Stella Dimoko Diary Of A Lagos Runs Geh - When Loves Messes With 'Work' Part 2


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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Diary Of A Lagos Runs Geh - When Loves Messes With 'Work' Part 2

Na wah oh!!!

She started giving her boss the green light. She would buy him lunch, open her blazer to expose her cleavage whenber shes entering his office. And send nice texts when he's away on business trips.

One Friday, he asked her out for drinks after work. That's how they started hanging out and dating. Initially, Peter didnt tell the boss that Sandra was his babe, to cover his own tracks. So boss didn't know he was overstepping his boundaries at the time and Sandra knew. She soon got a promotion at work. They had dated for about 1 year when....

One fine day, Sandra was out shopping for groceries and a woman accosted her. When she confirmed her real name, the woman landed her a hot slap. The womans friend joined in and they beat her up. Security personnel tried to separate them, but she had gotten good beatings before they did. The woman went on to re-introduce herself and warned Sandra to stay away from her husband. She also gave her 3 months to resign, or be ready to face the consequencies.

She went back to her friends house crying again. Her friend asked her to call the boss. She called and called, boss didn't pick. She sent a text and got a response that they would talk when he gets back from business trip. She went to work on Monday and at lunch time, she overheard boss's PA telling another employee how she had to scout for business class tickets for a girl in England to meet boss up in the country where his meeting held. That he called her to do it very swiftly, and she's sure he couldn't stay without babe in that cold weather. Sandra was shocked and wondered why she would be collecting beating when boss is lounging with another babe.

She went to the bathroom and cried her eyes out. When boss got back, she confronted him with the information about his new interest and told him about her encounter with his wife. He knew it was his PA, he called her in and advised her to resign as her contract states that she can't breech confidentiality between them. PA was crying, but he directed her to HR. Everyone understood that Sandra was dating the boss and even blamed her for all the office gossip that got to boss's ears (even the ones she didn't do)

He proceeded to tell Sandra that she is a slut. Dating his friend and dating him afterwards, and they have both been good to her. So what does she want? Sandra tried to deny, but he had his facts and laid them all before her. He advised her to resign, as he can't lose his home, for their relationship. He wrote her a N2m cheque and told her all her benefits would be given to her by HR. He also reminded her that her performance in the new position wasn't great and he can't let business suffer because of pleasure. 

One month later, Sandra was jobless, runs-less, not-so-broke and a topic of discussion in Peter's circle for a while. I am certain its not over with her yet. She's a fighter and would bounce back. Lol.

*na wah oh..what a life!..Very pathetic!


  1. What a sweet story. The moral of it is that if you dont have balls, dont do runs.

    Na wa for the boss ooo. Big man plenty trouble. My problem is why wives always attack side chickens instead of dealing with their horsebands.

    Anyway na dem sabi, i will continue reading the runs. Goodluck to all runners. May your luck shine

    1. Women want marriage and kids
      Men want sex and just sex
      foolish women give sex before marriage
      Lecherous men collect the sex and move on
      silly women sulk and rant when they have been ploughed
      It is always a predictable spectacle

      Pays to keep one's self for marriage, then sex, and babies can follow

  2. Is this story for real or just fiction?

  3. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, interesting. She will definetely bounce back.

  4. Lol! Ashawo na full time work o, 😂

  5. Ashawo no be work oo, make una get conscience ooo.

  6. When you are single and you keep dating married men,they will just use you to ejaculate, so that their waist pain will stop. Single ladies stop giving out yourselves as ejaculation machines.

    1. Why do all you people believe sex is only enjoyed by the man. Move with the times mehn, I enjoy sex wella.
      I have a very serious relationship but his contract job took him outside Nigeria, so I have a married bf that oils my engine, a very rich one that pays my bills(any girls that dates a broke married man is senseless. He looks good, keeps me company and mind blowing sex.
      He is aware I have someone and will eventually get married to my boo. I even prefer a married man. when my boo is around he knows how to give me space. I also don't disturb his home and give him his space when necessary.
      We are both benefitting and understand it isn't long term.

