life, often times people keep telling me why am I looking them with a sad face, but they don't know I have no  control of my look rather it is the feelings inside me. I want to get out of this thought and live a happy life. 

Please how do I overcome this trauma? who have been in this before and how do they come out of it. Sometimes I run to the chapel to pray but the thought follows me, I can't even pray anymore. I am losing my mind, I now live my life in fantasy and wishing. Please I need advice from people here. Thanks.

I dont Understand it..Why do people allow themselves get to this stage of helplessness?..It hurts to read stuff like this....

Young man you have a lot to live for.....if it gets so bad then get on the streets and beg but do not ever think of killing yourself...I am sure you will get some good advice here....I am so sorry that you have to go through this...


Cream maker

I need someone who makes cream, for dark skin(no bleaching please). Contact: 08038372720( WhatsApp only please). 

Thank you


Restaurant Manager needed for a new fast food restaurant branch

Graduate with at least 1 year working experience in QSR, lives close to Agip road and its environs in PH. Not more than 35 years.

Female Sales Supervisor
Graduate with at least 1 year experience in Sales, marketing or Customer Service. Also along Agip road and its environs in PH. Not more than 30 years please. 

Send your updated CV and also indicate the vacancies you're applying for in your email to:



  1. If you are feeling hopeless, worn down & worthless, remember this: Even on your worst day, you can be of service to someone in need. You can give someone else a reason to press on. Even on your worst day, you are PRICELESS. Whenever you need a reminder of your value, go help someone else who needs it. Do so cheerfully, with love. For as you do unto the least of these ....

  2. Let me gush a little about my Val yesterday. I never knew that yesterday was going to be one of the best Val so far for me. I was with boo in the hospital for few days because he has been really sick for the past one week, i only came back to my base after finding out that he was fit to do little things on his own. I wasn't thinking of celebrating Val except for God to interven in my baby's life. Yesterday morning i received a call from him wishing me a happy val, later in the morning he called again to cheer me up only for me to tell him that yesterday's val was going to be one of the worst val ever as i wasn't celebrating but he said baby don't worry i will make it a day to remember. He was calling every hour to check on me and my movement, i later told him that my colleague was going to take me out and he said okay which place of which i still told him, just make sure to snap and send me he replied . Nearly 5 o'clock, he called and was like baby you haven't sent the pix, but i told him that i came out late and was very close to the place. On entering the place with my gf, i sighted someone but looked away only for my gf to pinch me and point at him like Amy is that not your boo? Eeeh jeez i didn't know whether to run because i saw a ghost or just scream as i was wondering how someone that was so sick last week not consider his business or health come and suprise me and it's not like we are staying in the same state. OMG i ran and hugged him for some minutes, people were just staring at us but they didn't understand....he handed me a gift and whispered to my ears Amy have you forgotten so soon that i love you so much and will stop at nothing to make you happy. Aww na so so i love you dey fly comot for our mouth, shy me didn't know when i kissed him publicly for the first time
    Let me stop here biko......i really enjoyed this valentine and pray our love stands the test of time

    1. Awwwwwww.....see me smiling here.

      Now I'm feeling bad cos I didn't bother seeing my guy even though we stay in same City.I told him to concentrate on what he is doing Biko and will try to see him over the weekend.

      Am I weird??

    2. Awwww!!!!
      This is good ✔✔
      I love ❤

    3. Awwwww,so sweet...smiles

    4. Wow.. So beautiful.. Baba God, do my own too o . I saw wedding party 2 today and I really pray God answers my prayers real soon

  3. Valentine don finish…make report start coming.

  4. Replies
    1. It does!I have witnessed many. My existence is a miracle.

  5. Yeba
    Everybody is beautiful
    Good afternoon lovelies,come and join me
    Ofada and orisirisi πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

  6. Hello all,pls I need an info from you,I'm in my mid 30's and still an undergraduate, I really want to go to school,I'm a caterer and can cook a lot of Nigerian dishes,I wish to pursue a career in this field ,but I lack basic information to pursue my career,I have the following questions.....what institution in Lagos can one study Catering and Hotel management or any related course? 2.I did WAEC in 2001 and had 6credit excluding English,I did NECO in 2006 and had English, can the institution still take this result considering the year?? Does anyone know anyone on FB or IG that I can't follow that can answer my many questions,I really want to go back to school and achieve my aim before I'm 40.pls answer

    1. If you're in Lagos, you can checkout YETKEM. It's an institute for hotel and catering management. I think it takes 2 years to complete. A friend of mine attended there.

