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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Place Of Primary Assignment Palava

Shaking My Head!!!

How was your NYSC service year?Any Place of primary assignment palava?

Madam Korkus, my own palava was something else. I served in Lagos State and I was posted to an office somewhere in Ikeja, after communicating with the MD, I told him to reject me since the pay was not much and there was also the issue of accommodation to sort out.

So I applied for reposting and was sent to a school in Alakija but I did not like the place so I arranged with the principal to reject me even though they really needed corp members, I told the man I will recommend my friend that likes teaching and he agreed.

I acted smartly and started making researches online about
established and reputable schools with better prospects, I got the contact of schools in Lagos State from a directory so I started calling them but none of them wanted corp members, I sent several text messages but none replied except an old man who told me he had retired that the school should update their records, as if I will be the one to do it for them. He wanted to start toasting me o so I blocked him. I no get time with old men abeg.

Then a school in Satellite town finally replied my message and invited me to come with my hand-written application letter and CV by 7am the following day. Jesu! But oga, I am not looking for a job na, na NYSC I come do.
The next morning, I got to the school by 7a.m but the security man did not allow me inside the compound so I sat outside and waited for the man.
When I called the proprietor by 8a.m, he said he was on his way and came at past 9 a.m o. Imagine me waking up by 5 o'clock to prepare and wait for oga proprietor to come to work by 9, issorit. I still waited o, he told me to wait in a corner inside the premises and I was getting angry each passing minute.

Even an ordinary security man without a pass in English and Maths was disrespecting a corp member because of PPA so others were going in to see the man while I was regretting wetin carry me come sef.

Oga finally told the security man to bring me in, I gave him my letter and CV.
He told me to go that he will get back to me before the end of the day. Mo gbe! So I came all the way to submit CV ni and I spent seven hundred naira on transportation, so I left to wait for oga's call.

Monday to Wednesday, there was no call from the proprietor so I had to call him to know how far and he said I should come the next day by 7a.m. Haba na oga, 7a.m is too early but he ended the phone call. I started preparing again the following day and was in the school some minutes past 8a.m and oga was already in school directing some painters for a job so I waited.

He sent for me around 10a.m, I met lots of people in the office. He introduced the vice principal (academics) and other teachers to me that I was interested then requested I get my reposting letter to the school if I agree with their terms and conditions.

Oga what terms na, he said that

1. The school will not give me an accommodation.

2. I will be paid ten thousand naira.

3. I will be resuming work latest by 7.20am, failure to do so will mean deduction from my ten thousand naira and that I will be leaving school by 4p.m.

4. I will be teaching Economics from S.S.S 1 to S.S.S 3, Social Science and Home Economics from J.S.S 1 to J.S.S 3.

5. I must dress corporate, be diligent and hardworking.
Yimu!!! I said oga just kuku tell me you don't want because I can't make it by 
7.20a.m because my house is very far, you can't give me an
accommodation and the ten thousand naira is so little. I asked if he could increase it to 15 or 20 thousand naira, he refused saying NYSC is already paying me 20 thousand, so should I die because of that? Anyway, give me time to think about it.

He told me to return the paper that stipulates the rules and regulations governing the school and I left. Imagine the stress!

I went back to that old school at Alakija and the principal was happy to see me. My friend I recommended to that school was yet to resume because she was looking for a better place and I told the principal to accept me so I could start the necessary documentation and take some time to prepare myself. After two weeks of travelling home to get some things, I was ready and started teaching, even though the money isn't money, I'm happy I was needed there. I was able to organise extra lessons for the students where I was making extra little money, I no fit

Madam Stella, this NYSC thing is stressful and so many people are really frustrated if you don't have the necessary connections to get a good place of primary assignment. May God help us in this country with very corrupt people!


  1. Naija is a messed up country....

  2. As in??? I can relate o madam! For here, they are always complaining I resume late.. In my mind I use to be like "make I no chop"? "make I die untop English speaking? " but i no fit change! D pay no fit allow me change, d skul premises sef no fit allow me change! Atleast I meet assembly everyday and I canor Coman die Biko. They are tired of complaining sef.. They av given up on me!

  3. Na wa..this ppa wahala own story plenty die!!!.my ppa was hell...m so happy,am leaving april already...cnt wait at all....

  4. I'm thinking of Lagos o but I don't want to work anywhere sha don't know if it will be possible in Lagos


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