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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Diary of An Abuja Runs Geh - Snooping

 What you don't know, can't kill you, a very apt description for the current situation.

Here he was on phone praying with his wife, who thought he was in Lokoja for an economic summit, while onku is in a hotel in Wuse, enjoying himself.

Madam, if you know how useless this Jide is eh, you will tell Sango to take him and give you like 10 tubers of yam or less....... Oniranu oshi

However, would you blame her?
Why would one knowingly want to get information that would hurt them. Ignorance is bliss o jare.

Today it is Nkechi, you find out, quarrel, settle, he promises, he begs, everyone begs you, you go back(obviously), he behaves for a week or two, next week, it becomes Tolani....
Take away the name Nkechi
Now read paragraph again.

My sister, na you go tire.
The only way to stop him from cheating is probably to gouge out his eyes, and put him in a wheelchair.

Or divorce him

Or best still, mind your business for the sake of your blood pressure.

Okay, so I can forgive married women who snoop, for better or worse right? But the single ladies that do FBI, is the one that gets me rolling on the floor.

Like seriously? You too?....
Edakun, Sherlock Holmes.
Nne calm yourself, your boyfriend is our boyfriend too.

Snooping is never a guarantee that you will catch him, trust me. In this business,I have met men who have 3 phones, 4 Facebook accounts, and 5 Instagram accounts, you will snoop and snoop until you become paranoid while onku is low key smiling to the bank or in this case to the hotel.

If cheating is a deal breaker for you, DONT GET MARRIED and if you do, DONT SNOOP! Hoohaaa!

The only time when catching a cheating spouse can make them stop is when the cheating spouse is a woman, so unless you intend to marry your fellow woman, you may want to advise yourself before you touch that phone.

Lemme knack small gist.
So Thelma that lives in Kubwa suspected her husband was cheating, lo and behold he was, got angry left the house and husband was sending emissary to beg her. One of those was her friend, who seeing her friend's distraught husband, decided to console him...

She really consoled the man well well o....Chairman Reconciliation Committee.
In fact the consolation was so good, the man decided to start having an affair with her.

So guess who is left estranged from her husband, with wounds to lick?

See eh, when I get married, if my husbands phone is ringing in my eyeballs, I will remove the eyeball, give him the phone to pick, and then put it back.
Yes, I am that sendless!

Save yourself headache today, and mind your business.

I have professional exam to write next week o jare, no be only this work person get. Make I read small.

*Hmmm i dont even know if i agree with your reasons..*tongue click*


  1. Apt!!! We are in same school of thought ojare.

  2. The way men cheat on their wives ds days ee u will think the women they marry don’t have pussy at all. Funny enough it costs more to cheat so i still wonder y dey do it.

  3. Me ehn, I'm an unrepentant snoop. Boo even knows. I can't count how times he has caught me trying to snoop or snooping.

    But frankly if I eventually see something incriminating, will I even leave?

    The answer is in my mind

    1. Are you still in Europe Nwa Ticha
      Ms snooper

  4. and you know say you support this theory in toto. *Side eyes*

  5. Men will always have that eye looking outside, it's inevitable. Most men have a libido their wives cannot keep up with and semen must be spilled. Sometimes, the wife just doesn't do it for him sexually because of over familiarity amongst other factors. Sometimes, he just does it for validation, you know telling himself his wife doesn't really know his worth and he can get other women easy. The desire for men to stray is a very biological one and it's unfortunate women's hearts are usually the victims.

    On the flip side, women, generally speaking of course, also want their husbands to be wanted by other women, gives y'all an ego trip. I think it's difficult for a woman to get wet for a man who other women find unattractive. So, it's a catch22. Because if other women want your husband, best believe, they'll send signals and if your husband is "charp" like me, shege, there will be getting down.

    Don't blame us, blame nature for all this complex wiring. In the end, though, marriage is unnatural to humans. It's difficult to confine oneself to one pรปssy or one dick for life. And while I understand the pain you women go through when we play the field and flay you for doing same, it is what it is.