  7. God pls bless us with rain in Abk ooooo,d heat is mad

  8. Beautiful faces of ihn

    I vote baby fifehanmi

    welcome ihn..

  9. Good day all.Faces of IHN are all lovely especially the babies. May God meet us all at the point of our needs...amen

  10. I will worship you forever, love you forever because, this God is too good o.

    I'm so happy right now (in lasisielenu's voice). Who says there is no God? hnmmm

    Thank you my Lord.

    Good afternoon good people.

    Hopefully there won't be traffic today, Val is over na, abi?

  11. I've been so worried about getting money to take my biz to the next level and God just reminded me that I haven't had cause to visit the hospital in years.You might not believe the last time I took anti malarial or typhoid drugs.just pain reliever once in a long while when I over work myself.

    I'm grateful to God for divine health! I can't take it for granted.

    Once there is life,there is hope!! It can only get better!!!!!

    Just like David,I'm encouraging myself in the Lord.😊

  12. Good afternoon everyone 😊
    LMAO 😁 @ sell at #1k each
    Lemme find food to eat,Ana m abia πŸƒ

  13. Goodday everyone. Happy val to all BVNS.


  14. Good afternoon people,beautiful faces of in-house news,happy birthday cutie baby girl.God bless all givers, am hungry oh, chai

  15. Stella mail came late abi na spam d tin enter OMG!
    Anyway,faces of IHN una fine well well, my vote goes to oluwafifehanmi.
    I will be here till 4pm because of SMB meeting, the thing tire me.

  16. Stella thank you! God will continue to bless and increase you above your equals. This will always be my prayer for you cause I believe and trust God to do it.

  17. So happy this afternoon.
    Had massive fun @coolfm πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Quite nervous at first

    Shoutout to everyone
    Love u kisses

  18. Happy birthday baby Oluwafifehanmi.

    Beautiful Corper Tade,make I vote for you sha.

    Welcome IHN

  19. Is this Tony Ihekire again? Phrinkies ex??

  20. Do you have a true friend? Someone who doesn’t care about your status or wealth; what car you drive, the kind of house you live in; who you socialise with, the one who will always defend you in your absence. If you do, you’re blessed. Hang on tight to that friend!

    On the flip side, are you a true friend as described above? Are you really a true friend?

    I'm outtie

  21. Good afternoon everyone. Is it because of N10k nai him i come dey see not too fine pictures for here. Na wa. Anyway God will make una win Amen.

    The lady that had problem with her cousin, she is just jealous because you are doing small small jobs. Please next time, when you bathe no leave ya pant for the window. Na word be that ooo. Thank God you will have sense not to tell your secrets or pains to any relatives. That is just wickedness. May God help you get a place nearer your office Amen.

    Tony please dont give up. That voice telling you what have you achieved, is the voice of the devil. That was how a pastor in my church before God changed him for the better had to pass what you were passing? No job, no money, no house, to squat with someone was a problem and he made up his mind to go to village because the voice was telling him what have you achieved, go to the village. He came to meet my Bishop who was then a Full Gospel President in His chapter. He prayed for him and told him if you ever move to the village that will be the end of you. Today, he has a job, married to a beautiful woman that we call the Chic and they have a beautiful daughter. If you see him, his colour is sweet. God will help you because he obeyed the man of God. Today he can boast and tell people of his stories. That will be your portion Amen.
    I pray you locate your Prophet who will guide you and help you out. Please keep praying to God. Meet your pastor to help you in prayers. Abi una pastor no sabi work?

    hahahahaha Stella you say make she sell the shoes N1k each. Na wa for you oooo.

