Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 211


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Thursday, February 01, 2018

Labour Room Drama 211

Na wah oh!!!

Today is my baby's birthday and I will like to share my delivery room experience.

Immediately after our marriage I became pregnant. I never knew I was pregnant thought it was malaria, went to one rubbish hospital in my area,big hospital empty brain doctor.

After asking questions and conducting tests he said I am pregnant, I have malaria and sepsis.

He gave loads of antibiotics and malaria medicines and injections, I told him I don't need injections since I can still swallow medicine, he insisted. Hubby was like ''did you study medicine in school'' I kept quiet .

After using the medicine for almost a week and finishing my injections I was still not feeling fine.

Fortunately for me a doctor friend of mine called me to check up on me, when she heard from my voice that I was not feeling fine, she came over to my place collected some blood sample and urine and went back to her base to conduct some test.

She told me to stop taking the antibiotics and everything the doctor gave me. She said I don't have sepsis anywhere and that the malaria sef is not that high.

She gave me the normal ante natal drugs and told me to go register in a clinic. I was just two months pregnant.

At four months I went to camp and I indicated through out the one week program (I am an usher) I came back home and started spotting with minor cramps. I quickly went to the maternity and they told me to go and do scan.

The scan showed that the baby was doing well but my Pvc or something like that was low can't remember now.

They told me to increase my consumption of fruits, which I did and everything was fine till my 8th month when I was going for work and somebody mistakenly hit my tummy (we were rushing for bus) if you stay in ikorodu and leave for work early in the morning you will understand. The lady did not even know, I just held my breath and sat down. Thought everything was fine. I still Wasn't showing that much, except you have experienced eyes before you will know I was pregnant. Those old women on the queue for brt bus will be like '' Omo yi Lo joko" ,I always tell them I am fine.

I got home and my stomach stared paining me, as in serious pain o. I just laid my hands on the place and prayed on it, by the time I woke up for work the next day it was gone.

Fast forward to nine months I moved back to my parents house, my EDD was just two weeks away and I felt I could cope, boy I was wrong, by the fourth week, that two weeks after the initial two weeks baby was still enjoying herself. By this time I was tired of being pregnant, I just called her by her name that I was giving her this week if she doesn't come out, I am going back to my house.

On Sunday I went to church after service I went to the maternity to check if all was alright and the nurse said baby is fine. I was like I can't feel her moving like before, she said the baby is now big and there is no enough space for her to be turning around again. She usually respond to the voice of her dad, our last born when was always disturbing her, my baby sister will be like Oya move for me let me see and you will see my tummy jumping up and also to music , so her not responding to this made me fear small.

The nurse decided to check if I was dilated, that thing is painful mean, she said no show that I should go back home.

I got home, ate and was praying because I usually don't sleep again anyways.

Around 9pm I started feeling cramps like my period was coming. I was so happy that the show has started, in my mind I was strong. I was thinking this thing is easy now, I didn't sleep throughout the night. In my mind I was counting contractions not knowing say Na play I dey play.

Once it was 6 am I stood up to take my bath, my mum asked me what happened, I said I want to go and give birth.

She asked if I had seen water or the show, I said no. She said I should go back to sleep that I have not started, as a Google person nau, I told her that I know what is happening and that it has started since yesterday night. She looked at me and shook her head and told me bye bye, but she is very sure I am not in labour yet just because I took my bath and was applying make up o. I was still asking her to give me her perfume.

My father decided to escort me, when we got there the nurse on duty was like what happened, I said I came to give birth. If you guys see the way she looked at me, she said how many times have I given birth, I told her this is my first.

That was when the mid wife walked past, the nurse was like, "Ewa wo primi yi o, o ni owun Fe bimo, Enu re si mu" look at this primi o, she wants to give birth and her mouth is still sharp. The matron now turned to look at me and told me to go home that when I am ready they will know and that the way she is looking at me, it might be the next day or the day after the next day. Immediately I told her God forbid, this baby is coming out today. She said my perfume sef has shown her that I am not ready, after much argument she brought out my file and so that I have passed my EDD. So she took me inside to check Lo and behold my people she said I am only one CM dilated. I felt like crying and I am still going to ten, I now begged her to let me rest small. I told my father to leave that my husband is coming, that was how I started my prayers again.

