Stella Dimoko BBNaija 2018: Double Wahala Indeed!


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Thursday, March 08, 2018

BBNaija 2018: Double Wahala Indeed!

BBNaija 2018 Housemates, Cee-C and Alex yesterday engaged in a near-fight argument on the reality show. 

The female housemates were prevented from engaging in physical combat by other housemates who quickly intervened, seeing how close they were getting at each other.

The incident happened as the housemates were preparing a debate on Climate Change. Each of the housemate is tasked on either opposing or supporting Climate Change; while other were made the judges.

Cee-C had complained about Alex and how she handled her things....

Narrating the matter to Rico, Alex on her own accused Cee-C of making herself a judge.

Cee-C’s strategic partner, Lolu made sure he prevented her from hitting Alex in order not to get kicked out of the show with her.

Those who watched,who do you think is wrong?Does Cee C really have a problem as some 'people' have suggested?

watch a small snippet of the fight...


  1. Hian! I hope they don't get disqualified

  2. So Teddy A broke a lot of hearts late last night after revealing once again that whatever he does with Bam Bam is for the game .
    During a chat with fellow housemates late last night ,Ifu asked Teddy A that since he has a girlfriend outside and is with Bam Bam in the house,does this mean whenever he goes on tour,he would get a new girl?
    In response,Teddy told her ,he would take his girlfriend on tour with him .He said he would tell her to take some time off work.
    He revealed she works in real estate and makes cool money .
    When probed further,he revealed they had an agreement that whatever he does in the house stays in the house.Hence,he is %100 with his girl and can’t leave her.

    When Tobi joked about spilling secrets on Saturday,Teddy who realised he might have said too much,excused himself to use the bathroom but ran to wake a sleeping Bam Bam and told her his own version of what happened .
    He said Ifu brought up his girlfriend to spoil their game and he played along with them.
    He didn’t tell Bam Bam the truth about what he said.hahahaha
    I always knew it was for the game.😁😁

    Alex and Cee-C nearly came to blows during a heated clash yesterday.
    Trouble first started when Alex wanted to use Cee-C's duvet to wipe her glasses but Cee-C opposed and warned her not to.

    Uriel said CeeC is a trouble soul and she needs help.She said she will love to meet her.. Kikikikiki πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    CeeC sister said she doesn't know how many demons she has been fighting since they lost their mom. that she will be glad if Uriel can be of help.

    1. Teddy A is a smart play boy and he knows what he’s doing. Simple!!!

      I hope Cee c doesn’t get disqualified shaa cos her own is becoming too much.

      Miracle and Nina had a misunderstanding yesterday and it just made me love them more😍 The part that got to me was the part Nina said dey are too close and romantically involved that she can’t go to bed without settling wateva dey have. She said Miracle shouted at her and didn’t say sorry and then Miracle was trying to explain to her that’s not how it happened. They were just doing like husband and wife lol. If they date and get married dey are going to make very good couple cos dey both like each other very much.
      Sunday should reach pls, can’t wait to see the pair that will leave. Nobody is sure who is going sef cos that Lifu has serious secret fans dat vote in silence. Watever happens i’m so sure my Miracle is going nowhere!

    2. You didnt update abt miracle&nina and he he kept belittling her by calling witnesses to ahut her up.
      Then how nina kept harrasing him for a kiss which he refused. This is like the third time. Since they had sex, miracle has zoned her into a sister. Bt im sure he cant tell her cos of the game. Pls finish ur update

    3. Hahahahahaha
      Thanks anonymous for the MINA update
      Was tired of typing. 😁😁😁😁😁

    4. Why would Alex want to use cee-c's duvet to clean her glass. I just can't fathom how Alex would behave like that. Her anger us justified

