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Monday, February 12, 2018

Place Of Primary Assignment Palava

These are gists about those who run into potholes trying to secure a place of primary assignment.....

Greetings to you SDK. So i have decided to share not just my PPA palava but also my Service year palava with my fellow bvs.

 I did my NYSC 2016/17 and was in batch B, stream2 when we had to wait till like forever to get our call up letters. Lo and behold, callup came, i checked mine and boom, i was posted to Gombe. mehn i was so shocked. 

I remembered filling it as my third choice but little did i know I'll be posted there. to cut d long story short, i went to camp and redeployed after three months using a fake medical report. I was later posted to delta state. Although i wanted Rivers. But i was happy anyway cos at least Delta is close to my home town. Wen i got to d secretariat in Asaba, i did my registration there again.

 I had to open another bank account, changed my state code number and other things. It was very stressful and i was asked to come back in two weeks time to get my posting letter. When i got there, my posting letter was not ready. I went there the following day, same story. I was so frustrated and this time, i was running out of cash cos i was always travelling from Onitsha to Asaba everyday. 

During this period, i met about three people on different occasions that were willing to help me influence my posting but they wanted something else in return and i wasn't just ready for that. I even met one man that gave me a lift in his car. We got talking and he told me he was the S.A to the gov. He promised to influence my posting to govt house on the condition that i come to his hotel room and make him happy. i told him not to bother and i stopped picking his calls. I decided to accept anywhere I'm being posted to even though i desperately wanted Warri or Asaba.

I later collected my posting later the following week. I was posted to a very rugged secondary school in Sapele LG. I haven't been to Sapele before. that was my first time. When i got to the sch, my morale just died. The school was something else. I never wanted to teach anyway and even if i wanted to, at least not a govt school. I got there and d principal was a female. Chai, women and their wahala. I begged her to reject me but she refused. she gave me agric to teach SS1 and i studied accounting o. 

What to do? 

i just had to accept it like that. I was going there just twice a week. Sometimes once in a week cos i wasn't just feeling the vibe at all and the students were very rugged and stubborn. They even made it easier for me cos they were not willing to learn. And i kuku lazy small. I remembered i didn't finish the scheme of work for that term i just gave them exam questions and they were so happy yet most of them still failed. The teachers nkor? they were so lazy. Some don't come regularly cos they have other side businesses. So they felt the corpers are there to help them out. the corpers in that school were more than 10.

I had mad fun in sapele tho. I had a lot of toasters as a fine geh that I is. So many randy married men looking for young blood to devour. but as a smart igbo girl, i just had to use my head. Sapele is the hometown for burgers mehn. It's even a title there. they don't hide it. You keep on hearing names like "Russian prince, Malaysia Prince, Ghana boy, etc. Lagos burgers(G-boys) dey learn for where sapele dey. They like flexing ehn. They go to clubs almost everyday just to spray money. The first day i went clubbing there, i was so surprised at d rate they were throwing money everywhere. I later got to understand that 50% of them are ritualist. to me everybody was a suspect. But that didn't stop me from catching my fun. 

I made a lot of crazy friends tho and i still keep in touch with them. I miss that town anyway and wish to visit there some day. Shout out to all BatchB 2016/17 corps member, Sapele. You guys rock!!!!!


  1. very nice. Why do people seek favours when trying to help others in a situation. If God can give us favour without any conditions, why must men put conditions?

    Thank God for you that you enjoyed yourself.

    #I don't look for God, He is inside of me#

  2. You served at Ugborien or Eziafa Grammar School.

  3. Enter your comment...You served at Ugborien or Eziafa Grammar School

  4. Lol! Lazy corper. Na enjoyment you go o, no be service. Who you catch the fun with? You just talk people wey you reject, lol! PPA Palava always lead to some people wanting to take advantage sha.

  5. Me no get wahala for my own PPA, my PPA is located at Iragbiji community near oshogbo n it really favour me, what I just notice is that every household gt twins, they are bless with changes, their chicken usually cock-crow around 11pm- 12:30am, infact apart from my PPA am also learning work, my boss don't even stress me, he only send other apprentice an errand( they av a lot of respect for corpers here) but their goat lack home manner, stella if not wat u complain bout their goat during ur own nysc , I for don stone one to death but am not ready to die anyway.. But d only problem I have is the school principal ( an elderly man). Wennever I step into his office early in the morning for corpers's attendance, he must surely tap me harder at my back ( may be to feel my Bra) and I got irritated instantly, I just hate such thing

  6. I'm thinking of wether to choose Lagos or Kaduna for service. Please you people should advise me

    1. Calabar, Lagos and Abuja still the best places to serve.


  7. @Kenny Jay, are you sure you are a Corper? Your English na wah. Biko which Uni did you graduate from? Pls. na question I ask o. To think people like you will also complain about not getting employed by serious organisations. It is 'graduates' like you that end up earning 8k per month. Just to be sure, I also went on your google page and your English there na yawa too.

    1. Thank u anon. I weak for the English. God I beg give me money and chance to train my children abroad. Amen

  8. And you're happy you didn't finish your scheme of work, that the students failed. you don't know you're deceiving yourself cos you'll reap what you sow.

  9. Lol. True. U reap what u sow

  10. @ English adviser,weldone.kenny gud fr u,i don't like where am posted to,i pray my reposting letter is accepted.

  11. Anon 17:35 you reap what you sow kill you there. you better shut that shit hole you call a mouth you frustrated lunatic. you will reap what you sow too. Idiot. I'm sure you failed a lot when you were in school hence your inability to finish school. If you dont know what to say just shut d fuck up and simply save the 10mb mtn gave you. Bastard!

  12. seun and Anon 17:35 you reap what you
    sow kill you there. you better
    shut that shit hole you call a
    mouth you frustrated lunatic.


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