    2. You talk as if the single girls are not getting money in exchange.
      We all need money this buhari period.

    3. But seriously, people talk as if the married men only fucks the girls and dump them without spending on them.

      See ehn, most of these married men would rather spend on their side Chics lavishly than their own wives and children.

      Yes! Most of them spend outside more than in their own homes.

      And besides, not every girl that dates a married man regrets doing it or hoping he will leave his wife for her.

      They know what they are getting into, there own is "fuck me and give me money" and nothing more. They are so satisfied with that.

      It's only the foolish ones that expects he will dump his wife and children for him and wait till qweqwe catches them.

      *Please, what am I saying sef*

    4. Only a senseless married man will spend more on a side chic!!

  7. Hmmmm, let hear what happen at the. End oo..

  8. Olosho no be work. Abeg use d 2m establish urself nd tie your pekus

    1. What you don't know is that the 2m is the price for her star(glory),she can never use it for anything good.
      Even if she invest it,it will still go down the drain,how? She won't know. They take away your shine and give you change out of it and you think he is taking care of you.
      Lies!!!!!!!!! Forget your "neat and sweet pussy" thing,you are just a slave bought with money to be used to increase wealth.

    2. That is a lie. She worked and was paid. She will use the money well. Stop saying things to her like that.

      Sandra go and pay your tithe and see what will happen to the money. Money is evil, so just know how to deal with it.

      You earned your wage by working for the N2 million not the sex you gave to your stupid boss

    3. Shut up! Brainwashed fool 13:42

      Be talking about glory...which stupid glory.
      If she has glory that's worth stealing, why she no fit rich on her own?
      Must it be a stealable glory?

      You people will not stop attending illitrate churches.
      There are people who like to fuck numerous women, there are people liked to be fuvked for money.

      It's that simple.

    4. Yori,God is not interested in your sacrifices but interested in your obedience. He hates disobedience so much that He likened it to the sin of witchcraft that the offender deserves death. God is merciful my dear Yori,but do we then remain in sin that grace may abound?
      You think the money made from fornication will pacify God? Please dear,you are a product of what you hear,change your church.

      God cannot be mocked,He will honour those who honour Him.

    5. Anon 14:50,I know you hate to hear the truth because you are probably indulging in such lifestyle but then my comments is for the wise and not for an already emptied barrel like you.

    6. Yori abi wetin be your name? she should pay tithe from the money ?? really? what will i not read. Stella helppppppp.

  9. And that is the end of Sandra.Next babe pleaseeeeeee

  10. Anything gotten with bottom prowess always end badly...
    Ladies should hustle with their brains not the other way round.

    1. I fucked a Man to get my job, a year later, he got fired, 2 years later he died.
      2 steps more and I am going to be at the peak of my career.

      I used my yansh to get the Job, I used my brain to retain it.

    2. Karma visited him more than once.

  11. chai, see tori. e sweet me wanna die

  12. All these noisemakers about men just wanting to ejaculate, just wanting to waste your time...some of us know please.

    I have 2 degrees and I got a Job, Federal Job that pays me a basic salary of less than 70,000, I am supposed to pay rent, feed, clothe, make my hair, transport myself to work from that salary hmmm?!

    I don't need any married man to marry me, I don't even want.
    I have a boyfriend who is a spirikoko who loves me to bits! Yet I am with a married man who takes care of me.

    I fuck him, he gives me money. It's a contract and that is All. I don't fall in love or crave attention. My boyfriend gives me that a lot already....

    I am not interested in his home or his job, mine is to fuck and go.

    Will my spirikoko boyfriend (soon to be husband) flip and cheat too? Maybe, maybe not.
    You people have said all men cheat Na shebi? So that means I fuck married man or not, my husband will cheat? Issokay then.

    Let me enjoy please. I ain't hurting nobody.