    5. Olori someone was talking trash some days back wen I mentioned how Teddy treats Bambam. Typical Playboy. Shebi him don use him mouth talk am korokoro? A guy was trying so hard to bring u down in d beginning, u managed to become friends with him, guy code,they fuck they talk...,( condom missing) He open mouth talk say we don practically do everything, u wan code ,camera man face Teddy, he had this funny look on. U dey code dey say, abeg o abego o not everything o, then u walked away in that day I confirm say d guy don fuck am.wen dey gave them new partners, Bambam snicked out of her bed and rushed Teddy, d mumu camera man commot am but already it seemed she pulled off her clothes and climbed on him. The down low insults, the tone on his voice says it all. If u never date play boy b4 abeg shift. Mk u come love them,na d same treatment she dey get. Dude is just using her and if Cece stays longer after dey unpair them ,Teddy will mk his moves. Just watch

    6. Teddy don suffer. All this analysis for smone u ppl dont know.and might never know after the show.

    7. ANON Trying to bring her down? You people will watch clips and decide u hv something to contribute. For eveytime they asked him abt sex. He tells dem nothing has happened.This is a game. Let them play it. Everybody therr has a strategy. Its the person living his life freely u pll will cm for. Its all unfolding, lets wait and see.

    8. Excuse me 19;58, I don't say what I didn't watch, pls did u watch fro beginning???? When Bambam was going ard telling everyone how he treats her??? With scorn? She actually used that word!!! Pls pls pls. Read my write up again , someone was antagonising my comment's some days back, na d same Tessy use him mouth talk wetin me Sidon observe... Did u WATCH???? Pls I do, not recaps but d full show.

  3. Alex has her short coming but Ceecee is a bitter soul. Her temper is as short and thick as she is. She really needs help. Like Uriel said, she has a lot bottled up, she needs to losing up.

    1. She needs help, the sister said it too
      She said her own hubby helped her.
      If she had not come for bbnaija,they won't know she is troubled.

  4. Cee cee has a big problem. She needs anger management teraphy. We think it's all cool now, till later in life her short fuse will unleash and make her harm someone. Her anger is bad. As for Alex that one is just a mumu who list in lust.

    1. CeeCee fit stab Tobi if they get married.
      No wonder in their games he said him marrying CeeCee is like killing himself.
      Na automatic suicide be that if man marry that girl put for house.
      Her character is 0%.

  5. Yoruba people go say efi ni iwa (character is like smoke)
    Cee c you need help.. everybody is complaining about you need to check yourself and tone it down.

    Gosh.. how can one person be like this? bitter, arrogant, temperamental, impatience and the list goes on and on.. Nna eeehn.. must you even fight with the whole house before you leave ?

    if big-brother doesn't send this girl home , they are been partial

    1. Efin niwa
      I think biggie is pitying Lolu, they should just unpair ojare.

  6. I think cee_c likes to always be in control..

    1. But not when you don't have sense na. Abi na nyansh she wan use control?

  7. Ceece talking to Rico after the dispute
    Ceece: She (Alex) deliberately pissed me off. Used her slippers on my bed, are u an animal then using my blanket to clean her glasses who does that. You can insult me, call me a kid but don't bring your shit to me. Your mind n brain are empty . There are people I can excuse but not this thing.
    Rico: she is an human being.

    Meanwhile behind them Miracle and Nina are arguing. Miracle calls in Rico.
    Rico is made to judge the dispute BTW Miracle and Nina. Nina gets pissed off and walks away. Miracle: I dont beg girls she should go. she gets angry easily. I no send no apology she should stop getting angry for no reason she should grow up.I cant be petting. Stop walking out on me I don't like it.
    Nina is with Bambam. Bambam gives her her little cent.

    1. Hahahahahaha
      MINA love like secondary school peeps
      I like them sha

  8. I give up on this CeeCee girl. Yes Alex is annoying, but putting leg on bed and using duvet to clean glasses is not enough to get into this sort of argument.
    I just pity Lolu, d poor boy has to always try and diffuse Ceecee's outburst just so they wont be disqualified. Let them unpair them, e go just mind him business.
    She needs to check herself. if 1,2,3 ppl going to 12 housemates is saying and complaining about her. She shld know she has a problem.
    I bet even colleagues in the office she fights with them. Only ceecee argues with almost every darn person. The rest make it their duty to avoid and run from her when problem come.
    its a pity her mum is late. That's the best person that can tell you the hard truth.