    How do you guys manage with no money? I can imagine the pains you guys go through. It is well with you all Amen.

    Let me go and look for what to eat

    1. Lol.. Yes o it's Bcos of 10k! But is it your 10k??? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. Be there waiting for 10k with your tacky dressing Adeola. Dressed like a masquerade. Multi coloured scarf and top, iron belt, blue jean, NYSC boots and black bag. Local girl

    3. Looooollll... Blind anonymous πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      Shebi it's my localness??? And my masquerade?? Leave it for me,is my own πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 🚢 🚢 🚢 🚢

    4. Loooooollllling.. Blind anonymous

      shebi it's my Localness? And my masquerade dressing??! Leave it for me, isssss my own πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  22. Faces of inh are beautiful...
    That few month waiting for NYSC is very frustrating... Kpele
    Bv tony..pls don't ever tink of killing urself,God is still alive.

  23. Young man,please don't end your life, things might be difficult for you now but remember, you are still better than some people.
    Don't give up on yourself.
    Beautiful faces everywhere....

  24. This is to the depressed guy, first of all taking your life is a one way ticket to hell. Do you have relatives you can visit?, change your environment and go to places with better need to do some soul searching, more like self discovery. What are you good at?, do you have investable ideas?, what are your skill sets?, your strength and weaknesses?. You can drop your email under this comment if you have investable ideas. I mean something new and original.

  25. Beautiful faces of IHN, I vote the birthday baby...

    @chikeTeflon, Bless u bro for checking up

  26. Some ladies eh!
    So I passed by a beautifully dressed young lady yesterday and the stench oozing from her body was so terrible I didn't know when I screamed.

    How on earth can you be slaying and smelling?

    You can fix all manner of hair, nails, lashes, buy clothes etc but you cant bathe well and buy antiperspirant and deodorant. Rexona is abt 1000 nauπŸ˜– it's not that expensive and it could last you for about 2-3 weeks.

    Have small conscience and save us this kind of awful experience.

    It is so evil and unfair to be walking about boldly with terrible body odour πŸ˜₯
    Na WA πŸ˜’

    1. That is how all those black teenagers smell here in England like most of them don't have Nigerian mothers. You will see a whole make up shop on their faces looking picture perfect but let them get close to you even in this cold you will want to faint.

    2. Was she wearing weave. Some of those weaves stink because they have it in so long and refuse to take out and wash their hair.

    3. Let me correct this wrong impression you have about people with unpleasant smell. First of all people with no medical condition that could make them have offensive smell can go 3 days without bathing and will still smell nice. Its so unfortunate that it is people like you who knows nothing about nothing that assume they know every thing.Offensive smell is often caused by medical conditions It could be sinus infections, post nasal drip, polyps,kidney problem or anything.And most times, like someone battling with cancer or any other forms of illness,these people spend good amount of money on medications and some of them have even had sugeries or planing to. But the problem is we are quick to judge and assume since we bath and use cheap deodorant and become cool same applies to everyone and anyone who smell differently is a dirty person. So you expect the person to start dressing like a mad person simple because she probably have a medical condition too big for you to comprehend?? I have a male friend who has sinus infection and therefore has this unpleasant smell coming from his nose.I am his friend and knows how clean he is and how many times he bath and brush his teeth daily as well as take medications.the condition is decreasing but not yet gone.Summary of this long story is that the same way your loved ones fall sick and you pray for them to get well is the same way you should treat people like that.They did not ask for it like no one will pray to fall sick it just happened and it could happen to anybody.Ask yourselve if it happens to you what will you do?? And guess what it can be caused by common cold or dusty environment.

