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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Mama Nnuku's Gist Corner - Rumor

This is hilarious...!!!

The Gist:

We woke up to a rumor making waves in the neighborhood, I saw some people gathered talking about it, some even swore they witnessed it.

I must know wetin dey happen. 

Na so I tie wrapper come downstairs with teeth wey I no brush (lol) and they were talking about a guy who sells moju .

What is moju? Well I don’t know the English name , but you know that powder that they rub on babies face that makes them look like ghost, I am sure yah mama rub you moju nobody should come and be forming biko .

There is a guy who hawks this product, and he always apply the stuff on his face for advertisement, nobody knows what he really looks like cause his face is always covered with the moju .

He didn’t come to the neighborhood to hawk for like 3 days and I don’t know how the news broke that he was arrested alongside herbalists

1st woman: that boy wey dey sell moju na ritualist o, them say e dey supply pikin to herbalist

2nd woman: eehn ehhn , aye le ooo

3rd woman: he has 2 big houses , fleet of cars , I even know that house wey people describe say he build , I know the place ..

Me: na wa o, eehn ehhn , I listened to them and was surprised at the conversations

1st woman: Haa a , u , u don’t know anything , they even said , he uses the moju to disguise himself so no one can see his face

2nd woman: I heard he was shot on the leg, when he tried to escape

The way we were talking about this matter you will think they were present there, some people who saw us discussing will stop to ask, and na my mouth dey sharp pass sef, say them talk say the brother wey dey hawk moju na ritualist. Before we knew it the news was flying everywhere.

Later in the evening some other women had gathered at iya enny shop, and she was giving them the gist, I was just returning and I met them there so I decided to join them *winks* everybody was saying what they know and what they didn’t know . When hunger begin do me something I stood up to leave and lo and behold....

It was the moju guy hawking his moju, walking down, I called to the other women who were still talking about it , and the look on everybody’s face was as if we saw a ghost .

Immediately people who were swearing they know this and that became automatically deaf and dumb.

The guy got to where we are and stopped to greet one of the women asking if she isn’t buying moju.

The boy doesn’t even look like someone arrested or shot , I asked the woman who started the rumor and she said it somebody that told her, the somebody said, somebody told her, that’s how all of us begin to told somebody

I felt so stupid eehn , I just left them all and walked away . Awon rumor mongers oshi (lol)

Until I pass this side again.....But for now it is bye –bye

*Na wah oh..LOL


  1. Mama nnuku you like amebo sha,just dey chuck mouth for area matter.

  2. lmao
    dont spread unconfirmed news again

    1. Amebo thingzzz!!! Kikikikikiki πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. Gossips! Well, someone must trigger a rumour. ..

  4. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. But you were one of the rumour mongers nahh....Mama Nnuku, your amebo is top notch. Kontinuuuu😁😁😁

  6. Nawa o. Thats not fair on the guy. But one thing I have learnt in life is not to involve in hearsay unless I am sure of the matter.

  7. I remember a sticker my dad once bought. It read 'Rumors are carried by enemies, spread by ignorants, and accepted by fools.
    Funny gist BTW.

  8. Mama nnuku your other name na Ofofo GBE mi(ofofo reward me)

  9. na wa o... that would have been a good opportunity to hear from the horses mouth

  10. Hahahhahahha
    Mama nnuku gbeborun won't kill you
    I can imagine how those rumour mongers felt afterwards

    1. Mama Nnuku is among the rumour mongers na. Ofoforibigbe.

  11. Mama Nnuku, tatafo. Your gbeborun no get part 2

  12. Mama nnuku your ashiri no be here oooo. Thats how you rumour mongers spoilt the guy's business. Ofofo no good ooo


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