    Abeg make una no vex for my ramblings, I never smoke igbo since morning. My brain just dey on, dey off. Make time reach make I go watch ManUnited. Shalom ladies.

    1. Well analysed. But stop giving us advise that is inapplicable like "women should keep home" when its the work of two. I understand nature and biology quite well, the society would still blame women for divorcing, or remaining single instead of blaming "nature and biology".
      Shalom too.

    2. @Rambo
      You see everything wey you yarn there, na dust
      Me I be man but shame dey catch me on ya behalf
      If your "brat" dey fu*k every hole including door key hole
      Make you no think say na the same for everybody.
      I am married for more than a decade and I have never cheated on my wife
      Desirable? Yes, even when a lady who had been pestering me once bolted
      the door and removed her tops.
      while we were alone in the office. As a young man, you can only keep your ways pure
      by giving heed to God's word.

    3. @Anonymous 15:34, let me start by asking "which God" you're referring to. Do you know my religion or my beliefs and the liberties I'm allowed within that belief system and worldview? So, from the door your God argument is invalid.

      Secondly, congratulations on never having cheated on your wife. If that was a target you set for yourself, I say good going and more power to your elbow. I, on the other hand, have the target of enjoying as much punana as I humanly can, as healthily as I can. It is well within my purview as a man. I have paid my dues and I would say I deserve whatever luxuries I can enjoy legally. I've been in a relationship where I was super faithful and still got cheated on. I wasn't faithful because of lack of options but because I felt my then partner deserved it, how wrong I was.

      Now, the woman has to prove to be worthy of being my only babe. If I'm caught that's it, she's free to leave, I apologise for the pain I cause not for having another babe. If she can handle it, good for her, I'd she can't good for her. Life goes on. No, I'm not looking to marry, I have a son and I think that's enough for me considering women's sexual liberation in these times.

      I have found through experience that women respect and treat a man better when there is the risk of losing him, I prefer that dynamic. So, excuse me if I refuse to come aboard your little ship of fidelity, it couldn't contain me anyway. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt and the wristband to boot.

      I wish you well in your marriage. Let's just hope you're the only one fucking your wife sha.

    4. @BeeHill, your moniker is quite a handful. ๐Ÿ˜‰.

      Per the blame women get, I'd say the deserve, at least, some of it. Women are the ones desire and push for marriage, not men. And in that light, you are the ones who should carry most of the blame when it goes awry. I think, throughout history, christian-based cultures are the only ones who practise monogamy; and I'm talking about thousands of years here. I think there's a reason this is so. In ancient Israel, divorce was a thing; even Adam was given two wives. His first was named Lilith or something.

      My point is men are difficult to tie down, and even though recent socialisation has had some success with this it really hasn't worked. With all the divorce laws in the West, men still dey chop outside ponmo like bastard.

      My ultimate point is this, if you really, desperately want to get married, which I don't, the onus is naturally upon you to make it work.

    5. Rambo, I am shocked beyond words on what you just typed. Women deserve the blame because they're the ones that push for marriage? I can't remember the last time I desired to go marry, part of the reason, women desire marriage is because we have been groomed from small by our parents to marry, so society should also take part of the blame from putting so much pressure on the girl child who in turn puts the pressure on available man.
      Saying when a marriage goes wrong, the woman is to be blamed, because she desired it is what keeps women in abusive marriages that has led to deaths of some.
      Which Adam in the Bible are you referring to? Adam had only Eve. Is it Abraham, that Sarah gave her maid to due to impatience for a child?
      That notion of trying to tie a man down with marriage speaks that men have no desire to get married but to fuck around? Well, I'm not surprised.
      The modern marriage takes 2 to make it work not the bondage our grandparents called marriage, that's the reason for increase in the rate of divorce.