  27. Happy birthday Baby Oluwafifehanmi,I vote for you.

  28. Poster that was staying with a relative...
    Are you sure what you listed up there is the cause of una quarrel?..
    I'm sure if we hear from your cousin,it would be a different story!...
    No person would treat you this way if you are very nice to her like you claimed!...
    I have lived with relatives before and I know what I'm saying!...
    I hope you are not gbenshing her husband or doing other dirty things that irritate and disgust her...

    Meanwhile,don't tell me you didn't know your ex is married!...
    Him not taking you to his house while dating should be a signal!...
    You better go back to him and collect settlement money!...
    He should settle you wella for wasting your time!...
    You can't lose on both sides!...

  29. My val was the best..
    I wrote a list last year Shiloh praying for some people ttcing..
    I did all the fasting and believing God for when we got to February no testimony, I wasn't happy..I stopped praying.I told God answer someone from my list as evidence that u still listen to me..
    I have a fb friend we met thro this sisterhood global group, her name is number one on my list...
    She called me yesterday that the lord has done it ooo
    I'm so happy..just smiling at myself.... So God actually listen.
    This is really the beat valπŸ’•πŸ’ž

    1. He listens my sister it's just time

    2. Thats intercessory prayer. The God that did it for her shall surely do yours too .amen

    3. That is a reassurance that God will surely meet you.

  30. Humpback whales form lifelong friendships and reunite with their pals every year.

  31. Beautiful faces of IHN

    My vote goes to the baby...she s cute.

  32. Tony don't lose ur mind!
    Your situation is better than so many people out there. Think deeply and look around. There's always something to live for. Do not take the life you didn't make, if you do,you will end in hell.
    At age 35,I had no job, not married and in debts. My creditors were even threatening to send me to jail. I couldn't feed myself, couldn't pay my rent and there was no one to help me.
    By the grace of God, I survived!
    Think of what you can do, just any work. Get rid of pride.

    Above all: if Christ died for you, why don't you live for Him!

  33. Good afternoon everyone.... Today has been making me feel down, today makes it 2 years since the sad demise of my lovely father... It's been 2 whole years without someone I never imagined ever losing, I was not ready or prepared to lose him, he was the one person in the whole wide world I could rely on for anything and everything, he did his best for his family and others and it hurts more that he left without us saying goodbye or even a proper thank you for all his sacrifices and roles he played... Have moved on and building my life with the lessons and advise he taught me, but still I feel this heavy heartache knowing am never seeing my dad again... Continue to rest in perfect peace dad, while I strive to make you smile and proud wherever you are... I miss you so much my here

    1. May his Soul continue to rest in the blossom of the Lord.. You will be fine

    2. πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
      Stay strong bro

    3. Rip to him
      His in a better place
      Take heart

    4. Sorry about ur dad. Hes in a better place . I pray his soul continues to rest in peace

    5. Now I know why you struggle so much. Don't give up. Make him proud. Continue being yourself and don't let the society influence you. RIPP to him.

  34. Olawealth what did you do at Coolfm. Oya begin talk. What time did they air you?

    1. Kopas hangout..
      1pm to 2pm.
      Valentine's edition

  35. Good afternoon all,1k is too small nah

  36. Tony,don't be ashamed to do any menial job!...
    Your type wouldn't want to drive Keke,cab,do conductor or work in a building site!...
    See,these people are making serious money on a daily basis!...
    You Go and learn a handwork! can learn something like
    Doing screeding and POP in a new house,moulding blocks and inter locking,plumbing,electrician etc!...
    Don't be ashamed to do it even as a graduate!....

    You can also find money and travel abroad for hustling!...
    Or you join yahoo yahoo even the plus!...
    All na hustling!...

    Our leaders have failed us!...
    Fight for your future!!..

  37. See fine faces on Ihn. Happy birthday to that cute baby girl.

    Bv Tony, pls snap out of that depression. I know it is not easy, but God is with u. All these will surely pass.

    My people una doh.

