Stella Dimoko Northern Elders Forum Spokesman Defends Herdsmen Killings...


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Monday, February 19, 2018

Northern Elders Forum Spokesman Defends Herdsmen Killings...

A former Vice Chancellor of Ahmadu Bello University, and spokesperson of the Northern Elders Forum, NEF, Prof. Ango Abdullahi has vehemently defended the incessant killings by Fulani herdsmen across the country.

According to Dailpypost,Abdullahi also said that the herdsmen menace is politically motivated by the South to disrupt the politically united North ahead of the 2019 general elections, adding that this was how Boko Haram was introduced during Goodluck Jonathan’s government which led to his failure in the 2015 polls.

Justifying the killings, the Professor said that the herdsmen are killing members of their host communities in order to defend themselves, adding that the herders were free to take the cattle to any part of the country the same way an Igbo man does his business.

In a strong worded interview with Vanguard, Abdullahi said, “I have been involved in debates against some respected people from the southern part of this country who believe that this country is not balanced because the North is too big; because the North is too politically united, so there must be a way of disrupting this unity, and this is what we are seeing on ground today, and the elements that are being used are the Fulani herdsmen.

“This matter would be looked at properly; political alliances and so on are welcome. You don’t need to lose blood, or property to engage in political alliance or whatever you want, or still, you don’t need to introduce excuses that will lead to loss of lives. We saw this when the Boko Haram was on ground; they said northerners created the sect to disrupt former President Goodluck Jonathan’s government, which led to his failure in the last election, and so on.

“Now that Boko Haram is out of the way, the new excuse is the Fulani herdsmen. This is what is happening in other places except in areas that you are talking.

“We have seen what they called a new handshake across the Niger; it is political, and we have seen the mourning that has taken place in Benue and other places to show that the monolithic North is not in tandem with the Middle Belt; it is all politics. Our Middle Belters don’t need to take the agenda that appears to be a thing of distrust. We are not going to force anybody into a relationship politically or otherwise. We see this as a political agenda.

Asked if herdsmen are not the ones committing the murders, he added, “The truth is, if you want to kill me and I have a chance first, I will kill you, or you do want people to be killed and not defend themselves? By your reporting, you have denied them justice and government also has denied them justice by not going to arrest those that are killing them. So, they defend themselves.

On the herdsmen that kidnapped, raided and Chief Olu Falae’s farm ablaze, he said, “My uncle was kidnapped last week in Kaduna, my cousin’s children were also kidnapped and they had to go and find N2.5 million to pay. Why is Olu Falae case different?

“Because he was Secretary to the Federal Government? He is a Nigerian just like my uncle and my cousin whose children were kidnapped. The right of every citizen is important under the law. Why is he so special?

“What about the impunity of the people killing herdsmen? The herdsmen in Nigeria are reacting to the injustice meted out daily to them?

“You people, you Nigerians, including you who are biased, who are not prepared to protect the rights and interests of herdsmen. They are killed but not reported, that is not acceptable.

“Herdsmen operate in these places you mentioned because the country has denied them the traditional routes which the British created for them IN 1914 when they occupied this country because they realised that, like cars require tracks, herdsmen also require tracks they can use to graze and drink water.

“The British provided it for them and gazetted it but people have denied them these routes. So, where do you expect the animals to follow? They have to follow somewhere and the easy road is the one other people are using. We are all living in Nigeria.

Asked if he was trying to justify the menace of herdsmen, he maintained, “I am justifying it very strongly because herdsmen are being unjustly treated in this country.

“They are businessmen just like the farmers whose crops are being destroyed. They should invest in their business; buy ranches like the farmers bought their parcels of land.

They are businessmen. If an Igbo man could go to my state and set up a shop, why shouldn’t herdsmen operate elsewhere? Or are you the one who planted the grass the animals are feeding on? Are you the one who created the water they drink?

“The land belongs to Nigerians and herdsmen are Nigerians. If an Igbo man can go to the North and set up a business, why won’t herdsmen go to the South, including your village, to graze their cattle?

“Where we come from, you don’t pay for land, you only ask for permission to use it. That is why I said you people are biased against other people and that is why the peace of this country will be very difficult.”


  1. And they went scot free because they dont pay for land, they ask for permission to use it.

    The DSS and others will not see how inciteful these words are.