    6. Shina Rambo tins. Where you run go since?

    7. @Rambo
      I am writing again because you asked a question; "which God?"
      Well, I wasn't talking about "religion"; a system of worship, I was talking about
      a person; Jesus Christ. Through his teachings, and the life he lives in me, I am able
      to exercise self control. We all as humans get tempted like I wrote up there,
      but by the Grace that is in Christ,I have not and will not by that Grace succumb.
      May I challenge you today to give him your life and find abundant life in him. I married
      a Christian; one who lives for Christ like I do and she is faithful to Christ and me.
      It's a pity that you went through the experience you had. The problem was that you trusted a human;
      one that is not under the protection and enablement of this Grace I write about. It is a life of
      unquantifiable peace and I invite you to him. Begin to read the New Testaments; gospel of John for e.g.
      and you will know more about him.

    8. Classic excuse a chronic cheat gives "we're wired to cheat". Is it women who aren't wired to cheat? You had to write epistles just to back up your claims that aren't backed by anything but the African, nay, Nigerian mentality. Enjoy your cheating but please don't claim wiring from anywhere. It's a choice to cheat and has nothing to do with gender

    9. @Broomstick, please calm down. I stated there in my first post that women also find it hard sticking to one dick. Learn to read, please. Happy Sunday.

    10. Anonymous 20:31. I've been working, sir/ma. Trust you're good?

    11. @BeeHill 17:35.

      The Christian Bible's old testament is an abridged version of Jewish literature, I'd encourage you to study more Jewish literature.

      Secondly, marriage is an institution created to protect the woman that's why men had so many perks in it to serve as incentives . You don't have to believe me, make your own research into the history of it.

      Marriage is failing today because it is a becoming obsolete as women don't really need it anymore. Women can easily make their own money today and don't need men to protect them as they once did. Society is relatively safer and they can pay for their own security.

      Marriage rates are already dropping in developed countries, and in places like Japan it is almost non-existent.

      It is what it is. We, as humans will have to adapt to this trend or develop another long term relationship format.

      PS: Marrying for love is a relatively new phenomenon in the history of mankind. It was always done strategically.

    12. @Anonymous Pastor, thanks but I'll pass on your invitation to Christ.

  6. How many people can enter a bus that the driver is obviously drunk, or who will eat from a restaurant that is as dirty as a gutter, 99% of people won't cos they don't trust them well enough to take the risk of travelling in such a car or eating from such a restaurant. So let me ask, Why marry a man you can't trust? Is that not like signing a contract with high BP for life? If you can't trust a man don't marry him, with the hope that he will change. Most people say all men cheat but no all men don't cheat, only dogs In human skin do.

    1. My dear, wait for the one u can trust, but let it not be the one that makes u trust him while he lives his double life excellently. You better train ur heart cos na only jesus no fit betray u.

    2. @BB, not all men cheat. A God fearing man, not a born again, pastor, bishop but a guy dat fears God can never cheat and there are a lot of them in d present age n time. Pls scrap dat idea that all men cheats.

  7. Simple! That's why pple say runs girl marry a cool guys, they know what to expect, they know guy man must cheat, so they turn a blind eye n enjoy their lives to d full, post glamorous on IG,go on vacay, you go dey die, u dunno they have a heart made of cast iron nothing breaks it. My dear when u marry, marry n care for urself o, no carry man for head.

  8. Midwifery students are wrting their professional exams next week

    Is you a midwife?

  9. Nowadays,It's like married men are toasting me more than single men and I am in my 20s seeking for marriage.
    At a point I thought it was a spiritual problem. I am talking rich men here. Poor guys don't toast me. My friend said maybe it is my carriage.
    The last guy I met,was just walking down to buy suya. This G-wagon kept circuling me,finally sent someone to come call me. He looked good,looked early 30s. He asked that he hopes I am not married. I said No;thinking he is single also. He started calling me,we spoke for some weeks bcos he travelled. I had started liking this guy but hadn't asked about his marital status. He was actually 40 I later found out. So i started thinking it is too good for a man of this caliber,this rich,this fine to be single.
    He came back,bought things for me. we had like 3dates. On the 3rd date I had to ask bcos he was asking for a kiss.when he dropped me off. He dropped a bomb. He's married with 2kids but has fallen in love with me. Wants to date me,i won't regret it. I won't lack anything,he will change my car,change my life etc.
    I have told him to give me time to think. What do i do now ?I didn't go out looking for this man.