    1. Anon carry go. Na your body, nobody body. Enjoy what you started. If you think I will tell you to stop, you miss road

    2. U are greedy...u have a job thats pay 70k,u should be content with that.
      Even if u get married, u will still cheat

    3. It is okay honey if that is how you want to live your life,after all the bible said as much as you can see,will I give to you, if you can't see a great future beyond your 70,000 salary job,it's okay then. Since you have concluded that your destiny ends with salary job,you now decide to sell your future,your glory for a pot of porridge. Esau was so hungry that all he could see was how to satisfy his hunger,he could not see that his birthright is his future,he sold it because he was myopic or probably thought he was smart as there was no one else there to take notice of what was said between him and his brother,he forgot that the spiritual controls the physical.
      You may think,you are taking care of your bills now and enjoying life but remember you are giving out the bigger tomorrow for a morsel of bread today. I hope you don't regret it, oh! What am I even saying? You can't see it and you might never have it. Or you are thinking you are smart but don't forget the spiritual controls the physical.
      The greatest fool on earth is the one who thinks his/her opponent is a fool or weak while she is strong/smart.

    4. You're hurting your soul

    5. God have mercy on you. You think you are wise in your own heart. You are very foolish and selfish by the time you suffer in future don't blame it on your village people. You don't know the demons that the married man has. Sit down there n be talking

    6. Its her life. Let her live it..... Its nobody's business. Its her choice too. I wish i had the mind to even cheat on my man. God knows he deserves it.

    7. Yesssooooo. I only date mine for money. our time is mon-fri after work. don't call him during weekends,that is his family time. And when my boo is around I have his full time weekend.
      I don't disturb his home, I give him space. Weekend he also gives me my own space when necessary.
      How do I pay rent, bills, clothes car etc on a 100k salary as a new lawyer in this buhari times.
      When I get married I cut him off, he knows this.

    8. How do you girls manage with N100k for a month. I cant ooo

    9. make sense a little but is it until I die of hunger? Before I dated the married man, I was closing legs, till I drank garri for lunch for a whole month.

      This isn't an exaggeration. Why didn't my large pot of porridge come then? Is it when I die that the glory will spring forth ni?


      You people should stop being stupid talking demons up and down.
      Do you know how many vendors you buy from who raised capital for their businesses from yansh?

      People want to fuck, people want to be fuvked. That's all. Don't be stupid about shit please.

    10. Anon 14:58 dear, I hope this answers your question.

      Luke 6:21-26 KJV
      [21] Blessed are ye that hunger now: for ye shall be filled. Blessed are ye that weep now: for ye shall laugh. [22] Blessed are ye, when men shall hate you, and when they shall separate you from their company , and shall reproach you , and cast out your name as evil, for the Son of man's sake. [23] Rejoice ye in that day, and leap for joy: for, behold, your reward is great in heaven: for in the like manner did their fathers unto the prophets. [24] But woe unto you that are rich! for ye have received your consolation. [25] Woe unto you that are full! for ye shall hunger. Woe unto you that laugh now! for ye shall mourn and weep. [26] Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the false prophets. …

    11. Your conviction.

    12. When dem also gift u give hiv or hepatitis b or c from tiny leaks in condoms,make you enjoy that one too o. After all dem dey give una plenty money,money go dey to treat diseases for years

    13. I have a friend who said the exact thing you said.. till she got married. Now she has done an about face. Polices the husband everywhere. But before "she wasn't hurting anybody or trying to destroy any marriage". Wait till the shoe is on the other foot

    14. I would rather be hungry and have Jesus than have money and eternal ruination. Not judging but just my personal belief. Each to his own

    15. That your spirikoko husband go show you pepper if you marry him, his spirit will detest you without him knowing the reason. The spiritual truly controls the physical.

    16. francisca uwazie...that mZans wife is coming for you lol....

  13. Stella. Do us a favour and leave your comments out of it in this segment. You are taking the fun out of it abeg.

  14. Sandra come and carry your office people. Lol.

  15. Well me I'm scared oh.... I just stole one million naira from my sugar daddy whom I've been with for 3years. I added my own personal money and bought myself a nice car as my sugar daddy who is very rich doesn't give me more than a hundred thousand naira per visit meanwhile he keeps millions at home. I am scared because someone hit my car yesterday. Although it's just a scratch. I'm beginning to have double mind. I think I should return the money but i feel the scratch is just a coincidence. Also we have not had sex for about a year now due to the postrate cancer surgery he did.Since I took the money he hasn't called me and it worries me because I left a note saying I took the money. Before you people will eat me raw, his wife died 10year ago and he has not remarried, so I no gbensh person husband.