  38. I forgot to add Tony,

    You might have a spiritual wife oh
    Or someone somewhere is manipulating your destiny!...
    Look for a good man of God to assist you in prayers...
    Village people are real!!..

  39. One love 😍 keep us together

  40. Congrats Amy. Enjoy jare.

    Isaacbaba you are a strong guy, please be strong for your mum and siblings. It is well with you. With time you will be able to conquer the sadness. Just know your dad is watching you all as you guys continue to do well. Stay strong dear.

    No cry too much ooo because it might cause sickness and heartache for you. Enjoy your day dear.

  41. hahahahahaha this Queen, you are something esle. Which one is spiritual wife hahahahaha

  42. Sharon are you still in that sisterhood group? Abeg run from it. God will answer you when your time comes. You are a lady i love, abeg i no go lie to you, better delete yourself from that SHA

    1. Pls,explain better. Is the group a bad one?

    2. Yori I have removed myself from the group too when a friend said it is evil

  43. Goodday everyone, hope our day is going well. My valentine was spent at work and later in traffic, was too tired to hang out although it was a very special day to me.

    Beautiful faces of IHN

    Have a nice day everyone...hakuna matata.

  44. Goodday everyone, hope our day is going well. My valentine was spent at work and later in traffic, was too tired to hang out although it was a very special day to me.

    Beautiful faces of IHN

    Have a nice day everyone...hakuna matata.

  45. Sir who is 32 and sad at life. You cannot do something for God to give you something back in return. Why reduce the Almighty to simple trader. I understand you do not know better as this is how God's glory has been reduced by religionists seeking some pay out for doing 'good'. Doing what is good should be your natural sate of mind, loving God without any expectation of rewards is pure love. How dare you love God and call on God simply because you want to be rewarded, how dare you minimize the greatness of God, do you think God is not aware that the things you do you do because you are seeking a reward. Loving God comes with no reward, pure love asks nothing in return. Love God in spirit and in truth because you choose to, not because you want payment for your love, how dare you?

    If no job is coming your way, look deeply into the society and see what skill trade has the potential to still be in high demand ten years from now. Go get trained in that skill. Seek out charities and NGOs focused on skills training or personal upliftment to get some assistance. You need to keep moving about and seeking opportunities, don't stop and let depression settle in your bones. It is in the moving about that you will meet ppl and see or hear about opportunities. When you sit at home lamenting you are wasting precious time. Get up and get out there. Also do not scoff at any legal work as being beneath you, if it can feed you, house you and you can save a little something for the rainy day, then do It! You are not in a position to be picky, you need to get in the groove of working and getting up daily and having someplace to go, it changes the mindset and open up ambitions when you are doing something. It is extremely difficult to be ambitious when you are not doing anything. Best wishes.

  46. Those babies up there are adorable...
    Stella you should really learn to stop bothering yourself about all those useless side talks, people will always have something to say, that's constant.
    The lady who was thrown up by her cousin, pele such is life, human beings can't be trusted, count it a lesson for you, find a way to pack your remaining stuff out and forget about her, she will reap her reward.
    Depressed man, stop locking yourself up in the house!!! Try interacting with people, even if church is the only place you can be for now, get useful there and learn to open your mouth to members around about what you are going through. You can offer to help the men do their laundry for a token for example. The long and short of my story is ; an idle mind is the devil's workshop. Find an exit from that dark place.
    Lady bug hii...

  47. Tony, the truth is that your destiny is under lock and key. It has been exchanged by your village people. You cannot retrieve your glory by becoming depressed or thinking of suicide. You will only win by taking it by force. You need to ask God for His mercy and help. If possible , go to your father's house in the villa. Stay there, fast and pray with the word of God that does not fail and demand for the realise of your destiny. Do it as like your life depends on it which actually it does.