    1. Me I have given up on her since ooo
      Mother sure plays a lot of role in a child life.
      I pity her though.

  9. This cee c girl is something else... Just pity poor lolu in all of this.

  10. I don’t expect Teddy A to break up with his alleged girlfriend on international television.. Neither should he badmouth her or their memories.
    He is not the only one that has a relationship there. Lolu has his Dodo, Nina has her collins. Cee C has her Diddy, same with Leo. But they choose to shake the BamTeddy table😳
    Firstly. HMs and viewers have repeatedly said they are playing games with each other, so why are they still concerned about this same fake rship?
    They are both adults that knew what they got into, and I think they should be allowed to sort themselves out after BBN. Enough of the ‘I pity BamBam talks’
    Quiet people like her have very tough skin.
    And please let me not hear that he is using BamBam.. They had a romp in the bathroom that both parties obviously enjoyed(I didnt like that). They have had each others back.. Judging from polls, he has more fans than her.
    He tells her how to assert herself and be more noticable in the house. Thats all that matters for now.

    1. Baby mu, it's so obvious you love bamteddy, i can even imagine their names written on your forehead but you are just making excuses for them Cus you really love their kind of love.
      Now let's say this was reality, they make a great couple but you can't keep putting "what if" when teddy is saying other wise, it's just frustrating when we want people to be with some certain type of people.

  11. Btw.. Nina is sooooo adorable.
    There is just soemthing endearing about her.
    After big brother, my prayer for her is to really focus on school or change her course to something she can grab easily.. And have her side hustle❤️

    Cee C and Ifu at it again😩

  12. In my own opinion o, make una no vex. Losing a parent isn’t enough to be the way she is. She wasn’t trained well. And even if she was, she never learnt. Only you will look down on everybody, call them animal, say they’re not up to your wave length and that you’re better than them. Meanwhile, you’re a dunce yourself. You can’t articulate well. You feel the world is beneath you. People should stop making excuses for this babe. Let her take responsibility. She’s spoiled. Nothing should be attributed to her Mom. The poor woman is resting and must have done her part. She can’t come take the blame for your spoiled self. I was trying to understand her until yesterday when she kept calling Alex an animal, saying her brain is “empthy”, that’s how she pronounced it. And then in her deluded mind, she’s better. I got tired. When she’s out of the house, people better sit her down and talk sense to her. Babe, you ain’t shit, the world doesn’t revolve gotta respect people before you get any in return. Key word, respect.

    1. You have said it all
      She needs a Therapy Asap.

    2. Thank you. Dts it...u just expressed my thoughts!

  13. And pple go dy talk say khloe get issue Abeg Cee C na something else.. always arguing to prove her point, telling pple that they are mannerless hahahha I laughed in Swahili.. she had better go visit a rehabilitation center after big brother, she sure needs one..
    Missing my khloe sha, I don’t have anyone in mind after khloe left... who do i root for sef???

    1. Please root for LIFU for the sake of IFUNADA, please.

  14. So what if her mum is late? Is that her strategy? Pity game?
    Her family knew she has demon battles but still allowed her participate in the game.
    Abegi, they should bring another sob story, this one is stale.

    I lost my mum too but I'm not as bitter, arrogant, impatient, temperamental & troubled as she is.
    There are lots of people out there who have lost their mothers at some point in life & I don't think they all turned out this way.
    My 2 kobo

  15. I no kuku dey watch na for this blog I dey sabi all info

  16. To me
    I think Alex was wrong c'mon guyz how can u tap your fingers to someone, ceec don't overlook things that is why the blame is on her and besides u put dirty slippers on her bed huh πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

    Please lets put sentiment aside the hate on Cee c and say the truth, alot of us will not take it.