    1. hahahahaha why are you scared? You are a thief. You took someone's money and you wrote a note to him. See as you finish yourself.

      Enjoy the car na. Shebi it is a scratch. Just be careful when you drive.

    2. Return fire, you better don't return anything.
      Na today car dey scratch. That 1m is money for your labor. is it easy to be mounting an old man.
      But how do you people do it. The highest age I go for is 50 years old. Anything above I feel like I am sleeping with my baba age mate.

    3. Lol...
      You didn't work for that money Na.
      It will disappear somewhat, maybe by repair of having the car stolen. It's just a matter of time.

    4. Its fine. He's a widower so you're not doing anything wrong relationship wise. I kinda like your honesty though. Lol

    5. Which honesty? A thief has no dignity joor.

      U stole,
      u left a note,
      he hasn't called u since then!

      He is a widower who probably wants companionship but u made everything sour for yourself like vinegar.

      He would have proposed but saw u as greedy.
      U were constantly demanding, 100k suddenly seemed like 10k to you.
      U wanted more all the time.

      Kwantinue. Karma is watching us all.

    6. Can i have his number please? i promise to be nice to him. I will collect the 100k add it to my salary and be satisfied.

    7. Can i have his number please? i promise to be nice to him. I will collect the 100k add it to my salary and be satisfied.

    8. Can i have his number please? i promise to be nice to him. I will collect the 100k add it to my salary and be satisfied.

    9. you would have asked him for a car rather than steal.

  16. Lady T/ am worth more than a thousand dollars13 March 2018 at 14:50

    Return thr money. Asap. You stole it. It wasn't given to you.

    No matter what you use the money for, your conscience will judge you.

  17. Babe since u left a note and ur sugar daddy didn't reply, hmm, that one na
    wahala oo ,never underestimate his silence, I tell u it golden, guy man dey
    plan u seriously.
    And u should have asked him for the money, rather say something like a project, business, or better still, u should have just asked him for the car, he might even get u something better than what u bought ur self .
    Just go and apologize to him, with his money complete of course. Don't do that next time ,be a good sugar babe

    1. I asked him severally he refused. I told I wanted to start a business he refused and said after my masters. Masters don finish still he refused to give me money. Hmmmmmm. I'm tired I swear. Well I will return the money. Maybe part of it and apologize.

    2. I asked him severally he refused. I told I wanted to start a business he refused and said after my masters. Masters don finish still he refused to give me money. Hmmmmmm. I'm tired I swear. Well I will return the money. Maybe part of it and apologize.

    3. You will be stupid to return that money. Go to a pastor and give him N50k to get the church members to do fasting and midnight prayers for you!
      Nothing dey happen!!!

    4. what kind of mentality is this? you think the prayers will work? people think they can bribe God smh.

  18. At the end nothing to show for your runs.
    She even use her badluck to destroy the PA..

  19. See sweet gist!

    The babe don really chop beat ohh.

    See dear poster! Advice this babe to use that 2milla and start up some business now that the money haven't finished.

    She should use her head na. Na wa oh.

    Abeg, make una nor blame wives wen dey beat/face the side Chic.

    I never tell una here b4 sey when the wives dey face their husband dem for house, dem nor dey take am serious.

    Dem go take am sey the wife just dey make noise.

    But once she take am out on the side Chic, oga know sey wahala don burst.

    So, abeg, make we nor vex for the wives wen dey take am out on the side Chics.

    You know sey dem talk sey "na wia soft pubic hairs dey from come out".

    Waiting for next episode.

  20. I'm currently sleeping with my colleague at work.. his sick is so huge.. he sucks my pussy and nipples well.. pls how do I stop cos it seems I can't resist him

    1. Well done...
      I love a good head any day!

  21. Replies
    1. No be small thing, my sister!!! Hahahahaha

    2. Now I know why men treat ladies like trash,many ladies are not well raised. Can you imagine girls sleeping around like it means nothing. Any man that marries a woman who indulges in fornication without remorse should know he is in trouble.


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