Hubby came and we went back home, I told him I wanted to walk. We got home, the pain now multiples, I used paracetamol, for where. I couldn't eat, sleep or do anything, all I wanted was for him to rub my back. By four I couldn't take it again, I wore my clothes and told him we should go back, we walked again. Immediately the nurse saw me, she was like how far. My makeup has scattered, my wig was no where to be found, to even answer her sef I couldn't. They checked me again and the nurse said I was 3cm gone. By this time I was screaming, hubby was like remember all the things we read,for where. All my exploration of Google and the books I read have disappeared .

Around 7 pm I removed all my clothes, pants have been removed since, I felt like I wanted to poo, me that will not use a public toilet was sitting down on the floor there. The nurses were just shouting,dont go and push inside there o. I will come out again, later I will run inside there again . After about thirty minutes one of the nurses pitied me and took me to the delivery room, I think she busted the water because I felt water pouring out from. I felt relieved a little bit, she sent my hubby to call the midwife and the midwife was like Oya push, after pushing she said me I will go back and sleep o, did I ask you to shout, I said push you are shouting. I saw sorry MA, Oya I will push. My husband was like baby you can do this, the next time I was asked to push, I did it with everything in me, the midwife just told me that I didn't do anything, that it was the baby that was even pushing herself out. 

That was how they pulled her out o, I didn't hear any cry and I was asking what is happening, the other nurse just to me to relax so that the placenta can come out. Before I knew it, I heard the sweetest sound of my life my baby's cries.

The nurse was like madam you have tears o, should I stitch it or not. Haha what kind of question is that one, that stitching was even more painful than child birth. I started begging her to stop or give me something to stop the pain, for where. She just poured one pepperish something over it and told me that I will like the style she sowed,egbami when did I become lace.

I couldn't believe it was over, it was the sweetest thing ever. My vagina almost tore to my anus, I couldn't seat very well.

That was how one in-law came to visit me the next day, only for him and his wife to start telling everybody that I didn't greet them well. God dey sha.

Stella, the pictures are for your eyes only o

May we never bury our children and may we never see them suffer.

To all those who are longing for a miracle like this, Just relax and trust God. He will get definitely do it, being anxious won't solve it.

In this light I will like to bake a cake for any January celebrant baby in Lagos. Thank you for reading

*Na wah oh.....Congrats!!

Today is February and you sent this yesterday..Please send me a mail for February kids nau.


  1. Congrats to you. I can imagine the rush and the hit to the belle just to enter BRT. OMG. Thank God for you.

    Happy birthday to your baby.

    1. Not an easy something... Me that had plenty imaginary labour

  2. Wow. Funny narrative. Its not easy o. Waiting to experience mine too

    1. Amen! Congrats dear. Pls help a TTC sister o! Has anyone tried the banana, milk, raw egg and bicarbonate soda recipe for fertility? Pls is it safe?

    2. Amen! Congrats dear. Pls help a TTC sister o! Has anyone tried the banana, milk, raw egg and bicarbonate soda recipe for fertility? Pls is it safe?

  3. Congratulations Madam.... But I must admit you are very funny.... When I read this your whole post, I almost peed on myself. But this one got me the more "So she took me inside to check Lo and behold my people she said I am only one CM dilated. I felt like crying and I am still going to ten....". 😁😁😁

  4. congratulations madam. you are blessed.

  5. I will experience this soon.

    1. Your LRD is so interesting to read.
      Lol @when did I turn to lace.

  6. You will like the style I sew *in Nurse muyiwa's voice*.Hahahah.

  7. son turned 3years on the 17th of january...i dont mind the cake for him since i didnt do anything for him on that day.thankz

  8. Aww! God bless and keep your angel. She will be a blessing to your family.

  9. "she just poured one pepperish something over it and told me that I will like the style she sowed,egbami when did I become lace."
    This part got me in stitches... I CAN'T ABLE...LOL

  10. congrats Darling and happy birthday to your daughter in arrears...

  11. congrats Darling and happy birthday to your daughter in arrears... where in ikorodu are you? oya send me mail make we do small business

  12. Amen
    Happy birthday to her😘

  13. The style she sowed ke?? As what??🀣🀣🀣

  14. Amen, congratulations dear

  15. You are very funny. Congratulations dear. God's protection on your baby.

  16. Congratulations. Try folic acid it work like magic

  17. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…poster, you are very funny.Happy birthday to your girl


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