Stella Dimoko Baby With Four Hands And Three Legs Born In Kaduna


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Saturday, March 03, 2018

Baby With Four Hands And Three Legs Born In Kaduna

Mrs. Malama Hawwa’u Jamilu, 24, was about having twins and the patters of tiny feet were delivered safely on Sunday, 25th February, 2018. 

However, the joy that greeted the birth was shortened. The local nurses that delivered the twins noticed that one of them was born with four hands and three legs. Like wildfire, the news spread into the community and people began to troop to Kabiru Kafinta’s house, where Hawwa’u and family are residing, to see things for themselves.

Strangely, Hawwa’u was not perturbed about the physique of her baby. She told Daily Trust that she regarded it as part of the might of Allah. “Both of them are female. Of course, one would have loved to deliver the babies without any deformity. But since Allah in His infinite mercy had decided to create the twins like this, what can I do? This is why you see me relaxed, and I love them both.”

The only peculiar behaviour exhibited by the deformed twin, is a big appetite. “Apart from that,” Hawwa’u said, “she is normal like any other baby. Have you forgotten that I carried her in my womb for nine months? I love my daughter and I know that she is human, despite her physical challenge.” Hawwa’u said she has given birth three times before now, making the twins her fourth delivery during her six years of marriage.

Similarly, Hawwa’u said she doesn’t attend ante-natal sessions, saying that she delivered her other children at home, same as the twins. “I think the problem is not failure to visit the hospital, because the twins are not my first. As I said earlier, it is just the will of Allah. I gave birth three times, and I have not experienced anything like this. This is the will of Allah and there is nothing one can do about it.

From Daily trust

*I think they refer to this kind of deformity as  ''Octopus baby''


  1. Just twins stuck inside each other. No biggie

  2. Most of them dont go for ante natal prefer their herbs & concoction that cause more harm

  3. Stella, where's the pictures now?

    I saw it somewhere and thought you would post it here.

    Me I think they were supposed to be triplets but one or two things made them join together.

    Mothers here, if you happen to born this kinda baby, will you keep it?

    For me I can't oohhh.

    I'll rather not feed him/her till he/she dies.

    1. OMG you will let the child died ? You’re evil

  4. Yes, it's a medical issue, but the locals will still attribute it to juju. ..

  5. Octopus baby? Ok ooo iya boys..

  6. Stella, lmao.
    Well it's not what you think. The woman would have been having triplet. But 1 of the baby which grew in the same sac with the baby didn't fully form there by making the other twin absorbed it

    So the one that didn't form is called parasitic twin.

    Hope you get?

    1. Exactly!
      It's called parasitic twin.
      I have seen such documentaries on TLC

  7. Oh chim o!! God have mercy mehn.

    On a more serious note, after India northern Nigeria is the only place when it comes to giving birth to strange babies.

  8. Lady, there is nothing like there is nothing anyone can do about it. If surgery can correct it, please go for it. The world is harsh to the disabled


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