Stella Dimoko The Man Who Filmed ''The Angel'' At T.B Joshua's Church Explains How It Happened


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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Man Who Filmed ''The Angel'' At T.B Joshua's Church Explains How It Happened

The controversy surrounding the alleged ‘angelic sighting’ last month in Lagos, Nigeria has refused to abate.

In January 2018, a video uploaded to YouTube showing a flashy figure in white purportedly crossing the road and entering The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) premises sparked huge debate on social media and subsequently went viral.

The man behind the clip surfaced on Sunday 11th February 2018 to share a testimony at The SCOAN of the circumstances behind the now famous footage.

Mr Hezron Konlan, a Ghanaian by origin, said that during his first visit to The SCOAN, he was unable to enter the main auditorium on Sunday due to the large crowds.

Slightly disappointed and seated in a vehicle outside the church the following day, preparing to return to his homeland, the young man said he “prayed that God would give him a sign” to prove the church was genuine and his visit worthwhile.

Whilst offering the prayer, Hezron was “moved” to bring out his mobile device and take a recording of the impressive church edifice.

“Suddenly, I saw a huge figure dressed in white on top of an animal which can be likened to a horse crossing the road and entering the Church,” the Ghanaian vividly recounted.

Dazed, Hezron looked up from his phone and exclaimed to his friend Joshua Laar, who later corroborated his account of events, that he had just seen something “physically”.

Playing back the recording, Hezron said he was astounded to discover that his phone had captured the “supernatural sighting”, which he subsequently shared with his friends, one of whom later posted it onto YouTube.

“Since that encounter, my life has completely changed,” the young Ghanaian testified, explaining that his visit to The SCOAN triggered a remarkable chain of events which culminated in promotion at his workplace.

“Truly, the Almighty God and His angels are here in The SCOAN,” he emphatically declared.

The clip, which has been seen over 500,000 times since it was published on Emmanuel TV’s YouTube channel, has additionally been the subject of several global media reports.

Although opinions significantly vary, the majority of comments on the YouTube clip suggest Hezron did indeed capture some form of "angelic being".

Ihechukwu Njoku is a freelance Nigerian journalist...


  1. Ossheeyyy videographer of life.

    1. Which kain yeye videographer

      Not everybody will be privilege to see some things.

      I won't doubt it just bcos I wasn't the one who was it but if it was me, I will make that place my abode

    2. I saw d video, d image was not riding horse. Sofly they lie

  2. hahahahaha very funny. Nothing to say again

  3. First you can't video an angel of God with whatsoever neither can you see them with physical eyes. You're being deceived by demons and their agents.


    1. Demons ke they are being deceived by their very own selves. T.B Joshua is doing everything possible to be acknowledged as a true man of God. but its impossible man.

      Chioma A.

    2. Lady T/ am worth more than a thousand dollars13 February 2018 at 11:39

      I quite agree with you.

  4. You all are not different from the people that killed Christ.. generation of doubting Thomas

  5. That was an angelic being. Why is it too easy for people to believe otherwise .

  6. I saw that video, it was an angel. Every thing should not be attributed to devil

  7. Lady T/ am worth more than a thousand dollars13 February 2018 at 11:39

    ...Because even demons appear as angels of light.

  8. Angelic being or devilic being...

  9. Angel crossing road, sitting on a horse, baba well done o. If you believe this rubbish then you have no biblical knowledge of angels. Angels are messengers they don't wander about, they are always sent on specific assignments and mostly only visible to the one whom they were sent to. There is no mention of any angel in the Bible that was seen by a man that didn't have a message for the man.
    The fact that whatever the oga saw is white or whatever colour it was and looked like am angel doesn't make it am angel, even lucifer disguises himself as am angel of light.
    Read your bibles and do in depth word study so that fake pastors will stop taking your brain for a ride.

  10. Anon 09:45
    I don't care what you wanna believe but Prophet TB Joshua is the best thing that has happend to this country!...
    He is on his lane doing his own thing!!...

    You stupid Nigerians keep talking rubbish about him,telling lies against him using the media and guess what?his followers are multiplying in millions!...
    Before,we used to leave the house by 5am for the Sunday service but now,we leave our house on Saturday night,sleep over at the church guest house so we could meet up and get a seat for the Sunday service!!...
    To see TB Joshua these days na war cos you will have to wait for people that came from different countries to be attended to before us that are here!!...

    You people should continue waiting for God to expose him since you all say he is fake!
    Una go grow white beard waiting!...

    Oh I forgot that the anointing water and sticker is the new jazz!...
    That shit is very powerful mehn!...

    1. Queen and Boss, I'm among those that believe this man of God might be genuine but why do you still patronize native doctors??? You are part of those making the church lose credibility

  11. Soldier or whatever,is it your fake?...
    At least he is using his fake ness to help the world out of their spiritual predicaments!...
    Your pastor that is real,what has he done to you or Nigerians?...

  12. *an* over sabi auto correct take your time

  13. This is no angel but bread seller

  14. Kwin and Bus of the blog, I have noticed you so please take a seat. Mtcheew

  15. I pray for intelligence for Nigerians. The video was shot through reflective glass. Whatever he “saw” was a reflection of something going on behind him.

  16. queen and boss so because you sleep over just to have a seat in church makes him real abi? You people should continue believing in man and not God


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