    Biggie will not disqualify Cee c *lol* because her matter dey bring traffic, she's the wahala in the house.

    Pls someone should explain Leo's part in that disagreement btw Cee c and Alex 😏😏😏😏😏

    1. I like you for taking a different stance.

    2. Bhahahahhahaha
      Leo was telling lolu not to hold Cee-c back
      He wanted her to do her worst.
      Rico is the judge of all issues.Dude is so cool.

    3. She won't be disqualified. But when they are no longer paired and she's up for eviction, be sure she's leaving because Alot of people are sick of her tantrums.

    4. True what you said anon. Alex was very wrong, I don't even gbadun the girl. I will be annoyed if someone does that to me also, but there is a thing called decorum and ability to control your anger. Not every argument must degenerate to almost beating ppl. She's on national TV, she shld remember that and tone it down. Nobi big brother even get the bed.
      I have colleagues that peace me off on a daily basis, one in particular. But we wld argue our thing decently without shouting at eachother. Withn 1hour we have started talking again.
      She needs to control her emotions, ppl will always piss you off, there are ways to handle arguments without incenting violence bcos it was getting there.

    5. @lily you are also right, I wont take someone tapping their fingers at me. But CeeCee knows she has 2strikes and she's already known as a trouble shooter. ppl will say CeeCee has come again with her wahala.
      I have ppl that piss me off on a daily, but I also know its not everytime you will talk and fight. So I stomach some things.
      A company driver was rude to me, just cos I found out he lied about smthn and I brought the attention of the company to it, because he wanted to collect paid leave twice. He came and snatched the application from my hand. I didn't just say anything I just smiled.
      Knowing in my mind, how I will get him back. This driver that stopped greeting me, now he needs me to sign off loan for him, he has started greeting me. I have made that guy suffer trying to collect that loan. Today I will say I'm busy, 2mrw I will say I cant find the form, next day I'm still working on it. The guy is now humble. No need exchanging words with everybody.

  17. And Leo was just watching from a distance. I so much love Bambam and Nina. CeeC is an arrogant girl, calling my dancer an animal. Who does that? She should come out of the house and call her an animal again now. At least they can now get physical with each other with no HM settling them. Buggy should unpaid them o before CeeC drags Lolu out of the house.

  18. Na because of Tobi they want fight

  19. If I understand what CC told rico, she had a right to vex. Maybe her reaction is extreme buuut Abeg some people don't have manners or respect people's space. Feet on my bed etc, how? I think CC has had too many outbursts so right now no one wants to hear her side of the story. She's in everyone's bad books already And it could be that she's one of those that can't live in a house with strangers or people who aren't like her. When you're a very sensitive person, you allow people to be 100% stupid before you change am for them. By then then their stupidity would be obvious. You don't do it everytime. Infact, sometimes deliberately pretend like you didn't see some stupidity and wait for another opportunity to trash it. Too much everything is bad.

  20. What Alex did was wrong besides i feel she deliberately did it cos Cee-ce has been claiming personal bed space and all and Alex said no one came with bed, you can sleep anywhere, so i will blame Alex for deliberately provoking Cee-ce knowing fully well Cee-ce will not ignore.
    It's wrong to wear your slippers on the bed even thou i know cee-ce can wear slippers on someone bed after all she almost wore her slippers on bambam's bed lastnight when she went upstairs to meet bam-bam and Teddy as soon as she remembered she pulled it not like she wore it, she almost did and quickly pulled her slippers. the truth is cee-ce has big issues even her sister admitted to it, she truly needs help.
    For Cee-ce y'll should stop saying cos she lost her mum, how about people that are orphans and they are well behaved, how about people that struggled through life all alone without parental guidance and are well mannered, Cee-ce has a big problem, the earlier the better she realized before it cost her things she can't imagine, character is everything in a woman, it is cos of character everybody loves Nina as Nina is not contributing to the house,imagine Nina not knowing how to start a debate, Anto had to teach how to introduce her self and panel of judges, something my lil niece will do without blinking an eyelid but cos Nina accepts she doesn't know and is willing to learn people love her for that,imagine Nina saying to Miracle repeatedly "Miracle you shouted on me" wrong English, even when Miracle and Nina was explaining to Anto and Anto tried correcting her indirectly that "okay you mean Miracle shouted at you" she said yes " Miracle shouted on me" people didn't see that or take it hard on her cos of her character in the house" what am i saying in essense is that Cee-ce has no character hence people will pick on everything she says in the house cos she feels she is way better and she has said it over and over to everyone she fights with.