    1. Don't mind him dearie, he just wants to block your destiny. Send me his number. I want to help you to preach to him so he will change and leave you alone. Thanks

    2. Hahaha @ore; na real preaching you wan do ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    3. Lol @ send me his number!

    4. I also want his number to help talk to him too...

    5. Send me his number too.. let me talk to him

    6. If you can take care of yourself why are you even considering this? Your question shows you are considering dating him. What is wrong is wrong even if every other person does it.

    7. @Anonymous 13:59, your friend is right, your carriage discourages broke dudes. Poor man dey marry? You shouldn't be surprised rich married men are chasing you, it's logical. Na man wey get money dey marry. And man must pursue you because you sound fine for a GWagon dude to be circling you and scared of approaching you himself.

      It all makes sense if you think about the 80-20 rule. 20% of the guys get 80% of the women. This 20% men are the loaded ones, maybe some fine guys are inside too; these guys have absolutely no problem getting women because they have what women want, and women even present themselves to be had in most cases. I'd you consider the economic situation of nigeria and the crushing poverty this begins to make sense.

      Likewise, the elite 20% of women have 80% of men on their case. Na so life be.

      Bear in mind, the guys in the 80% also work to be in the 20% and once they do, they make up for lost time. That's why once a guy hammers, most times much of the money is spent on women. You women cannot begin to understand what God did to us by giving us this insatiable craving for a woman's touch and affection. Most guys don't like women believe me, yet they can spend their last card on sex.

      There weer broke guys watching the happenings of that night you met the GWagon guy and they took notes. Don't expect those broke men to be faithful husbands when they hammer.

    8. Lwkmd @ ore. Sdk your bvns will not kee mi. I don laff my ass off

    9. Which "carriage" una they yarn; na truck carriage abi na barrow?

  10. A little snoop is not too bad, me snooped and that was how I got your know that he bring his girlfriends to our matrimony home I have to walk away before one-day somebody poison me for life

    1. It is what's best for you

  11. It rains everywhere . Sho that's what people who have been married for decades say. If you have never caught your husband cheating, my sister thank God ooo. I was never a snooping gf. So after I got married, I snoop n found 2 ladies to be weiry about. Bc the chat on wts app was always deleted. Hahahahah. Like clear chat. And the ladies had funny names store in the phone . One was Susan trouble and the other was Fola ppa. So i grab the names n kept checking. But he kept deleting the chats ones is read. I confronted him n he change his password. Hahaha. This is someone who is always checking my phone. In short he was the one who put the snooping in my head. He check my phone like there is no tomorrow. So as he change his password, I just jejely change mine too. So I can rest with who is this who Is that question? He was begging me to get the new password to his phone n i just told him no. I don't want. Bc as it is i love my privacy. I will never cheat on my husband but I wudnot want my chats with friends, family n everybody to be his reader. There are some things I wanna keep to myself. Bank transactions n many more. I always have it at the back of my head that he can cheat so I can brace myself for the impact.

    1. My dear that is the best. Brace yourself incase. The impact will be less. Though cheating must always hurt. But don't live in lala land thinking your husband is The best.
      Me I decide to live till old age like my grandmother who is now a great-grandmum at over 90.
      I can't allow any man kill me abeg. Just live your life,committ your marriage to God's hands and do your best as a wife and mother.
      I don't have too much time doing all this FBI. Rather spend my time enjoying my life and spending his money.
      I don't believe in snooping except that thing is looking at me straight in the face.

  12. I still strongly believe that not all men cheat.

    1. If that helps you sleep well at night hunnay. *yimu

  13. Thank you anonymous 15:34. Sometimes people think everyone is crazy, when in actual sense it’s limited to the group of people you associate with. Your mind is your biggest weapon. what you will yourself to belive or do is what you get to achieve. This generation of men and women need to learn self control.


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