    The lady that was thrown out- Wisdom is profitable to direct. Apply wisdom, calm down. Go back to your relative and ask her for forgiveness. Yes, you heard me well. Ask for forgiveness and plead with her to accept you back. You have just four months before you go for your Nysc. Endure everything, life is a lesson. Save the money your brothers gave you and be wise. If she allows you to stay, fine. when you are posted for Nysc, then you can plan how to secure your accomodation. But learn to be discreet and keep your secret to your self because bible said so in MICAH 7 vs 5.

    I vote for baby fife

  48. Happy birthday my sunshine’s namesake. I vote Fifehanmi.

  49. Are we supposed to vote? If yes, I vote for the lady and her son.
    Tony, just hold on a lil bit. God is real and he'll see you through.
    Good Day Stella and BVs.

  50. You will be okie Tony. I pray you get a job soon. Just like you I sometimes feel stuck. Like nothing is working out for me but I take solace in the fact that the present is not the future. "Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go;they merely determine where you start." Things will eventually work out for you. Just hang in there.

  51. This is for Tony
    For a sec, I almost didn't wanna say anything after reading your post. I smiled and thought in my head, he go dey ok. But then, I couldn't help but to continue thinking about your situation. Truth is, I was exactly in d same situation if not worse less than 3 months ago.
    First thing I need u to get in your head is that no one is in charge of your Destiny, but yourself. Whatever is manifesting in your life today is d result of what has been planted in your subconscious mind in d past.
    I know what it means to be frustrated and depressed. I personally went thru d whole ordeal. I was fortunate to have a wonderful childhood, even studied, lived, and worked abroad. I was both "streetz" and corporate. I made so much $ in my 20s than majority of people that are well to do would ever make in their lifetime. Guess what? Moved back to Nigeria a lil over 2 years ago, and as I type I don't have s**t to show for it. It ain't no destiny killers, or whatever excuse would have been easy for me to make, it was all my own doing. I had everything easy for me and was more than likely to self destruct at some point in my life if not now.
    Honestly, I am glad it all happened to me at this point in my life, cos I absolutely needed d lessons. The experiences d last 2 to 3 years completely broke me down. It got me to do a whole lot of soul searching, and I had to dig deep. Reached places in my soul I never thought d human mind was capable of. I am a very strong believer in God, but I don't necessarily buy into all d "deliverance", but I can totally see why people are quick to believe that in this part of d world. Sometimes u just have to apply common sense, and be practical about your situation.
    Understanding your situation, it's extremely difficult to clear your head in order to think straight. I would suggest you read motivational books; books that are practical and inspire u. A good book I would suggest for u is, "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. This book absolutely changed my life. As I type, I am still broke as f**k, but I look so much better than I have looked in d past few months. I have got a clear head, a vision, a plan, and currently executing my plans bit by bit. I would have advised u to get a job, do whatever u can... blah blah blah and all that, but cos I know u need a clear head to make certain decisions, and your present state of mind won't allow u. My only suggestion for now is for u to clear your head, and get your hand on the book, Think and Grow Rich.
    U must also remember, this is not gonna be an easy process, your life presently didn't happen overnight, and d change u are seeking for is also not gonna happen overnight. U are going to stop looking for miracles, and breakthroughs. Rather, u are gonna carefully plan your future d way u want it to be and diligently work towards it. While u are at it, find sth to hold on to; sth that gives u joy, that makes u happy. For me it is music and dancing. This journey ain't gonna be easy, but if u try, I am not God, but I can assure u God will Grant u that which u desire.
    Also, always remember, nothing in life is free. What do u have to offer to get that which u want? U can receive whatever it u desire, as long as u have what it takes. U have to be realistic with whatever it is u desire.
    Forgive my long epistle, and my disjointed grammar. I am not abt to proofread either, sorry! If u are interested in reading d book, but u are unable to acquire,or can't afford one, u can send me an email:
    If u are also interested in a friend that understands your situation, and just wanna talk, feel free to shoot me an email. Best of luck bro

    1. Also send him 'The power of your subconscious mind' by Joseph Murphy. It is a transformational book and one I absolutely adore. Anything by Joseph Murphy and Neville Goddard is of great help in times of trouble.


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