    Cee-ce is calling Alex dirty, she has forgotten that she borrowed Alex short to wear, i don't know if Alex wears pant under the short whenever she wears it and cee-ce borrowed it and wore it, damn! that's dirty and she has the guts to open her mouth and call another dirty while you borrow their shorts.

    I don't understand why people are crucifying Leo for not having Alex back, it's obvious from day one Leo is not into Alex,he said it on Sunday when Ebuka asked him, he said him and Alex are friends, Ebuka was surprised and said "ha! friends and he said yes friends, i understand he should be on her side but many times i have overheard him try to advice Alex and that he doesn't like the fact that she is too carefree and loud, so people shouldn't blame him and besides he tried settling cee-ce and Alex after listening to her explanation Leo asked Cee-ce should i call Alex and she said yes but Leo went to meet Alex told her she said no ,she will never apologize that they are cool after all that they spoke earlier and he left her in peace.

    Please let's vote for LIFU that girl is the Bisola in SEEGOBE , let's keep her in the house.

  21. I think Big Brother should give Ceecee award by now? Something like House Vampire or BBN Pan Nigerian Fighter (Heavy Weight Division). Don't know about the schmoney but at least her drama is keeping you pipu glued na. And I tink she will be good in Nollywood to replace Patience Ozorkwo.
    She has already flared up like a volcano against Ifu, Tobi, Nina, Tobi, Lolu, Tobi, Alex, Tobi etc. Das the one I can remember o. She no dey get headache with all the fight fight? Abi that big hair she use to do use to absorb am? Abeg na kweshion I yask o. No vex. Anyway I like how she is playing her game. She is very focused. But I no believe person dey crase like that in real life unless dem don swear for am tey tey from village. She is playing her game well.
    I hope Rico wins.
    Anto I like you too. But I trust Big Brother, sorry Anto will not win.
    Those of you asking if reality shows are scripted. Loooooooll.
    In 2018 you are askin that kweshion??? Abeg cut small from your sense or borrow from people wey get and use. No be to dey comment 24/7 like say na assignment from village dem give you.
    By the way, my Northern fiful,una no dey go for these shows? Alfa dey forbid?

    1. Bally in BBNAIJA 2017 SEEGOBE is a hausa boy from Kaduna state and i also hear Rico is from Jos,i don't know how true that is. Rico speaks Hausa well.

  22. Puhliiiiize miss me with the 'I lost my mother song and dance.' It's tired,old and worn out. Think of something more creative to win sympathy.
    Millions have either lost one parent or both. They are not using this as an excuse to be rude,mannerless, repugnant or verbally abusive.
    What make me laugh is how 'superior' this thick headed blondie feels. Barely coherent, incredibly inarticulate (for a so called lawyer) average in mgbekeish looks (village variety) lacking in manners, poor diction, lacking in self control, severe anger issues,inferiority complex and this is the same person screaming that she has no competition in the house???? Lmao.
    No competition in what? In abject stupidity??
    Please come up with something better abeg, 'I no get mama' no work you hear? We wey no get, we still dey push am. If I no tell you, you no go ever know. 'Is' not the cause of what is worrying you.

  23. We love ceec like that so haters back off.ceec all the way.

    1. But you are dumb Sha, like fucking dumb,no wonder you like her, birds of same feathers,teamdumbdumb

    2. No wonder u sound like her, hater's ke,what are we hating her for??? Mtewwwwww

    3. E sure me say,you b her sister


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