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Friday, February 09, 2018

Mama Nnuku's Gist Corner - Who Owns The City?


The Gist:

This fateful day my phone had rang , and the caller was like ''Vera e don happen, infact e dey happen for my house right now''. I was curious , the caller was like ''you need to be here to see things for yourself this kasala is far better enjoyed when you witness it''.

 I thought, but kilo shele gangan? Before I could get a reply the caller had dropped. 

I sharply wear my cloth and off to the person’s house I went (lmao) on getting there, there was pandemonium 

And it was happening between a landlord/landlady and a tenant. Well let me explain to you in details so that you will understand as you read.

Where my caller stays the landlord and his wife didn’t build the house, can’t say much about what kinda house cox don’t know who and who is reading , make una no vex (lol) but they rent it out to people and collect huge money from them...

There is this tenant who moved in with wife and daughter, the landlady and the tenant wife were so close that each time when I go to visit my caller I see them together . maybe she was doing them welcome party as new tenants then sha , but little did they know she doesn’t joke with money and she is very greedy ..  that’s the suitable word for it 

In that compound there are over 20 plantain trees, banana, mango, and all sorts. So the new tenant had gone to cut some bunch of banana and that was how trouble started. And this led to malice keeping and no more friendship, things stayed like that until the day this kasala burst . 

Night of the kasala bursting that I received the call , the tenant had gone to the police station to get the house owners arrested, they met the gate man on arrival and the police asked if his oga was around he said no, what about madam ? he said yes and went in to call the landlady . when she came out she saw the police and the tenant and was talking to them, that was when I arrived, the police asked her to call her husband and she did .

On arrival of her husband the following convo took place between the landlord and the tenant 

Landlord: You must be a mad man, this is the end I don’t want you as my tenant again

Tenant: Please can you ask your wife why she is so greedy? Have you people no shame?

Landlord: if you talk nonsense or about my wife I will beat you like a baby (lol) 

Tenant: looks left and right and burst out laughing.. Saying, you? You are Just a rat ! (hahhahahhahhahhahahhahha) chai this part was so funny I swear, una need to witness am 

Wife flew into a rage and started insulting the man, how dare you call my husband a rat, then insults and shoutings followed from the wives and husbands. And the police took em all away. 

They all reached a settlement and came back home , tenant drove in and started playing music from his car increasing the volume to the highest . Track playing Awon ayeee, elenu razor o!

Kai that man di wicked.. (hahahha) landlady ignoring him and sitting outside the verandah , the gate man went to meet the man and said he should turn down the volume of the music 

The man got down from his car and gave him a dirty slap (lol) he said go and tell your madam we are fighting for who owns the city now ( Hhahhhahahhahhahhhahahha)

Well the man Has continued with this act to frustrate the house owners and they can’t do nothing about it 

Na true say na where some people craze stop naim some people own start 

My people na so this one take shele, well I visit my caller frequently cox I am enjoying the drama especially when the man comes back and starts playing all those him songs . (lol) 

Oya oooo’ who owns the city ? 

Bye for now 

*Horrible tenants...Why not take permission before touching their plantation and why begin to harrass them calling the man rat?Tenants from hell,tufiakwa!


  1. what a pity. Next time landlady and landlord put a clause on DONT TOUCH, EAT OR PLUCK from the tree

    I am sure tenant na lawyer. Na wa.

    Any tenant that calls his landlord a rat is that one a tenant?

    1. Or better still put a notice like 'The trees of knowledge and evil. If you eat of these trees, you'll die' 😂

  2. Yeye tenant the landlord no get power to beat nonsense comot for the tenant head ni.

  3. the tenant is the stupid one... in fact his wife is a criminal... why will you harvest something you did not sow... the fact that the house may not belong to the "landlord" does not give the tenant the right to steal...

    1. You are so right, they are thieves, some tenants believe that once they pay rent, na dem and landlord Don become owners. Mtchewww

  4. Tenant from hell. Why disturb the whole neighborhood because of your beef with the landlord?

  5. That tenant is a bully
    Before you take something that doesn't belong to you,you must ask Na.
    Vera you and Amebo 😂😂😂😂😂

  6. The tenant is silly, so he is living in the house of a rat that means he must be a cockroach. Some tenants wahala no be here.

  7. I still don't get it...what happened??

  8. Some tenants can be a thorn in the flesh. If the. Landlord is giving you issues then ask for your refund and pack out.

  9. Landlord and tenant wahala no be today e start.. .


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