    May God help us all. Every state should arm themselves well because the government can not defend you at all

    1. As a southern easterner, Jewish I could sue for defamation of character. Mr. Alhaji stop trying to start another civil war. The worst is that you left biko haram to blame the south.

  2. Nawa o, so much hate in his speech. But he said that if someone wants to kill you, kill them first. So people should kill the Fulani herdsmen first before they kill us all, is that what he is trying to tell us? People just talk anyhow. Igbo businessmen he is using as an example, have you heard that they killed anyone because that person refused to sell shop to them or give them land to build shop? Is not by force to sell land to Fulani herdsmen, and they dont have right to be violet about it when people say no to selling land to them to raise to cows.

  3. Stupid talk. A Hausa man will always put his selfish interest first before anything tueh. And this nonsense talk is coming from a learned man. Mtcheeeeeeeew I am just smh.

  4. "Where we come from, you don’t pay for land, you only ask for permission to use it"
    Why not stay where you come from...
    So the igbomen doing business in ur state just come n ask for permission and go ahead to set up shops without paying for it and when your people refuse to grant them permission they go ahead and massacre them.
    Vice president Osibanjo will not see this hateful speech now.

  5. Igbo business men that bought or rented the spspa that they are using for business yet u want to use it to defend ur point while asking that the herdsmen should get theirs for free.

    A lot of these northerners lack sense sha

  6. Well said Mr Spokesperson. The Fulani herdsmen we've always known in Nigeria are very peaceful people. The genuine Fulani herders are only reacting to the injustice meted out daily to them. They are only protecting themselves. Most of the clashes involving genuine Fulani men are repressal attacks. You can't keep killing them daily, slaughtering their cows for fist and not expect them to react. Others are terrorists sponsored by politicians to disrupt government and hit up the polity

    1. You are very very stupid for this comment. Like really sick twisted fool. Read your comments. Reprisal attack indeed. Is that what you convinced yourself?? Reprisal attack where?? You trespass on people land, business, crops and you expect them to keep quiet. You destroy their source of food and livelyhood and you expect them to keep quiet?? You are a fool. This is what you are stagnant with your shovel teeth. Don't go get braces. Oh how would you?? You are poor and carrying sticks and guns up and down

  7. To think he is a professor! Our slogan these days should be AKỤLUE UNO that's all. The country Nigeria is a sham. When professors talk like this, what then is the unity we talk about?

  8. Our road faaarr!
    Just look at the emphasis a learned man (former VC of a prestigious uni) is using to justify the gruesome butchering of his fellow countrymen.

  9. I'm not surprised that this Hausa/Fulani man is coming out to show their true color to the world bcos that's exactly how they are and what they say in their closets when they are not saying it out I guess he has the balls. So in this same country someone like this man can come out to say this rubbish and not been invited by the DSS by now? The fulanis long before now have always rear their cows without any problem not until they started taking arms against the very people that host them. I'm so pissed right now seeing this man trying to justify the killings done by the herdsmen. God will save this country

  10. Anybody supporting this herdsmen Should have their senses checked. They should stay in their North with their cattle B.S. if we want beef we will go there. Arrogant and pompous unexposed lowlifes. Dah ambiak.

    1. Look at his picture, he looks like an old senile man

  11. Very simple...

    As far as the peace of this country can't be attained then u been \ former VC will never have rest, u will never know peace cuz ur words above is nothing to write home about.

    have u forgotten that, our money is been used to keep u people alive?why not allow restructuring and see who looses..

    Mc pinky

  12. This old man should know with his utterances, he is going to make things difficult for the herdsmen because his comments are inciting. How can you justify the killings of pregnant women and babies because you want Buhari to notice you and give you appointment. And this is suppose to be a northern leader? This his view is what he will keep preaching about even in mosques.

    His comments are insensitive and I hope when he loses a loved one to herdsmen violence, he will remember that others that have lost their loved ones are also Nigerians so his should not be different.

  13. Fulani's are known to jihadists look at their hero, Usman danfodio, if you read up, you will see how they colonise. If you allow them access to your lands, you are in trouble because they stop thinking when it comes to their religion.

  14. This is unbelievable frm a man of his status. Utter disgrace. His children ar gon read dis?

  15. There is nothing like status or education when you are blinded by racist tendencies.It is called hate crime in the west it clogged or blind your sense of reasoning or having to have an educated mind about anything.Nobody is born that way we all learn it and it can be unlearn. Hatred of any form in the heart clog our sense of reasoning.


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